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I.K., 19.7.1952, female



Every ten years I had a tetanus vaccination. There was never a problem.


And then something happened that is the reason why I probably will never be vaccinated again.


I got my vaccination in the morning. That was 8 years ago. It took me 15 minutes to walk home. In order to reach my apartment I had to climb 60 steps. So a medium exertion, nothing special.


When I got home I had to hold on to the kitchen table. A terrible pain went through me. It started at my tail bone and rose along my back in the direction of my chest. It hurt like hell and was just awful. About 10 minutes later it was over. When the pain reached my chest it stopped and it has never reappeared.


I have allergies and it was particularly bad for several years. Now, in retrospect I would say that the allergy was at its worst right around the time I had my tetanus vaccination. Today I hardly have hay fever at all. What I have retained is my allergy to certain foods.


M.W., 16.05.2003, male


5-fold Vaccination

Our search has lasted to find out what ails our son has lasted 5 and a half years. The feeling that it was vaccine damage has been around for a long time but until last week we were unable to confirm it. Aside from obvious character traits such as great grief, rage, listlessness and not wanting to have body contact my son has the \"habit\" of always walking on his toes. When my son falls over backwards (since he has been able to sit – 9 months) he always hits his head. He has no reflexes that would make him pull his head forward and to roll. No doctor, no chiropractor, no orthopedic doctor, ho homeopath – absolutely no one has been able to help us until now, when we have finally found a brilliant homeopath who interpreted the symptoms correctly and was thus able to finally provide us with a diagnosis. The symptoms indicate that he had meningitis caused by a mumps vaccination. As the brain is not fully developed at this time, many typical symptoms are not evident and the inflammation is not recognized. Unfortunately it therefore becomes chronic and the viruses remain in the body. There is no improvement in the course of time, quite the contrary, if left untreated the probability of contracting meningitis and sinus infections is high.


R.W., 17.09.1956, male


Tetanus/Diphtheria TD-pure and FSME ENCEPUR

A few days after I received the vaccination I felt weak, had to sit down and rest every time I walked a little bit, had shortness of breath and was in no way capable of handling life.

Then I had a case of pneumonia, had an appointment with the neurologist where it was suspected that I had GBS, and spent eight days in the hospital receiving 5x 1000 ml cortisone treatment, infusions. They let me go on Saturday; on Monday I collapsed, saw the neurologist again in Schlüchtern, and took 100 mg of cortisone in tablet form every day. I can stand and walk again.

Then back to the university clinic in Frankfurt CIDP, was confirmed!!!
After a week I was at home again.
Feeling of numbness in my hands, fingers, legs, toes and sometimes thighs.


J.K., 5.6.1982, female



Three days after the vaccination I ha papulous exanthema all over my body and a terrible itchiness. This has now lasted one full week. The dermatologist gave me anti-histamines and prednisolon cream. I don’t feel better yet. Quite the contrary. My joints all hurt.  zeitraum Eingabefeld: 3 Tage


M.F., 09.11., female

Pacemaker AV III, OP on my calf, OP Hand, hurt finger

0,5 ml Td-pur Ch-B: 037091A

I got the tetanus vaccination because I hurt my left middle finger (date 04.12.4008) The vaccination injection on 09.12.08 did not hurt, but when the serum spread the pain started.  I told my doctor but she did not have a look at my arm.
The pain worsened on 10.12.2008 at 15.00. At 17.00 I became very tired and had the chills. At 19.00 I woke up (the top of my arm was swollen and hurt even more). At apprx.  19.00 my temperature was 38.1. I was driven to the hospital emergency room and at ca. 20.00 my temperature was still the same. I was told to take a double dose of Ibuprofen-CT 400 mg; the doctor took care of the injection site and said that if the pain had not gotten better by the next day I should come again and should take antibiotics.

Today on 11.12. at 10.30 I was at my family doctor’s and told her about everything and she recommended that I use cooling pads and take ibuprofen. At 18.00 today I got the chills again and at 18.30 my temperature was 37.7.  My arm hurts more than the operation I had on my hand on 05.12.2008 <Sehnenscheidenlengenoperation>.


I.M., 02.08.1983, female


FSME Encepur

1 day after the vaccination I got a tingly feeling all over my body, then followed headache, fatigue and exhaustion and muscle or nerve pain in my face, my arms and hands and feet. Like I had done a lot of sport. My doctor said that it could never be a vaccine reaction.

I changed the doctor and nobody found anything in my blood work.

I found a naturopath and I was treated with Vitamin B and calcium intravenously  which made me feel better but a couple of days after the treatment the symptoms reappeared (in the long run being treated by a homeopath is expensive). The current symptoms only consist of muscle pain and nerve pain in my face, my neck, my arms, my legs and my feet. These symptoms now only consist of muscle and nerve pain in my face, the nape of my neck, arms legs and feet. The symptoms get somewhat worse during the day (in bursts).

Who can offer help or recommend treatment methods?


Y.H., 26.08.2005, female


INFANRIX  HEXA  for 6-.fold Vaccination, Priorix for MMR, FSME Baxter

The vaccine damage has not been reported yet due to the fact that my daughter’s reaction occurred later and mainstream medical doctors are of the opinion that what she definitely does not have vaccine damage.  It was Dr. Demmter in 1070 Vienna who concluded that it was vaccine damage!

So except for pictures and her reaction I do not have any proof!

She was a healthy baby and not until she turned 1 ½ years her facial expression changed and when she was 2 it was determined that she is very hard of hearing. Her hearing was tested when she was a newborn and it was fine. We were then sent to the Preversches Children’s Hospital where the doctors suspected that she had mitochondrial disease which however was never really proven. A muscle biopsy was performed and an MRT as well as blood work, all findings were normal but according to the muscle biopsy she should be very severely handicapped. She isn’t. She can walk just fine. Her motor skills are great. It is hearing and speaking that is not perfect yet. But she hears well when she has a hearing device.

She has not had fever yet after a vaccination, no other problems either; the only thing that happened was that her foot got all hard and red at the site of injection.


C., 25.09.1990, female


HPV Vaccination

After the 2nd vaccination on 17.11.08 I immediately got a headache which got worse during the course of the evening. I also was dizzy, had circulatory problems and I felt sick to my stomach (I had to throw up twice)… 2 days passed and the symptoms had not receded, I was so dizzy I couldn’t even take a shower by myself … or eat. I now had throbbing in my head and my left eye’s vision was impaired. When my mother called the doctor he said that it was not due to the vaccination! When I felt better one and a half weeks later I went to the hospital and they said that my blood showed signs of the Epstein bar virus, but the infection was not confirmed even after several examinations. I still feel dizzy and I get sick to my stomach easily, I still have problems dealing with every day situations (my gynecologist did not even feel obligated to inform me about certain side effects) and even after there were small lumps at the injection site that were itchy and hurt the doctor wanted to continue the treatment, his reason being that the lumps (itchiness, pain) were normal.


S.S., 07.11.1964, female


Td-pur 0,5 ml Ch.-B 042151A

I was bitten by a degu (animal)

After the vaccination the injection site got red, then I got the chills 6 hours later, first in longer intervals, then the intervals became shorter; 12 hours later I had high fever, more than 38.5C, the red part and the swelling got worse and the whole upper part of my arm felt hot 18 hours later. Despite the antibiotics the fever did not go down and neither did the red and the swelling. The chills were gone after 3 days but the red swelling spread past the elbow. Infusion and different medications.

Arm in a bandage and waiting for the fourth day. Doctor’s verdict: Erypsel!


C.H., 21.05.2008, female


Infanrix hexa


When my daughter was 3 months old she had her first 6-fold vaccination on 05.09.2008 plus pneumococci. On the day of the vaccination she was exhausted, had a slight fever and could not fall asleep. I gave her a paracetamol suppository and then she fell asleep and slept through the night as usual. About 36 hours after the vaccination she started crying and whining. She was a different baby. From one minute to the next she refused to drink milk, she threw up in spurts, got all cross-eyed and had strange trembling fits with her head. Suddenly she could no longer hold her head up, she was all twisted as if she had bad gas (but she did not have gas!) and the site of injection was all red and swollen. I was afraid and went to the children’s clinic with her immediately. I immediately indicated that I thought it could be due to the vaccination but they said no before they had even checked her. She got worse and worse and kept throwing up and was becoming more and more agitated and exhausted. After all sorts of examinations during which nothing concrete was determined, they kept her at the hospital. My otherwise completely healthy baby was admitted to hospital from one minute to the next --- that was beyond me. She was given infusions, a stomach tube and was monitored day and night. They kept her there for three days. To this day they still haven’t given her a diagnosis. And that is what I can’t get over. It is not possible that NOTHING would have caused all this. The doctors tend to think it was a virus. But a virus without a fever and without diarrhea? I’m not a doctor but that sure does not seem very plausible to me.

The second vaccination was planned for 12.11.2008. I talked it over with my pediatrician (who is very good) and I told him that I was not sure a second vaccination was a good idea. He gave me a long sermon about vaccinations, how unproblematic they were and how important vaccinations were and how harmless vaccinations were. In short, he managed to convince me how important it would be for my daughter to be vaccinated. So with a bad conscience I had her have the second vaccination.  This time there were no dramatic symptoms and that calmed me down. However, about 36 hours after the vaccination she became ill… fever, cough and a cold. And that although, as I already mentioned, she is NEVER sick (except for after the first vaccination). So in other words she became ill after a vaccination again.

So I was beginning to have real doubts and tried to do research in the internet and in books. Am I the only one?

I found this site in a forum and I was shocked to learn that other parents have observed these symptoms with their babies, too. That is why I decided to write about her case here.

The third vaccination is still outstanding and I am going to more research before I have her vaccinated again …


L.H., 26.9.95, female


Gardasil, Cervarix

In May 2008 my daughter had the last of 3 vaccinations, in June 08 the muscle pain started, always different groups of muscles along the skeleton. As of September she needed pain killers all the time and could hardly move. Her muscles degenerated and she took on a relieving posture. She couldn’t ride her bike any more. We changed doctors. Blood work showed that her ANA values were elevated. High inflammation values. After 4 weeks at the children’s rheumatism clinic in Sendenhorst we were told that she had an auto-immune disease. Undifferentiated poliomyelitis. She was never sick until she had the vaccination; she had even had gastrointestinal diseases. And then this.

The doctors did not check whether it could have been due to Gardasil. I did not report it, either. But I voiced my assumption several times. The doctors did not respond.


H.T., 07.02.1981., male



After the first vaccination I had a really bad stomach ache for two days and I started to sweat. I also had diarrhea up to 5 times a day. That all lasted one month. I also felt dizzy several times a day and lost my sense of balance. My shoulders and legs hurt and I felt a general sense of fatigue and malaise. After the second vaccination the symptoms started again but this time it was not as strong and my eyes seemed to be dry all the time and burned easily


D.K., 23.08.1953, male

Rupture of the spleen, hypertonia,


In April 2007 my spleen was removed because of an abscess that had burst. While I was at the hospital I was immunized with pneumovax.  My doctor was to immunize me against the haemophylus influenza virus. According to the information provided by sever pharmacists this vaccine was no longer on the market. So when I was operated again in this hospital in November 2007 because of a massive scar rupture I pointed out to the doctor there that the immunization against the haemophylus influenza virus was still outstanding. Unfortunately I had not brought my vaccination card to the hospital. And so I was vaccinated against Pneumovax a second time within eight months during my hospital stay (from 20.11. to 04.12.2007). Two to three days after the vaccination a very strong urge to itch started, including sheals all over my body. The day I was sent home the doctor recommended that I take calcium. They prescribed Cetrizin 10 mg against the itchiness, but it was very unpleasant. My skin continues to react against slight pressure, I get wheals. Can someone help me?


J.H., 1992, female



After the first vaccination dizziness strong and weak, in phases. Sometimes she cannot go to school. On 2-3 days a week she is so dizzy that she cannot concentrate and cannot do her homework. The drops she takes, effortil, do not help.

After the first vaccination her stomach problems started. A kind of nausea, first after she eats – after the second vaccination independent of eating. Sometimes she wakes up at night from being sick to her stomach. They diagnosed gastritis and treated it. No helios.

The day after the third vaccination she had strong nausea and diarrhea (\"infected with bad intestinal virus\") She had it a long time, was absent from school a lot. Since then she has had NAUSEA every day, no day without nausea. Jo is unable to eat a lot of things because otherwise the nausea gets even worse. All tests (fructose etc.) were negative, she has been taking medication against the gastritis for the last two months, and otherwise she could not go to school.


Her quality of life is diminished; she has to say no to lots of events and invitations because she is so sick to her stomach. There are better days and worse days, but there are no good days.

Jo used to be a happy, creative bundle of energy with lots of friends. Ever since she has the nausea her life has become sad. Unfortunately it took a long time for me to discover that the dizziness and nausea started at the same time she had the vaccinations.


T.W., 03.02.1970, male



15.07.08 FSME vaccination, ca. 8 days later headache, panic attacks, hallucinations, dizziness, lack of sensitivity.  Jitteriness, no imagination, no energy, stomachache during mental exertion (PC, reading, etc.), stomach ache, less energy.


J.K., 20.10.1985, female



1 year after the vaccination leg and foot completely numb, up to chest. Felt like my leg was gone. Could not walk. After 5 days at the hospital and lots of examinations (MRT, CT, liquor and nerve conduction velocity) and 5 days of cortisone, no improvement and no clear results. No they think it could be MS. And I am only 22!! Luckily I have not given up yet.  My homeopath is 100% certain that it is vaccine damage. He treated me for that and now, 3 months later, I am almost healthy. I have finally found a neurologist who believes me and I want to have another CT done and want to have liquor measured, because – if I’m lucky – they’ll be able to prove that it was vaccine damage. I’d love to hear from you all.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


S.N., 28.05.1989, female



As a result of chronic asthma my doctor recommended this shot and administered it together with the standard influenza vaccine. (Both in the same arm – about 10 minutes apart).
2 hours after they were administered the left upper arm started to hurt when I moved it and when it was touched. The sites of injections got really hot and swollen. Approx. 6 hours after the vaccines were administered I am virtually unable to lift the arm and bend it so that I had to be helped to get ready for bed. I was unable to sleep that night. I was tired but it was impossible to lie down because the whole upper part of my arm hurt. I got a fever, 39.7° C, followed by chills and sweating. My whole body was restless; I could not keep my feet still.

The next morning I was still unable to move my arm and I could not drive. (I had to be brought to work, but they sent me home again). I still had a fever, between 38.5° C and 39.0°C.
The next night was no different. Today (6.11.08) I can move my arm again and I can work at the computer. (I am unable to drive). Towards noon they sent me home again where I took a nap and slept for longer than 3 hours. The pain is started to recede.

Luckily the booster shot is only 5-6 years. The pain in my arm is more than unpleasant and can only be tolerated by taking pain killers.

I feel really sorry for children and older people who suffer from this kind of pain and the side effects.


S.C., 09.01.1995, female



I already register several times at Sanego as my daughter has not gotten better yet. She changed two days after she had her first vaccination on19.02.2008. The effects were as follows: fatigue, listlessness, extremely pale, very quiet, pneumonia, constant infections including fever and since then non-stop menstruation. I went to see a gynaecologist with her who denies everything and who has given her the fourth dose of \"Cyclokapron\" which has not helped, she continues to have heavy menstruations, has no energy and takes no interest. Her teacher from her last class said she was lifeless because my daughter had always been a happy girl, despite her handicap. She is also dizzy, nauseous, has diarrhea, etc. I am at the end of my rope. The gynaecologist keeps saying patience, patience, which I don’t seem to have any more and I’m mad.

At the hospital they treat me like a child too when my daughter was in the hospital with pneumonia, including vomiting and diarrhea, for 2 weeks. Everybody didn’t want to talk about it. An allergy doctor tested her for allergies and suddenly she supposedly had a dust mite allergy. In the mean time she’s come down with a number of infections and when she was at the hospital and afterwards she was treated with all kinds of antibiotics non-stop. My daughter is going to turn 14 and since that time she cannot take part in swim classes and also says she has a sore throat all the time. I have the feeling that everything Sandra has learned must be learned again.

I had her vaccinated because the school recommended it when everyone’s vaccination pass was checked. Now I am at the end of my rope and blame myself that I read the package inserts when it was too late and that there are limitations to when it can be administered: Genetic gene defect. I received no information prior to the vaccination and now they act like I’m a hysterical mother.  I’ve also gotten in touch with the minister of health and I surely don’t need to tell you what she answered.


J.K., 15.04.83, female



After the first shot the diarrhea started (never had any kinds of problems with diarrhea). I got them under control with medication, after the second vaccination the medication stopped working. There were small pauses between the attacks, but usually it was pretty bad. Then I got my third vaccination and everything escalated. I had diarrhea non-stop, without any breaks. … My doctor said it wasn’t serious and didn’t do very much, either. In the end when I was totally emaciated and dehydrated, I collapsed and they put me in the hospital. After two weeks there the diagnosis was Morbus Crohn… Thanks a lot. I’m certain it was the vaccination. But now nobody is responsible.


I.L., 3.10.1930, female


FSME Baxter

I am writing here in my mother’s name with whom I spend every morning. I take care of her. Even though I am not a 100% vaccination opponent I prefer looking for alternatives. But my mother is elderly and is sick so I took her to have her vaccinated. 20 hours later my mother was totally apathetic, did not answer my questions and did not speak herself at all, she could not stand and only slept. She did not even care about the things she used to enjoy.  She could not take her clothes off alone in the evening. Her right hand is swollen. Today, 3 days later, she is doing better, but I feel terrible. Searching for answers I found your site and I really learned a lot, even things that have to do with my son, all the vaccinations he was forced to have. I used to not question things the way I do now and it was not as easy to ahold of information. But I realize that it is important to first trust your own feelings and listen to them.


J.L., 04.09.1974, female


Tetanus-vaccine Merieux

Three days ago I was treated at the emergency ward of a hospital because I cut myself. The doctor there recommended that I have a tetanus vaccination. And because I am somewhat critical when it comes to vaccinations, I was not sure what to do and asked what kind of reactions I could have. I was told that I might feel some discomfort at the site of injection, but not more than a slight feeling of pressure.  I decided to have the vaccination. In the evening my wrist hurt, which I thought was due to the posture of my hand after the cut. I was not surprised when I suddenly developed pain in my knee, either. I did not sleep well. During the night all sorts of joints started hurting. Since then (more than two days ago) the pain is moving around through all of my joints – the day before yesterday it was my elbow and my shoulders, then my hip and knee and now I am having a hard time writing at the computer because my hands hurt. I am very tired, too and feel sad and irritable. All in all it is a catastrophe. I have small children! I cannot understand that for every vitamin you purchase you get a huge package insert but do not if you have a vaccination. Or you are only informed very insufficiently if you ask. Really sad that you do not find a page like this one until it is too late.  Who resists the urgent advice of a doctor and goes home and does research in the internet??


L.B., 04.02.2002, male



About 3-4 weeks later my son’s head started to twitch and it got worse. The doctor who had administered the vaccination said it was a tick and that it would go away again. The 6-fold vaccination and then another one. After 6 months the tick did not Stop and an EEG was done, the result: epilepsia.


K.B. , 02.01.1992, female



Approx. 12 hours after the vaccination our daughter suddenly developed a fever, 39.0. She complained about joint pain, particularly in her hips, nausea, ear ache (lymph nodes) and dizziness, chills weak muscles and lack of appetite.


A., 27.05 70, female


5-fach Vaccination

Our son Kevin was born in May 1996. On 16 September he got his first 5-fold vaccination, 3 weeks later, he was only 4 months old, our son became very ill. First a slight fever and cold and cough with a fever over 40.0. We took him to the doctor and pediatrician on 4.10 and 5.10.  On 6.10 we realized that our son was becoming limp, followed by complete paralysis. He was still drinking. On 7.10 in the early morning our family doctor came because his fever had not gone down and his general condition deteriorated, including a red swelling on the right side and a lot of saliva. He sent to the children’s clinic immediately. Kevin was treated in the emergency ward and got an infusion, he could no longer move his legs, arm, feet and head, he had hematomas on his head the size of 2.5*3.5cm, his eyelids fluttered and eyes were contorted. The muscle reflexes were not active and do not move. He was in a lot of pain. The size of his head and his weight was right for his age. The exams did not provide a lot of information, three weeks later the finding was that Kevin has vaccination-associated poliomyelitis of the spinal type.


S.S., 23.08.1990. female



I felt pretty desperate after reading this site and getting information about vaccination reactions and damages after HBV vaccinations. My daughter Sophia has just turned 18 and in the beginning she tolerated the 3-fold vaccination relatively well. She has been sick now for 2 weeks, she is dizzy, sick to her stomach, has diarrhea and back pain, numbness and a headache. She is completely fatigued and I am going to the doctor with her. He is going to do blood work. My daughter is the last person in my family left. My parents both died of cancer, the father of my daughter died two years ago of pneumonia and renal failure. I pray to god that the doctors will be able to help her and that she will get healthy again, but I am full of doubt and am wondering what special hospital I could take her to. I will do everything I can to help her, no matter what the costs are, everything …


26.04.07, male



Our son developed a high fever and rash approx. 1 week after the vaccination (probably measles); the rash is mainly around his backside. His general condition was very bad, he cried a lot and screamed hysterically which he did not do before that. Luckily he no longer does that.


D.L., 05.09.1981, male


Pneumovax 23

The first day I experienced red spots on the upper arm, fever and slight pain in my arm. The rash went away and then came back, regularly, several times a day and spreads out. My whole body is now covered with red little spots, which are itchy; they only go away if I take Xusall tablets 2-3 times a day. In the beginning I thought it would go away but the way it seems now it is getting worse every day.


A.W., 11.11.1985, female


FSME-Immun adults

In early April I had my first FSME-vaccination, as I had taken a trip to Baltic countries. This area has a lot of ticks. So I wanted to be on the safe side and had a vaccination. But this seems to have been a terrible mistake.  2 weeks after the first shot I got sick to my stomach while driving, dizziness, palpitations and I started trembling all over. I then drove to the side of the road and waited for a while. I thought it was my circulation and took a few drops of medication. A little while later it got better and I continued on my way. When I had been driving on the autobahn a while the trembling started up again. When I got home I was sweating all over and I had pains in my upper legs. I went to bed, but the palpitations and the trembling got worse. Then the tingling started in my face and in my fingers. So I drove to the emergency ward at the hospital. They checked my blood pressure and did an EKG. And gave me Tavor 0.5 because the doctor said I was having a panic attack. But I did not take the tablet because I knew it was not the case. I drove home again. The next morning I felt so exhausted all I wanted to do is sleep.

When I went to see my family doctor and told him what happened and what my suspicion was he was not interested. Like the other doctor he said it was all rubbish... \"It is impossible that it has anything to do with the FSME-vaccination\"
The family doctor did extensive blood work, EKG and blood pressure.

All inconclusive. Great values. I went home and felt relieved. But it took only 5 days and the problems started again.

Additionally I had problems with my balance, pain in my jaw, earaches… at least that is what it felt like. It was all checked. Inconclusive. Then the problems all went away for a few weeks. And suddenly, at work I got uncontrollable muscle spasms and trembling. I felt like jell. When it stopped I had the muscle pain again. And everything in small episodes. Early this week it got bad again. I was driving and the same problems as the first time started. I’m afraid to drive alone now. I was brought to the hospital, everything was checked again, and blood, EKG, and they got a neurologist.  I told her about the FSME vaccination, too. But she treated me like I was an imbecile and said it was my psyche and said she’d like to put me in the psychiatric ward overnight so that I could be checked. So I left.

I went to my family doctor again for a post-check up. He laughed and said it was impossible that it had anything to do with the vaccination.  
I am beginning to get really desperate because I don’t know what I can do for people to take me seriously.


S.L., 27.06.1988, female



My two daughters (born 27.6.1988 and 24.10.1990) both had the 1st and 2nd vaccination I fall 2007. While the 1st one has been complaining about bad stomach aches, nausea and loss of weight since then, the younger one has had no problems. After several doctors’ visits, also to the gynecologist who administered the vaccination, my daughter was sent to a gastroenterologist in January 2008.  The gastroscopy in Feb 2008 showed that she had a bacterial gastritis. After taking penicillin the symptoms receded significantly. No doctor was willing to confirm that there was a connection between the problems and the vaccinations.

Both daughters did not have the third vaccination because we heard about possible fatal vaccination reactions in 2007 as a result of the sad death. Before we heard about this death our fear of cancer had been stronger than the fear of the vaccination. I would like to offer my condolences to the family of Jasmin Soriat, the young woman who passed away and I would like to thank them for publishing the information about her vaccination reaction.


L.L.T., 20.05.2006, male


Infanrix hexa


Right after his pneumococci vaccination Leon came down with a high fever which lasted for several days. On day 3 he was unable to retain milk and fluid. He screamed non-stop.  The doctor who had administered the vaccination sent us home with a diagnosis of „3 day fever“ and when we went to the hospital in the evening to visit Leon the doctor told us that Leon was suffering from purulent pneumococci vaccination with sepsis; a laboratory test showed that Leon had the same virus as the vaccination!!( Leon was 9 weeks old at this point)


E.Y., 13.02.1978, female



I’ll tell you what happened to me. On 24.09 I had an influenza vaccination. The first day I was dizzy and had problems with my circulation and a bad headache.

Day 2 – I’ve been asleep since yesterday and cannot get up and when I do I throw up. I have pains in my head and in my leg and I am still dizzy (listless and dazed). 3rd day the symptoms are still not gone.

I would advise everyone not to have vaccinations, last year I had one
0.5 m Td - Virelon diphtheria and Tetanus plus influenza vaccination, 7 days I was a wreck and the symptoms were even worse.


I.G., 19.11.1989, female



After the first 2 vaccinations (9.08.07 and on 7.11.07) I actually had no reactions except for when they were administered, it burned a little, and later more and my arm felt heavy
After the third vaccination there were problems.

I am sick to my stomach all the time.

When it started I felt sick to my stomach in class, then I felt hot and then cold along my back.

This is how it felt more and more often during the next few days.

In the morning as I was driving to school I felt so sick to my stomach that I got out and went to the doctor, they prescribed Iberogast drops and said that if I did not feel better within a day that I should come back a day later.
I didn’t feel better the next day so I went to the doctor’s and he said that it was my stomach and that I should take MCP drops. They helped. But a week later it got worse again, I took the drops again and then I felt worse.

My boyfriend said I should Stop them if they didn’t help, so I did.

3 days I felt fine so I thought that maybe it really had been a small infection. During the night of the 3 rd day I suddenly felt that my heart stopped beating, only for a moment. That sent me into a panic so I ran around in my room and then tried to sleep but couldn’t because I thought I was going to die.

I was so afraid that I slept with my parents like a little kid.

The next day I still was having hard time breathing – a feeling like a dumpling was pressing my throat and like I was not going to be able to breathe. And nervousness. I am really restless.

I went to the doctor again and he gave me homeopathic tablets. (Neurexan – for insomnia and Heel for restlessness). To this day I use them to calm down.


I saw the doctor again and he said that maybe it was due to the fact that I was having a lot of stress, that could explain the nausea (at the time I had a lot of exams at school and was getting my drivers’ license, but in both cases I didn’t think it was stress causing problems) . He said he thought that I should wait till after the exams and that by then I would be feeling better.

When the exams were over I was still having problems so they checked my thyroid and my blood but everything was fine
My doctor said he thought that I was imagining the nausea and that it was all psychological and so he sent me to a psychologist who was also unable to help me, she said she thought I was claustrophobic, because I keep getting sick to my stomach in trains and busses and at home and when I go shopping … everywhere). She wanted me to go to a clinic because I had had a job during the summer vacation which I quit after 2 days because I felt sick to my stomach all the time ….


Because I am convinced that this all stems from the vaccinations I went to my family doctor and I told him and he said that he had never heard such a thing but that if he heard of a case like mine he would tell me. He wrote it down but he never got in touch with me. I did not let it go at that so I went to my gynaecologist a few weeks later because he was the one who had vaccinated me.
That guy let me have it. I felt really small. He said that vaccinations have been researched and that there are no damages that have to do with them and that tick vaccinations were even worse. He said I should have my stomach examined before saying things like a vaccination was the cause of my problems and that was that!

I should say that my gynaecologist has always been very nice, a really cool guy; I always liked him. Until this day!!!

I also saw a homeopath who was also unable to help me. A waste of money.


I have been suffering for 5 months now
(since 21.04.08) and I’ve about had it.

I have taken the bus or the train to school ever since I was 11 years old. I have always been happy and have laughed a lot, was always healthy, liked being with people and NEVER had problems. Even in discos.

Now all I can say is that I cannot do these things any more. I can’t even go to the cinema

If things continue this way I won’t even be able to do an apprenticeship because I won’t be able to work.

I have tried to think of other things, but it just doesn’t work.

I don’t know what else to do to find out what is wrong with me.

My only hope is that no one in the world will come into contact with vaccinations because then people won’t have to suffer and they can enjoy their youth.

I will do all I can for this vaccination to be taken from the market!


A.E., 08.03.1961, female


Repevax (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Croup)

Since May I have felt listless, tired, unconcentrated, weak and stiff. Pains in my muscles like when I have exerted myself. I can hardly walk down the stairs. Pains in the nape of my neck and I cannot really move, my arms are tingling and my hands are, too. The muscles feel hard and I have difficulties holding things. I had a slipped disk on 22 April (have not been able to work since then) and I thought that is what the pain was due to. I was happy to not have to go to work because I felt really sick and could not really have carried out my profession as a nurse. The doctors did not take it seriously. In mid July I got a slight cough and thought it would stop 10 days later. The doctor prescribed antibiotics (early August) because the cough was getting worse, but the cough did not go away, it got even worse. He told me to see an ear, nose and throat specialist who suspected it was pertussis (croup).  I was still unable to work on account of my slipped disk, which would have been impossible anyway. The doctor told me to see a lung specialist who had my blood checked which showed it was the croup. I coughed my lungs out for 6 weeks straight and I still felt very sick. I actually should not have had the croup because I had been vaccinated against it and I had no contact with anyone who had it. My husband and next of kin did not catch it from me, either. Meanwhile it was Sept. 20 and the muscle pain and feeling of being sick had not stopped, relief from pain killers was only short-term. Physiotherapy, massages, fango, baths, stretching, manual therapy, electric waves, acupuncture and pain infusions all did not help. I am at my wits’ end and want the side effects to finally go away. I am not going to get vaccinations any more, because I was sick for months after I had had the influenza vaccination in 2005. Since Sept. 2 I have returned to work, a reintegration measure, and I don’t talk about my pain. On 30.09.08 I will undergo rehabilitation, maybe it will get better. I am not depressed and I really do have pain and I would sure like to pass that pain on to the doctors so they finally believe me. I am not simulating this.




HPV Vaccination

I have had all three vaccinations. The first two didn’t cause any problems at all except for my arm feeling heavy which is really not all that bad.

My first vaccination and the other two when I was 18. The last vaccination was on 22.04.2008... After that my life changed completely. The day before I had had a small migraine attack with vomiting.

I told my doctor as I am aware of the risks when you are sick when you vaccinations.

He said it was no problem because it really wasn’t a disease.
A few days later I felt really sick when I was in class, a cold shiver tingled along my back, I was nervous and I did not know what was happening to me. Then I calmed down again.

But it continued and kept happening, sometimes when I was on the bus or on the train, at home, no matter, and it got worse. I then went to my family doctor who said he thought it was a stomach ailment and prescribed Iberogast drops. They did not help one single bit.

One day later I had to get out of the bus when I was on my way to school because I thought I was going to throw up on the bus. I then headed straight to the doctor because I was afraid to get on the bus again and I thought I would feel better if I had a walk and got some fresh air.

The doctor gave me MCP drops.

They made me feel better. I could go back to school.

One week after I had taken the drops it got really bad again so I decided to take the drops again. They did not help one single bit. My boyfriend I should stop taking them, so I did!

3 days later I felt super and I thought, great, it had been a little infection.

During the 3rd night I was in bed and suddenly I felt that my heart had stopped beating. I got panicked. I was unable to stay in bed. I started walking around in my room. At some point I went over to my parents’ bed and spent the night with them and I did that a couple nights in a row because I was so afraid. After this evening there were other symptoms, too, like nervousness, palpitations, and respiratory problems. I could only wear wide clothes because I was always afraid of suffocating.

My doctor said that it was psychological and sent me to see a psychologist who was NO help. She said I was claustrophobic. I have been riding buses my whole life long, trains too, and I spend time in narrow rooms and I love being with lots of people, like in discos. I have never had any problems of this sort until now ….

I even consulted a homeopath and spent a lot of money on that and that did not help either.

I am unable to do things now. My gynaecologist hit the roof when I said I thought it had something to do with the vaccination. He really let me have it.

I used to be a happy and joyous person. Now life has no meaning for me.

I really think it was the vaccination that caused all this. There is no other explanation in my mind because my thyroid and blood work is fine.

I hope that my report will help to do something about vaccinations! I don’t want even more young people to not be able to enjoy their life as a result of a vaccination!
Kind regards
Ines Gebauer


M.P., 12.05.1992, female



My daughter had her third HPV vaccination yesterday. She felt fine before she had it; there were no signs of an infection.

The two prior vaccinations had not been that great either regarding side effects. She said she had a headache and that she was dizzy and that the arm where they had administered the vaccination hurt. I was not all that worried because I knew that a vaccination can entail slight effects.

But yesterday everything was different.  
When my daughter arrived home she was very pale and said that she felt very dizzy, had a bad headache and felt very sick to her stomach. Her arm hurt so bad that she could not move it. She was pale, had shiny eyes and really did not look good.

She went to bed. But it got worse.  Her arm and legs started feeling numb (she said it felt like they had all fallen asleep) and then her knee started to hurt. I got nervous and called 2 clinics. I was told that they had never heard of that before. We live in a big city so I decided to just take to a third clinic.

She was examined and they kept her there (for observation). I brought her to her room where she was connected to an ECG device. By that time her arm was very red and warm and swollen, it was easy to see.
I should mention that I was not aware of the fact that this vaccination has been criticized so widely. If I had known it I would have listened to my daughter who had been so fearful of the third vaccination (usually she is not that timid), and I could have spared her.


D.H-W., 19.02.1963, female


FSME Immun

2 days after the vaccination I had bad pain throughout my whole body. Tingling, muscles twitching accompanied by a hot burning feeling and chills, feeling of swelling and stiffness of joints, couldn’t grab or walk. Terrible headache with feeling of numbness in my face, swollen lymph nodes, nausea and diarrhea, stomach aches, palpitations, fast pulse and high blood pressure, dizziness and noises in my ear.

Some days are better than others, some are really terrible. Sleep is impossible. A real nightmare.  All blood work okay. Nothing neurological. They want to puncture my spine, but I don’t want to have it done. I am 45 years old and I feel like I am 80. If this continues and I don’t find a doctor I will end up having depressions. I can’t understand why they approve a compound like this if it has such terrible side effects. When I asked my doctor what the side effects of the vaccination were he said none. Maybe a slight temperature and swelling at the site of injection. And then they think you will continue to trust them?!  If someone knows more about this or if they know about medications that help I would be happy to hear from them. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


S.S., 08.02.93, female



Approx. 3 months after her second Gardasil vaccination my daughter, who had always been healthy and who had never had any problems, was diagnosed as having both celiac disease and colitis ulcerous. These are both chronic diseases of the intestines. Ulcerative colitis is an auto-immune disease. We did not have the third vaccination administered.


M.E.J., 07.03.2008, female



Our daughter Mia got her second 6-fold vaccination on 19.08.08. She felt okay that day and was fine. Then on Wednesday 3.09.08 I was having coffee with my girlfriend and my daughter was sitting on my lap when she suddenly started to shake for approx. 5 seconds. I thought it was just a simple shiver or something like that. Then it started again and I called my husband and together we went to the pediatrician, she did it at his office again, but the doctor did not see it. We were sent to the children’s clinic. They took blood. A doctor saw her trembling/shaking, but since Mia’s hand was in her mouth they said it was exertion. Every time she did it I had to call someone and so a number of nurses saw it, too. The next day she was given an EEG while asleep but it was inconclusive. She now shakes when she is awake and without having her hand in her mouth.  It is completely irregular and Mia otherwise seems completely normal. The blood work was fine, too. There were really wild theories such as that she it is because she is teething or she enjoys shaking. But she doesn’t laugh when she does it and anyway I think these theories are crazy. They did an EKG too and the numbers were fine, too. When she is having one of her shaking episodes her whole body shakes, then she stops and stretches her legs. At any rate they sent us home two days later and said that it was a tick or a quirk which she got in the habit of. We our not going to accept this verdict and are going to see a neurologist with her. I would like to know if the trembling (which makes us so afraid) is a result of the vaccination????


B.U., 4.5.1965, female

Myotone muscle distrophia/ Hashimoto

Tetanus-vaccine Merieux

As a result of a wound on my arm I got an emergency booster shot with the tetanus medication Merieux.

One night later I became very dizzy, I was very afraid and my whole nervous system seemed to burn like fire. It was a very extreme reaction. Since then I have had attacks every other night and the next day I am exhausted and apathetic from not sleeping. The next day my nervous system is so wound up that I was nervous all day long and could not sleep at all, sometimes I couldn’t even swallow. A feeling like being in shock. Numbness in my head, shoulders, my jaws very sensitive to touch and the wound on my arm hurts like crazy. A burning taste on my tongue, teary burning eyes. We tried to treat it with homeopathic medications (Thuja, Ledum, Belladonna, and Aconitum) and presently I am receiving de-poisoning purging treatment including acupuncture. No improvement yet.


D.B., 28.05.1991, Gardasil



My daughter was vaccinated for the first time in Jan 08. We did not notice anything. Then she got her second vaccination in April 08. We didn’t notice anything then, either. About 6 weeks after the vaccination she came down with an acute case of tonsillitis. We went to the doctor’s and his diagnosis, after blood work, was mononucleosis, because there were no antibodies. She was given antibiotics. But they did not help. From that time on my daughter did not feel well (headache, nausea, problems concentrating and she has become very weak physically). She can handle school, but then she comes home and goes to bed and sleeps. She was told to refrain from physical activities, everything she loved doing has now become too strenuous. My daughter has not been seriously ill before. We’ve been at this since May. Nothing is helping. Her blood work is normal again, but that’s it. The worst part is that her teachers are not being very understanding because nothing has been proven. But how are you supposed to prove that the vaccination was the cause? Maybe someone can give me some advice on how to help my daughter. I have been giving her natural things to help im prove her immune system, e.g. Esberitox.


H.F., 10.10.07, female


infanrix hexa und Prevenar, Rotarix

Our son was born on 10.10.07 three and a half weeks before his due date – he weighed 2720g and was 49 cm. So he was a little too early. The first vaccination was on 11.12.07 against rotavirus (as oral vaccination) and simultaneously Prevenar. Afterwards he developed a fever, diarrhea and for a few days he had a bad cold. He did not drink a lot.

Second vaccination on 08.01.08 only against rotavirus – diarrhea again and drinking not well. Before he had his first vaccination he gained 200-250 g every week – after the first vaccination it was only 80-100 g per week. When I asked the doctor she only smiled and asked whether it couldn’t be due to my milk.

My intuition told me not to have this child vaccinated and I did not listen to it.

We postponed the first 6-fold vaccination and on 13.02.08 the doctor administered the vaccination. It was like a stab in my heart – I felt just terrible- and then the reaction came.

In the evening shrill screaming, fever  39.6 for one whole week – I did not go to the doctor because I was so afraid – and this fear paralyzed me – and I was full of remorse that I had not listened to my own feelings – he could grab things and after the vaccination he couldn’t – he was apathetic when he was just lying there, did not sleep as well, did not have good muscle tone – he did not fold his little hands any more – three weeks later he got really sick, the flue, even though we were all healthy and he was being nursed-

I went to the doctor again and told her about the vaccination, she became very thoughtful and had a long talk with us. She does not think it is good if we do not have him vaccinated, but she accepts it. I spent nights reading the internet and books and talked to my midwife – I’m never going to have this child vaccinated again. He recuperated again, after I had taken him to a naturopath, she purged him of the vaccination and tested him. He cannot tolerate vaccinations – so my intuition was correct – a mother should always listen to her innermost feelings that are a connection to the child that will never go away. His development is fine. He can pull himself up now. Sometime he shakes his head back and forth and then I get nervous -…. But he babbles and plays … I hope he won’t retain anything… After the naturopath purged him he gained weight again, he is now ten months old and weighs only 7.500g. But we, his parents, are also small and slim … Our family is putting a lot of pressure on us to have him vaccinated; even friends have retreated and say that it will be our fault if others get sick.

Motto: a person who has not been vaccinated will never hurt a person who has been vaccinated if the vaccination holds what it promises …..


V.M., 10.06.1993, female



After the first vaccination there were no reactions, my arm did not even hurt. But shortly after the second vaccination in April 08 there was strong nausea. Suspected Noro virus which, however, was not proven. During this time I was very sensitive to light and UV rays and repeatedly had diarrhea and stomach aches. After a number of weeks I could go to school again and the nausea was not as permanent as it had been before. But I never felt any hunger or appetite. Now, four months later after the second vaccination I feel sick to my stomach several times a day, but I can eat with an appetite again and I am not as limited. But it still has not gone away.


S.M., 25.10.1982, female


Hepatitis A&B, Twinrix

Approx. 3 weeks after the vaccination I got red spots on my cheeks and on my forehead. I paid no heed, as I suffer from neurodermatitis. I thought it was an episode, the last one I had was more than 10 years ago … That is what I thought …

Within 2 weeks my whole body and my face was covered with red spots which were really itchy and I thought was just another episode…

Within 2 weeks my whole body and my face were covered with red spots which were really itchy and which were moist … At the University Clinic they said it could not be neurodermatitis because the spots on my skin were round … After several exams and 4 weeks in the hospital they said it was medication-induced Lupus, triggered by the Hpe A&B vaccination… My ND episode approx. 10 years ago was right after my first vaccination which I got when I started my training as a dental assistant. I had to take cortisone cream for almost 3 months until my eczema had healed …. When I was 2 years old I had a seizure after a 3-fold vaccination …. Probably an allergic reaction … I just learned about it, before that nobody knew why I had had the seizure …. I am now only get vaccinations when it is absolutely necessary!


D.M.A., 03.03.2007, male


Prevenar and Infanrix hexa

My son and I had our second vaccination on 26.6.07 where he was administered the 6-fold vaccination and the pneumococci vaccination. After approx. 4 hours he had his first seizure, he had two more and the next day continued the same way. I drove right to the hospital with him and they did a lot of tests. His right side was paralyzed and he could no longer move his right arm. It only got better days later. He was in the hospital for a week but they were unable to provide a real diagnose. A short time later when we were back at home he had little episodes where he would nod his head non-stop. After lots of back and forth we were sent to another hospital in Werdau for an EEG. That was in October 2007 and they said that my son has epilepsia.  Since that time they have been trying to adjust him with the right medications.


M.S., 30.11.1980, male



My son and I were vaccinated against FSME for the third time. My son is handicapped and is epileptic. He had not had a seizure for 10 years and suddenly the symptoms, such as being dazed, spastic movements, hallucinations have returned and he is in the hospital in the intensive care unit with repeated cramps. I can hardly talk to him and he can hardly move. They cannot find a cause and his condition is worsening. I am now afraid that he is going to be really handicapped. My concerns about the vaccinations being the caused were waved aside by the doctors. I feel so helpless watching all the coming and going. Who can help me? Where can I get help?


H.M., 24.06.2006, male



Our son had his first MMR vaccination one week before his first birthday. First he came down with high fever and screamed like he’s never screamed before, before he went to sleep so that he was incapable of sleeping. The next evenings and nights were the same.  
His character changed, too – seemed full of fear, eyes wide open, would not be calmed down and suddenly seemed nervous, whiny, dependent, restless and  \"wound up\"- even our friends and relatives noticed and asked us what was wrong!

The next few weeks he had colds like he’d never had before and 8 weeks after the vaccination he had a terrible acute phlegmy cough. Despite the fact that we took him to a doctor who prescribed antibiotics it did not get better! I trusted my intuition and had him treated by a kinesiologist and homeopath. We spent months trying to get a handle on the cough (6 months)….

Now, after 10 months of acute bronchitis, we changed pediatricians, thank God, and the new one said it could all stem from the MMR vaccination and recommended that my son (now 2 years old) have BIO-RESONANCE THERAPY and to have the vaccination purged. After 15 minutes – we still cannot comprehend it – and 2 days, the cough got better! He now no longer has the rattling in his chest, the phlegm is gone, he has NO COUGH and thus NO PROBLEMS!!

His character and his appearance are more centered and stable, he is friendlier and more open and thus more secure (even his bearing is!!):

My recommendation to everyone is to have the vaccination purged!!! We will definitely not have a second vaccination!!!!!



I.B., 12.06.1968, female


FSME-Immun Baxter (VNR1G17B) + Td-Virelon (016021A)

On the day I got the vaccination my arm hurt at the site of injection. The first day after the vaccination I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach. Afterwards everything seemed to be okay. 10 days after the vaccination I have an infection and a bad cough which is developing to laryngitis which was treated with antibiotics. The laryngitis got better but since then I have a globe-like feeling in my throat and the following other problems: FREQUENTLY dizziness, depressions, fear, respiratory problems (lung exam without finding), palpitations when lying down (EKG no result), I feel my heart beating all over my body, fatigue, backache, inner trembling, difficulties concentrating; RARELY: tingling in my face, intestinal problems, stabbing pain in my chest.

The doctor thinks it is stress but I don’t have any more stress than I did before.

By the way, I did not have the 2nd vaccination administered and I sure do not intend to. I am interested in getting in touch with people who have symptoms like this and who think they have to do with FSME vaccinations, who have had homeopathic treatment (with and without success)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


C.D., 1981



Cramp-like seizure 1/2 minutes after the vaccination, respiratory problems first 2 days after vaccination, one week later: skin allergy which is treated with an anti-allergen medication (Aerus) every 3 days. Allergy continues.


C.J., 19.02.1969, female


0,5 ml Td-pur

The third and therefore last of the 3-fold vaccinations took place at 11.00 am and at this time I was still feeling great. About 1 hour after the vaccination I experienced a strange kind of fatigue and the first pain at the site of injection which I thought was a reaction to the vaccination. Okay, I had assumed that my immune system would react. During the course of the day I started feeling depressed and my mood worsened to the point where I started getting aggressive. I had a hard time keeping my feelings in check.  I also had a feeling of pressure in my ears after the vaccination and pain in my jaws. First I thought it had been from yawning so much after the vaccination, and I remembered that I had not felt well after the second vaccination either, but the third one was a nightmare.


K.K., 22.10.1978, female


Hepatitis B, Revaxis

During my nurse’s training I was vaccinated against Hepatitis B in April 1997, April and May 1998 (without being informed of possible side effects). In November 1999 I had a facial paralysis on the left side, accompanied by speech defects. At the time they thought it could be MS. In April 2000 I experienced paralysis on the right side of my body, accompanied by dizziness, of which I have still not completely recuperated. Sporadically I have other complications, as for example imbalances in my body perception and balance.

In 2007 I heard through AEGIS Switzerland that it really is possible to have MS-like diseases as a consequence of hepatitis B vaccinations.

Now I am looking for people who have also had neurological problems as a result of this vaccination.

I would appreciate it if you got in touch with me:  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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