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C.L., 25.11.64, male

Engerix-B (Hep.B)

Hepatitis A and B and Polio were administered in late 1997. In 1998 there were only two vaccinations with the vaccine B. During the second shot, hepatitis B, my muscles suddenly started twitching whereupon I immediately went to see my family doctor who looked very worried because I was still being treated with antibiotics for the helicobacter.

My liver values got worse and my CPK value went up. He sent me to the university clinic in Strasbourg immediately where they told me that maybe it was MS. They did an MRT of my head and back and denied the diagnosis. After a muscle biopsy they then explained to me that I had a benign muscle disease which unfortunately could not be treated because the values were still so bad. When I got back to Luxembourg I went from neurologist to the next because I was getting weaker and weaker. MS and muscle disease were “smiled at”. Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyolagy, etc. Suddenly my cortisol went down to under 5. Addison’s disease!!! They gave me pills but nothing got better. I was operated on my back 5 times due to the muscle weakness. Protheses, screws, pillows, etc. Three years ago I started having hallucinations which ended up being epilepsia (migral epilepsia).  Despite medications I still have seizures, sometimes my breathing even stops. This is the abbreviated version of my story. I don’t really believe that the story is going to have a good ending!



S.T., 8.12.1959, male

Revaxis, Twinrix

In late 2004 my husband was vaccinated (Hepatitis A with Twinrix as well as Diphteria-, Tetanus- and Polio with Relaxes). 
A short time later he came down with a fever and unsystematic dizziness and short periods of hallucinations. He was brought directly to the hospital from work. There he had two generalized tonic-clonic seizures. One day later he was brought to the neurological ward in the hospital that is nearer where we live and there he was examined extensively. They diagnosed encephalitis. I pointed out several times that he had had a vaccination, but they did not believe it could be vaccine damage and so my husband was sent to a rehabilitation ward for patients who have epilepsia.

There he had intestinal blockage, problems swallowing and gained 8 kg within a week, which is why they put him back in the hospital on  23.11.04 where he was treated until 8.12.04. On 10.12.04 they examined him at the university hospital and he was given a later appointment for treatment at that hospital.

In the following weeks my husband became more and more confuse, lost his memory, had panic attacks and hallucinations so that I brought him to the university clinic on  6.1.05 where he was treated until 15.3.05. They diagnosed limbic encephalitis with an unclear etiology, post-vaccinous or paraneoplastic genesis, due to his problems swallowing they had to do a tracheotomy and due to the fact that his condition kept getting worse he had to have oxygen. They did a biopsy of his brain which showed that there was an inflammation; however there were no signs of a tumor. Because of the clinical picture as well as other findings they said the probability was high that it was post-vaccinous encephalitis.

Afterwards my husband spent more time at the rehabilitation clinic, but he had to be brought back to the university clinic as a result of apnea, where he was treated again from 22.4.05 to 4.5.05. Clinically there were subacute states of confusion, symptomatic epilepsia, an incomplete paralysis on the right side, trouble speaking, and difficulty swallowing, trembling of the eye, diabetes insipidus and increased emission of spit. He couldn’t remember things; both short term and long term memory were impaired.

After he had gotten better he was brought back to the rehabilitation clinic where he was treated from 4.5.05 on. His condition kept getting worse so that he was brought to the intensive care ward on 22.5 because they suspected that he had aspiration pneumonia and sepsis; he was treated there until 4.6.05. 
Due to a haemothorax he had to be brought back to the university clinic.

The removed part of the organ and placed two thorax drainages. During the night there suddenly was ventricular fibrillation which is why he had to be brought back to the university clinic.

On 12.6.05 there suddenly was bronchospasm (cramps of the bronchial muscles), so that he was given oxygen.
On 16.6.05 he was placed on the neurological ward, he got worse, on 19.6.05 he suffered septic shock, and he was oxygenated and given antibiotics.

On 20.6.05 they did a  CT of the thorax and it was evident that there was a  Pleuraempyem on the left side

On 21.6.05 he was brought back to the university clinic, on 25.6.05 the left pulmonary lobe was removed surgically, on 3.7.05 his situation got worse so that they had to do a computer tomography of the thorax, 4.7.05 there was a rupture of the spleen, pancreatitis as well as haemothorax on the left side. Due to the fact that my husband’s condition kept deteriorating the spleen and parts of the pancreas were removed operatively on 7.7.05.

My husband died on 9.7.05.

(This is an abbreviated version. If I had described what I discussed with the doctors and what I undertook in order to help my husband this would have become even longer.)


J.W., 30.06.2003, male


Immediately following the vaccination my child, who was 4 months at the time, was very tired and slept. It seemed like he slept a long time to us, he even missed a meal. Approx. 3 hours after the injection he started having cramps in his sleep (without having a fever), even stopped breathing and turned blue in the face. After administering first-help measures and when he was able to breathe again we called the pediatrician. After what seemed like an endless amount of time he had stopped having cramps, but his breathing was very weak and irregular and his lips, fingers, toes were blue and his skin looked like marble.

After the convulsion and until the doctor arrived my child was not consciousness, we could not wake him up. And he had a bad and rigid muscle tone. When we arrived at the pediatrician’s the pediatrician gave him an injection (probably diazepam) and then called the doctor on call and the ambulance. Shortly before they arrived my child woke up screaming loudly and we had a hard time calming him down. They made him stay at the hospital at the neurological ward for a week and did countless tests, consultations, exams, blood work and infusions. A connection with the vaccination was not excluded or confirmed. This was the beginning of innumerable convulsions, severe and light, accompanied by fever and without and followed by innumerable stays at the hospital and appointments with pediatricians, specialists and even naturopaths. But nobody could find the cause and every one treated the symptoms.

He improved greatly when at the age of 2 he had his tonsils and polyps removed. The blood work had been bad and they think it was responsible for some of the convulsions.

I can say that we were very lucky to have our pediatrician who recommended that we refrain from further vaccinations. We waited until our child was 3 years old to have the ones that are really necessary. He got them individually and far apart, they were administered together with fever-lower medication and medication that reduces convulsions. Some of the specialists we see think it is a vaccine reaction which attacked the liver which made our child so sick. We are grateful to the expertise of our pediatrician and to god that our child developed normally and that he did not retain any lasting brain damage from the loss of oxygen. 
Duration of the vaccine reaction  = until today
lasting damage = high susceptibility for convulsions and repeated cerebral convulsions


M.K., 06.03.1965, male


On 5.10.2006 17:45 I was administered a booster shot for ticks and also a flu vaccination, because the doctor’s assistant recommended I have it.

I asked whether there could be complications due to the mixture of the vaccines and they said no.

I was also not informed about possible consequences of the vaccinations, not orally and not in writing.

The next morning my arm felt like it was going to explode. In the course of the day I noticed that it felt numb and tingly and my hand felt like it was frozen or like it had fallen asleep.

It is sometimes difficult to lift my arm over my hand, I have no energy and at the same time I tend to lose my balance.

After 4-5 days I also experienced pain in the back of my neck and in my back.

One week later I talked to the doctor. The doctor did not know which arm I had the vaccination in and he is not going to report vaccine damage because the sites of injections have not become infected.

He said that the cribbling in my arm had to do with a slipped disk and within seconds said I should see an orthopedic specialist without even checking my arm.

(I thought you were supposed to have a bad backache so bad that you cannot even walk).

Of course the orthopedic doctor could not help me either.

The symptoms have not gone away and I do not know who I have to turn to to have vaccine damage recognized.

Of course my performance at work has suffered considerably.


B.M., 21.03.1967, female


The day I was vaccinated (around noon) the normal pain started tin the evening, it was in the upper arm. For three days it was tolerable, after a week it was was okay, but ever since the vaccination four weeks ago I have had constant pain in my arm. I cannot lie on my arm; I cannot lift it without experiencing pain. The site of injection hurts, too but it is not swollen or infected. The arm itself is not swollen either, I have been to see the doctor who administered the vaccination twice. And he has now given me an opiate against the pain.


C.H., 02.06.2001, female

6-fold vaccination

On 02.06.02 our little sunshine was borne. She was everything we ever wanted. She was born 4 weeks too early. The whole pregnancy had been really easy, I had no problems, and they even did several prenatal exams, everything great. The birth of our little daughter was perfect too, scored a 10 on the APGAR evaluation chart, and that completed our happiness. Caitlin weighed only 2,540 grams but she was a very healthy and resilient baby.  She even shook off hepatitis. I nursed her from the beginning and she developed wonderfully until the day which changed our life in a mysterious way:

Seeing that I was a responsible and mature mama (32 years old when she was born) I had my little sunshine vaccinated (6-fold combination vaccination) at the age of 3 months and at a weight of 4 kg and because my pediatrician, whom I trusted completely, advised us to have it done.   
The vaccination itself and the days afterwards were completely unproblematic; I did not notice any strange behavioral patterns until Caitlin was 7 months old. She could not turn herself; she could lift her head when she was on her stomach. She other she got the more I noticed that she seemed very stiff. She could not pull up her legs and when she was upset it almost looked like a spastic defense mechanism set in, which I had never ever seen before in another person up until that point. She could never crawl; pull herself up on the legs of table or things like that. She could only sit freely when she was 16 months old and she only started to walk when she was 2 years old, and she could not get up steps or up to the pavement on her own until she was three years old. Today Caitlin is 5 years old and she is at the level of a 2-3 year-old, her language and fine motor movements are very developmentally delayed. Of course I had several tests done on Caitlin by our pediatrician to find out why my child is so “different” than peers. Genetic tests  ( fragile X-Chromosome Test), blood work, ultrasound of her head and brain wave measurements all are normal and my child is healthy medically. Mainstream medicine, however, specifies her as “developmentally delayed. My frequent visits at the pediatrician’s because I was nervous were responded to airily with physical therapy and other therapies. But I never stopped looking for a reason for this developmental delay and luckily I ran into a good homeopath who gave me the diagnosis “vaccine damage” at the beginning of this year (caused by the 6-fold vaccination, mainly the tetanus). My whole beloved family which is backing us up, my homeopath and I are now trying to divert this calamitous vaccine with the help of homeopathic medication so that my little sunshine can finally start developing normally. We are all hoping for healing, at least improvement.


A.N.B., 15.7.2006, female

Infanrix hexa

When she was three months old our daughter got a 6-fold combination vaccination. We were told there could be the following adverse effects: reddening and swelling at the site of injection, fever and crabbiness. That did not seem bad to me. As the doctor did not seem to have an opinion regarding the vaccination itself (“the parents alone must decide” – the last time we had seen him we had been given STIKO’s pamphlet which, according to my present view of things, I would refer to as propaganda); we agreed to the vaccination and had to confirm it I writing.

The vaccination itself was not that bad. We were happy and took a walk with the baby carriage. Our daughter had had an absolutely sunny nature until that point. After the 8th week she started sleeping all night, never screamed and was a healthy and normally developed child. After the vaccination she was extremely sleepy and slept 2-3 hours. We were still happy and thought that would do her some good and let her sleep and that afterwards it would all be over. When she woke up we were at home. She started screaming like crazy. We were very shocked and tried to calm her down, but without success. She continued to scream even as I was holding her. It took approx. 2 hours and she only stopped because she was so exhausted. She continued to be apathetic and her head was very warm. I nursed her continuously. She seemed to do better. The next morning began quietly, but towards noon the screaming started again and it lasted 2 hours. The next morning began quietly, but then the screaming started again and did not stop for two hours. The shrill screaming has stopped, but since that time she has not slept all through the night and sometimes she wails. I also noticed that since that time she has stopped “talking”. My husband has a tone studio and we made the first recordings with her when she was 10 weeks ago. Now she is 17 weeks old, the vaccination was 4 weeks ago and she has not made those kinds of noises yet, the ones that she could do. About 2-3 weeks ago she started squealing again and I am hoping she will get better. Furthermore I noticed that in the days after the vaccination she had a rash on her legs which did not seem to be itchy. It has disappeared in the meantime. I read up on vaccinations after this incident because I was so surprised. Since that time I have berated myself a lot. Next week she has her second vaccination date and we think we will not have her vaccinated any more. We will inform the doctor. We have not decided yet whether we will ever have her vaccinated again.


U.G., 23.10.1946, female


Fever, terrible rheumatic pain in the upper part of his body, sweet syndrome, paralysis in the arm on the left side surg. strauss Vasculitis was diagnosed. 30% of those who have it die within 6 years. Usually of a heart attack


L.S., 20.04.2005, male


Luca had an MMR vaccination on 08.06.2006. 14 days later there were red spots on his skin. It turned out that they were petechial. At the same time he had bruises on his legs when there was the slightest touch. They did blood work and his thrombocytopes value was 5.000. After being admitted to the hospital the value rose proportionately every day and after 4 days when we left the clinic it was 50,000.

The doctor did not see a connection between the vaccination and the reaction. He thinks that Luca had some kind of an infection which no one had noticed. On the other hand Luca was always really healthy before he had the vaccination (no fever, no cold or anything else, either). I definitely think that this reaction has to do with the vaccination.


E.H., 27.09.1979, female

TBE Baxter

I had the vaccination 4.5 months ago. 2 hours later the headache started, after further 12 hours of a stiff neck I could not lie down for 36 hours without someone helping e. Two days later I was hardly able to walk to the bathroom on my own. I could not tolerate light, noise or being touched. I took pain medication to get through the next few weeks. All blood work was positive. My condition got better, I have energy again, I can run around and on the good days I can work, but I am still far from my old healthy self. I still have terrible headaches and neck aches and I can only move my head slowly and I am still very sensitive to touch. In the morning it takes about an hour for my head to calm down again. I feel like I am on a roller-coaster ride. On bad days I have to stay in bed and take pain medication all day long to keep going.


R.H., 07.05.1983, male


Born on his due date on 07.05.1983 very healthy 3250g, 52 cm

08.09.1983 administration of DPT vaccination in the morning during normal visiting hours of the doctor. That afternoon first convulsion, duration approx. 20 minutes, sent to the children’s clinic immediately, cramp stopped with Faustan and Lepinal i.v.)8 days at hospital without findings.

10th day at the same time a very bad convulsion, approx 30 minutes duration. Afterwards hospital in Berlin, first time vaccine complication mentioned.-

Findings: Expansion and plumping of 3rd ventricle, connection between vaccination and reaction was reported as vaccine damage.
In 1984 the Vaccination Commission was unaware of vaccine complications.

When 10 months old status epileptics approx. 40 min convulsion, brain damaged. At the time it was a sensation that the error was admitted by the doctors. First attempts to adjust my son with medication which has not been successful to this day.

Vaccine damage recognized in  1985 

The following damages have been recognized: 

early childhood brain damage after 3rd DPT vaccination, severely mentally handicapped, chronic organic psycho syndrome, therapy-resistant proneness to seizures and as of 01.01.1994 severe limitation of the gait, marked problems when regulating equilibrium as well as considerable ataxia 01.05.1999 loss of teeth: 12


A.W., 08.11.1999, female

Gen H-B-Vax

My daughter had a wrong vaccination. A vaccination that does not even exist.  HB-b 4 fold combination, and there is no such thing as this vaccination. There are three doses of individual vaccine vaccinations for HB-b and after that the children have basic immunization.

As a result of the 4 Hobbs my daughter had severe reaction with muscle atrophies and other symptoms, which all display Myofascitis (severe adverse effects as a result of aluminum –formal eyed –mercury and other compounds which are added to the HB-b vaccine.) In the meantime my daughter is 7 years old and still wears diapers, sits in the wheel chair sometimes and walks with a walker. She has to have help all the time and she now goes to a special aid school. We are going to take the doctor to court. We have also applied for vaccine damage, and others.

After the 4th vaccination, which is not recommended, my daughter had fever symptoms and a thick red bump, she cried for several days, and after that she became quiet and did not get up anymore. After 14 days had passed my daughter tried to get up again on her own and she did not manage to do so, so she stood there bow-legged and then she collapsed. This continues as damage.

Lasting damage: muscle atropia, colitis u-CIPD spinal water inflammation – loss of fine motor movements – pain and convulsions and vision impairment, etc.


A.U., 15.03.1957, male


I had my vaccinations 7 years ago (Twinrix 11.08.99 and Twinrix on 25.09.99). I did not want to have a third vaccination because I think I would not be sitting here writing if I had

Within 10 days after the two vaccinations my body reacted by cramping and my tongue was swollen. I could not eat or drink or talk. I had great pain when I swallowed and I had a headache and my neck hurt. Within 5 days I lost 10 kg. My blood pressure values no longer were okay. I went to the hospital and they gave me infusions. I got morphium intravenously because normal medication no longer helped.

No doctor was able to help me because nobody knew what was wrong. The symptoms after the 2nd injection were much worse than after the 1st injection. I thought I was going to die.

When I called the manufacturer later I was not told anything. They kept saying that „the vaccine was dead and nothing could happen.“

I had to have my muscles tested, I went to see a neurologist, a logopedic specialist, I had my blood work done and they did an MRT, etc.

What was strange was that after the MRT I felt better immediately and that suddenly I could eat and drink again, even though it hurt.

As the reactions were never clarified, I did not have the third Twinrix. And since then I have never had these symptoms again.


S.B., 25.6.01, male

MMR TRiplovax

11 days after the vaccination very high fever (39.5), then a few fever-free hours, very tired, clings to me a lot, euphoric and furious. Bad headache, stomach ache and some nausea, lymph nodes swollen. After 2 days I consulted a naturopath, slight sinus infection, infection in the right ear, swelling of the lymph node.


K.S., 20.05.1981, female


3rd repeat vaccination was administered within a very short period of time (within 6 weeks after the second one). Immediate reaction: allergic reaction with heat, respiratory problems, cribbling, bad circulation (duration approx. 3 hours, medication administered by doctor)

Next reaction: 3 days later cribbling, dizziness, vibrating throughout whole body, difficulty breathing pressure on chest, constant allergic reaction to everything (food, smells, perfume, and pollens), and 4 weeks later it subsides, indefinite reaction to food remains. Doctors say all organs are okay and blood work is fine.


L.S., 21.04.06, female

Infanrix hexa

When she was 4 months old my daughter received a 6-fold combination vaccination in the morning, during the day she cried a lot and could not fall asleep. That was unusual for her, before that she was a very content and happy baby. But I was not worried because I thought it was a normal reaction for a vaccination. I put her to bed at 8.30 and she did not have a fever. At 11.30 she woke up screaming, approx. 1 minute after that she was completely quiet. She then had a cramp and lost consciousness for approx. 30 minutes (now she had a fever of 39), the doctor on call gave her medication intravenously. They put her in the children’s clinic and kept her there for 5 days, the exams did not show a case. They told us that the cramps had been caused by the fever which was a direct vaccine reaction. I myself as her mother do not think she would have had this kind of a cramp with a normal kind of flue, I think it was triggered by the vaccination. After the hospital she was not herself, screamed when I put her to bed or when I left the room, stopped smiling. For a week now her smile has returned and I hope she will be back to her “old self” soon. We can only hope that she will never again experience this kind of seizure.


A.W., 08.11.1999, female

Gen H-B-Vax

My daughter received a vaccination which is not recommended for her age group, 1 and a half would have been the normal age for a single HB, at that age they usually get 3 individual doses and the fourth one is administered when they start going to school.

My daughter was only 1 and a half on 29.05.2001, she was healthy and she could walk and talk, but after the vaccination she had reactions. There was a large red fat bump on her legs where it had been administered, she was very restless and cried a lot, this lasted a few days and during this time she hardly walked and talked. The pediatrician said that that was normal. Approx. 14 days after the vaccination my daughter could no longer stand, she was bow-legged and held on every where and to this day she requires diapers, I have to take care of her day and night. She needs attention around the clock. And it is not getting better but instead is getting worse. Nobody can tell me if my daughter is going to survive or if she is going to die.


F.S., 24.02.2006, male

Infanrix hexa

Our son was vaccinated on Monday 17.07.2006. He came down with a fever and so I gave him a suppository. The temperature went down to normal on Tuesday again.

On Tuesday evening he had a fever again and we gave him a suppository, he had a temperature Monday 38-39C./Tuesday.38-39C. He was all sweaty and restless when he woke up and slept for long phases of time, second vaccination which was like the first one up to this point.

On Friday morning and until 11.30 our 5-month old son was wide awake and very lively.

My wife put him to bed at 11.30. At approx .11.45-12.00 my wife heard our son choke and she ran into his room. He was all cross-eyed and the arms and legs hung there, lifelessly. My wife took him downstairs and called the ambulance. He woke up and had cramps; his temperature was approx. 38.5C.
The ambulance arrived 2-5 minutes later. They took him to the children’s clinic. The ambulance people gave him pain medication and pills to loosen the cramps.

I came home from work and picked up my wife and we drove to the clinic. When we got there we saw our son on the examination table, he was moving his arms and his legs and was screaming, he was fighting. Then he was brought to the intensive care ward. The doctors said that they would have to examine him some more, but that he was stable. They took spinal fluid, blood, did an ultrasound of his head.

They thought it was a herpes virus, meningitis, maybe sepsis, and even though there was no clear finding they started treating him with two different antibiotics. They said his stool showed that there was an infection.

We told them that he had been vaccinated and said that maybe he should have a blood transfusion to detoxify him. The doctor said that the vaccination was too far back and that there was no connection.

He got infusions and medications to calm him down, the ultrasound of his head was normal, his eyes showed reactions but otherwise he was passive.

On Saturday at 3 pm he stopped breathing and chaos started.  My wife stayed with him until they brought her out. 45-60 minutes later his condition was stable again.

Initial results:

Spinal fluid normal

Ultrasound of head normal

Blood virus found, they now continue treatment with one antibiotics, group must still be determined.

Nurse gives him herbal remedy to support getting better.

My son received more medication to calm him down so that he cannot turn around and rip out the tubes. He had fought the intubations.  So it is also incomprehensible that it would be necessary to call out his weight across the hallway in order to administrate the dose. 5.700 g or 6.700 g.

The doctor informed us that the situation was serious but stable. The child did not have atypical symptoms. They could not tell what was going on. They were going to have to wait and see what the results of the blood work were.

On Saturday evening at 23.30 the brain started swelling, no eye reaction, he seemed lifeless. Then he was brought to the university clinic. The doctor said that they were no longer able to cope with the situation and that he had to be moved.

Our son died on 24.07.2006 at the university clinic (Saturday evening)

7.08.06 normal skin bacteria in the blood
All other exams not unusual (metabolism, amino acids, molecular)

The autopsy showed that it was water on the brain.
At the university clinic they tried to do what was possibility, but they didn’t have a chance because too much time had been wasted at the children’s clinic.

The people at the university clinic do not think it has anything to do with the vaccination, but it has not been excluded as a possibility. They told us that the 7 day limit after the vaccination had not been passed.

They are still doing a number of skin tests. It is being included in the vaccination trial  RKI.
We now have a lawyer who is going to take care of this for us because of the way things were.
We are absolutely certain that the vaccination was the cause for all this!!!!!


S.P., 11.05.2006, female

Infanrix hexa

Until she was vaccinated my daughter was a very quiet child, and actually her reaction is not all that bad. I hope nothing else will follow! Approx 2 hours after the vaccination I had her in her carrying bag where she was asleep, but she woke up and screamed and seemed disoriented and panicky. It continued for the rest of the day. My child had been a good sleeper from birth, and suddenly she could no longer fall asleep. She always smiled a lot and never cried, and here she was crying for 3 days straight in a panic, nothing helped, and suddenly as it happened it went away gain. She had a slight fever of 38.9 after the vaccination and since then she’s been having stomach problems and gas 4 days after the vaccination she had constipation... The site of injection was red. She had slight respiratory problems and was much more restless than usual.-

A good friend of mine recommended giving her thuja C30, and now 13 days after the vaccination she seems to have gotten better even though she still has digestive problems and there are little noises when she breathes and she cries a lot more than before.


Even though all this is not serious according to the doctor it is serious for me as a mother.  And I am sure it will have been her last vaccination.


L.B., 17.08.71, female

Tetanol pur

Vaccination administered at approx. 18:00, the day at approx. 9:00 am bad chills and fever and towards the evening situation deteriorates and bad headache and nausea and vomiting. 3 days in bed, chills at noon and fever and head ache. Asked doctor who said it was a normal reaction and that it would get better in 2 days


H.F., 04.01.1978, female

Encepur adults

diarrhea, headache, chills, hot flashes, palpitations, stomach cramps lasted 5 days and I still feel very sick


C.K., 13.12.93, male

- 1h after the vaccination nausea and headache, pain in his arm

- after ca. 18h fever 39.3, nausea
- after 24h when we looked at the arm we realized that it was very red and swollen, a surface of 10x6 cm

-3 days after the vaccination the arm is still red and swollen and hurts a lot


N.B., 19.11.2005, male

6 hours after the vaccination restless, wanted to be carried around, shrill screaming, no improvement even after paracetamol suppositories, no sleeping and screaming from  21.30 to 3.30 am nonstop for several nights in a row


N.H., 13.07.1998, female

Three months after the vaccination she started losing her hair. Nine months later my daughter had lost all of the hair on her body. An immunologist said her immune system was in imbalance and that there was a  Type-I-Allergy to Td pur


M.J., 13.02.00, male

1 week after the vaccination muscle cramps in arms, leg and back, sweating during the night, bedwetting, fatigue, and no energy. On day 18 after the vaccination nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness (30 minutes!), admitted to hospital. Neuropediatrics: diagnosis after one week: Rolando epilepsia.  Since then no special occurrences and no signs that it is epilepsia. Of course the doctors do not think that it could have anything to do with the vaccination. (And so why does the form that I had to sign say that 3 cramps a day are a potential vaccine reaction?)


C.K., 21.05.2001, female

My daughter had her first vaccination on 06.03.2002 against pneumococci. Prevenar (11 2002 61413).
Less than 24 hours later there is slight redness at the site of injection, including swelling.

Her temperature is 38.1°C; she is restless and very tired. 2 days later it was over, thank God.

On 17.08.06 my daughter was vaccinated against pneumococci a second time. This time the compound was called Pneumovax 23. The reaction was much more intense than with the first three vaccinations. Right after the vaccination she cried a lot and said that she had a lot of pain in her arm. 3 hours later her arm felt hot and was badly swollen. She was restless, tired and her temperature went up to 38.7°C.
This morning 18.08.06 temperature had gone down to 37.7°C but the site of injection is still swollen and hot. She says she has pain in her arm and in her shoulder and along her back.


U.M., 05.07.1968, female

1st vaccination was about 6 weeks ago, tolerated well (only slight pain in upper arm at site of injection), 2nd vaccination Wednesday evening. Thursday morning pain, but just like we expected (1st vaccination). After a few hours pain became unbearable, went down to the elbow, cannot lift arm over head, etc.

Since then (3 days ago) bad pain, which can only be tolerated if she lies down and holds her hand in a certain position (no weight on her shoulder joint).


H.K., 01.06.1968, female

After the vaccination (yesterday 7.8.06) I was completely wiped out, so I went to bed and slept through to this morning. Today I have a fever and my joints hurt, I have a headache, my nose is stuffy. I am also completely weak and could not work (at the desk).  I got prophylactic shots for Rajasthan amounting to 500 Euros. Even though I will only be in Rajasthan for 19 days, including hotels and bus shuttles, I got cholera, rabies, Hepatitis B and typhus. I feel like I was ripped off financially and health wise.


A.P., 02.10.2004, male

When my son was 3 months old he would sleep all through the night, then he had his first 6-fold combination vaccination, Hexavac and since this point in time he had problems sleeping. After that we had a turbulent time (he woke up 7 to 8 times a night), so I turned to a doctor who practiced alternative medicine (my son was 16 months old at that point). She gave us Chammomila Recutita D30 globules which helped so that my son now only wakes up 1 to 2 times a night.

After various rounds of discussions with parents who have also been affected I think it will be good to have the vaccines diverted by a good homeopth.


D.C., 22.9.51, male

Severe pain in the right upper arm (site of vaccination) for 4 days: One day after the vaccination problems with equilibrium accompanied by sweating. For the past 14 days dizziness.


M.N., 7.12.2002, female

A couple of days after the vaccination (18.07.2006) our daughter had the measles on one leg, the heel of her foot and a part of her bottom, which  spread to open spaces all over the skin.
The pediatrician took a sample and the result: bacterial infection of the skin: staphylococci.

Duration of the vaccine reaction=after antibiotics improvement since yesterday of the skin

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