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A.Z., 26.08.1969, female


0,5 ml Td-pur

The doctor did not report the vaccination damage, since there was no knowledge of it. After a dog bite during the summer of 2008, I went to the primary care office of a doctor while on vacation. I pointed out to the physician that the last tetanus vaccine was conducted in 1996, as well as diphtheria and polio. I have also made clear that I would like to have a booster shot but only tetanus. Two days after the vaccination, which was carried out subcutaneously in the left arm, I noticed a large, painful bump under the skin. I suspected a reaction to the vaccine, but I am not about to go to the doctor but instead have phoned with my natural healer, who advised me to take Ledum 30C. This means I would be taking the recommended dose per day and could see an improvement. After about 1-2 weeks this bump was completely gone. It was not until after my vacation that I had found out from my family Practioner that I not only vaccinated with the Tetanol but the Diphtheria vaccine was also administered. On your website, I just read today that it was the diphtheria drug which should not have been a subcutaneous injection. That which I read there made me become aware that the “bump” probably was the first sign of vaccination damage, which has now, thank God, gone back through homeopathy.


K.B., female 11.02.1989,



I remember it exactly as if it were yesterday; it was when I was in the 4th Grade. I had been vaccinated against tetanus. I had generally already been afraid of vaccinations, but this pain in my arm, when the dose spread itself, I will never forget. My pediatrician said it would be quite normal and I had already also completely tensed up. The other two or three days I felt my arm all the way to my hands hurt like hell. It was a spasmodic pain and I could do little with my hands because it made it even more hurt. I told my mother, but even they said I should even give a little time and it would certainly be over soon. More so, my mother said, it is my left arm, so I can write quite normal for school and so forth. The day after the vaccination, in school we had singing class and had to position ourselves in the class to practice a song. Suddenly I got the pain from the upper arm all the way to my head and I was dizzy. Shortly afterwards it was dark before my eyes and I woke up laying on the floor. "I was very sick for a long time and I felt dizzy, however my mother did not believe me, it came from the vaccine. I had never blacked out prior nor after that vaccination. When I was in the 8th grade I was supposed to be vaccinated again and I was terrified. Somehow I got around it, but now they want me to be get vaccinated this year in school. I do not want this! Everyone around me says it is very important, especially because I work with and around horses.



C.G.-Z., female 13.07.72,


Td-pur 0,5 ml Ch.-B:044101A

As early as five hours after the vaccination, severe pain in the upper arm, then in my lumbar area ascending to the neck. Pain in the upper arms and abdominal muscles, later tingling in the fingers (complete tightness of the hull). After four days of pain and weakness in the legs. On the fifth day of my hospitalization in the neurology department. No inflammation in the CNS, treatment with painkillers and muscle relaxants - no improvement. After one week of treatment with cortisone, short-term improvement, but all the symptoms came. Today - after three weeks – I still have aching muscles along the spine and the upper arms, tingling in the fingers, stiffness in the neck, back and weakness in my legs. The neurologist said that it looked like a clinically polymyalgia, but my blood work is completely okay. My family Practitioner and I are perplexed. Since the day after the vaccination, I am unable to work.



J.K., 15.03.1973, female


Tetanus Merieux

Vaccination after deep cut injury on my left hand, in the evening had to call an ambulance, my last vaccination against tetanus had been 10 years old. Approx. 36 hrs. after inoculation (in my left arm) pain in the shoulder / upper arm, movement had been only in very limited possibilities for the feeling of pain even in position of rest. Injection site was not swollen nor red. Slight improvement after 14 days due to Bioresonance Therapy (test for aluminum and formaldehyde was positive, initiated excretion). Family doctor is still diagnosing "local shoulder inflammation", orthopedist has been recommended and diclofenac prescribed.


I.K., 19.7.1952, female



Every ten years I had a tetanus vaccination. There was never a problem.

And then something happened that is the reason why I probably will never be vaccinated again.

I got my vaccination in the morning. That was 8 years ago. It took me 15 minutes to walk home. In order to reach my apartment I had to climb 60 steps. So a medium exertion, nothing special.

When I got home I had to hold on to the kitchen table. A terrible pain went through me. It started at my tail bone and rose along my back in the direction of my chest. It hurt like hell and was just awful. About 10 minutes later it was over. When the pain reached my chest it stopped and it has never reappeared.

I have allergies and it was particularly bad for several years. Now, in retrospect I would say that the allergy was at its worst right around the time I had my tetanus vaccination. Today I hardly have hay fever at all. What I have retained is my allergy to certain foods.


M.F., 09.11., female

Pacemaker AV III, OP on my calf, OP Hand, hurt finger

0,5 ml Td-pur Ch-B: 037091A

I got the tetanus vaccination because I hurt my left middle finger (date 04.12.4008) The vaccination injection on 09.12.08 did not hurt, but when the serum spread the pain started.  I told my doctor but she did not have a look at my arm.
The pain worsened on 10.12.2008 at 15.00. At 17.00 I became very tired and had the chills. At 19.00 I woke up (the top of my arm was swollen and hurt even more). At apprx.  19.00 my temperature was 38.1. I was driven to the hospital emergency room and at ca. 20.00 my temperature was still the same. I was told to take a double dose of Ibuprofen-CT 400 mg; the doctor took care of the injection site and said that if the pain had not gotten better by the next day I should come again and should take antibiotics.

Today on 11.12. at 10.30 I was at my family doctor’s and told her about everything and she recommended that I use cooling pads and take ibuprofen. At 18.00 today I got the chills again and at 18.30 my temperature was 37.7.  My arm hurts more than the operation I had on my hand on 05.12.2008 <Sehnenscheidenlengenoperation>.


S.S., 07.11.1964, female


Td-pur 0,5 ml Ch.-B 042151A

I was bitten by a degu (animal)

After the vaccination the injection site got red, then I got the chills 6 hours later, first in longer intervals, then the intervals became shorter; 12 hours later I had high fever, more than 38.5C, the red part and the swelling got worse and the whole upper part of my arm felt hot 18 hours later. Despite the antibiotics the fever did not go down and neither did the red and the swelling. The chills were gone after 3 days but the red swelling spread past the elbow. Infusion and different medications.

Arm in a bandage and waiting for the fourth day. Doctor’s verdict: Erypsel!


J.L., 04.09.1974, female


Tetanus-vaccine Merieux

Three days ago I was treated at the emergency ward of a hospital because I cut myself. The doctor there recommended that I have a tetanus vaccination. And because I am somewhat critical when it comes to vaccinations, I was not sure what to do and asked what kind of reactions I could have. I was told that I might feel some discomfort at the site of injection, but not more than a slight feeling of pressure.  I decided to have the vaccination. In the evening my wrist hurt, which I thought was due to the posture of my hand after the cut. I was not surprised when I suddenly developed pain in my knee, either. I did not sleep well. During the night all sorts of joints started hurting. Since then (more than two days ago) the pain is moving around through all of my joints – the day before yesterday it was my elbow and my shoulders, then my hip and knee and now I am having a hard time writing at the computer because my hands hurt. I am very tired, too and feel sad and irritable. All in all it is a catastrophe. I have small children! I cannot understand that for every vitamin you purchase you get a huge package insert but do not if you have a vaccination. Or you are only informed very insufficiently if you ask. Really sad that you do not find a page like this one until it is too late.  Who resists the urgent advice of a doctor and goes home and does research in the internet??


B.U., 4.5.1965, female

Myotone muscle distrophia/ Hashimoto

Tetanus-vaccine Merieux

As a result of a wound on my arm I got an emergency booster shot with the tetanus medication Merieux.

One night later I became very dizzy, I was very afraid and my whole nervous system seemed to burn like fire. It was a very extreme reaction. Since then I have had attacks every other night and the next day I am exhausted and apathetic from not sleeping. The next day my nervous system is so wound up that I was nervous all day long and could not sleep at all, sometimes I couldn’t even swallow. A feeling like being in shock. Numbness in my head, shoulders, my jaws very sensitive to touch and the wound on my arm hurts like crazy. A burning taste on my tongue, teary burning eyes. We tried to treat it with homeopathic medications (Thuja, Ledum, Belladonna, and Aconitum) and presently I am receiving de-poisoning purging treatment including acupuncture. No improvement yet.


C.J., 19.02.1969, female


0,5 ml Td-pur

The third and therefore last of the 3-fold vaccinations took place at 11.00 am and at this time I was still feeling great. About 1 hour after the vaccination I experienced a strange kind of fatigue and the first pain at the site of injection which I thought was a reaction to the vaccination. Okay, I had assumed that my immune system would react. During the course of the day I started feeling depressed and my mood worsened to the point where I started getting aggressive. I had a hard time keeping my feelings in check.  I also had a feeling of pressure in my ears after the vaccination and pain in my jaws. First I thought it had been from yawning so much after the vaccination, and I remembered that I had not felt well after the second vaccination either, but the third one was a nightmare.







A.B., 603.2006, female


Tetanol pur

Behavior after the third vaccination against Tetanus vaccine  „Tetanol Pur“ girls, two years old, the first and second vaccination were administered around her first birthday 13.03.  The day of the vaccination she was restless and confused during the afternoon, didn’t react and wanted to be held and carried around.

17.03. awake at 5:30 a.m., first everything was normal. Didn’t want to be put in the babyseat of the bicyle. Cried all the way to the nursery. 18.03. am normal, developed fever at the nursery 37.2, tired, no lunch, nap, runny nose but not a real cold.

Picked up in her buggy, seemed apathetic, at home a nap lying on her stomach during which she did not say anything but did not sleep either. Short activity, then very quiet again, no lunch, quiet nap

In the evening fever 39 degr., a cramp in her hands, crying, calls her mother who is able to calm her down.    
22.03 fever 37.7, wet feet
24.03 cries at 6:00 am, calms down after being carried around, sleeps for three hours, in the evening, 37.5 fever

Impression until 29. 03 Anouk was much quieter after she was vaccinated, looked thoughtful, is not responsive frequently, cries easily, talks very little, sometimes direct contact is not possible; she had been a happy girl who had tried to copy everything that was said to her, was curious in her endeavor to learn about the world and kept talking to us, too.

Now, two weeks later, her vitality is beginning to return again.



F.D., 16.10.01, female


DT-vaccine Merieux

Our daughter was one and a half years old when she was vaccinated. About 3 months later we noticed that she was wetting her pants again during the day although she was already toilet-trained.  She had a rash in her face, too. We noticed that she had a lactose allergy. It is so bad that even the smallest amounts of milk cause strong psychological reactions (low frustration level, temper tantrums, lack of concentration, insufficient ability to talk, etc.) She is a different child then. Otherwise she is very self contained and is happy with herself and the world. A doctor (who only takes private patients) confirmed the suspicion we had that this was a reaction to a vaccination.  Now we are spending a lot of money on getting a grip on the vaccination damage homeopathically. Our child will not receive a further vaccination


E.G., Jan.01.47, weiblich


Tetanus Tetanol pur

On 27 Dec, 2007, I was vaccinated with Tetanol (pure). It was the first vaccination.  One day later my arm was really swollen and it hurts like hell. The next day I developed a fever, 39.8 C. I called the ambulance. They told me to put it on ice and cool it down. Today, 5 days later, my arm is still red and tomorrow I am going to see a doctor. I’ve had it with vaccinations. Too bad I didn’t discover this site before I had my first vaccination.



M.W.,09.07.2006, male


Tetanol pur

After the first vaccination there was reddening around the site of injection. Right after the second vaccination I had fever -  39.5  followed by red eczema all over my body. That was my first and last vaccination.







-.-., 23.03.00, male



2 weeks after the Tetanus/ Tetagam- vaccination my-year-old son’s neurodermatitis got worse . We had had a pretty good grip on it up until that point thanks to homeopathy and bioresonance. Approx. 8 weeks after the vaccination my son had a bad asthma attack. He had never had an asthma attack before. His pediatrician could see no connection to the vaccination. I myself think that there is a connection and I am not going to have him have any more vaccinations. As long as doctors and the pharmaceutical industry cannot prove that vaccinations are not bad I think that as a private person it is demeaning to have to prove that the vaccination did harm to my child. The fear of the next asthma attack will remain.


K.P., 17.12.1967, female



One day later a skin rash. Has not gone away for 3 months, now it has been diagnosed as chronic urticaria. Nobody believes me when I say that there could be a connection to the vaccination.  ¨


S.H., 04.04.1973, female


0.5 ml Td-pur

Approx. 2 hours after the vaccination: pain in the upper part of his arm.


After the first night and for about 24 hours: Very bad pain in the upper part of his arm. I could not move the top part of his arm without causing him pain. Fever (38), bad migrane, dizziness, nausea, puls of 100. High-dose pain medication no longer able to help.

The 2nd day I went to my doctor and he said that the reaction was possibly due to the arm muscle being so strong and thus it would be more difficult for the vaccine to be processed. He gave me Voltaren gel for the pain in the upper part of my arm and told me to stay home for 3 days. I had a migrane that day, dizziness and a slight fever, pain in the upper part of my arm and I had no appetite.
3rd day: The upper part of my arm is still swollen but now I am able to move it and the pain is receding. I still have a headache.


In 4 weeks I am supposed to get the next shot and the doctor thinks that if I have it in my buttocks it will not cause any problems. I just don’t know if I want to go through this all again.


E.A.B., 21.07.05, female



On 10.09 my 25 month old daughter was vaccinated against tetanus with Tetanol. It was the 3rd vaccination in total, the last basic immunization. The time between vaccinations had been adhered to diligently and the pediatrician recommended that we have the last vaccination at the end of the time frame.

In the course of the afternoon my daughter kept complaining that she was in pain in her arms, okay, that happens a lot, but that night she came down with high fever, I cannot remember how high because she would not let me take her temperature but my experience lets me think that it was around 39.5-40°C (I have three kids). She kept complaining that she had a back ache, a strange feeling in her mouth and that she felt sick to her stomach. I have her Nurofen juice and a few hours later the problems had disappeared, but today she is still pale and has dark rings around her eyes. Today, one day later, the site of injection is red and swollen. The pediatrician said I should treat her with Apis mellifica D6 and continue to watch her. Indeed she was quite frightened after this reaction and said: “We won’t be administering vaccinations to E. in the foreseeable future.”  In the meantime the redness and the swelling have gone down, now the swelling consists of irregular watery blisters. Except for the pain in her arm my daughter is doing quite well. Nevertheless I will be taking her to the pediatrician’s tomorrow.


S.S, 27.01.1947, female


1 ml Tetagam N and 0.5 ml Tetanol pur

On 09.03.2007 squeezed the middle finger of my right hand and was brought to the Hegau-Bodensee-Klinikum Clinic in Singen by ambulance. They gave me a Tetanol shot before they x-rayed and sewed my finger. Then they gave me Tetagam because I had had the last vaccination more than 10 years ago. The next morning I had a red swollen arm, not only at the injection site. It was the weekend so I treated it with ice; I was to see my family doctor on Monday and he was going to change the bandage. On Monday it had not gotten better. My family doctor gave me Voltaren dispers. 8 days later it was still not better so we tried  Cetirizin tablets but with no effect. I continued to have bad pain, my fingers, too and right hand and shoulders and neck. So they gave me decortin 20 mg (10 tablets) for another week. After taking decortin the redness and the rash receded. When I had taken all the tablets the reaction returned the next day.

So I called the clinic where I had been. They gave me an appointment with the director of the clinic. On Monday, 2 April I went there but they could not explain what the symptoms were. They told me to have an allergy test done. I had never had allergies and I had the impression they were trying to distract me. Today, on 3.04.07 I am still suffering from the pain and do not know if the spots and the bumps will return. Before I was vaccinated I had healthy arm muscle and had never experienced problems like this.


B.S., 06.03.1960, female



A week ago I was vaccination against dt. The next day my arm hurt a lot and there was a burning and itchy sensation at the site of injection. The top of the arm got all hard and red and friends told me that was normal.  But one week later I still have the pain and the burning sensation and so I am going to see my doctor tomorrow. ,







L.B., 17.08.71, female


Tetanol pur

Vaccination administered at approx. 18:00, the day at approx. 9:00 am bad chills and fever and towards the evening situation deteriorates and bad headache and nausea and vomiting. 3 days in bed, chills at noon and fever and head ache. Asked doctor who said it was a normal reaction and that it would get better in 2 days


M.J., 13.02.00, male


TD Pur

Three months after the vaccination she started losing her hair. Nine months later my daughter had lost all of the hair on her body. An immunologist said her immune system was in imbalance and that there was a  Type-I-Allergy to Td pur


P.J., 31.01.69, male



Approx. 3-4 days later I developed wheals and they started itching. It started on my head and for one week it spread all over my body. Even the medication that various doctors prescribed was not able to stop the skin reaction. I have seen two dermatologists and both say they don’t think it could be from the tetanus shot. I have an allergy against pollen and mold fungus and I am going to start following a diet that is low in histamines

Duration of vaccination reaction = 7th week


S.S., 02.06.1999, female



2 weeks after her first DT immunization (August 2003) my daughter came down with a fever, severe hoarseness, barking cough, respiratory problems including dyspnea which had to be treated at the hospital (cortisone). She even spent one night on the intensive care ward. The diagnosis of head doctor at the pediatric clinic was Croup, but he said it had nothing to do with the vaccination. Up to that point, however, my daughter had never suffered from pseudo-croup, asthma, allergies, or other things.  For two years she continued to have the tendency to come down with respiratory diseases, including the wheezy breathing and the barking cough. We gave her Spongia globules when she needed them and they worked well for us. The second and third immunization against tetanus was done with a vaccine that she tolerated well. Other than that my son and her did not receive any other vaccinations as I am of the opinion that this had been a clear vaccination damage as a result of the diphtheria component (Croup originally appeared in the course of diphtheria


B.P., 27.06.1954, female


Tetanol Pure FER 1Xo.5MLN1

A few hours after the vaccination: Very severe nerve and muscle pain in throat and face area. Almost impossible to turn head to the left and right except for a few centimeters. I turn to another doctor a few days later.  He thinks that there is NO connection to the vaccination. He thinks it must be a blockage of the disk. An osteopath and naturopath whom I consult that same afternoon says that there is a connection! No blockage! My immune system was unable to cope with a compound in the vaccine!

I did not know the doctor who administered the vaccination. He was standing for my family doctor. Before he gave me the vaccination he did not ask me whether I felt okay and he also did not examine me. When I asked him whether I should take any precautions after the vaccination he simply said no.

The vaccination was a voluntary booster after 10 years.

Duration of the vaccination reaction = has lasted for seven days


A.O., 05.11.92, male



My son was vaccinated due to an injury. The previous vaccination was 11 years ago. The spot where the vaccination was given swelled up immediately and was soon up to 3 cm in diameter. The spot was hot and red. My son could sleep only after taking pain killers. After two days of fever and nausea. He was also suffering from displacement of equilibrium and could not even go to the toilet by himself. The spot swelled up further till it was as big as the palm. Wet packs helped only for a short time and the spot began to itch very badly. Further packs with Retterspitz and Fenistil helped only so far. He was better after a week. What stayed back was a hardened spot of 2 cm where he had received the vaccination. I hope this also disappears soon. My son could not attend school for a week.
Two weeks later, I also got a Tetanus vaccination (booster) this time, with Tetanus-vaccine by Merieux. I had a severe reaction as well. Big swelling of almost 4 cm, hot and red. Woke up because of pain a few times every night, for 3 days. Could not do any work for 4 days. I also still have a hardened spot.
I am happy that both of us do not need any more vaccination for the next 10 years.
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction = 10 days


C.G., 01.02.67, female


Tetanol 0.5 ml

Shortly after the vaccination, I had a tingling feeling for the first time all over my body. I was examined several times by the doctor on-call and in our uni-clinic. Then they claimed that the complaints were of psychosomatic nature. At that time, I did not know anything about vaccine damages. In the following years, my health deteriorated. I experienced shooting pains very frequently, cramps in the entire body, mostly on the face and in the back; I walked like a robot and the signs of paralysis kept recurring. The susceptibility to infections increased further. Since then, I could not sleep through a single night – not one. I felt myself growing weaker. When I had another severe paralysis attack, I was told that I could have MS. My health kept changing for the worse. 2004 I started to inform myself about Homeopathy (especially Miasma theory of disease), which then became my hobby. In February 2005, I started treating myself!
Initially, not with regards to vaccine damages. The well-chosen medium worked only for a short time to only return to the bad condition. After that, I treated myself to divert from the vaccine damage and get over the blockade. Then, my medicine worked very well and for a long time. The weakness was gone in a jiffy; I hardly had to get out of bed at night, the remaining feeling of numbness is almost less by 50 %, so are the cramps. My sleep has improved enormously and so, after 20 years, I am experiencing life for the first time again.

After my smallpox vaccination in 1968 as well, my mother tells that I had crying attacks and middle ear inflammation three times. In the following 10 years, I was vaccinated very often, since the health department simply came to our school and vaccinated the kids. In that period alone I got 7 vaccines (Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria, whooping cough). And of these, I got five vaccinations within three and a half months.


H.G., 05.10.46, Female


Tetanol+Diphtheria by Behring

After the 2nd Tetanol-Diphtheria vaccination, day by day, there was electromagnetic hypersensitivity with computers, in the form of headache, pressure on ears and eyes, pressure on salivary glands. The pressure reduces as I move away from the screen. But other magnetic and electro-magnetic fields have also been causing problems ever since, e.g. even distress in case of strong fields, such as those of mobile phone service providers (even cordless telephones). Massive sleep troubles also started just as suddenly along with constant restlessness and diarrhea after the 2nd vaccination as well as short-term memory problems. Sensitivity towards X-rays with subsequent intensification of the electromagnetic hypersensitivity has since been observed.

Initially, while the connection between my complaints and the vaccination was not clear to me, a few months later, the 3rd Diphtheria vaccination was also taken. That led to a dragging pain in all my teeth. This too clearly worsened in the presence of an electromagnetic field.


N.R., 1.7.1965, female


Aventis Pasteur dT-reduct \"Merieux\

When I was administered the vaccination (23.12) after I had a cut injury, I felt a strong burning sensation. After some time, there was a big swelling (ca. 8 cm in diameter) on the upper arm. It looks like a hornet sting and has become very red and swollen. There is pain till the elbow. It is impossible to lie down on my side. Today (26.12) finally, the pain has subsided and the swelling is reducing slowly. What really annoyed me is that the doctor in the hospital did not even inform me that it is a combined vaccine. I need to take a polio booster in January. The question is whether that is now possible, because as far as I know, Polio is available only in combination with DT.


J., 26.07.04, male


Tetagam single vaccination

At the age of 14 months, Joe was vaccinated for the first time against tetanus, immediately after the vaccination, he would stay awake at night for hours, whereas earlier, he had a normal sleep rhythm of 12 hours.
3 days later, he had high fever for more than 3 days between 39.5 and 40.5. The fever did not decrease even with Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.
On the 3rd day in the hospital, the fever did not decrease despite administering Parac.-Ibupro-Novalin in short time intervals. The hospital doctors said that it has nothing to do with the vaccination; my family doctor said that this is a vaccine reaction. He had constipation for 5 days after the vaccination. After we left the hospital again, since there was no improvement, in the night, the fever suddenly decreased at home.
2 days later, rash on the entire body and 3 days, very foul smelling stool that he never had till date (green-gray).
Since the vaccination, he stopped speaking the few words he used to speak before!
It is clear to me that this is a vaccine reaction!


A.S., 26.11.1990, female


Tetagam and Teteanol

1-2 weeks after the vaccination, my daughter got shingles. After this was healed, she got cough, which still has not been cured even after 2 months. In addition, allergic reactions are also evident.


M.M., 17.09.1957, female


Tetanol Pur/?, Tetagam N/?

On 29th August 05, a cut was stitched on M.M.’s right arm. Before the doctor came, the nurse gave a Tetagam N- (1 ml) and a Tetanol Pur-injection (0.5 ml) in both buttocks (this is the "Standard treatment"). On the 30th of August, the left hand was very stressed (flat renovation), in the evening, I discovered a swelling on the neck / shoulder on the left side.- Since the swelling did not reduce even after 3 weeks, I went to the on-call doctor. After a blood test, which did not state any other abnormalities apart from a high count of Epstein-Barr, I was referred to an internist, who discovered a swollen lymph node on the left side of the throat and one in the abdomen through sonography. In addition to that, a CT was also carried out. Diagnosis: suspected malignant lymphoma due to several swollen lymph nodes. Then I was referred to an oncologist, who did a biopsy of the neck lymph nodes. During the operation, the surgeon found out that the lymph nodes are not swollen abnormally and the swelling is not typical for lymph node cancer and therefore did not take any specimen.
Due to the ambiguous situation, a second oncologist was consulted, who again, carried out a detailed ultrasound examination and several blood analyses. His diagnosis: most probably a reaction to the Tetanus-vaccinations. Since the swelling is still present, the lymph nodes must be observed further.
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction = 3 months


T.P., 02.08.00, male


DT Merieux

Since I am not really convinced with vaccinations, I let my son get vaccinated only at the age of five. Why a baby should get a tetanus vaccination, is beyond my comprehension....
So, two days back, he got his first DT-vaccination. So far, there was nothing conspicuous. Except that he complained about pain in the left arm.
On the next day, the arm turned dark red at the spot where the injection was given; it was very hot and was almost the size of a kid’s palm. So we made quark packets to alleviate the swelling. Today it is rather worse than better. His lymph nodes in the throat are swollen. Although he is otherwise "healthy", he is being watched closely by me.
According to the school physician, this is a (NATURALLY!) completely normal vaccine reaction...
I ask myself, what kind of poison is it, if a child’s body protects itself so vehemently against it...
But the doctors and the pharmaceuticals industry seem to share a different opinion. Even when you don’t stand a chance against them (I work as a doctor’s assistant...)


C.K., 29.08.2001, female


0.5 ml Tetanol pure

After 24 hours there was reddening of the site of injection, heating and swelling of approximately 12 cm diameter. After another 24 hours, there was cold with fever phases at night, which still could not be thrown out of the system even after 1 1/2 weeks; coughing and cold persists, which is not usual for her.
The spot where there was reddening, there is now a pigment change: the skin there appears considerably darker, grayish. My daughter is extremely stubborn and lazy after the vaccination.


A.P., 01.04.1994, female


DT (DT.0.5 batch no. 052031 )

My daughter was vaccinated on 13.06.95 against tetanus and diphtheria. She reacted with high temperature and rash on the body. The rash reduced with time but lasted for ca. 2-3 months; is a Neurodermatitis with the typical spots \"Arms and legs\". The doctor never conceded this to be a vaccine reaction, although she was fit as a fiddle earlier. We changed her diet and fed her as little of allergenic foodstuff as possible. It took a long time, but for the past 2 years she has had no complaints. She was never vaccinated again and knows this and must now represent the necessary self-awareness in this regard towards her surroundings. I have two more children who were never vaccinated following this incident.


M.L., 11.11.1978, male



Slight pain in the upper arm after 20 minutes; after an hour, pain while moving as if someone had hit hard on it and it had turned blue. This lasted so for almost one week. Furthermore, pain was felt in the breast area at the level of the heart on the day of the vaccination. Sweat attacks were also a part of the first day.


K.S., 10.05.1969, female


0.5 ml Tetanol pur, Co. Chiron-Bering (Charge 009021A)

The vaccination was given on a Tuesday morning and on the following Friday morning I suddenly had severe pain in the left-side of the groin as well as a visible swelling. The lymph nodes were swollen severely, but the doctor even suspected hernia in the beginning (since the swollen spots were not movable, he said). He referred me to the hospital to undergo an ultrasound test, which then showed that it was not hernia. The pain (which spread, when the groin was somehow \"trapped\") and the swelling persisted for another few days (approx 1 week in all), but disappeared again after that.


T.H., 19.09.1969,



On Sunday, 07.08.2005, before noon, had let the doctor from emergency service (after a bad injury under my fingernail due to sprinter while gardening) give me a Tetagam-vaccination in the left upper arm. After approx. 2 hours, there was pain in the left upper arm that was initially comparable to severely sore muscles. Simultaneously, severe heat sensation till the shoulder-neck area with a feverish feeling, although the measured temperature was just under 37.5 °C. The pain increased so much during the night and on the next day that I could barely move my left hand. I could no longer take off a T-shirt by myself, as I could not stretch my left hand towards the right one. By this time, the pain in the arm, even when still, was almost just as severe as when I tried moving the arm. On the second night, the pain was so severe that it was impossible to sleep. The pain beamed so much that the whole left side of the body was affected and I had slight problem while walking. In addition to that, had severe headache in the night with slight nausea. On Tuesday, I once visited the doctor again, who took my complaints seriously and did not exclude (the possibility of) a severe vaccination reaction as well as striking of a nerve while injecting. He wanted to gladly refer me to neurologists, but I decided to wait for yet another day, as I had already read in the internet that the pain often alleviates after 3 to 4 days. On Tuesday evening, the pain was still severe while moving the arm but if I kept the arm still, the pain was minimal. Today, on the third day after the vaccination, I can move my hand properly again. The pain now reminds me again of the severely sore muscles, but it is quite bearable. As, in my opinion, it was unlikely that the doctor had struck a nerve while giving the injection (the pain should have certainly occurred earlier in that case), I have decided to request the doctor to indeed forward this reaction as well.


M.F.,14.07.1965, female

Formaldehyde allergy


It happened as early as 1985.
After a deep injury by a rusted nail; I got passive as well as active immunization against Tetanus. I got fever; one side of my buttocks had severely reddened, swollen and was painful. I was admitted for OP by the doctor, who had carried out the vaccination, with suspicion of syringe abscess. During the OP, it turned out to be fat necrosis. The secondary healing, with very painful daily changing of dressing lasted for approx 8 weeks. A very big scar remained. At that time, the doctors opined that the serum was not injected deep enough, which was the cause of the fat necrosis. Besides, it was no longer to be determined as to which of the two syringes was the cause. It is estimated that it was the passive immunization due to \"albumin\".
Then I got the 2nd active immunization, this time properly, intramuscular in the thighs; a short while after that, I had very high fever, pain, swelling and redness. I did not take the 3rd vaccination.


P.S.,06.04.1957, female



Within a day, severe swelling, redness and hardening of upper arm in the perimeter of 15 cm. Shivering, fever up to 39.5°, and severe pain in arm, headache and pain in the limbs. Today is the 2nd day and it is just marginally better, although I had cooled the swelling! Headache and pain in the limbs, burning and itchy pain in the upper arm, mild temperature of 38.5°, continues.


M.S., 16.10.1968, female


TD-Vaccination Merieux Tetanus-Diphtheria Adsorbat Vaccination

The vaccination was given at about 6 o’ clock on the left upper arm. A day after the vaccination on the following morning a small swelling almost like a mosquito bite developed at the injection site. Within the next few hours, the skin around the injection site became hot and red and swelled up. A knot formed under the skin, about the size of an apricot, which was visible. By afternoon the knot grew to the size of an orange and was visible from outside as well. Skin became very hot and red, and it was difficult to lift the arm without feeling pain. Inside, there was numbness and I had a feeling as if the "knot" would rupture or explode any moment. I was unable to move the arm to the right. I felt as if the upper arm muscle was about to tear.


D.S., female 06.01.1974



A few hours after the vaccination, there was circular hardening and severe burning of the injection spot. The next day, the hardening had slightly increased and the arm was swollen. There was severe pain during the night. The whole arm was swollen and was double the original size and the pain was unbearable. The armpit, the collar bones and the upper ribs were hurting. The fingers were numb. I could not move the hand at all and it was paining even when it was still. The color turned red and then violet. The arm was boiling hot. Went to the doctor. Got medication for swelling, one for allergies and cream for itching.  That was yesterday. Today, the arm does not hurt as bad, but is still swollen. In ten years, the doctor wants to take a measurement of how much vaccine is still present in the blood to check whether I have to take another one in 15-20 years. He said out this happens perhaps to one out of 500 vaccinated people, and he has seen patients with thicker swelling!


N.S male, 9.9.1997



After the second Diphtheria-Tetanus vaccination, the spot of vaccination turned dark red. The upper left thigh had swollen a lot.  Despite cooling and ointment application, the swelling lasted for almost a week. Our son dragged the leg while walking for about three months (the vaccination was given at 11 months when he had started walking). In addition, a severe swelling of the lymph nodes was observed around the head. One week after the vaccination he had severe \"Sommerangina\" (summer tonsillitis) with high fever. (He was never sick before this.)


M.H., female 17.02.02



Vaccine reaction = after the first vaccination my daughter got middle ear inflammation for the first time and spastic bronchitis. The complaints started around 3 weeks after the vaccination. Till date, the infection is still not completely cured and water behind the ear is still not completely drained. It has been around 8 weeks since the vaccination. My son Luca also had the same problems after the first vaccination.


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