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26.04.07, male



Our son developed a high fever and rash approx. 1 week after the vaccination (probably measles); the rash is mainly around his backside. His general condition was very bad, he cried a lot and screamed hysterically which he did not do before that. Luckily he no longer does that.


H.M., 24.06.2006, male



Our son had his first MMR vaccination one week before his first birthday. First he came down with high fever and screamed like he’s never screamed before, before he went to sleep so that he was incapable of sleeping. The next evenings and nights were the same. 
His character changed, too – seemed full of fear, eyes wide open, would not be calmed down and suddenly seemed nervous, whiny, dependent, restless and  \"wound up\"- even our friends and relatives noticed and asked us what was wrong!

The next few weeks he had colds like he’d never had before and 8 weeks after the vaccination he had a terrible acute phlegmy cough. Despite the fact that we took him to a doctor who prescribed antibiotics it did not get better! I trusted my intuition and had him treated by a kinesiologist and homeopath. We spent months trying to get a handle on the cough (6 months)….

Now, after 10 months of acute bronchitis, we changed pediatricians, thank God, and the new one said it could all stem from the MMR vaccination and recommended that my son (now 2 years old) have BIO-RESONANCE THERAPY and to have the vaccination purged. After 15 minutes – we still cannot comprehend it – and 2 days, the cough got better! He now no longer has the rattling in his chest, the phlegm is gone, he has NO COUGH and thus NO PROBLEMS!!

His character and his appearance are more centered and stable, he is friendlier and more open and thus more secure (even his bearing is!!):

My recommendation to everyone is to have the vaccination purged!!! We will definitely not have a second vaccination!!!!!



K.B., 26.09.2002, male



Kilian was vaccinated on the morning of April 27, 2004. That evening he developed a high fever, his right arm was very swollen and red. Kilian was in great pain. We brought our son to the hospital where he was administered antibiotics intravenously for three days. That was our last vaccination!


C.W., 31.10.1992, male



After the 5th day I got a rash in my face around nose/eyes/chin accompanied by great pain/itchiness (skin doctor did not see a connection and prescribed cortisone cream which did not alleviate the discomort) 6th day like fifth day (doctor things it is vaccine damage/reaction … in other words, an allergic reaction…. Prescribed anti allergic medicine.....


E.d.C., 14.10.1975, female


MMR Triplovax

Two days after the vaccination I was pretty tired, felt weak and my joints felt heavy. 6 days after the vaccination the lymph nodes behind my ears were swollen which made it impossible for me to lie down or sleep. This lasted for 4 days.

Then, after the 11th day the pain in the lymph nodes subsided but there was an open and painful place on my gums which lasted for 3 days.

Then on the 13th day there was an eye infection which lasted for 3 days and on the 14th small red spots for approx. 2 days on my stomach, accompanied by fever and diarrhea all day long. On the 17th day after the vaccination my joints were all swollen, especially my fingers and bones hurt and I had pain in my feet and foot joints. I had to stay in bed; the pain did not get better even though I was getting rest. The next day it all seemed even worse and the shoulder became affected. Each shoulder hurt. On the 19th day after the vaccination my hands and shoulders continued to hurt, the feet not so much, but the hand and shoulder were still swollen. The swelling of the lymph nodes only hurt when I pressed it.
Throughout the whole next week the pain stayed, only Voltaren gel took away the pain for a short time. In the evening the swelling on my feet got worse, I felt the fingers during the day and it felt like they had fallen asleep. In the morning they were very swollen and it hurt to move them. After a while it got better.

After the next week (22 to 28th week) the shoulder pain got better, the joint pain did too, the swelling of the fingers and feet did not get better. The joint on my hand on the left side hurt, too. The next three days I also had a lot of abdominal pain on the left side.

The next week the swelling of my feet went away, but the fingers still hurt and were swollen, they actually felt numb every day. Until today (52nd day) I have very swollen feet and slightly swollen fingers during the day, in the evening the pain gets worse, at night the fingers hurt a lot and in the morning they are stiff. For the past 2 weeks I have been taking diclofenac in the morning and at night.


E.-N.S., 01.04.2006, female



Vaccination on 19.03.07, on 26.03 no appetite and difficulty swallowing, on 27.03 in the evening slight rash on stomach, on  28.03 rash gets worse on my backside and the inside of right elbow, redness spreads. I call the doctor; he says it cannot stem from vaccination because incubation period not reached yet. On 29.04 I take her to see the pediatrician as the rash is getting stronger and I have the feeling that the child is itchy. She now does not sleep well and scoots along the floor on her stomach. Pediatrician: Maybe it is a reaction of the immune system which is caused by the vaccination. He does not say the word neurodermatitis. I ask what we can do and he prescribes a lotion: Prophylenglycol 3,0, Polidocanol 6,0, Basis creme a.d. 10 p.o., Aqua p... 22,.. Doesn’t really help. Skin is still very red and dry and cracked, pimply. The redness increases. And she has a cough. I take her to see the family doctor on 05.04. He says it is an allergic reaction to the compounds in the vaccine. But not a reaction to the viruses. He prescribes a different lotion, twice a day.


V.G., 1983, female



3 weeks after the vaccination there was swelling in the hollows of the knees, I could not walk for 2 weeks and since then the pain was returned repeated.


C.V., 13.01.90, female


MMR: rimparix-pluserix

Infection of the respiratory tract: March 91     mmr-vaccination 26.04.91
complications during the second post vaccination week. Caroline cries continuously, she twitches and has an empty look on her face  in high fever 6.05.91 called the family doctor who says it is a middle ear infection, she cannot sleep at night, twitches and nods her head: meningoencephalitis 8.07.91 Caroline is completely handicapped since 8.07.91, she has epileptic seizures. To this day it has not been recognized as vaccination damage.

Email 30.7.07: Finally recognized as vaccination damage by the social court. After a 12 year battle we are very happy about this.


E.P.H.,05.06.04, male



After the second MMR approx. 14 days after the vaccination 3-day fever, in hospital for 5 days. After the third MMR approx. 14 days after the vaccination high fever, very apathetic, hospital. 
21 infections, cold, cough fever in 2005







L.S., 20.04.2005, male



Luca had an MMR vaccination on 08.06.2006. 14 days later there were red spots on his skin. It turned out that they were petechial. At the same time he had bruises on his legs when there was the slightest touch. They did blood work and his thrombocytopes value was 5.000. After being admitted to the hospital the value rose proportionately every day and after 4 days when we left the clinic it was 50,000.

The doctor did not see a connection between the vaccination and the reaction. He thinks that Luca had some kind of an infection which no one had noticed. On the other hand Luca was always really healthy before he had the vaccination (no fever, no cold or anything else, either). I definitely think that this reaction has to do with the vaccination.


S.B., 25.6.01, male


MMR TRiplovax

11 days after the vaccination very high fever (39.5), then a few fever-free hours, very tired, clings to me a lot, euphoric and furious. Bad headache, stomach ache and some nausea, lymph nodes swollen. After 2 days I consulted a naturopath, slight sinus infection, infection in the right ear, swelling of the lymph node.


J.S., 30.03.2005, male



A 15 month old baby 12 hours after vaccination, severe fever despite Paracetamol (maximum dose) up to 39.7 degrees Celsius. On the 4th day no fever and lively again, but red spots all over her body, like measles, starting behind the ears, spreading over her face, arms and upper body downward spreading. In addition a cold a cough. The pediatrician thinks that it could be herp angina but the pharynx remains symptom-free. A rapid test for staphylococci was negative so that he suspects that it is a vaccination reaction (of a kind that he has not seen before).


J.R., 20.01.2005, female




On 16.01.2006 we had an MMR vaccination administered to our 12 month old child Jana. We wanted to strengthen our child and protect her from infections. When she has her regular checkups we have been told repeatedly how necessary it is. Now, in retrospect, I know that some vaccinations would not have been necessary until years later. Furthermore we have been unable to notice anything peculiar with our other children after they were vaccinated.

As of mid-March we became aware of the fact that our daughter Jana no longer reacted to her name or after being called and that she seemed to be startled frequently. Furthermore she started talking much more loudly and for the past 3 weeks she has only been uttering squeaking noises. Jana started talking 2 months ago and was already able to say Mama and Papa.  Her vocabulary comprised 10 words and her development up to this point has been completely normal. We determined that she no longer reacted to being called or to loud noises, and determined this in her sleep, too.

When we consulted the first Ear, Nose & Throat specialist we realized that this doctor had neither the appropriate instruments for small children nor the right training for small children. Because we were very nervous and because we only received confirmation of our own diagnoses we went to our own family doctor the next day with the hope that he would be able to explain the situation to us. He was also only able to confirm our diagnosis and sent us to a different specialist.

When we consulted this doctor the next day it was apparent that he had more experience treating small children. He recognized how serious the situation was and sent us to the university clinic in Hamburg.

My daughter was admitted there on 16.05.2006 immediately and checked for all signs that had to do with the vaccination. They determined an acquired high-degree deafness for which the healing process was not clear. Of course it could have had a number of causes. Extensive diagnostics have not been able to clarify the etiology. The only pathological finding was indications of an acute CMV infection (IgG 1:7900, IgM weak pos. inconclusive antibody index, no sign of. autochthonous AK-production. The most frequent evidence is signs of mutations in the Conexin 26 gene so that this exam was initiated. Next was a treatment with cortisone and antibiotics (probatory intravenous Prednisolon therapy) for one week; there was no positive impact on my daughter Jana’s ability to hear. Due to the fact that a number of weeks had passed from the time of the vaccination until the disease was recognized and treatment, it was retrospectively determined that there were no indications that there had been an infection with viruses – active immunization: measles, mumps, rubella.  My daughter is now cared for on an outpatient basis. She has a hearing aid for both ears (very difficult and time-consuming for small children) which have been set at 90 dB.

I hope that the high-degree inner ear deafness will not deteriorate and that my daughter will be able to learn how to talk with hearing aids.

I learned from my internet research that mumps viruses are frequently associated with loss of hearing but that doctors hardly ever confirm this finding!! As my daughter was always very healthy and did not have any preexisting conditions, was already to say words and my pregnancy was normal, there are no hereditary diseases in our family and she only became handicapped after the MMR vaccination it must be a vaccination damage, which is difficult to prove.

If someone has any experience how to prove this legally without it being too expensive, I would be very grateful. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


J., 4.11.2002, female



A week after the vaccination our daughter (3 years) complained of nausea, vomiting and head ache. She was extremely and although we were on vacation, we consulted the doctor there several times, who confirmed that it was a vaccine reaction. Jule complained about pain in the throat and eyes, which culminated into the fact that she kept asking us to take her to the eye doctor, because she could hardly see anything well anymore. During the two-week vacation, she was hardly in a condition to even go out for a walk and we mostly had to take her in her little sister’s pram. The \"Eye problem\" did not go away. Although the eye doctor diagnosed that the ability to see had not developed corresponding to her age, he advised us to go for a check-up after three months, which is still pending. The weakness we observed lasted around 2-3 weeks.
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction = 2-3 weeks


M.K., 1994, female



Exhaustion, fever (39.5), rash starting behind the ears, face, and torso. It is the 5th day (23.05.06) the child cannot attend school due to fever.


M.F., 19.06.1991, female


MMR (Priorix)

Two weeks after that, experienced dizziness, then after a few days prolonged labyrinthine vertigo, then a few days later, vision disorders. All following examinations only confirmed well-being - CT, Magnet resonance tomography, lumbar puncture, heart, eyes, ears, EEG ...

After 3 weeks, the dizziness reduced, the vision disorders stayed back. Irrespective of the activity, school, studying, watching TV, walking (no sport activity), even with such small activities, the symptoms worsened so much that she had to \" stop \" them.
She could focus her eyes only with great difficulty, but with every blink it was back to square one. In addition, she had a feeling that made her think she was in a dream, i.e. not at all realistic and often asked, whether it was real or a dream.

This condition lasted for 3 months and was so intensive, she simply could not go to school, took \"part\" in max 3 hours of class, if at all – however, without performance assessment, without class work.

Only a homeopathic treatment helped improve the condition of her eyes, and she could pass the school and participate in sports again – with enormous will power and energy. We have just started with the treatment for the dream-condition and do not have anything positive to say yet.

I hope that it continues to improve, even if that means taking three steps forwards and two backwards, but I still assume it will be months before - h o p e f u l l y -
everything is back to normal.


C.S., 24.05.87, female



My daughter experienced an epilepsy attack 2 months before her 15th birthday. After a week in the hospital and intake of 300 mg valproic acid every day, the next 6 months were normal, without any worries. But in July she got two attacks in a day. She was admitted in the Uni-children’s clinic Ulm, the dosage was increased to 1,800 mg valproic acid. In August, another attack where we even needed the fire brigade, in August, ambulant treatment in Uni Bonn. In Sept 02, admitted in Bonn. Diagnosis cryptogenic epilepsy. They were two horrible years! Coincidentally, we came to Switzerland to Chief Physician Dr. Rau / Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle and after extensive examinations it was diagnosed: the epilepsy was caused by the vaccination (measles, mumps, German measles). In the meanwhile, my daughter is now healthy, after a long-term homeopathic treatment which is still going on and a diet without cow milk. A vaccine reaction can occur even after years, and cannot be diagnosed as such. I will be glad to share information with those interested.


E.W., 21.07.2004, male


MMR Triplovax

The 1st reaction was evident in my 15-month old son after a few days in the form of a short-lived testicular swelling, after some days, conjunctivitis with fever (39.9°), which was however under control after a dose of Paracetamol.
The worst however is the skin reaction (rash from the shoulders till the hips) which persists even after 5 weeks


P M.P., 16.2.2003, female


MMR (Priorix)

7th day after the vaccination: child (barely 2 years) seems shaky and tired. Sleeps a lot and wants to be carried all the time. 9th day after the vaccination: the child has got a rash overnight from the ears to the hips. During the day, she has fever, evenings it is 39.9 degrees. The eyes are red and welled up.
10th day: the rash spreads till the feet (i.e. the entire body). In the evenings, fever up to 40.4 degrees. We went to the children’s hospital; pediatrician says that it is scarlet fever. She was prescribed penicillin. I have never seen her so ill before: swollen red eyes, tired, sickly, always wants her papa to carry her. Earlier, she was always one of the kids who were seldom sick.
11th day: the pediatrician, who had given the vaccination, says it is vaccine-induced measles plus conjunctivitis, and possibly with scarlet fever. The symptoms indicate toward a mixture of illnesses. The child receives antibiotics for the eyes and medication that will soothe the itching (the rash itches). Still high fever.
12th day: the child seems to be better in the morning, she is playing again. However, since afternoon, her condition is bad again.
13th day: the child is up and about in the morning again, but ill again since afternoon. Fever up to 40 degrees. The reddening of the eyes is better, but dry wrinkly skin is formed around the eyes.
14th day: we go to another pediatrician. He is also not sure, whether it is vaccine-induced measles or scarlet fever. Suspected Kawasaki-Syndrome, therefore, he prescribes stronger antibiotics and wants the child to be brought back to the clinic if the fever does not go away within 36 hours.
15th day: we go to the children’s hospital and get her admitted there, although people there want to shake us off. We absolutely had to clarify all suspicions regarding the Kawasaki-Syndrome, since it can have serious consequences and must be treated at the earliest.
16th day: the child is thoroughly examined (spleen has enlarged a bit), but no measures taken. The condition of the child still improves a lot. The fever is almost gone; the eyes are OK, the rash is hardly to be seen.
17th day: test reports: no indications of Kawasaki-Syndrome, with 95% probability that was not it. It could have been a viral infection, which is now gone. We should however go to a children’s cardiologist, to get the heart thoroughly checked (the heart can be harmed in case of the KS). The child is again much better, but still has weakness.
She needs approximately a week, till she is back to normal again.
1 month after the vaccination: thrombocyte count in the blood increases. Therefore, further blood sample collection. The second blood test reports are then OK. At the cardiologist’s, there was nothing conspicuous, i.e. the heart is OK.

We still haven’t given the second vaccination. We still have not made any decision in this regard.


M.A., 10.09.2001, female


MMR (Priorix)

Recognized vaccine damages (not from the manufacturer, but by the canton), vaccination at the age of 1 year, severely ill for months after that, in the hospital for a long time, encephalitis, non-responsive, crazy amount of pain despite heavy dosage of pain killers, shrill crying day in and day out, never slept more than half an hour, bladder does not work, etc., etc.
Earlier, she was fit as a fiddle and a peaceful child, later she became a child \"crying out of pain\", and could do nothing, absolutely nothing. It was a miracle how she learned everything again, however she must still go for check ups in the hospital (she is 4 years old now).


L.L., 16.07.2003, male



When every time, after the 6-fold vaccination Hexavac, my son reacted to it severely with fever, flu-like infection, restlessness, spasmodic contraction, facial rash, hobbling, I actually decided not to vaccinate him against anything anymore. Unfortunately, I again got convinced from many sides to vaccinate him against measles, mumps, and German measles as well (also because he is hearing-impaired and mumps, for instance, can have a negative effect on his overall hearing).
Exactly seven days after the vaccination, he developed about 40 degrees fever. I could reduce that to 38.8 degree with a suppository. The fever lasted for a day and a night more. The initial measles-like spots appeared on face. On the ninth day, my little one was completely listless in the morning and had to vomit. On the previous days and the days after that, he ate almost nothing. The measles-like rash was worst on the tenth and the eleventh day and had now spread over the face, arms, chest, stomach and back. Some spots appeared on the legs as well. On the twelfth day, the rash reduced gradually. But my son is still very weepy, exhausted and tired. I have a horribly fear any further vaccine reactions and I hope with all my heart that this was the only complication caused by the MMR vaccination for my son. In any case, I will now definitely not get him vaccinated anymore!


B.C.H., 25.08 02



On Monday I brought a very healthy child to the doctor to get her vaccinated. After I ask about the side effects, I was told it could be flu-like symptoms which can occur after 10-14 days. About meningitis etc. - I found out only later, when I read the package insert of the medicine in a pharmacy!

Tuesday my daughter got cough and cold, rash on the cheeks and the cheeks became very hot. We have already managed through some colds, but this sudden & many concurrent signs of disease were new to me. For me, it was already clear that it must have something to do with the vaccination. The little one was previously absolutely healthy – which is rare at this age -

Tuesday night she could not sleep properly and cried again and again. She could not breathe properly, so I took her back to the pediatrician early on Wednesday. The first strange thing was that, on the phone right away, before even carrying out any tests, I was told that the symptoms have no connection to the vaccination. It would be only after 10 days. I wonder whether allergic reactions can manifest sooner... The investigation itself was sloppy and even brutal to my daughter. Even a vet takes more care of his patients.

Finally, they sent me home with a recipe for cough syrup! Oh and doctor also mentioned that we must not smoke in the apartment –we do not do that anyway, but for that I have already allowed my daughter to be vaccinate 4 times with poison and viruses!

On the way home she dozed in her pram and tilted to one side of the pram! Once I came back home, I called an alternative practitioner and narrated her everything, who asked us to come to her clinic immediately although these was her working hours. When we arrived the child was sleeping and was apathetic, despite the investigation (for example light in the eyes) she showed no reaction! It was like a horror movie! And I was to be blamed for all this. We tried to wake her up with all the tricks we could think of and it was clear that otherwise we would have had to take her to the hospital. Thank god, she woke up. We took homeopathic treatment and the consultation was very friendly and empathetic. The homeopath told us that she was reachable 24 hours in case anything happened. One can imagine, the doctor, who is responsible for all this shirks off his responsibility and someone we never knew before saves the day for us and takes us seriously. Now she is slept the whole afternoon. I hope she will recover completely.

But I would advise everyone against vaccination! A good site for that is
If doctors deny all such side effects, then who is really liable, if something bad happens?

This question will remain unanswered. But I will never give my child an injection, about which I don’t know anything. How many doctors declare to the parents as to what is written on the package insert of the vaccination? Who knows if there is even one available?  All I know today is that there is something being hushed up!



T.M., male 17.08.2000

Lactose intolerance; because of that, diarrhea for over a year and again because of that, failure to thrive (slow growth, weight loss)


No complaints immediately after the vaccination. After around one month, middle ear inflammation, anti-biotic treatment. Diagnosed with Diabetes after around 2 weeks.


D., 30.09.1999



He was vaccinated when he was 15 months old. Two days later he got chicken pox. During chicken pox he started twitching, squinting and had 40C fever for a week. He stopped talking, he did not register us any more, he did not respond to his name. He lived in his own world. After 6 months he was brought to the hospital. There, it was diagnosed that the twitching were salaam attacks (EPILEPSY). Since then he has had growth problems, perception disorder and lack of motor activity. He is making very slow progress, and there is a long way to go. Nobody can tell me whether he will be able to speak ever again.


L.R., female, 12.11.1997


Polio, MMR, 5-fold

Vaccine reaction = Fever (39 C), remarkable paleness and nausea, throat pain;
Local reaction:
at the site of injection (is it actually normal that  this or similar vaccinations are given at the same time?) and around 10x8 cm swelling, redness, heat.

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