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Date Person, Date of birth Pre-existing conditions Vaccine Reaction to vaccine


H.E., 01.04.57, female



After the first dose, I was extremely tired, got a stiff neck, headache and a cold, which seemed not to want to end. Until the third vaccination in March of the next year, I had a cold one after another, for me, very unusual. Also, the fatigue and stiff neck remained; the headaches began to become less. After the third vaccination, after the summer of next year all these symptoms were gone. In the specialist service for safety in Bremen, where I was vaccinated, I was taken seriously and within every appointment I could talk about this problem, nothing was denied. This was accepted and I felt much more relaxed than during a Tetanol vaccine in the 80s, whereby my body had responded with significant spastic cramps / spasms and each connection to the vaccine had been denied, so I broke off the administering of the vaccine, I had no further complaints. Although the symptoms were limited to me for one year and I have no further repercussions since, I will in no case allow to be vaccinated again. It is perhaps not particularly spectacular, but not at all fun to run around for one year feeling as if one has lead in the limbs, and the only thing one wants is to: sleep, sleep, sleep!


L.E., 10.09.1991, female



After the first vaccination it had only been days when my daughter of 26 yrs old encountered diarrhea, strong headaches, this continued over a longer period of time, she had muscle pains and nausea as well as vertigo. After her 2nd Vaccination the matters worsened, she had equilibrium disorders, sensory disturbances, tensions in the area of her cervical spine, and severe muscle pain and then developed panic attacks. Over night she one day suddenly got large reddish-brown colored spots on her thighs. On 13th March an unexplained syncope, vertigo since then, very poor general condition to muscle spasms in the legs.  There’s no relief in sight.


C.G., 06.03.1994, female









After the first vaccination our daughter felt a little dizzy. The complaints stopped a few days later. In addition, she had abdominal pain and mild headaches. After about 2 to 4 weeks after the complaints set in. This was followed by 3 months (in January 2009) later her 2nd vaccine. A few hours after the vaccination began severe vertigo and dizziness for her. She felt limp, tired, had headaches and the injection site was slightly thick and tender. 2 days after this vaccination, I had to pick her up from school because she was nearly unconscious. She got short of breath, her legs cramped (like a calf cramp), hers was much stronger and in both legs. She could not walk. I immediately took her to the doctor and then mentioned the 2nd vaccine. The doctor denied a relationship between the vaccination and the muscle strains. He prescribed her bed rest and care of the legs, as he tipped on that it was a muscle sprain. After several days, the cramps / pain subsided in the legs. But until today she is still suffering from severe dizzy spells again and abdominal cramps. In our family, hypertension, stroke, heart attack and nerve inflammation is well represented. I too had a stroke at age 30 and an inflammation of the nerves in both legs. I feel that I was not well prepared the side effects. Only through personal research, I now know that it is not advisable to vaccinate with such a family history. The 3rd Vaccination my daughter receive. Hopefully, the dizziness disappears and there will be no further damage.


G.P., 13.1.1954, female



It's been going on for some time now, but my complaints to this day are 21 years after vaccination. The complaints had started 3 days after the TBE vaccination with dizziness, nausea, and headache. Vertigo always very short intervals at about 1 to 2 minutes and this constantly, day and night. Sleeping is almost impossible because even in bed I get dizzy. There have been persistent nausea and weakness in the legs, this always in intervals. My doctor had no explanation! (calls it Hypochondria) Then I did a lot of research, however, without much result. That lasted about 5 years with constant complaints, sometimes times lighter times heavier. It was by chance that I heard from a homeopath (in that time I not yet known this physician) about a lecture by him on the issue of vaccine damage and I was so enthusiastic that the next day I got an appointment with him. He really helped me and about 1 / 2 hours after the treatment I was doing so well, as if a gray haze was lifted from me. I was feeling more so better every day and it had improved so well so that I felt only a few minor complaints, everything else was almost completely healed. However, for some time – approx. 5-6 years my feet to begin fail, had muscle pain! I hope that these are no late complications. I was able to study this topic a lot since that time. Now with alternative medicine I can always help myself, I will probably have an appointment with the homeopath again. I would be very grateful for information of equality of other stakeholders.


J.K., 1992, female



After the first vaccination (June 2007) suddenly at night I had a sort of „feeling of a lump „in my throat. The next day I could not eat anything. Had pain - spasms in the esophagus. Even the absorption of fluid was very difficult for me. I had to then go to the University Clinic in Heidelberg. The diagnosis was after several investigations (gastroscopy) manometry: dysphagia and vague Reflux in esophagus. The incident was reported to the Paul-Erich-Institute as vaccination damage! Today I cannot eat without pain but without Infusions. I'm glad that the esophagus and the trachea are not affected!


K.M., 30.07.60, female



Just wanted to notify you that my neurologist today does no longer exclude the polyneuropathy as a result of TBE vaccination.


B.S., 09.11.1979, male



After the first vaccination (together with the tetanus-diphtheria) booster I was out for exactly 14 days after vaccination because I had an epileptic seizure during sleep. Unfortunately, this happened on a flight from India. Since I had slept very little in India, was in hospital because diagnosed of an occasional attack of sleep deficit. CT and MRI of the head and provocation EEG were all normal.

Approx. 4 weeks after the first dose, I got the second. The epileptic seizure had been attributed by my doctor to the sleep deficit. In the pamphlet seizures are noted as a side effect, however but are noted not be more frequent than in the other control group.

Exactly 14 days after the second vaccination, I got my second attack, I was back out of sleep, again with grand mal seizures, I had bitten my tongue.
Again, the vaccine has been ruled out: this is actually very unusual and could not be imagined that it is connected with it. But no one knows exactly what it is ... (more so it’s a matter of faith, because apparently no one knows the exact mechanism).
2 x an EEG, to no avail.

Again, start with a driving ban and anti-epileptic medicine for 1 year. I had waived the anti-epileptic, and after 5 months it was decided that it probably is in fact related to the vaccination.

7 months later, again to the day, I had been my third attack, without vaccination) nor visible provocation factor (sleep, alcohol, drugs. MRI and EEG to no avail.

Now Take Lamotrigine and may even start driving again. I can only hope that I have no further seizures anymore and can stop taking the drug again, for that is almost free of side effects for anyone.
EEG still to no avail, no decrease in oxygen saturation during sleep;


R.H., 10.02.1994, female



My daughter had 1 week after the third vaccination, severe leg pain, which disappeared after 8 weeks, it reappeared for a few weeks and after a change in diet (gluten, casein) and high vitamin intake it disappeared again.... She still suffers from chronic fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, headache, body aches, and dizziness. She can only very rarely go to school and usually this occurs after 2 hours, she comes back completely exhausted. There’s still no clear diagnosis.


J.B., 27.12.1990, female



I was vaccinated on 6.3.09 ... It was then as I felt my entire arm hurt for 2 weeks ... I still have strong neck pain, headaches, often impaired vision and I can’t get air very easily either and the whole thorax hurts. I went already to see a doctor to clarify several of the matters but so far this brought nothing in my case...Lack of air, aches & pains in the chest I still have today. It's just terrible to read that some people have had such symptoms as I have it has really scared me to fall asleep being afraid of dying.


V.S., 12.10.91, female



On 3.04.08 I had my first vaccination with Gardasil. It was 5 days after I had the first signs in the right shoulder only a few days later, it was the whole right side. On the right hand, I then got cramps, fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath. To this day I still have convulsions and paralysis.


K.L.W., 17.06.1969, female



I was vaccinated in April 2008, just four days after the first dose I had pain in both hands and shoulder. My doctor prescribed Cortison. There was a slight improvement again in July. I then had joint pain and stiffness of the knee joints, rheumatism test was negative. From September I had taken TBE Nosode. Symptoms the returned in December again, pain in both wrists, everything was swollen, I had numbness in the fingers, stiffness in my knee, knee had to be punctured, and the puncture came back without any abnormalities. I was currently put back on steroids and analgesics.


J.B., 12.9.1992, female



My daughter was 14 years at the time old and I had priorly had an appointment with a gynecologist, a pediatrician and a general practitioner with her. She had pain at the injection site and a loose feeling in the arm after the second also, and she suddenly bruised more quickly when one had even pushed only slightly. We did not bring this in connection with the vaccination at the time, and so she got 3 more vaccinations. The bruises were getting worse and we were at the pediatrician: she said my daughter seems to be very sensitive, and I was so confident in the doctor that I didn’t question, didn’t ask for a blood test. And so even more time passed and the child came home with nose bleeds, and had heavy gum bleeding after brushing her teeth. So we went to a general practitioner who then took a blood test -and called us immediately to take Jennifer to the Eppendorf Uniklinik, her blood platelet count values were so bad according to the test, these were only 10,000. In healthy people the count worth is between 150,000 and 350,000 and thus was the danger of an acute hemorrhage. We drove into the Uni-hospital and after 5hours of waiting period it was said we should thank God, the diagnoses of leukemia was the whole time hovering in our thoughts, also an immunthrombozypenische purpura. This means that her own physical defense system could destroy her body from the inside., I immediately told the Uni clinic personnel that she was vaccinated with Gardasil, but it was explained to me that has nothing to do with it, it could just as well also have been triggered by an infection, then they gave her cortisone what first off raised her blood count but my daughter`s condition was worsened by the cortisone and we had to after 4 weeks deposed of it. Then she got an immunoglobulin infusion every 5 hours in the hospital, the blood count did raise again, but after only 10 days they were back in the cellar, and it is still over a year since the vaccination, the doctors wanted to remove her splenic but we rejected this for now, Jenni still has some bad blood count values, even of only 4,000, in addition to a medical practitioner, we are having her treated by a homeopathic practitioner, now with small successes achieved. We are also convinced that Jenni could not have gotten this disease without the vaccination. Now my daughter is 16 and looking for an apprenticeship as an office clerk, but when they mentioned the disease nobody wants to hire her. Even if the doctors have not confirmed it in the university clinic, I know before I had the HPV vaccination done on my daughter I had a very healthy girl! Sincerely yours, Petra


*.*., 14.05.1988, female



I also had Gardasil administered and had other than a red spot at the injection site and a certain feeling of tiredness, no further adverse reaction. Shortly after I received the second injection however, I got a call from my gynecologist, she stated they have found abnormal cells in me once and I still would need to have this to be further investigated. Two weeks later I got my diagnosis: I apparently was high-risk as a HPV positive person! First of all, that was a shock for me, considering it was one of the HPV viruses, for which I had been vaccinated against to begin with, was now diagnosed as having, including an already existing cell change! I do not know what to do, because I simply could not explain it. I was enlightened by the talks with the physician and now pay attention on the contagiousness and I can actually completely exclude me have caught this virus itself by my own doing, since in my case neither changing sex partners nor carelessness could have been the reason. So till this day I have no idea, but being 19 years of age and getting such a diagnosis is genuinely hard for me to grasp.


A.Z., 26.08.1969, female


0,5 ml Td-pur

The doctor did not report the vaccination damage, since there was no knowledge of it. After a dog bite during the summer of 2008, I went to the primary care office of a doctor while on vacation. I pointed out to the physician that the last tetanus vaccine was conducted in 1996, as well as diphtheria and polio. I have also made clear that I would like to have a booster shot but only tetanus. Two days after the vaccination, which was carried out subcutaneously in the left arm, I noticed a large, painful bump under the skin. I suspected a reaction to the vaccine, but I am not about to go to the doctor but instead have phoned with my natural healer, who advised me to take Ledum 30C. This means I would be taking the recommended dose per day and could see an improvement. After about 1-2 weeks this bump was completely gone. It was not until after my vacation that I had found out from my family Practioner that I not only vaccinated with the Tetanol but the Diphtheria vaccine was also administered. On your website, I just read today that it was the diphtheria drug which should not have been a subcutaneous injection. That which I read there made me become aware that the “bump” probably was the first sign of vaccination damage, which has now, thank God, gone back through homeopathy.


C.R., 02.08.1992, female



The first 2 vaccinations, our daughter tolerated quite well. After the third however the vaccination hurt her arm. Approx. 2 weeks afterwards the first complaints began. Gastro-intestinal cramps, dizziness, headaches, increased fatigue to almost complete exhaustion; we had treated with Buscopan, mild headache pills and heating pads. Up till June 2008, she was feeling so bad that going to school was no longer possible for her. She also had bloody diarrhea and she had to be hospitalized. She had an Gastro-intestinal endoscopy, biopsy, Haemocult done - all without a result. She had a high iron count and low reticulocytes were found in the blood. Iron infusions then brought relief. But all ailments remained. 6 weeks later the same procedure from scratch. She slept all day, had headaches, severe dizziness etc. concentration problems, muscle aches, and a fungal infection. Again, 6 iron infusions, the intestinal cramps are better now, the rest remains. Thus, our daughter has been really suffering for over a year, attends school rather poorly than regularly and is still waiting on improvement. With exception of the pre-vaccination she had nothing but chickenpox and a few colds, she was a healthy teenager. All investigations (ECG, cat scans, tilt table blood examination, laboratory, Gyn, gastro-intestinal endoscopy, celiac sprue, etc.) were in all okay. We are convinced that this condition she is in was caused by the vaccine. It seems to us, her immune system collapses. We hope the practitioner will help us continue to get her into a much better condition.


J.R., 09.10.1994, female



I was shocked when I read your publications in regards to the side effects of the HPV vaccination. I also had my daughter receive vaccinated on the advice of the Gynecologist. She was previously a healthy girl, now 7 weeks later she is no longer healthy.
She has also begun to have symptoms of headaches, about 2 to 4 times a week. These became increasingly intense, and now she also has nausea added to the symptoms, dizziness, has black outs now and has double vision at times, she is weak and always tired. She was admitted to hospital to have checkups conducted where, among other things, an MRI, an EEG, an EKG and a blood pressure test were done. EEG and ECG were normal, the blood test counts she was slightly elevated when sitting or lying down. The MRI showed a cyst in the brain, which is filled with water and a slight whitish signature, which cannot be explained in more detail at present, since a review has to be undertaken in 8 weeks. I visited with her an ophthalmologist, an ear, nose and throat specialist and no one has been able to adequately diagnose the reasons for these symptoms. The pediatrician prescribed physical therapy for her because he believes that all of this is only a stiffening of the muscles. That’s his opinion, not mine, because not all medications for headaches seem to do any good at all.
I am convinced that these symptoms come from the vaccine and I would advise everybody to become educated on the the risks of this vaccine, they need to be informed.


M.S., 25.02.1979, female


FSME Immun

Went to the doctor to get the 2nd vaccination (4 weeks after the 1st FSME vaccination). After the vaccine the movements were just simply uncomfortable. Towards that evening were more and more signs of paralysis, I could hardly move my left arm - the hand was numb and powerless – I had the feeling of having no control over it. At first I thought - ok - this time my body simply reacts to the vaccine more than last time) (1st. TBE vaccination was without problems.) Every day, I could not wash myself or dress nor could I undress myself - my whole arm was paralyzed. After a few days the symptoms of paralysis died down somewhat, but then I always had these strong pains in my shoulder and my arm. A simple touch on the upper arm / shoulder pain at the injection point were like hell - every movement was painful - felt as though the vaccine was in the joint and is blocking my movements - even after days I am running around with this pain, not directly when it happened - on the contrary - I have now shoulder pains also accompanied by head and neck pains. A sleeping thru the night was and still is impossible - because lying on my left arm were I was vaccinated is very painful and I feel stiff and un-concentrated all the time. The mobility of my shoulder is severely restricted and like I said painful. Now I take a painkiller, which does not help me, unfortunately, still losing sleep. Instead, my stiffness and headache accompanied. - by shoulder pains and now even neck pains, nausea, tiredness and malaise. After 2 weeks I was still not feeling any better and it slowly made me worried, I went to the vaccinating doctor who transferred me to an orthopedic surgeon to rule out any side effects, Now I take pain medication and still feel no improvement, except for more nausea and malaise. To be admitted into stationary Hospital care by orthopedists was not possible because my children could not be taken care of (at home, alone?) Furthermore, I can’t understand why these measures of the analgesics and cortisone cannot be done ambulatory?

Now I have a chronic shoulder pain of the left side where the vaccination had been done, and this with painful limitation of motion and tenderness, headaches, malaise and need the constant help of my partner and my kids.


C.H., 28.07.1952, female


Influenza Mutagrip 2008/2009 Ch.-B: D0716-1 6244-J

The doctor spoke to me during a visit in his office, he had asked if I had been vaccinated against the flu and recommended that I should absolutely do this. No mention of any side effects.
He downright convinced me to get vaccinated. That’s why I unfortunately did. Three hours after the vaccination, severe burning pain occurred in my vaccinated arm. I had flu-like symptoms, headaches, aches and pains all over. After three days I went back to the doctor because the vaccinated arm felt very burned and ached. He said „This will go away again ". After a week I went back to the vaccinator, he said, he could see nothing and that it would go away again. Then the burning pain spread even further thru my body. First, the entire vaccinated arm, then over the shoulders into the right arm, into the legs, then in the back, everywhere in my body I now have burning pain. After an MRI examination, a lumbar puncture could not be ascertained, but every doctor says, it does not come from the vaccine, but on the other hand nobody can tell me what it is. The vaccination is now been 5 months ago, I was treated by homeopathy, but there is no improvement noted. The doctor had refused at first to report the vaccination damage; he claimed that there could be no vaccine damage. My doctor, who gave me homeopathic treatment for 3 months, said to me that vaccination damage would occur so rarely, and could take even years for to be cleared up.
Is there anyone who has also had such or similar experiences with influenza vaccination?


H.T., 02.01.1958, female


FSME Impfung Baxter

Two weeks after my vaccination my left knee joint inflamed with severe pains and fever up to 39 degrees, this disappeared after four days.

Then I had flu-like symptoms, from 21 / 22 February severe pain in the left cervical lymph node, swelling with facial paralysis and I was admitted into the neurology at the University Hospital (suspected diagnoses of atypical facial paralysis, meningitis of unexplained origin and I had an extremely high white blood cell count) a check up in the cerebrospinal fluid was conducted, there was no evidence of any infection ( of bacterial or viral origin), but intravenous treatment with antiviral and antibacterial drugs and cortisone was done, after 10 days I was released, because my white blood cell count had lowered.


S.S., 09.10.1992, female



My 16 year old daughter has been suffering from the side effects of the vaccination with Gardasil. She has daily headaches and dizziness. In August 08 was then still an inflammation of the tonsils despite treatment with antibiotics it could be gotten under control.
Her immune system is severely weakened - 2009 she has already been missing school classes for 5 days (not consecutive days) because she had reoccurring sore throat pain and continued headaches.

We are now in treatment of a natural practitioner in regards to this, for me, it’s clear to attempt to eliminate vaccination side effects and strengthen her immune system.

My daughter had in pre-vaccination times almost never a headache, now this is continuously a part of her life.


E.F., 14.01.1993, female



It was advised that the daughter of my partner, was to be, under recommendation of our family Practioner, receive her first vaccination. One day later, she had a fever, the following day she felt very weak and was therefore not in school. Exactly one week later, so ergo the 05/02/2009 she was brought into the hospital with a severe epileptic seizure. Her left leg was numb. After a week-long hospital stay she was discharged with a diagnosis that everything was psychological in its origin. On the evening of release, she was again hospitalized with the same seizure (epilepsy like symptoms) with severe breathing problems and muscle spasms. This was followed by another one-week hospital stay in the special neurological department of another hospital. All tests (EEG, nerve tracts, lung specialist) were inconclusive. In between time there was repeatedly dizziness and headache of long periods of duration. Even her leg was moveable only very slowly (after about 1 week) full movement was possible. The whole thing is now about 3 weeks ago and now we have registered another three smaller attacks. The last about 5 hours ago. First, she gets extremely dizzy then everything gets black before her eyes and then she falls into a state where she knows nothing whatsoever. She begins to have convulsions and during breathing and gets very little air. After these attacks (approx. 15 minutes), she is as normal as before....
We have on several occasions pointed out the vaccine to the doctors, but unfortunately they have found no link between the two, but rather keep pushing it on a "emotional burden”.

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