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H.R., 01.04.1983, male


TBE (Encepur) , Diphtheria/Tetanus (Revaxis)

Hi there! I am 26 (m), and have had the following problems for the past several months: constant dizziness and the feeling that I am going to fall down, numbness, attention deficit and memory problems, pain in my upper arms and wrists, fast pulse. The problems are getting worse. I spent 6 weeks at a psychiatric clinic because they could not find anything at the hospital and blamed my psyche for everything! Bu I know that it is not my psyche, because nothing in my life is any different than it was before and I am not imagining these things. I can’t sleep without taking a sleeping pill, either. I am desperate and I am afraid that these problems are not going to go away and that I will have to live with them for the rest of my life. That is why I would like to ask you a favor: Can somebody tell me the name of a good homeopath or specialist who can help me?? I would be very grateful. If possible, somebody in Austria!!


B.J., 17.11.1966, female


TBE vaccination

1. While I was being vaccinated I had a really strange feeling, which I told the doctor’s assistant who was administering the vaccination. She said that she thought it was because I had not relaxed the arm she was vaccinating me into. I was able to deny this as I am not afraid of shots at all. 2. Hellish pain throughout my whole arm. Even a bad pull towards my heart. This pain was so bad that I called the doctor on call at night. But they said that they thought it was normal. But due to the fact that this was the third vaccination I am fully aware of the fact that it was not normal at all. 3. The next day I dragged myself to work. I continued to have hellish pain and I was sick to my stomach from all the pain, I was barely able to move my arm.  4. Extreme dizziness so that I felt like my head was going to slam against the table. 5. The third or fourth day after the vaccination I had a feeling of paralysis in my feet, did not have any feeling and no strength and then there was the dizziness, too.  The paralysis was together with cramps in the area of my toes. I continue to feel these symptoms, 2 months after the vaccination. A neurologist did not find anything, but in his report mentioned that it could have to do with vaccine damage. My brother who is a doctor is pretty certain that this is the kind of nerve damage that can happen after TBE vaccination. 6. Even a short time after the vaccination I had the feeling in my chest that something was there. My doctor listened to my chest with a stethoscope but did not notice anything. Now it has become so bad that fear keeps pushing me to see a doctor. I have a dry cough because I have the feeling of not being able to breathe. I wonder what it is? 7. Since Friday I have been taking the medication \"Neuro-ratiopharm\" which is for nerve diseases. It was recommended by the pharmacist. Vitamin B 1 and 6 combination. My paralysis has gotten better since I have started taking it. I was no longer able to drive. 8. All in all I also had no strength in my legs and arms, I could not do my housework. I hope I have not forgotten anything. If someone would like to desccribe a successful treatment by a homeopath I would be grateful. Because since the vaccination I have felt like my life has been taken from me.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PS. I assume that my doctor did not report the suspicion because to date I have not received any paperwork from the state of Baden Württemberg. This is what is done if the doctor reports the case, which he is obliged to do. Tomorrow I have an appointment with him and I am going to address it.


K.G., 19.06.1975, male

Sometimes intestinal issues

FSME-IMMUN adult Baxter

I was not afraid that there were going to be any side effects, otherwise I would not have gone to the doctor, but while I sit here writing this the back of my head is droning as if somebody had hit it with a hammer. Well, it is not easy to describe the feeling, but let me start at the beginning: The first 2-3 days I had different problems than I have now. My left arm felt numb and stiff (arm where I had gotten shot). Then I had really severe pain in my intestines and I had pain in my right leg where I was operated on when I was young. I could hardly walk! 3 days later it was all over, but a few days later I started having strange headaches. I rarely had headaches before and so I was convinced where they came from: the shot. This is how I would describe it: cribbling, burning, pressure, etc. As if my head were stuck on a vice. This pain is concentrated on the left side of my head in the back. My eyes hurt, too. The left hear is humming. The back of my neck is stiff, etc. First the symptoms came only sporadically, but then it became more and more frequent. Now I suffer from them every day. It is not getting better. Quite the contrary. It is the worst when I am sick and weak. I think that this satanic shot damages everybody, but not everybody notices right away. Only those who get ill will realize something occurred and will wonder what it was. So here is my tipp: Hands off this satanic stuff!! 4 weeks later I was to have my second shot. I described the doctor a few of the symptoms and he said that it would be irresponsible to give me another shot. He was unable to do more. So I left it at one of three … .


N.W., 30.03.1984, female



The evening after the fist vaccination I had the following symptoms: nausea, fever, muscle pain, joint pain mainly in my legs, and a headache. The second day the pain got so bad in the eveing in my knees that I could no longer walk and was lying on the couch, miserable and crying. For two days I had awful pain when I walked and moved. The fever , the nausea and the pain disappeared completely on the 4th day. I never went to the doctor to report the adverse effects because I got the vaccination on a Friday and by Monday everything was okay again except for the pain in my joints. I did not have any other vaccinations after experiencing these problems. Today, 6 years later, I still have problems with my legs. It is absolutely no problem to walk for long stretches (sometimes up to 36 km), but as soon as there is any kind of additional exertion, such as carrying something heavy, walking fast or running, my joints get really heaving and feel very hot. I cannot prove that this is a vaccine damage but I am sure that it is because before the vaccination I never had any problems with my joints.


G.K., 04.07.1953, female



I was vaccinated in 1995 because we had planned a vacation in Bavaria and Bavaria is regarded as a risk area. Right after the vaccination I had difficulties breathing, was tired all the time and listless. Then horrific back pain started, which spread to the front. My lymph nodes were swollen for months and I felt worse and worse. I even had palpitations, even when I was sitting on the sofa. My family doctor said that stuff like that happens. Then my wrists got all swollen. Every time I lifted something I had to set it back down again because the pain was so unbearable. Gradually I started having other problems. Terrible stomach ache, fainting, infected tendon in my foot, in the legs, the knees, the thighs, the arms, fingers. My hands are stiff when I wake up in the morning, then I have to rub them on the cover for a while for them to wake up again. I still have difficulties breathing; sometimes I sit up in bed at night because I cannot breathe.  I am tired all the time and then I have to lie down because my body is all weak. The back pain that spreads to my stomach is so bad that when I do the smallest chores around the house I think I am going to break. I then had depressions on top of the pain, which does not surprise me, after all I have gone through and all I am still going through. My joints hurt a lot, especially when there is a change in the weather. Every day I take 11 different pills. I am sent from one doctor to the next but no doctor has been able to detect anything. A few years ago I saw a program about fibromyolagy and told my doctors about it. So they had a diagnosis that seemed plausible and started treating it. My orthopedic doctor and a different doctor I met when I was on rehab don’t think that it is fibromyolagy. So when I was researching last week I came across an article about vaccine damage and suddenly realized that I have all of the problems that are described there. So now what?


T.S., 15.03.1971, female


Encepur by Novartis

A day later painful and heavy arm. Two days later joint pain and sore throat (throat red and swollen). Two days later it was all over. 12 days later I had muscle cramp-like pain in legs and arms which got worse and worse.  The left ankle joint was red and swollen and all leg joints hurt. I could not do anything without taking pain killer. I could hardly get up when I was sitting. The naturopath discovered that the vaccine had been administered on a flu virus and that both were not processed correctly. I was put in the hospital. There were high infection values in my blood. The MRT showed that there were two small infections in my brain. ECG, EEG, lung and ankle joint red, sonography of stomach organs, exams of the arteries, brain, nerves throughout my body, vision checked, lumbar puncture, no rheumatism, no MS and nothing found. Because I spent the whole time in bed in the hospital the swelling on my foot went down. Back at home and lost 10 pounds and the muscles are crap, both joints now swollen, every step I take is difficult and I have no energy. If I do anything I get stiff muscles. The swelling goes back at night, but during the day gets worse again, I put my feet up and it gets better. In the morning my joints are all stiff. All day long my mouth is dry and if I don’t drink 2 gallons of water a day I think I am going to die of thirst. Can someone help me?


S.G., 1978, female



I got TBE vaccinations Encepur in March, April and November 2008 (and in parallel 3-fold combination Twinrix - Hep A/B). After the vaccinations in March and April I got bad colds/allergic reactions/extreme fatigue/inexplicable pain in the area of my kidneys/back. The doctors who were treating me said that it could have nothing to do with the vaccination and treated the diseases without further tests with antibiotics. After the third vaccination in November I got terrible back pain immediately, and pain in my neck and had no energy. At the same time I had feelings of numbness in my fingers, arms and feet. And also a headache which could not be relieved which lasted until May 2009. In January 2009 bad muscle twitches started which to this day have spread all over my whole body and which are increasing in intensity. At the same time I got pain in my right upper leg. In March there were cramps in my legs, arms and fingers and a stiff neck and I can hardly lift my arm the pain in my shoulders is so bad. Since June the pain in my arms is increasing and I feel like I am losing muscle strengths. I have also come down with facial paralysis in my left cheek. I have seen all sorts of doctors: family doctor, orthopedic doctor, and neurologist, psychiatrist who all deny that there is a connection with the vaccination and who say it is all psychological. Blood work shows nothing unusual. The EMG showed that there was a peripherally neurogenic disturbance of the foot muscles. But they are not supporting me with the diagnosis. So now I am going to see if I have any luck with a naturopath. We’ll see …


C.D., 04.08.76, female



The problems started on 07.04.07 after getting up. In my back. My boyfriend and I then went jogging thinking that if we did that the tension and the pain would go away. After I had a shower the pain became unbearable and my partner drove me to the hospital. On the way to the hospital my strength gave away and the paralysis commenced. At the hospital they did various tests and could not yet make a diagnosis. At this point in time I was completely paralyzed from the head down. They suspected that it was an autoimmune disease and they treated me accordingly. They put me in the intensive care unit for observation purposes for three days.
On 10.04.07 they transferred me to another hospital. When they examined me they determined that there was an infection of the spine, which was the trigger for the autoimmune disease. So they treated me and I spent another four days in the intensive care ward. We were puzzled as to how the disease could have come about seeing that I had not been sick and had also not had an accident. The doctors suspected that TBE was the trigger. The diagnosis: sensomotoric incomplete Tetra paresis below C5- area with paralysis of the bladder and the large intestines Z.n. Myelitis (inflammation of the spinal fluid).

Eight weeks prior I had received the first of three TBE vaccinations. The first vaccination was administered on 01.02.07, the second one on 06.03.07.
My family doctor did not inform me of the potential severe adverse effects of the TBE vaccination, because he did not want to worry me. Because I could not move for weeks, my muscles receded so that I had to learn all movements again. I spent several months in a wheel chair.  For two years now I have been combating this condition. I still have burning sensations, pain in my tendons, my nerves and my muscles, lack of strength, problems with my bladder and paralysis of the large intestines, joint pain, numbness and desensitization. My fine motor movements are limited.
I cannot subject my body to a lot of stress. It cannot be predicted when I will be completely rehabilitated again.

The vaccine damage was reported to the PEI institute by the hospital.  I applied for recognition of vaccine damage, but without successful. According to my lawyer it can take years. If someone has experience in these matters or would like to learn more about it, they can get in touch with me:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope that some day I will be able to take part in normal life again and I am not going to give up ;)


G.L., 26.09.1943, female



My mother was the one who got the vaccination. The first and second TBE vaccinations were administered in the spring of 2008, 4 weeks apart. She tolerated them well. The third vaccination was on 18.05.09; two weeks later the following symptoms appeared: terrible headache, as if she was being scalped, then dizziness, pressure in her head, vision impairment, extreme blood pressure, tinnitus, lack of appetite, tiredness, listlessness, panic attacks; paralysis in her right arm and right hand; symptoms appear in episodes and subside again. Results of exams: CT, ECG, everything okay! Internist (the doctor who vaccinated her) says there is no connection to the TBE vaccination; ENT and eye doctor think vaccine damage is possible! Today, 27.07.09 the problems persist; headaches are becoming more tolerable. Appointment with neurologist next week. Advice: Don’t have a TBE vaccination. We don’t know how this is going to continue …


M.Z., 02.11.68, female


TBE Baxter

Because I am very active and out in nature a lot I have had a bad conscience for years that I have not yet gotten a TBE vaccination. So I did it this year (1st vaccination early May, 2nd vaccination June 09). One month after the second vaccination my toes started falling asleep. At some point the toes of both feet had fallen asleep, and then the fingers. I suspected all sorts of things (circulation problems, although I am very active and healthy?), problems with my back, even though I have never even had any cramps or pain in this area?

Two weeks later when I was taking a shower I noticed that the lower parts of my legs felt different, like cotton, a few days later it was my thighs and then my behind.

I also felt more nervous than usual as if I had been drinking too much coffee. I kept thinking that circulatory problems and my back could not be the explanation for how I felt – maybe they would explain the toes and fingers that were permanently fallen asleep and the increasing sensitive disorders on my skin. It was only yesterday that I realized that it could have to do with the TBE vaccination and so I started to look for reports on the internet, and so there, various reports resembled my own experience.
On Monday I will be going to see the doctor and will try to have him report what happened. I hope that this is as bad as it will get and that not more parts of my person will fall asleep …


T.W., 03.02.1970, male


FSME adult Immun/Baxter

In July 2008 I went to my family doctor on account of bronchitis I had been grappling with for some time. I told him that I was planning on traveling to Bavaria and I asked him to tell me if he thought a TBE vaccination would be useful. I had been influenced by the advertising material I had seen in the waiting room. Without any further ado or information he gave me my first shot, despite the cold. Usually you get three shots; the second one was to be right before I left for Bavaria.
After I got the first shot I had the following symptoms 10 days later:

pressure in my head, acroparaesthesia, loss of orientation, impaired vision, generally difficulty concentrating, hallucinations, rumbling stomach

When I talked to the family doctor about these symptoms he refrained from giving me the second shot. Apparently he suspected that I had intolerance against it and recognized the cause immediately.

Early September things got worse and I collapsed and was taken to the hospital in Neubrandenburg with by ambulance. There they examined me neurologically and sent me home again. I went to all sorts of specialist doctors. They all wondered how I could get such a notorious shot seeing that I had so much stress. This is where I think Mr. Vogel’s duty to disclosure was violated and simultaneously the element of bodily harm.

Due to the fact that my problems have persisted to this day I have consulted the Health Authorities whether they are aware of reports like this or complications with TBE. Thereupon Ms. Veith informed me that there have been several cases which were reported on grounds of intolerance, which leads me to the question whether TBE vaccinations are really beneficial to the public’s health and to what extent they contribute to the ongoing degeneration of health of humanity.


A.W., 21.08.1980, female


TBE Baxter

Because my last TBE vaccination was so long ago I had a booster this week. That evening I had a weird dizzy feeling when I got up or when I looked up. The pain spread from the site of injection on my upper arm over my shoulder and the back of my neck. At night there was pain in my calf, I have never hand anything like it. Additionally I had a migraine-like headache which lasted for 4 days, together with continuous fatigue and lack of concentration, a hot forehead and pain when I moved my eye and a slight fever. My doctor is not on duty today so I went to the pharmacy and asked if it could be from the vaccination and they said no and that I probably have sinus infection and that I should go and see a ENT specialist.


J.H., 10.01.1974, female


Encepur N

After approx. one week of sever weakness and panic attack – we had to interrupt a drive and I had to sit down next to the car. Since then weak. Cannot tolerate stress, dizzy, high blood pressure, headache, difficulties thinking clearly.  Except for the weakness the symptoms appear in waves. In the meantime 6 weeks have gone by and I feel like things are getting worse. I had all kinds of tests and they were all inconclusive (MRN, blood, urine, CT, ECG and spinal fluid). Now I have been in the hospital for 2 days. The doctors say it is a psychological problem. If someone has had a similar experience and was treated successfully I would be very grateful if they could get in touch with me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


M.M., 27.06.1966, male


FSME Immun Baxter

Two hours after the TBE vaccination (1st): Headache. The next days light pain in my arm (bearable), but since then headaches, no energy, sensitivity to light, stiff neck, general sensitivity, diagnosis: meningeal irritation. To date no real improvement. It helps to rest.

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