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K.H., 09.05.1980, female


1st vaccination: pain, hardening of the injection site, increased temperature, pains in my joints. 2nd vaccination: pain, hardening at the injection site, depressions, recurring dizziness and imbalance during the following months, 3rd vaccination: pain at the injection site, stiff neck and pain on the same side, inability to move left neck muscles, cramping and pain in the surrounding muscles, cramping and pain of the left shoulder muscles, pain in the upper part of vaccination arm, stinging pain in the nerves and tendons of the left arm which go as far as my fingers, rheumatic pain in my arm joints of the left arm. I can only tolerate the pain if I hold my arm up. I have ringing in the ear on the side I was vaccinated on.

After an interruption and improvement for a number of days the back and pain and neck pain return 19 days after the vaccination and have become worse. The pain is so bad I have a hard time concentrating and it is also difficult to sleep; pain medication hardly helps at all.


A.H., 06.01.63, male

Encepur adult.

After there had been what seemed like a real invocation to get TBE vaccinations in Germany this year, my husband, my son (10 years old) and I decided to follow this call and be vaccinated.

We all tolerated the first vaccination relatively well. After the second vaccination my husband had joint pain approx. 2 days later. In the following days his condition got worse and so he consulted the doctor. The doctor was unable to see a connection to the vaccination even though my husband pointed it out. He said that he had never seen those kinds of problems. So there was blood work, etc, no Borreliosis, no rheumatic factors, everything seemed normal except for slightly elevated yersinias (which can have to do with the joints). He got antibiotics but nothing got better. He was sent to see a rheumatologist. My husband mentioned that he had been vaccinated but the rheumatologist didn’t think that these were adverse effects or even vaccine damage. He did further blood work, bone scans, etc. My husband is doing really badly, sometimes he cannot even move. The findings are inconcusive, the inflammation value is high, everything else is normal. The rheumatologist tells him to take Diclac but it does not help, so he gets Prednisolon, too. A few days later he feels better, it is now August. Now the Prednisolon is to be phased out, but the pain comes back immediately. So opioids are administered, no improvement. My husband is almost unable to get out of bed.

During a TV program on the subject of rheumatic illnesses I tune into the chat and ask a professor of Rheumatology if there is such a thing as reactive arthritis (that is what the diagnosis is) triggered by TBE vaccinations. He says maybe (i.e. YES). And now I have gotten other opinions by doctors who say a vaccination can trigger something like this because the whole immune system has collapsed. We never knew that something like this can happen!

My husband is undergoing a baseline therapy and is getting Prednisolon unfortunately he cannot do without Diclac. I informed our health care provider and asked them for information (beware of TBE vaccinations) but a healthcare provider is not allowed to do that, but they took note of it, especially because the treatment is going to cost them a lot of money. This morning I called the manufacturer of the vaccine (they did not answer my emails). I wanted to report the vaccine damage …. But … vaccine damages may only be reported by doctors! But what if the doctor does not believe that it is a vaccine damage? We are all not going to have a third vaccination; my husband isn’t even allowed to be vaccinated against the flu. I was very disappointed about the reaction of Novartis; they were not interested at all.

We would be pleased to be able to get in touch with people who have had similar experiences; maybe the media might even react. We are going to continue to pursue this!


-.-., 23.03.00, male


2 weeks after the Tetanus/ Tetagam- vaccination my-year-old son’s neurodermatitis got worse . We had had a pretty good grip on it up until that point thanks to homeopathy and bioresonance. Approx. 8 weeks after the vaccination my son had a bad asthma attack. He had never had an asthma attack before. His pediatrician could see no connection to the vaccination. I myself think that there is a connection and I am not going to have him have any more vaccinations. As long as doctors and the pharmaceutical industry cannot prove that vaccinations are not bad I think that as a private person it is demeaning to have to prove that the vaccination did harm to my child. The fear of the next asthma attack will remain.


-.-., 01.04.66, female

Tetanus, Polio

Approx. 14 days after the vaccination I was very tired. This lasted for several months. Approx. 3 months later I had problems swallowing and lost weight. After some time I finally got the diagnoses that my thyroid was inflamed (thyroiditis de quervain), which is an autoimmune disease. My thyroid is semi-active. For the rest of my life I will have to take thyroid hormones every day. Not until several years later did I read that vaccinations can be the cause of this. When I asked a doctor he waved my question aside and said that it had not been proven yet.


S.H., 14.12.1991, female


My daughter who is 15 years old was vaccinated for the first time in June 2007 and then had her second vaccination in August. She has had diarrhea frequently in the last couple of months, has a stomach ache, is sick to her stomach, and has no appetite. We went to see a doctor with these problems. They checked her blood and stool, did ultrasound of her stomach and could not find anything!! I was given medication for a stomach and intestinal virus and sensitivity of the lining of the stomach … that did not help, either. Now I suspect that it was the Gardasil vaccination that caused these damages!


L.K., 29.05.93, female


Since my daughter has received two of three vaccinations she has stomach cramps, circulatory problems and nausea every month. Sometimes I have to pick her up at school. I see a connection to the vaccination because the above-mentioned problems had never occurred before. I do not have a different explanation. The pediatricians push parents to have the vaccination done, and then they ignore the problems and do not deliver facts.


D.S., 01.11.1975, female

TBE Immun and Encepur

Hi, in April 2007 I was vaccinated with Immun, 3 weeks later with Encepur. 14 days later I took a well-deserved vacation. On the first day of our vacation my husband noticed that my left eye did not close, I myself did not think anything of it. The next day I noticed a weird feeling on the left side of my face and on the third day my complete left side of my face was paralyzed. I had a lot of pain and was very sensitive to noise on that side of my head. And strangely enough everything tasted sweet. Because we were afraid that it could have been a stroke we went to the next university clinic. I was checked “extensively” in the hallway. When they asked me whether I had been administered a TBE vaccination I said yes, but they did not comment. They let me go again without any pain medication and I sure didn’t know where I was going to get the cortisone they prescribed at 2 am on a Saturday morning. My husband went to see the emergency doctor on Sonday. That Monday I had to go to the university clinic to have the nerves in my face tested and they told me had a really bad case of Facial paralysis. They told me to come again a week later to measure the nerves again and they said I probably had a good prognosis and that the treatment was finished. I kept taking my meds, lots of pain medication, had physiotherapy and logopedic therapy and went to all of my appointments. Of course I read the internet, too, and the package insert for the TBE vaccination. And it said that TBE vaccinations can cause peripheral and central nerve inflammations. When I asked my family doctor he checked it out immediately and had my suspicion, that it could be vaccine damage, confirmed by a specialist. My disease was categorized as being vaccine damage and I was sure lucky that my family doctor was so supportive. Now almost 6 months later I have the result that it the healing was defective. I have permanent atypical facial pain, a chronically stiff neck, as that is where the nerve originates, and I take high doses of pain medication. Some things have gotten better but I will never get back the original condition of my face. Everybody says that they think I look good but they don’t see the little things. Nobody sees the pain, either. But I am lucky in that my doctor supports me. I would like to tell you all to report the damages and look for a doctor who supports you, because the companies deny that there are any side effects and they find all sorts of reasons for the damage.


L.L., 05.12.1940, male

TBE – 2nd vacc. 0.5 ml Encepur

On 14.08.2007 they administered Pneumovax 23 into upper part both of my arms and there were no problems, then I got the second TBE vaccination of ENCEPUR 0.5 ml).
The injection site on the right side (ENCEPUR) hurt a lot. The pain got worse towards evening and reached my shoulder area and the lower part of my arm, especially when I lifted my arm.

Because I thought that the cause was a muscle damage where the needle hat gone in (traumatic – it hurt a lot immediately), I decided I would wait and see if it would heal and have not gotten in touch with the doctor who administered it yet.

But due to the fact that two months have passed without my getting better I have decided to consult the doctor. I also feel very tired and have no energy (general malaise); both events could be due to the vaccination.


R.H., 20.10.66, male

TBE-Encepur 0.5ml

After my second TBE vaccination I had cribbling and itchiness all over my body and when I scratched myself (arms, chest, back, legs) the areas swell up considerably. Frightening. Only the fact that I am disciplined keeps me from scratching myself until it bleeds - that is how bad the itchiness is. It comes every day and disappears again and is very unpleasant. I can also report that arms, legs and certain joints feel numb. And after having discovered that there are other people who suffer from vaccine damage I will not have any further TBE vaccinations, will contact my family doctor and also go and see the doctor where I work because he treats patients homeopathically. He gave me hope that it would get better.


C.W., 11.05.2006, female

6-fold vaccination

Our daughter was vaccinated according to a vaccintion schedule, she got the standard 6 fold combination vaccination. During this time she came down with upper respiratory tract infections more often than normal and we were at the hospital with her because we were afraid tht it could be pneumonia. She lost weight and did not eat as well. After we were on vaccation in Turkey she had another case of severe bronchitis and was brought to the hospital because she could not breathe. There the pediatrician told us emphatically to have her examined. Mainstream medicine did not give us any answers and so we went to see a naturopath who works with bioresonance. She discovered that there was a vaccine problem and treated our daughter accordingly. After the last required vaccination the vaccination was diverted. Our daughter is doing much better now and she was never that sick again. Our pediatrician shook his head and did not believe us, but even the package insert for the vaccine lists upper respiratory tract infections as a possible adverse effect for the vaccine.


J.A., 12.06.1992, female


21 days after her third TBE vaccination our daughter came down with a really bad headache. The pain got worse and worse, especially when she moved a certain way, then there was meningism and vomiting. The family doctor said it could be meningitis but not as a reaction to the vaccination. He said the vaccination was too far back and if there was a reaction to vaccinations they occur earlier on. 5 days later, during which she had the most severe headache, I brought our daughter to the hospital where they did an MRI to make sure it was not a brain tumor (the daughters did not think the symptoms for meningitis were cleaer enough) and checked her spinal fluid; the diagnosis was meningitis. They could not say what the cause was for the viral meningitis. But for us the connection between the 3rd vaccination and the disease is clear. Our daughter has not completely recovered after three weeks, the headache returns if her exertion is too great.


W.E., 28.04.1957, male


18. 05. 2007 1st vaccination - except for short-term local pain at the site of injection no reaction.

18. 06. 2007 2nd vaccination – as described for the first vaccination.

14 days later: the chills, colds all the time (sore throat, cough). 6 weeks later blood pressure drops for 2 weeks. Bad headaches. Cribbly and numb hands on both sides, worse on the right side. Muscle cramps in the upper part of her legs and toes frequently and at irregular intervals during the day. Sweating after the slightest exertion. Bad muscle and bone pain in the bck and the arms and legs. No energy! It all lasts three months now and the reactions are getting worse. My health and athletic status before the vaccination: athlete – bike riding, mountain climing, skiing, fitness – several times a week and always for several hours – power and endurance always there and available! That is why my lack of energy and the cramps make me so insecure. I have been seeing an internist who has the figures that are from the last check up and cancer screening. I hope they won’t say it is all in my imagination. I hope that my internist will support me in getting better. I will also approach my framily doctor and ask him for a vaccine damage report. I also hope that my healthcare provider, Techniker Krankenkasse, will support me and lastly I will then have to rely on the support of the company doctor.


M.K., 16.06.1977, male

Hepatitis A/B: Twinrix

The first vaccination against Hepatitis A and B triggered swelling and inflammation of the right knee, the right ring finger and the sternum clavicular joint within 2-3 days. M PREDNIHEXAL 16 mg lessens the pain. The second vaccination Hepatitis A and B again triggers the same symptoms with 2-3 days, only in reverse, i.e. left knee and left sternum-clavicular-joint. So another treatment with M PREDNIHEXAL 16 mg which helped again. The second vaccination in April 2007 – today, October 2007 the inflammation is still there but weaker. I will refrain from having a third vaccination. My rheumatologist thinks it could be an unknown form of rheumatism.


K.P., 17.12.1967, female


One day later a skin rash. Has not gone away for 3 months, now it has been diagnosed as chronic urticaria. Nobody believes me when I say that there could be a connection to the vaccination. ¨


L.J., 29.03.06, male


During the night after the vaccination my baby woke up and screamed for half an hour, in panic, I could only calm him down by waking him up. Since then he is unable to sleep through the night and he is unable to fall asleep alone at night. Before that he slept well after he had put him to bed and he fell asleep by himself. Today, the 12th day after the vaccination, he has a fever, is screaming a lot and wants to be carried around non-stop.


S.H., 04.04.1973, female

0.5 ml Td-pur

Approx. 2 hours after the vaccination: pain in the upper part of his arm.

After the first night and for about 24 hours: Very bad pain in the upper part of his arm. I could not move the top part of his arm without causing him pain. Fever (38), bad migrane, dizziness, nausea, puls of 100. High-dose pain medication no longer able to help.

The 2nd day I went to my doctor and he said that the reaction was possibly due to the arm muscle being so strong and thus it would be more difficult for the vaccine to be processed. He gave me Voltaren gel for the pain in the upper part of my arm and told me to stay home for 3 days. I had a migrane that day, dizziness and a slight fever, pain in the upper part of my arm and I had no appetite.
3rd day: The upper part of my arm is still swollen but now I am able to move it and the pain is receding. I still have a headache.

In 4 weeks I am supposed to get the next shot and the doctor thinks that if I have it in my buttocks it will not cause any problems. I just don’t know if I want to go through this all again.


R.J.29.07.1963, female


Vaccination on 16.04.2007 and on 24.05.2007! Afterwards high fever and lost a lot of hair, lost 15 kg, also because I worked out a lot. Now I have discontinued the sport and regained 5 kg again because I am so dizzy. My blood pressure is acting up, too. So I have to take Bisomerk  10 mg every day, Ramipril 10 mg and amiodigin 5 mg or carmen 5 mg! First I thought I would not be able to tolerate the medication because I have never taken medication before. Or because I am in menopause (44 )!
I feel like I don’t have a life anymore. I can’t drive, I was in the hospital and had all sorts of tests, but they did not find anything. Suddenly I have panic attacks. My doctor says I am crazy. Says I should see a psychiatrist! Believe me, it’s not like I am afraid that I could breathe wrong that my blood pressure keeps going up and down. There is something in my body that does not belong there. I have a rash on my foot and on my head there are a few places with blisters and flakes. I have had vision impairment. I have seen every kind of doctor there is. They wanted to check me for MS (spinal fluid) but I said no. Do you think I should???? My husband and I are so unhappy. I keep calling my husband at work because i have such terrible symptoms. Dizziness, nausea, blood pressure, I am even afraid to be alone. And I am supposed to take care of my 78-year-old mother!!! I have to get rid of the poisons. I told my doctor that I cannot tolerate the medication. She does not believe me. I want to be physically active, too. And I want to lead a normal life without having to be afraid that something terrible is going to happen. I don’t drive because I cannot get rid of the dizziness and I am afraid that I am going to hit somebody.


J.D., 23.01.1995, female


Vaccination on 04.10.07 ca.3min after administration of 1st vaccination my daughter collapsed in the doctor’s practice – blood pressure two minutes later 120/70  Pulse 65—she said she had a headache –after another 10 min hgr.Vomitus-is now under observation, could keep dry bread down we are in constant contact with the doctor, if she gets worse, we will drive


Lilli, 21.03.90, female


On 02.05.07 I got gardasil vaccination from my family doctor. Firts I had no problems but 2 days after vaccination I suddenly was afraid and had panic attacks and was nauseous. Everywhere and all the time! That was more than 5 months ago but the nausea continues and severely limits my everyday life ….....


K.G., 08.10.68, male

TBE Immun CC;TBE vaccine

On 4.April I had my 3rd vaccination and that is when the problems started. I got dizzy from one minute to the next and I had brain fog (cannot describe it any differently). When I looked at something intently it got worse. Each time I thought I was going to collapse. Headaches in the form of pressure and constant dizziness are now my companions. Concentration and resilience have diminished a lot. Just like with the others in this forum no one belives me that this could have something to do with vaccinations. Neurological tests, blood work, MRI of my head, all okay. I am desperate. They act like I am crazy. There is medication for everything … and now this! I only had the vaccination because we live in an area where there are a lot of ticks.


M.-., 24.12.1969, female

Depression, ADS

Rabbies vaccine

The vaccination was administered because I am doing an internship at an animal pathology ward The first vaccination was not problematic. I was tired and had pain at the site of injection. After the 2nd vaccination I was befuddled. And had pain at the site of injection. I cannot remember the 3rd vaccination so it could not have been very unusual. But 2-4 weeks later the circus started: trigeminus neuralagy, left side of my face numb, left part of my tongue out of control, talking difficult, everything I eat has no taste, lock jaw. Everything except for the locked jaw got better by itself. That is when the first MRT was done and they discovered that there were nultiple inflammation sites in my brain. I cannot remember what followed, but it was always something. One and a half years later I had an inflammation of the optical nerve, then my left eye went blind, in-hospital, diagnosis: MS. This diagnosis was immediately taken back when they could not prove any oligoclonal bands in my spinal fluid.

But no doctor has been able to tell me to this day what I actually have. Most of them refer to it as atypical MS. They keep telling me different things. Today one leg will not walk, tomorrow it is the other one. Then an arm or I have bladder problems or whatever. I feel totally brain handicapped most of the time and that really gets on my nerves. My MRT looks like moths have had a go at my brain.

I don’t know if all these symptoms are due to the vaccination, either. Or to were triggered by Ritalin which I was taking at the same time

In my youth I gave a lot of blood and they used me for a culture to breed TBE. That wasn’t a very good idea but I was young and needed the money.

I am not opposed to vaccinations but it would be better to consider what is being vaccinated and whether peoplke really need it. TBE vaccination was my last vaccination ever. I have my episodes under control homeopathically and for the past 2 years have not have had an episode which would have necessitated cortisone.


H.M., female

Diphtheria, measles, polio, TBE

When my child was five months old in 1992 he was vaccinated for the first time. He cried non-stop so that I did not want to have him have any more vaccinations from this doctor because I thought he did not like this doctor. Within 14 months my child had all the vaccinations that are recommended by the Austria Vaccination Law (12 vaccinations), except for rubella and pertussi.

The public health doctor did not want to administer pertussi because she thought that it was too dangerous for a premature baby. After the initial vaccinations my child came down with Otitis, neurodermatitis, had diarrhea all the time, mycosas and in the 10th month of his life he had his first asthma attack and food allergies.

A vaccine damage application is now ongoing after a blood and lung provocation test which determined that there were glutar and formaldehyde allergies.

But I do not have the impression that it will be recognized as vaccine damage as no pharmacokinetic exams are
prescribed for vaccinations so that one does not really know where the vaccine and the compound chemicals are distributed throughout the body.

I have found the homepage of an American association that offers every doctor who drinks the contents of a vaccination (calculated for this person’s body weight) a large amount of money (see I sent it to a number of members of Austria’s Federal Government and have asked them to finally look into the subject matter.

The pediatrician said that at the time he did not report a vaccine reaction as he had assumed that only those reactions that occur within eight days ave to do with the vaccination. I was not informed of possible adverse effects before the vaccination.

My child is doing well when I give him whole food and when he takes the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of GNC (General Nutrition Company), an American company. He does not tolerate Austrian supplements as well as they seem to be full of additives, which, by the way, can be found in the vaccines, too. Right now I am searching for an allergy test which covers all of the additives of vaccines, such as aluminium, mercury, etc.) Furthermore I am trying to have him have a cytochrom P450 gen test, because people who have a modified gen sometimes cannot eliminate the poison or even medications at all, or only slowly. (see


L.B., 59 Jahre, female

Polio, tetanus, hepatitis AB

I was vaccinated in 1996 on the advice of a nurse because I work in the health care sector. Only five years ago did I realize that the adverse effects could have to do with it. Nobody was able to help me and I had all kinds of tests. After the first vaccination I was tired, after the second one I had warts on my hands, was tired and had a hard time concentrating, had trigemus neuralgy, hormone imbalances, hashimoto My hands and legs were paralyzed, my neck was stiff, I did not have my period and it did not return either (I was 36); an early onset of menopause. I have a hard time sleeping and I used to be a positive and successful woman, today I’m psycho … and nobody can help me. Once I ws given vaccine nosodes by a doctor who thought it could be a vaccine damage. I can’t work anymore because I have panic attacks. I try everything and hope for help. I wish that all people concerned luck and that they will be better soon.


E.A.B., 21.07.05, female

On 10.09 my 25 month old daughter was vaccinated against tetanus with Tetanol. It was the 3rd vaccination in total, the last basic immunization. The time between vaccinations had been adhered to diligently and the pediatrician recommended that we have the last vaccination at the end of the time frame.

In the course of the afternoon my daughter kept complaining that she was in pain in her arms, okay, that happens a lot, but that night she came down with high fever, I cannot remember how high because she would not let me take her temperature but my experience lets me think that it was around 39.5-40°C (I have three kids). She kept complaining that she had a back ache, a strange feeling in her mouth and that she felt sick to her stomach. I have her Nurofen juice and a few hours later the problems had disappeared, but today she is still pale and has dark rings around her eyes. Today, one day later, the site of injection is red and swollen. The pediatrician said I should treat her with Apis mellifica D6 and continue to watch her. Indeed she was quite frightened after this reaction and said: “We won’t be administering vaccinations to E. in the foreseeable future.” In the meantime the redness and the swelling have gone down, now the swelling consists of irregular watery blisters. Except for the pain in her arm my daughter is doing quite well. Nevertheless I will be taking her to the pediatrician’s tomorrow.


V.-.,16.08.90, female


I tolerated the first of the three HPV vaccinations quite well. I had the second one just last week, and initially everything was like after a standard vaccination. The site of injection was sensitive, a little tired. Two days later (yesterday) I noticed while I was under the shower that over night a rash had formed on my upper arms, the backs of my shoulders and my chest. Numerous little slightly red pimples, no itchiness. Today I went to see the doctor, the gyn didn’t want to say anything that was not right Nach 2 Tagen (gestern) stellte ich morgens beim duschen fest, dass sich über Nacht ein Ausschlag an meinen Oberarmen, der hinteren Schulterpartie und dem Dekoltee gebildet hatte. Zahlreiche kleineand sent me to my family doctor to be able to exclude an infection. My family doctor was able to see anything so she sent me to the dermatologist on account of an unknown adverse reaction or sudden acne. That doctor took a look at the rash and recognized the disease immediately: Gianotti-Crosti-Syndrome a reaction of the body to a vaccination and not dangerous. In connection with Gardasil it has not happened yet, I am the first person. The rash is supposed to disappear on its own in approx. two weeks.


A.D., 23.09.1954, female

Pox vaccination 1956

Before I even had the post-vaccination check-up, which, as far as I now, is approx. 14 days after the vaccination, I had epileptic seizures. Before I was 12 I had them on an irregular basis and since then I have been in treatment on an on-going basis.

Presently I am fighting to have this recognized as a vaccine damage before the Social Court in Frankfurt Main, as the authorities in Niedersachsen, where I had the vaccination, did not want to recognize it. Unfortunately these doctors do not agree. Some of them think that pox vaccinations can trigger epilepsia. There are also follow-up damages, e.g. the damages to my back which are due to the large number of falls I had in the lat 15 years. Now I am hunting for tips and reports where a connection between vaccinations and epilepsia is evident. I would really be grateful if someone could help me!


A.E., 01.12.1966, male

16.8.00 with VAQTA and Stamaril, 8.5.01 with HAvrix 1440

On 16.3.02 I had an episode. Diagnosis: probably MS. Typical symptoms: bad numbness from toes to chest, loss of strength in both legs, treatment 2 weeks after school started cortisone (5 times a day 1 g). After 6 months all of these symptoms had disappeared. After that an episode once a year, followed by complete healing. I was 35 when the first episode occurred.


Y.K., 16.09.77, female

TBE Encepur

On 13.04.2007 I was vaccinated against TBE the third time. During the following weeks I had pains in my muscles which led to paralysis in my left side on the 8th day. I also had palpitations, intestinal problems and hot flashes. I was brought to the hospital on 21.04 because they thought I had had a heart attack. They observed me for 24 hours and did a stress ECG but they did not find anything and four days later they sent me home again.

The doctor prescribed BETABLOCKERS for my heart. The paralysis was thought to be psychological. I really started to believe that I had a psychological problem. I sent my kids to my mother for the weekend a couple weeks later and went to the ocean with my husband to relax. IT DID NOT GET BETTER. When I was home again I was so afraid of myself and my so-called psychological problems that I asked my husband to take me to the psychiatric ward at the hospital. They examined me for 3 days and said I had a lot of stress with my 2 little children. I was then sent to an orthopedica specialist to have my neck checked, they said that slipped discs can cause these kinds of problems. So I had x-rays done, it was a blockade and they worked on my neck and I had manual therapy. I’m still not doing better .... they then sent me to a cardiologist, stress ECG, 72-hour ECG. Nothing! I don’t know how I am going to go on. I get to go to a rehab clinic with my child for 4 weeks. I’m looking forward to it but I don’t think it is going to help.


V.L., 01.07.1964, male


Bad swelling of the lymph nodes in my left arm, left arm swollen. Time after vaccination = 48 hours
Duration of vaccine reaction = approx. 10 days


A.L., 14.12.1979, female

Diphtheria, tetanus, probably Encepur/Chiron Behring

As I have not had any vaccinations for 10 years my doctor decided to give me some booster shots (diphtheria and tetanus) and to do a TBE vaccination. Since June 2006 I have been receiving the first three TBE vaccinations every 6-8 weeks. I decided against a flu shot that had been planned for December 2006. Early 2007 I had the first diphtheria vaccination. 8 weeks later the second one. Shortly therafter I had the first tetanus vaccination. On 17.5.2007 I had the third diphtheria vaccination.
I tolerated the TBE vaccination relatively well. For a short time (and in passing) I had slight side effects (fatigue, dizziness accompanied by slower perception and flu-like symptoms such as sore throat/swollen tonsils and slight pressure in my head). There were no side effects when I had the next two diphtheria vaccinations. About 4-5 days after the third diphtheria vaccination I felt sick to my stomach, had no appetite, was tired and had bouts of severe headaches. About 9 days after the third diphtheria vaccination I had the first episode which lasted about 45 minutes which was accompanied by nausea, high blood pressure, palpitations, cold sweat on hands and feet, cribbling in my head and on my hands, slower perception/feeling of unreality /sensitivity to light/ a shite shimmer, hot flashes and chills and trembling. To this was added a real panic-like attack. Before the vaccinations I had never had anything like it. I was always healthy. I had never had panic-attacks or anything like it either. It was all very new for me. Two weeks later after this first episode I had two more episodes which were just like the first one but which were much more intense. I first went to our health care expert, who thought that the shakiness was due to low blood sugar symptoms. I was sent to the emergency ward. When I arrived my blood pressure was 170/100 and my potassium was low. My sugar was borderline but it was possible to exclude Diabetes and pancreatic disease. Otherwise my values were normal. All other exams were inconclusive, too. They suggested that I should distribute the food I eat across the day better. Since that time I have had more episodes. They checked my blood for borreliosis, negative. When I asked my family doctor i fit could possibly be a vaccine reaction she said no right away and said that in the 16 years that she had been working as a doctor she had never had a problem with vaccinations and that it was surely due to something else. She had my blood work done to check my thyroid, inconclusive. She said that she thought that the heat was responsible for my circulatory problems and reminded me that my second tetanus shot was still outstanding. I had a hard time convincing her that I thought it was better to wait with the next vaccination in view of the problems I was experiencing.


M-J.T.28.07.1982, male

ENCEPUR,, TBE 0.5 adult

The same day fever and rigid neck. One week later severe headaches and nerve pain in my face, legs and arms. No improvement yet. Remaining damage: polyneuropathy, headaches


W.L., 16.09.1928, male

TBE immun by Immuno

I had a total of 3 TBE vaccinations. While I had no problems with the first two, the third one caused severe cramps. In the course of the next year I kept having new problems of all different nature. Now, 20 years later, a lot has improved but I am still not free of pain. At the time I consuled a lot of doctors but most of them allegedly had never heard of vaccine damage and I myself was also absolutely clueless concerning TBE vaccinations. Approx 3 years later I happened to read in a magazine that tick vaccinations can case huge problems and today I am convinced that there is a huge criminal conspiracy out there made up of politics, pharmaceutical industry. I have tried pointing this out to the media but neither television nor the press was interested in reporting about it.


F.K., 15.08.94, female

Measles, rubella, mumps

Week high fever accompanied by a severe case of the measles, rash when she was 15 months old, right after the vaccination. When she was 8 bad problems concentrating at school. Only with the help of homeopathy has my daughter gotten well again. The only indication that she has vaccine damage?


K.-H.S., 01.01.32, male

Pneumovax 23

Immediately following the vaccination he had a hard time falling asleep and sleeping through the night. All of the doctors my family doctor sent me to ignored this. There is an article on it in Forum of the Schutzverbandes für Impfgeschädigte - Forum 5 - dated 17. ll. 06.

Now an expert from Heidelberg has determined that he has a post-vaccinal encephalopathy as a result of the vaccination. It is despicable the way that doctors and experts treated and devalued me as a person. He has not gotten better but instead has had severe follow-up conditions as a result of the medications (medication for depression and hypnotic compounds). They ignored warnings. The vaccine damage is being assessed by the Landgericht Fulda and the Social Court.


J.G., 18.02.2006, male

Infanrix hexa, then Prevenar

The doctor vaccinated my beautiful baby when he was 3 months old. Infanrix Hexa, 14 days later Prevanar. I cannot say when it started but at some point he developed severe, itchy, atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis) first in his face and then later on his arms, legs and stomach. And then the doctor gave him the second dose of Infanrix hexa. We kept asking her about his skin but she wanted to give him the next vaccination 14 days later. But due to the fact that I had been reading up on possible causes of Neurodermatitis and had read that vaccinations should not be administered when there is excema (neurodermatitis episode) as well as when Primocolismus (Elidel salve which suppresses the immune system like Cortisone) I did not let her vaccinate him. She had to accept that. I did not go back to this iron mainstream medicine lady doctor again.

From then on his health deteriorated consistently. He lost weight. He had weight more than 6 kg before the vaccination when he was 3 months old and when he was 8 months old he only weighed 5 kg! When he was 3 months old he was able to lift his head and lean on his arms, when he was 9 months old he was too weak to do that. We thought he was going to die. He looked terrible. His skin was red and moist and he was skin and bones and looked almost apathetic. He cried non-stop and suffered terribly, and we as parents did, too. The authorities said we were at fault; the child protective services appeared at our door… we went through hell and back because we were unable to help our little guy. He is now 1 and a half years old. His skin has gotten better but it is not good yet. We took him to a cortisone-free clinic and he gets special food from the pharmacy. Otherwise we are having him treated by a homeopathic doctor and a couple of weeks ago he finally started developing. First he learned how to stand and then how to sit and now finally how to crawl. When we hold his hand he can walk. I hope he will be able to walk on his own soon. I really hope the skin will finally get better and that the itchiness will Stopp tormenting him. His life has been torture. Now he can laugh and play even though he still has the itchiness. But it is not as bad as it used to be.

This was his last vaccination and the last vaccination that any of my children will ever have. I really regret having trusted the pediatrician and that I did not get information on vaccination on my own.


J.-.,16.03.2006, male

Slight temperature


Within 12 hours temperature was 41.2°C, fever, and ambulance and admitted to university clinic Aachen. Within 24 hours red all over and petechias, fever 39.3°C over agerage despite suppositories. Within 30 hours insomnia, lack of appetite. Within 36 hours no more fever with the help of fever reducing medication and within 48 hours appetite back again and child sleeps for longer periods of time, although there are still red patches on his body.


H.v.H., 05.06.2007, female

Infanrix and Prevanar

1 minute after having received Infanrix and Prevenar our daughter cried pathetically (she could no longer scream) and kept gasping for air. The oxygen in her blood was only 71 (92 is supposed to be normal). The pedicatrician said she had cried so hard she had lost consciousness. But then my wife insisted that they give her oxyten. They called an ambulance and my daughter was brought to a children’s clinic 40 km away to Salgitter Lebenstedt, where they gave her Cortisone and she was kept for 48 hours to make sure she was okay.


E.A., 18.05.1928, female

Osteoporosis, diabetes, weakness of the aorta


On 21.06. 2007 my mother received a TBE vaccination. On the afternoon of 22.06.2007 she felt very sick to her stomach when she was out and about with her husband. At 17.30 she no longer reacted and they called an ambulance which brought her to the hospital. There they diagnosed a case of encephalitis after a few days and other diagnoses. She was unable to speak; her speech was very slurred, which was impossible to understand. She kept touching her head. She got infusions, a catheter, intubation and anti-epileptica. They couldn’t find anything in her spinal fluid and thus the doctors did not specify or diagnose that it was vaccine damage. In the neurological ward they tried out 4-5 different anti-epileptic medications but she did not react to them. She kept trying to remove the stomach tubes, infusions, catheter, etc. even though she was otherwise not reacting to things. She did not eat and she did not drink. They had a hard time finding her veins to give her infusions for water. Only once in a while did one have the impression that she was noticing things. She denied everything. On 19.07.2007 it got so bad that she had impaired breathing and they wanted to subject her to the intensive care ward again which we denied which was respected by the doctors. As of Friday 20.07.2007 she was also treated homeopathically. On 24.07.2007 she could sit upright in bed again and wanted a sandwich and a beer. She really did eat the sandwich and tolerated it really well. Since then she has been getting better and better every day. Today, on 07.08.2007 she starts rehabilitation treatment so that she can learn to walk again because of course she was very weak due to the fact that she did not eat for 5 weeks.


G.Z., 26.4.1966, female

TBE Immun Inject, Baxter (2001)

In 2001, after the third installment of my vaccination, I came down with neuritis which brought with it the following problems: cribbling and burning sensation on various parts of my body, particularly in my face and on my head, muscle twitching and muscle pain, bad pain in my shoulders. During the night after I received the vaccination I felt cribbling and burning sensation on my head and these very painful paraesthesias spread all over my body within a short period of time. During the following months I had more and more afflictions. A neurologist confirmed that it was a small fiber neuropathy which was caused by the vaccination but that it would be impossible to prove and that there was no real therapy and no certainty whether the problems would go away again. I did not receive any compensation from the government. My pain was referred to as “imaginary” by the authorities.


-.-., 16 Jahre, female

HPV Vacc: Gardasil

Report written by a therapist: The other day an adolescent patient of mine (16 years old) came to me after hre new HPV vaccination. She had a severe case of asthma which had begun the night after the first vaccination. I have been treating this patient since her childhood. She had hay fever when she was a child which had gotten better every year under Sil and which had almost completely disappeared. After the vaccination she suddenly had a really bad case of asthma which necessitated medication, usually at night, and the hay fever has reappeared, too. After administering Sil for one week the asthma completely disappeared. She came to see me yesterday and she had just received the second vaccination!!

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