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Cholera vaccination


In Germany there are two vaccines. The first is by Behring and has the following composition:

Composition.: 1 ml contains the following: inactivated bacteria of: Vibrio cholerae Ogawa 2 × 109 bacteria, Vibrio cholerae Inaba 2 × 109 bacteria, Vibrio cholerae Ogawa, Biotyp El Tor 2 × 109 bacteria, Vibrio cholerae Inaba, Biotyp El Tor 2 × 109 bacteria.
Further additives: phenol, salts, water for the purpose of injection

The vaccine Dukoral has been approved in Germany now too; supposedly it is effective against a large number of travel diarrheas. In Germany the live vaccine Orochol by Berna in Switzerland has not been approved.


Vaccines that are currently available have little effect and should therefore not be recommended (Infektionskrankheiten: Bundesamt für Gesundheit, 2000, S. 41) Even the WHO does not recommend a vaccination against cholera. Therefore a vaccination is superfluous.

Duration of protection is 6 months at most for the vaccinations.


Side effects, vaccine complications and vaccine damages of cholera vaccination

The package insert for the cholera vaccine by Behring lists the following side effects: Gastro-intestinal problems and/or skin rashes have been observed occasionally. Sometimes muscle and joint pain has been observed. In individual cases there have been muscle and joint problems, including rising paralysis including respiratory paralysis (e. g. Guillain-Barré-Syndrome). Occasionally there have been circulatory reactions and allergic reactions, very rarely including shock.

There have also been renal colic and deterioration of chronic diseases such as liver, heart and renal diseases as well as the possible activation of sites of inflammation (Martin Hirte: Impfen-pro&contra, 2001, S. 291-292)

If immune weakness is congenital or acquired the vaccine may not be used, even if there is simultaneous antibiotic therapy or malaria medication is administered. Children younger than 2 years of age and pregnant women may also not be administered the vaccine.
Reported cases:
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