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Smallpox vaccination - 12 critical points

In 2002 a discussion raged on the topic of Smallpox vaccinations as a result of the government’s intention of reintroducing Smallpox vaccinations.

1.    There are a large number of side effects, some of which are severe (up to 1,500 deaths in Germany)!
The side effect rates are known from when vaccinations were mandatory (at least 5,200 life-threatening side effects, 66,700 severe). Even decades ago there were great differences in recording vaccination risks. Moreover the rates are much higher today because there are so many whose immune system is compromised, who suffer from chronic diseases or who have skin diseases.

2.     Most people should not be vaccinated!
Most people should not be vaccinated on account of probable severe side effects. The American Center for Disease Control CDC recommends vaccinating these risk groups if there is an outbreak, the WHO does not, the instruction leaflet of Smallpox vaccine does not, either! The position of the German Government is not known.

The following is a list of risk groups:

— People who have skin diseases (including neurodermatitis), or who have a prior history of it
— People whose immune system is suppressed as a result of medication (cancer, HIV, rheumatism, auto immune diseases)
— all family members of the people named above as a result of the danger of infection through the vaccination

— Pregnant women, women who breast-feed, women who will become pregnant within the next four weeks

3.     People who have not been vaccinated can catch the disease from people who have been vaccinated, up to 6,000 infections!
The vaccine contains live viruses which proliferate in people who have been vaccinated. People who have not been vaccinated can contract the disease and also end up with severe damages. Usually the people who have not been vaccinated are part of a risk group which then suffers from particularly severe side effects.

4.     An outbreak of the Smallpox can be brought under control with other measures!
The past experience of the WHO proves that what was crucial for the extinction of the Smallpox was the information campaign informing the population about earliest possible diagnosis of the disease as well as the timely isolation of the diseased and the identification of contact persons if these people had not been informed in time.  A computer simulation performed at the University of Tuebingen proves that an outbreak of the Smallpox can be effectively managed by other measures than vaccinations. There are numerous press reports about how doctors can be trained to administer vaccinations; yet significantly there is no information on how to train doctors in diagnosing and identifying contact persons and isolating the diseased and the contact persons.

5.     The Smallpox is less contagious than measles and chickenSmallpox!

A person who has contracted the Smallpox has many symptoms (fever, pain) and is bed-ridden. Before this person has these symptoms they are not contagious. Earlier studies prove that infections only occur if there was close contact with the diseased (family members, caretakers). Moreover the Smallpox spreads slowly because the incubation period is long and people only become contagious after the incubation period.

6.     If the information provided is sufficient the Smallpox can be detected!

The clinical picture and the manifestation of the Smallpox is typical (fever, pain, nausea in the beginning, then less fever, and characteristic eczema, more eczema on the face and joints and also the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, all blisters the same stage). It can only be confused with measles if it is in an early stage. The WHO has a wealth of information material.

7.     Authorities, politicians and media are unnecessarily causing a panic!

The panic that is being spread started in Hessen in Germany where elections were impending. It was terrifying to see how politicians of all parties had no compunction to abuse this subject for their own election campaign! The media willingly follow suit and acted as an amplifier.  The Federal Government and its regulatory bodies are keeping a low profile when critical queries arrive. It seems as if distraction from inner German problems is quite welcome!
The discussion about a potential threat from biological weapons was already around before September 11. People have been aware of the problem for quite some time. It is unlikely that terrorists will wait until all countries have finalized their emergency strategies and acquired vaccinations until they launch an attack with Smallpox viruses. Pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to acquire research and production orders and to get rid of their slow sellers.

8.     No Smallpox vaccine has been approved!
Presently all Smallpox vaccines are no longer approved in Germany as in most countries all over the world. The regulations for the approval of vaccines have become more rigid over the past years and the old vaccines would not meet these requirements. Years will go by until new vaccines have been approved.  Proof of effectivity cannot be brought sufficiently as there are no Smallpox diseases. The laws for a rapid approval or a more lax interpretation of the regulation do not exist in Germany, even if some of the authorities maintain that they are.

9.     Liability for vaccination damages and infections by people who have been vaccinated has not been established!
A vaccine must be approved and publicly recommended for the government to take liability for direct and indirect vaccination damages. That will not be the case in the near future. If the EU enforces a rapid vaccine approval for Europe the Smallpox vaccination would have to be recommended publicly or prescribed for the State to be held liable. The mixture of scare tactics, disinformation and non-information campaigns is probably sufficient to pressure a large part of the population to get vaccinated. The Government would be able to save immense amounts in compensation payments.   
In case of damage, the directly or indirectly damaged person (as a result of infection from a vaccinated person) would have to go to court to collect compensation or damages for pain and suffering from the person who caused it. Due to the greater burden of proof compared to a trial for vaccination damages, success hardly seems unlikely.

10.   There is no public discussion in Germany. Instead there is coercion.

Outside of Germany there are critical discussions in the media, including journals on the advantages and disadvantages of being vaccinated against the Smallpox. In Germany the plans have not been published. Instead of information and discussions, people who do not want to be vaccinated are publicly threatened with compulsory vaccinations. A sad highlight was the statement made by the director of the top German Health Authority in a magazine article: „Of course staff members are willing to be vaccinated. ´Otherwise they would have to look for a new job.´“

11.   The WHO no longer recommends mass vaccinations against the Smallpox!

Even the WHO, which tends to hail vaccinations, recommends its tried and proven strategy of training, early diagnosis and isolating persons who have already contracted the disease and the people they are in contact with. The information provided by the WHO repeatedly states that vaccination risks are too great and unpredictable to vaccinate huge numbers of people.

12.   Introducing compulsory vaccinations would not be lawful!

According to IfSG, a large part of the population should not be vaccinated. This violation of basic rights can therefore also not be justified for the rest of the population on account of high vaccination rates being necessary to stop the outbreak. The sacrifice of the individual for the good of the general public can therefore no longer be justified. Furthermore, vaccinations should be substituted with more appropriate measures.

January 2003

The numbers are projections in accordance with the 100 million vaccine dosages announced by the German government.

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