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Twinrix adults Hepatitis-A- and -B-vaccine

Composition.: 1 ml (1 Dose) contains: Hepatitis-A-Virus 720 ELISA-units inactivated, bred in HDC-cultures (MRC 5), Hepatitis-B-surface antigen 20 µg genetically engineered in yeast cultures.

Further components: Aluminiumhydroxid, Aluminiumphosphate, Formaldehyde, Neomycinsulfate,Phenoxyethanol, Natriumchloride, water for the purpose of injection

Side effects: Local reactions (reddening, swelling, pain), general reacionts (e.g. headaches, rise in temperature, malaise). Allergic reactions (rare).

Very rare: flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, headaches, joint pain and muscle pain, fatigue, nausea, syncopes, hypotonia, dizziness, paraesthesia, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, stomach ache, liver function, cramps, thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopes, puprua, eczema, Pruritus, Urticaria u. Lymphadenopathiea.

Overly sensitive reactions possible (traces of thimerosal). In connection with the wide-spread application of the individual vaccines only rarely were there cases of peripheral and/or central neurological problems, Meningitis, Encephalitis and encephalopathy,Erythema exsudativum multiforme u. Vasculitis.

You will find more information on side effects under hepatitis vaccination.

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