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P.D., 04.04.2003, female



During the initial two days after the vaccination on 11.4.05, my daughter was grumpy during the day, suddenly refused the afternoon sleep and was very tired in the evening (more tired than usual) but woke up often during the night. From third day she did not want to be lie down, neither to sleep nor for changing the diaper. She only wanted to sit in her bed and would then fall over sometime in her sleep. As soon as someone would try to lay her down, she would begin to start crying loudly. During night she would wake up after 1.5-2 hours of sleep, would cry blue murder and refused to calm down. On the fifth day, I called my homeopathic doctor, who responded immediately and mentioned a possibility of meningeal-swelling. The symptoms reduced after that with helleborus and zinc. My pediatrician, whom I called straight after the homeopath, had no time to talk to me and didn’t call back either. His receptionist told me that he has prescribed a Paedisup for my daughter.

Overall I wanted to point out that my daughter was a good sleeper (19:30-7:30 + 2 hrs. afternoons nap) who would prefer lying in her own bed.


J.S.R.,18.11.2004, female



On 22.02.2005 first 6-fold vaccination
- severe seizures (in sleep within 48 hrs)
- persistent fatigue (to this day)
- state of restlessness (5 days)
- gasping ( couple of times in a day within 48h)
- sleep problems (5 days)
- drinking problem (has increased)


A.D.21.04.2004, female


6-fold vaccination

My daughter got vaccinated at the age of 4.5 months. She had cramps for 2 weeks. She was diagnosed with west syndrome. All test reports were negative, so, the cause was unclear. I spoke to the doctor about the vaccine damages, which I had assumed. He laughed and said one cannot ascertain that it has stemmed from that, but he didn’t believe so. I find it very sad that one is not warned exactly about the consequences. We only reckoned with a possible fever.


M.S., 05.11.2004, male



2 days after the vaccination of Hexavac, red spots appeared all over the body. In the hospital, they told us that it was an allergic reaction. As our son is fed HA, we assume that it is because of the vaccine. We hope that our pediatrician can explain this in detail. I will probably not get the 2nd vaccination done.


J.O., 13.10.2003, male



The first injection was given to our son at 4 months of age. Initially he acted normal. Suddenly after about 4 hours, he started to cry loudly. We drove to the pediatrician and there ascertained that the vaccinated leg was swollen & was as red as a lobster.The doctor gave medication to decrease the swelling, which helped. The doctor suspected that a vessel might have accidentally come into contact with the vaccinating needle. The second dose was injected into the other thigh. Again my son started crying after about 4 hours and again, had a very swollen leg, which was also very red. This was an emergency and we had to again rush to the pediatrician, who also advised against further vaccinations in the 1st year. Our son is already 14 months old and has fortunately developed normally, but the next vaccination is round the corner and naturally makes us worry …


L.B., 24.12.2003, female



At the age of 4 months, our daughter got the 6-fold vaccine. The following night, for the first time ever, she screamed and cried for 2 hours at a stretch, till she vomited. She was not ready to calm down. 4 days later she had intense allergic reaction in the form of severe rashes on the whole body, especially on the face. There was no part of her body that was not affected by the rash. As I was still breastfeeding her, and since I had not eaten anything outside my regular diet that could have reached her through the milk, it must to have been caused by the vaccine only. The rash lasted for very long time before it was completely healed, and since then my daughter has problems with sensitive skin.


L.S., Nov. 2003, female



After the 1st vaccination already, there were red and dry skin patches. However, got only almond oil ointment for dry skin. It worsened after the 2nd vaccination and then it was diagnosed as Neurodermatitis. Nevertheless, still received the 3rd vaccination!!! Severe rash with insane itching on the arms, hands, legs and face. There was a lot of eschar. Also, she could not sleep through the night after the 1st vaccination. She still cannot (she is now 1 year old). We started homeopathic treatment, because no creams against neurodermatitis can be prescribed to her at this age (such as Protopic, Elidel...), neither can I use Fenistil on her against itching. Simply nothing I can do! In the family, no one has an allergy or neurodermatitis. I would never again allow vaccinations so early and certainly not 6-fold.I was not informed about the negative side-effects of the vaccination, except that fever may occur. Super!


M.S.S., 15.10.03



Our daughter has received the first dose of vaccination when she was 4 months old. The next two doses were given each with a 1 month break. She responded with increased anxiety, insomnia and bad temper. These reactions grew more intense with every successive dose of vaccination. After the first vaccination, the reaction lasted for 2-3 days and after the last vaccination it lasted for 1 and 1/2 weeks. After the last vaccination, she was like an overexcited toddler, slept very restlessly and despite fatigue, had problems falling asleep.


A.D., 1 year old



On 09.09. 2003, the first vaccination was given to him. He was relatively calm. After 3 days he got red rash. As per the pediatrician, this was normal and he just had dry skin. On 10.10 he got the 2nd vaccination. This time he had fever up to 40. He was crying. The rash has worsened at particular places like stomach, back, arms. Before this vaccination, he used to sleep through the night, which he doesn’t do now. He has stopped eating and if he eats, it is very less. He used to eat well before the vaccination. The red rash is neurodermatitis and no one in the family ever had such thing. He is now 1 year old and barely sleeps, maximum 1 hour at a stretch, and it has been 8 months since.


B.W., 04.03.97, female



Our son was vaccinated 4 times with Hexavac in his 1st year of age. The first time, when he was 9 weeks old. In our time (97 and 98) Hexavac had not yet been approved and was in the final testing phase. It was approved only in late 2000. After each vaccination, our son became very restless, had crying attacks and it was difficult to calm him down. They were probably the first seizures, but we did not know about it then. There were no abnormalities in the first 8 weeks after the birth as well as during pregnancy or delivery. But immediately after the 1st injection, we had a feeling that the development of baby had slowed down and was not progressing normally. Since we already have an elder son, we could notice the differences very soon. In each preventive medical checkup, and several times during the first year of his age, we told the pediatrician that something is wrong with our son. But, our concerns were shrugged off and we were simply told that he is a late bloomer; it’s a case of slow development. The vaccinations continued. The unusual reaction pointed towards being three-month colic. When our son was about 12 months old, we went to the university clinic for follow-up check up of urinary tract infection during infancy. This was the 1st time, we noticed his slow development, and diagnostic tests found negative.

At the end of one year, our son received the last Hexavac injection. Only a few weeks after, he had grand mal seizures in early childhood. As per our lawyer, all these things have a connection with the last vaccination. It was followed by several statistical milestones, according to which, a cause for the seizures and slow development was examined. Everything was OK. Unfortunately because we still did not know anything about vaccine damages at that time, our son was again vaccinated against measles, mumps and German measles at the age of around 18 months; there were no abnormalities following that. At the age of around 18 to 20 months, we got the result of the diagnosis of the social pediatric centre (SPZ - Sozialpädiatrische Zentrum): severely mentally handicapped. Till now, in other clinics we were only told that it is slow development/ late bloomer. No one had the courage to say the word “disabled”, and had we not categorically asked about it, we would come to know about it much later. Our son is now 7 years old and his mental development is that of a 4-8 month old, and for the rest of his now, he will be dependent on others’ help. Despite numerous genetic and metabolic studies, no other cause can be found. Since the obligation to report reactions of vaccination was introduced in 2001, we reported it to the pension office / health authorities/ Paul-Ehrlich-Institute. The hearing with the Pensions Office was held in November 03, but compensation was denied because Hexavac was not yet authorized till that time. Our lawyer filed an appeal and it will eventually go to the next level.


M.M., 26.08.01



Our son got his first 6-fold vaccination. This was followed by a long sleep phases, skin rashes, disturbance of sleeping rhythm, crying attacks, which lasted up to 3 hours, dissatisfaction, seizures (hands balled into fists, whole body was stiff, face turned blue).

The result was many and long hospital stays where all investigations were carried out. (EEG, MRI, cerebro-spinal fluid was taken, blood taken, (suspected metabolism), valves, everything was normal. Our son is now 2.5 years old, his fine-motor skills are missing. He can not speak and is uncertain when he walks. He still needs diaper. He puts everything in his mouth. Through a homeopath, we came to know that this could vaccine damage. This is not confirmed by the doctors. Ideally they would continue to vaccinate, but we would not allow them. Up till the vaccination, our son was developing corresponding to his age.


Y.F., 04.11.1998


6-x vaccination

My second-born, now 5 year-old daughter, was born healthy. After the third DTP, Hib, HepB, polio multiple-vaccine we noticed that she always keeps her hands in fists. Besides, she luxated it quite peculiarly. Her legs were always in a crampy crossing and I had to use a lot of force to undo this crampy position while changing her diapers. My then pediatrician paid little heed to it saying: \"6 times of physiotherapy and then the problem will be solved.\" (to begin with: she needed 1 1/2 years of physiotherapy with related ergo therapy, which is still going on.) According to me, he paid just as little heed to the following events: "our (7-month old) daughter cries at night without a reason, cannot be claimed, with almost autistic traits, she defends herself against my physical proximity, when I try to calm her down. No one can get her to stop crying. She wakes up several times at night (up to 10 times). During the day, she sleeps for sort durations (10-15 minutes), and at irregular time intervals. Sometimes, she just cries the entire day without any reason. Her eyes have an indifferent, vacant expression. Sometimes, she rolls her eyes to the bottom. She does not react even when a dog barks next to her. She always chokes while drinking from the bottle; her head is too stretched and has problems swallowing. Even at night as well, she sleeps so stretched out that we get scared that she might damage her vertebral column.\"For that, the pediatrician gave us a referral to the eye-doctor and the ENT-doctor. (The results were normal, as expected.) Her entire being had changed. She was no longer the satisfied, calm baby (she already had a good sleeping and waking up cycle when she was two-months old) neither the bright and curious girl, that everyone envied about me. Even today, she is very dissatisfied, partly aggressive, with too many mood swings, which are difficult to put up with for my 8-year old daughter and me. She learnt to crawl when she was 1, at 1 1/2 years, she could sit and crawl. At 3 years of age, she could finally walk. She still cannot speak. She still has to wear diapers, sleeps in a crib and has the mental ability of probably a 2-year old. We have got all possible examinations done: chromosome analysis, metabolic disorder, EEG, Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Everything, with no find. No one knows the cause for her developmental-, behavioral-, and speech problems. Apart from me, that is. I know that Yolanda is a victim of a scary vaccine reaction given by our pediatrician. But no one wants to hear about that, least of all the doctors. (I thank the parents, who published the entry dated 15.08.03 of their child H.S. born on 23.07.01 male. You motivated me to write about Yolanda, especially because I also see some similarities.)


M.K., 30.08.2001, female

My daughters (twins) were born on 30th August 2001, 7 weeks premature. On 01.03.2002, at the age of 7-months my daughters were vaccinated with Hexavac.

Hexavac, Prevenar

Unfortunately, at that time I handled the situation being completely uninformed. Although I did ask the pediatrician who gave the vaccinations about any possible risks or complications, reddening at the spot where the vaccine was given and restlessness with a possibility of fever were the only possible complications mentioned. I again asked about the side-effects of the Pertussis-vaccination as well, since no 15-years-old son’s pediatrician had told me in 1987 to use this vaccination that had several side-effects. This pediatrician was also criticized with respect to his use of Fluorine. Unfortunately, 15 years later, I was convinced by my new pediatrician, my daughters’ pediatrician (I had to change my doctor because we moved) that it is the exact opposite. Both daughters cried all night that night and could not be calmed. The spot where the injection was given had swollen and the leg was very warm. After 4 weeks, one of my daughters was suddenly unconscious for a couple of minutes. Examinations in the hospital (EEG; ECG; ultrasound, blood tests) did not yield any conspicuous results and the doctors estimated it to be an unclear syncope*. A possible connection with the vaccination was suggested by me, but the doctors were convinced otherwise. On 22.05.2002 (after the health condition remained without any further symptoms), the second vaccination with Hexavac and the first vaccination with Prevenar against Pneumococcus was given. That night was again a nightmare for us and the kids that seemed like it did not want to end. Fever and incessant crying did not even let us breathe. On the next morning, my daughter was cramped very peculiarly (the one who had fallen unconscious before). She sat on my lap and suddenly fell forward. I wanted to straighten her up and noticed that she was extremely limp and could not be erect. Her head was very cramped to the right and for a moment she did not react, as usual. Again, the check-ups and tests in the hospital did not yield any conspicuous results. 5 Days later, my daughter suddenly rolled her eyes and did not respond for a few minutes. Again, there were tests in the hospital. In addition to the already mentioned examinations, an MRI and a sleep-EEG were also carried out with no peculiar results. This time the diagnosis was \"Amorphous Infant Grand mal*\". A connection to the vaccination was naturally, again, denied. That was our last hospital visit, because I after felt more than just being taken for a ride and the fact that my daughter was getting no help there, I did not go to the hospital after the following, thankfully short cramp attacks. Since then, my daughter has these attacks every now and then. In April 2003, we visited an alternative practitioner and started the Constitution therapy* and since the 10.04.2003, she has not had these attacks anymore. We obviously hope that it remains so. Our pediatrician and the doctors in the hospital naturally, did not forward any information as per § 6 IfSG. This notification was now given by our alternative practitioner. Through the forum for Association against Vaccine Protection,, I came in contact with some parents, whose kids also had cramp attacks after the 6-x vaccination. I would again, like to add that my daughters had started sleeping through a week before the vaccine. That unfortunately has never been the case again. The kids are awake almost every hour one after the other, they cry and must be calmed by me before they sleep again. Meret (the daughter with the cramp attacks) had completely changed her way of being after the vaccination. Earlier, she was rather balanced and quiet. After the vaccination, she was initially apathetic and indifferent and then only whiney and unsatisfied. Since the homeopathic treatment, she has at least got back most of her balanced behavior. But overall, I can only say that nothing has been the same again since the day of the vaccination. I must mention that because I have heard such stories from many parents, who however, do not want to trace the connection to the vaccination.


J.-L. S., 01.02.2002, male


Infanrix hexa

Our 12-week old son got a 6-fold vaccination and about 6 hours later had a circulatory collapse. He suddenly turned blue, and vomited after that.  He went limp and was no longer responsive. We   immediately took him to the hospital, where he had to be admitted. His condition gradually returned to normal. He was connected to a monitoring device through the night. There was nothing conspicuous about his condition. We could go home the next day.  The doctors did not believe that the whole thing had anything to do with the vaccine, and said that he could not breathe because of his vomiting. But I have repeatedly pointed out – that he first went blue and limp and THEN vomited. The doctors there however believed otherwise. In contrast to our pediatrician.  In his opinion, and according to our own research, we independently come to the same conclusion that our son had suffered a hypotonic-hypo responsive episode (HHE). As we recently came to know, this vaccine complication has occurred in clinical trials of the 6-fold vaccination and has also been listed as one of the side-effects in the package insert of another 6-fold vaccination. Our pediatrician however had no doubt about the connection between the vaccination and HHE and has reported this incident. For weeks after the incident, we feared apnea in our son and it was a long time before everything was back to normal. As for the other vaccines: we will now follow the alternative vaccination plan.


H.S. 23.07.01, male



Immediately after the vaccination, our son got a slight fever 39.5 degrees, I called the pediatrician’s office and asked what to do, a nurse told me that I should give him an antipyretic, wait and see what happens. I did, and the fever went down and I could put my son to sleep in his crib. Approximately one month after the first vaccination, (which was given around the age of 6 months) abnormalities in movement such as frequently holding the hands in fists, stretched out position with crossed legs and retarded development were observed. Heiko cried very often, became very stiff (somehow, had cramps). At that time, we thought it was due to flatulence, but we never thought that it could have something to do with the vaccination. In addition, in the months after that, he was listless, almost apathetic, sleeping a lot and very often. Pregnancy with him was normal, the birth was by caesarean section (because of poor heart sounds in auscultation during contraction stress test), at end of the 37th week, the Apgar scores were 9/9/10, and his umbilical artery had a pH of 7.35. Up till U4, it was confirmed that his development was good, but not after one month after vaccination; we put him through all possible examinations, all with negative results, even the human genetics gave us no cause. We have two older children, who were also vaccinated, but with 3 separate injections, or oral vaccination. They are both healthy, and were well developed; they even started walking at the age of 12-13 months, and did everything that they should as per the preventive health checkup book. Our third child is now 2 years old, he has also been given all further vaccinations, because no one even thought that this may have been caused by a vaccination. Considering his motor development, he is probably as good as a child of 8-10 months, cannot crawl or even stand / walk, still has movement disorder, and mentally as well, he is not as far as my other two children were.


E.M., 28.07.2002´, male



After the 2nd 6-fold vaccination at the age of about 7 months, my son first had a vaccine reaction with fever and limpness, which then improved after 2 days, but about two months after that he began to show symptoms of indifference, he lost more and more weight and looked increasingly limp and sick.  Everything possible was suspected and tested until the situation became so acute that he had to be admitted to the hospital, and there, he was immediately diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Since then, he has been put on insulin and has been getting considerably better.  The conventional medicine does not concede any connection with the vaccination, but contact with other affected parents and some holistically thinking doctors have confirmed my suspicions.


Hannah.V., female 16.12.00

Hannah has recurring middle ear inflammations and often suffers from cold. Because of that, vaccinations were postponed. So, the pediatrician used a healthy phase to give administer the third 6-fold vaccination as well as the first MMR.

Hexavac, Priorix

On the eighth day after vaccination (that took place on 13.01.03) Hannah had a febrile seizure or grand mal epileptic seizure, it was not exactly certain as to why. There were no EEG changes. Two weeks later, Hannah had a tonus-loss, in which she simply collapsed and was fatigued. The subsequent EEG (was asleep) again without any conspicuous results. After the third seizure, Hannah was unresponsive for a few minutes; she only held on tightly to her mother and could not answer. Subsequently, she again suffered a grand mal seizure. Hannah was examined thoroughly, even a lumbar puncture and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging was carried out. We pointed out several times that there may be a connection with the vaccination, but always received a negative response from every doctor. A week later, the fourth seizure, a still, quiet and unobtrusive one, shortly after falling asleep. Except for the above described tonus loss, all seizures were accompanied by fever, but were not clearly febrile seizures. There were no noticeable EEG changes, not even in sleep-deprivation EEG. In the meanwhile, based on the frequency and intensity of the attacks, the Children's Neurological Hospital concluded that they were dealing with a less-known form of epilepsy. After consultation with the pediatrician, the removal of the tonsils was carried out on April 22 along with with the opening of the eardrum. After the OP, Hannah felt quite relieved. A neurologist as well as a pediatrician recommended administering valproate, in case Hannah had a seizure. We parents were looking for a way to spare our child this medication. We were looking for an alternative practitioner who took our concerns about the vaccine damage seriously. She gave Hannah a medication that would neutralize the side effects of vaccination. We parents hope that the surgery and the alternative medical treatment would stabilize Hannah’s condition such that we can avoid the usage of Valproat. Meanwhile 2 months have passed without any further seizures.  However, in the last four days, Hannah has fallen from her chair twice for no apparent reason. We hope that this is in no connection with the seizures.


Elias, male 23.04.2003



On 03.07.2003, the child was vaccinated with Hexavax for the second time.
Ca. 12 hour later, the child had fever up to 38 C, and during that period, he also had 3 tonic seizures every 2 minutes. He had rolled his eyes, his hands were in fists and stiffened and the hands and upper extremities were in tonical stretch. Then he had hiccups and cyanosis of the lips. On 04.07.2003 the patient had generalized seizure, this time without fever. This state lasted for about 1, 2 min.


A.M. R., female 18.01.2003


Infanrix hexa

My daughter had fever up to 39.5 degrees C the night after the vaccination, which could not be reduced using antipyretic medicines or by calf packing. It was not until around 9:00 this morning that the fever subsided. She is very limp and sleeps a lot.


N.B., female, 05.12.2002



The child had flu-like symptoms since the vaccination. The vaccination was given in the beginning of March. Since then, the symptoms have been constant. Slight cold, cough (actual coughing fits till she chokes), congested bronchia, the child has something like a congested lump in her throat and when she coughs hard, she coughs out a sort of yellow mucus. There were bacteria in the blood according to the doctor, and it was a case of mixed infection. Till now, she was given cough syrups (Prospan, Mucosolvan, Spasmo-Mucosolvan) which did not work.  An antibiotic (Cefuhexal was prescribed, 8 doses for approximately 5 days), which did not work either and the child had to inhale using a nebulizer machine 6 to 8 times a day (Salbutamol/AtroventLS/ Lui-DNCG). Today she was X-Rayed. The doctor was of the opinion that our child may have asthma and treatment for the same was also prescribed. She also considered allergies.


C.H., female, 20.09.1999



Around 1 week after the first 6-fold vaccination, my daughter suffered from severe asthma, which is present till date. Despite exclusive breast feeding for 7 months. Today we have switched to goat milk and the asthma is slightly better now.


N.N.B. male, 08.01.02


6-fold vaccination

My son was vaccinated in April 02 for the first time and then in May for the second time.


A.S., male, 1.4.02



For almost a month after vaccination, did nothing but sleep. Then extremely restless for and very-little sleep for nearly a month. Babbled more than average before the vaccination, for about 4 months after the vaccination, not the same any more, the only sounds were clear, loud screams, and normal crying. Articulation is developing slowly for a month now. Since the vaccination, he has been kicking very little, even at the age of 9 months, he still does not crawl properly. Most of all, he does not move his legs and arms alternately and in coordination. Very little activity with his legs; does not play with his feet. Has blockage (like resistance) in left leg, when he kicks when as try to change his diaper on the table. Earlier, he had fast development of motor activities and kicked a lot. Underwent homeopathic treatment with sulfur in November. 6-fold vaccination was given on 1.7.02. Date of birth 1.4.02, 3,5


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