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G.R., 18.06.1975, female



2 days after the 1st vaccination I experienced extreme itchiness in the region of my hairline on the back side of my head. My doctor was unable to confirm that it was lice, which was what I suspected. Every few days there were marks on the back of my neck that resembled scratches; they were 10 cm long. Obviously I had scratched myself during the night. Additionally I had profuse sweating during the night in these first weeks. The skin doctor said she thought it was a food allergy and sent me packing. Antihistamine tablets had no effect. When I went to have my 2nd vaccination, 6 weeks later, the doctor took my symptoms seriously, but she could not see a connection to the vaccination, even though pruritis is listed as an adverse effect of Twinrix. She said she would rather not vaccinate me at that point in time and took a blood test (everything fine) and sent me to see an allergy doctor at the Charité Hospital in Berlin. The allergy test showed that I was allergic to all kinds of trees and animals and grass. The allergy doctor said that he thought that Twinrix had possibly triggered it but in the context with my inclination to developing urticaria and allergies it was probable. After approx 4 months after the vaccination I went to see another skin doctor who said I had inflamed hair follicles on my neck. She prescribed a high-dose therapy with Cortisone which was to last 2 weeks. It had no effect for the duration of the therapy. After I stopped taking the medication the itchiness returned. Acute spray by Eucerin for the itchy skin calmed the symptoms for short periods of time. But then I got a feeling that something was tearing apart under the skin of my head (as if someone was pulling my hair). This continued for several weeks in the area of the occipitalis muscle. Due to the scratching lesions in this area the lymph nodes have been swollen for at least 6 months (after scratching for 10 months). So I went to a general practitioner who also has a homeopathic training who took me seriously, thinks that vaccine damage is probable and who has prescribed that I take Thuja globules. The result is still open …


E.K., 20.11.2008, female


The first vaccine a baby gets

Our daughter was three months old when she had her first vaccination. She had a slight temperature that day and she did not want to eat. Afterwards we thought that she had tolerated her first vaccination well. Our daughter then lost weight for the next few days, inexplicably. Even though she was getting the same milk ration. And during the next two and a half weeks she turned blue three times. The third time we went to the pediatrician and she sent her right to the hospital. There they said that we were at fault that she was losing weight and that there was no way it could be due to the vaccination. Approx.4 weeks later she got her next vaccination and after a few days she started losing weight again even though she had had even more to drink than usual. The doctor sent her to the hospital again and there they blamed us again and said that we were unable to take care of our own child and that there was no way that the vaccination was at fault. That is when the social workers took her away from us. They said we were above our heads and we were not taking good care of her. And now the vaccination was postponed to June 22 and we have our court case on June 16. The pediatrician and the social workers want to try and cover something up.


R.K., 1.11.90, female



In the beginning I kept getting dizzy and I could not breathe right and then it kept getting worse and several symptoms appeared at the same time such has headache, joint pain, muscle twitching heart palpitations, etc. The whole time I have been it sick it has gotten so bad that I do not want to go outside and stay in bed the whole time.


K.E., 1984, female



Approx. 2 months after the second vaccination I got the following symptoms: stomach cramps, nausea without throwing up, palpitations, chills. After seeing my family physician I got MCP drops and medications that would stop the gastric reflux. I got slightly better but in April the problems started again. They did a gastroscopy but did not find anything. After talking to my gynaecologist we decided that it had not been the vaccination. Then I went to see a naturopath after the problems had gotten better and the gynaecologist had assured me that there was no connection to the vaccination, I had my third vaccination in July 2008. After approx. 6 weeks I was dizzy again, my face felt twitchy, my arms week, and my legs too, joint pain and panic attacks (the fear of walking across crosses). The family physician said I should have physiotherapy on account of the stiff neck but it did not help. I then saw an eye doctor, ENT specialist, orthopedic doctor and finally a neurologist (MRT). Nobody found anything. I was even advised to see a psychologist. When I called the pharmaceutical company they said it could not have been the vaccination on account of the fact that too much time had passed between the vaccination and the reaction. Before I had the vaccination I was not sick, neither physically or psychologically. I was also not subjected to stress. For the past 1 and a half years my quality of life has been very limited. I feel like doctors do not take me seriously and like they are abandoning me. I would never again recommend that a woman have this vaccination. I am convinced that it was the vaccination that triggered all of this.


D.S., 11.01.1975, female


FSME immune and Encepur

Hi, in October 2007 I wrote and told you about my situation and so now I want to describe how it all continued. My doctor is still helping me and I am also being supported by my lawyer 100%. My vaccine damage has not been recognized yet. Every time I appeal a verdict they give me a new sickness that could be the cause of my facial paralysis. In March I was sent to an expert again. He said that I had TBE and that it would be safe to have a third vaccination because I would not be getting TBE again. I must say that I used to be a real proponent of vaccines and was involved in a TBE research project. Strangely enough two years ago my family physician said that facial paralysis can also be a side effect of a vaccination. At any rate the media are finally doing something against the vaccine hype and I think that is great!!! Let’s see how long I am going to continue with this. Honestly, Germany is not up to things like this happening, in Germany everybody wants everything to just continue as usual and people think it is impossible that these things could be a reaction to a vaccination. I wanted to add that people should report their vaccine damages. Only if you do something will be done. And if your doctor does not believe you then ask him why he did not inform you prior to the vaccination and if he is aware of the things that the package inserts for the vaccine lists.


D.S., 20.07.67, male



Early May I had a bad bicycle accident and was run over by a truck, but because I did not know when I had my last tetanus shot the doctor said it would be better if I got a booster. 1st shot immediately, second one in a month (yesterday) the next one theoretically in 12 months. I have to say that I tolerated the first shot quite well for four weeks and that I did not have any bad side effects. But yesterday evening I had such terrible pain at the injection site in my upper arm, even though it was not red, I had bad pain in my neck and in my head, was very tired, felt cold (like the chills but that bad), even though I was working in the office I got really hot and then I got stomach cramps that make it impossible for me to sit or walk upright. Very painful, they go right up into the chest. For me it is the first negative experience and they never diagnosed any allergies but I must say that compared to Germany here in Luxembourg the doctors know just as little as the doctors in Germany.


M.W.., 20.01.1997, male



08.05.2007 my son went to have a vaccination, the nurse said that they only had one vaccine left to which the doctor reached by waving her hand, 4 hours later he was paralyzed completely on his left side. We went to the pediatrician’s the next day and they did blood work. The paralysis had stopped 2 days later. The blood work was as if he had had a heart attack. 3-4 days later everything was okay again. In the course of the next 4 months he became weaker, did not have enough strength to do sport, and had to lie down frequently. Had joint pain and headaches. Could not hold the water at night, had to drink 4 to 6 l of water a day to quench his thirst and in the end they sent him to the hospital and he has type I diabetes. We cannot figure out when he got sick. And now he will have to deal with it for the rest of his life.


H.M., 17.02.2000, female


TD Pur

We are very critical of vaccinations and that is why we have not had our children vaccinated yet. They only had tetanus and diphtheria, because children have injuries sometimes and when they are on outings are not under our care, the older they get. So we decided that they should have a basic immunization against tetanus and diphtheria. With our 9 year old daughter we could see immediately that her arm got swollen and red and that it hurt. She briefly had an elevated temperature of 37.9° and was tired and irritable. Today 3 days have passed and despite the fact that we cooled it and spread Soventolgel all over her arm is twice as big as the other one. It is hot and hard and red and very sensitive to touch. The doctor has now recommended Soventol H and Cortisone and said we should come back tomorrow. He thinks it could be an allergic reaction. Our children have always been healthy and have had no allergies…. I must say that I now regret our decision. If you do not have your children vaccinated doctors make it seem like you are irresponsible but I never got involved in discussions and always remained convinced of my convictions.


T.I-S. 1954



I had my third TBE vaccination. The evening that same day I felt unpleasant nerve twitching but I felt asleep. That night I woke up on account of pain in my backside and I could not bend my leg without feeling pain. The next day I had to limp and it looked like I had fallen and that my leg muscles had been injured. I happened to have a discussion with my general practitioner and I asked if this kind of pain could be caused by vaccinations. She said no but my suspicion that it could be the vaccination did not diminish, because before the vaccination I never had anything except that I sometimes felt tired and fatigued on account of psychological stress, but that had been getting better. Now 2 days have passed and my problems are getting better. I hope that they go away again and I am never going to have a vaccination again.


A.D., 04.05.1961, male


FSME Immun adults

On 23.03.2009 I had my third TBE vaccination. 2 days later I had a headache which continued to get worse and which became unbearable. After the 5th day it got worse. I had trouble coordinating my movements and got dizzy. Afterwards I was unable to walk straight. The 6th day I had a hard time talking and had terrible pain in my chest. I went to see my doctor on 30.03 and she sent me to the hospital where they did a CT, MRT and spinal tap, inconclusive, and they gave me aspirin and sent me home again on 7.04.2009 with the same symptoms. I went back to my family doctor who sent me to have x-rays which were also inconclusive. I was lucky, we have a naturopath in our family and she helped me. She gave me 6 infusions with vitamin B and C and detoxified me and diverted the vaccination so now I have been beginning to get better, week by week.


Y.O., 10.11.1976, female


Influenza vaccine

My flu vaccination was 5 years ago and it took until now to find a homeopath that was able to help me. One day after the vaccination I felt bad, nauseous and like I had the flu. Every day I felt worse. So for half a year I kept consulting doctors. My family doctor who had administered the vaccination did not want to say that there was a connection between the flu shot and how I felt. It is normal that you get sick in winter, she said. I got sicker and sicker, had cough so bad it made me throw up, could not eat, and could not do anything. I could only lie there, I was so weak. A homeopath who is my friend gave me medication that made me feel better. But the nerve pain, the cramp like back pain and the joint pain remained. Every winter I would get colds that I would not recuperate from, and so the infections wandered around my body. I had a child and after that my condition became unbearable. I could sometimes not get up the pain was so bad. Everything became torture. General practitioners were no help at all.

About 8 weeks ago I started a treatment with a naturopath. After I told him what had happened he said that it was clear that it all had to do with the vaccination. He said that there was an infection throughout my whole body. He is now diverting the vaccination and detoxifying me. Already now, only 6 weeks after starting treatment with him I can say that I feel better than I have in a long time.

For the future I hope that people will be informed well by doctors before they have vaccinations. And patients have the courage to have their own opinions and that they say them when they are with their doctors. The patient is the king. But that is not how it is. Doctors do not want their patients to have their own opinion and to use their brains. But lastly it is up to the patient to decide what he wants. We should be aware of that. Let us ask ourselves t you can get a vaccination. And then everyone runs to their doctor. And strangely enough, that is it. You never hear whether the epidemic arrived or not. So every time a patient wants to have a vaccination it would be good if they would be informed about the benefit and potential damages. That way everyone can decide on their own whether they really want to have a vaccination or not.


E.P., 25.06.2008, female


Infanrix, Prevenar

The second day after her vaccination our 10 month old daughter came down with high fever, diarrhea, insomnia, extreme restlessness and irritability. Emilio refuses to sleep alone since then and she does not want to be alone after she falls asleep, she screams in a panic in her bed and since then she has been coming down with a fever of up to 38.9. After we have tried to get her to sleep for 2 hours we take her to our bed where she also does not sleep, she is jumpy and screams, and where she does not fall into a deep sleep but instead keeps waking up after 10 to 20 minutes. She is also very restless, her legs kick, and her arms fling back and forth, and she sits up in bed suddenly after she has fallen asleep. During the day she is very tired, overly sensitive and irritable due to the lack of sleep. She also has a hard spot at the injection site, swelling and redness in her left thigh (pneumococci) and is very sensitive to touch and pain all over her body. I would also like to add that our little daughter slept quite well until she had the vaccination and that she was a very happy and content baby and that she slept in her own room after she turned 8 weeks old. We are shocked about this vaccine reaction and that we are not getting any help or support from anyone. We would like to help our baby return back to normal. (Within one week we saw 5 pediatricians and homeopaths and osteopaths). We will never ever have our daughter vaccinated again.


J.R., 17.01.2009, male


Infanrix and Prevenar

2 days fever, the first day he only wanted to be carried around and would cry when we put him down. Bad mood, lots of crying. After a week it got better. Since the vaccination no longer sleeps all night long.


S.S., 11.01.1942, male



Before he went to Bavaria ona vacation my father had a TBE vaccination. During the vacation he felt listless and tired. But he did not think it had anything to do with the vaccination. The fatigue got worse and worse and then he started having trouble walking, did not have any strength in his legs. First he thought it had to do with his back, so the doctor sent him to se an orthopedic specialist and then he was sent to the hospital to have an overall check-up. They did all sorts of tests but did not find anything. They even did a spinal puncture. No findings. He kept feeling worse and worse. Finally he went to see a homeopath. The first thing she asked was when he was last vaccinated and so she was the first to bring up the vaccination. That was shortly before Christmas. It got worse. The globules were gone quickly but he was still not better. Finally he went to see a medical hypnotist who gave him infusions but he still did not feel better. The doctor got in touch with Novartis who of course said that vaccine damage was impossible, even though all the symptoms proved that that is what it was. So he went to see another naturopath who said that it would be possible to heal him. Tomorrow he going to pick up the mixture at the pharmacy and of course he hopes that some day he will be able to walk again. Or at least that his very miserable condition will get better some day. It is very sad that there is no counter vaccine compound and that pharmaceutical companies do not react to the considerable number of vaccine damages.


S.K., 20.08.1980, female


Covaxis Ch-B. C2695AB

Vaccination in the morning, in the evening fever of 39°C, muscle pain all over, mainly extremities, bad headache, arm where vaccinated swollen and painful and malaise, lasted for 3 days, afterwards a feeling of weakness for a week. I did not go see a doctor but treated myself with Paracetamol.


M.M., 18.11.1985, female



I had the symptoms I had been expecting, like swelling and pain in my arm, but 5 days later it still hurt. On day 6 I got a rash all over my arm which was red and hot. It spread hour by hour. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic which I was to take twice a day for 6 days and cream. It took a week for the redness to go away. Since then my body awareness has changed. That is subjective, I know, but I know how my body reacts to colds, for instance. I get sick much more often and my nervous system is damaged. I have a strange feeling of sensitivity in my legs, which started right after the vaccination.


M.W., 07.11.1973, female



At first I thought that it could not be a vaccine reaction but I had forgotten that one day after the birth of my daughter I had to be vaccinated against rubella, I had had a caesarian, so the conditions were really not perfect. In my first pregnancy I had also had a leg thrombosis and it kicked up during my second pregnancy. So I had to give myself heparin shots as of week 14 and until 6 weeks after the birth. 2 weeks after the vaccination my little daughter who had been vaccinated started to scream and at first I thought it was colic. We tried everything, got medical help – everybody said it would stop by itself. When our little daughter was 7 months old it had gotten better, at the end she was screaming 8 hours a day and throwing up my milk. She was also sensitive to weather, we could say 2 hours beforehand that there would be a change – rain, hail, snow, wind, really. Up until she turned 10 months. Then it got better and her shrill screaming stopped completely, just like the throwing up. What scares me is that my daughter had not even been vaccination; she seems to have taken it in via my milk, to think it would cause these kinds of reactions. It was not even the 6 fold vaccination…. My daughter has not been vaccinated yet.

Now to me: approx 14 days after the vaccination I had the first of 16 cases of the flu in the time between March 2008 to February 2009. Always the same symptoms, terrible pain swallowing, tonsillitis, sinus infection and colds so that I could not even drink, my nose was stopped up and I could not breathe. From the sinuses to the ears, it was sheer hell. I changed, too. First I thought it was the hormones, but everybody around me said I was completely different, everything made me nervous, I was aggressive and completely torn apart. I was really worried. Luckily my famly is nice and my urticaria came back, I don’t know why, maybe all the heparin, maybe the vaccination. I have the urticaria on my fingers and my feet, blisters which tear and which are painful and which have to be treated with cortisone. I feel better today, the urticaria has gone away and luckily I have calmed down again.


A.K., 08.07.1993, female



My daughter (15) was vaccinated against HPV on 27.10.2008, 05.01.2009 and on 30.04.2009. Because cervical cancer does occur in our family, I thought it was a good idea to have my daughter vaccinated. Since the last vaccination I am in limbo. It started after the 1st vaccination and I feel really guilty because I do not know what kind of an effect it will have. She had infections, bladder infections (once in the hospital), nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, then herpes simplex, and here she had never had herpes! When it was finally over 2 or 3 weeks later, one of the above listed things repeated. First I thought it was because it was so cold outside, but my daughter had never really been sick before she had the vaccination. Now that she has had her last vaccination on 30.04.09 she fell ill again on 04.05.09. Diarrhea and nausea. This year my daughter was home sick from school more than the rest of her whole life. It sure is strange how my daughter would go see the gynaecologist because she was so sick so often between the vaccinations with things like bladder infections and that she was not even asked why she had it or herpes or everything else. The same with the family doctor who knew all about the vaccination. I think that we do not know enough about HPV vaccinations and that people are used for free as guinea pigs!


J.K., 15.05.1950



My brother was vaccinated against the pox in 1950. After the vaccination he had a high fever with cramps and a rash. A while later when everything was over they discovered meningitis, he lost his mind. Now he is 59 and has severe HOPS [brain organic psycho syndrome). Unfortunately I do not have the documentation.


T.H., Feb.07, male



Vaccine damage No. 1:
Rotavirus twice (spring and summer 2007). February 2008, despite vaccination acute rotavirus disease with 5 day stay at hospital.
Vaccine damage No. 2:
Despite not knowing and insecurity on my part I let them talk me into having my child having the complete vaccine program, because I want the best for my child! After the third 6-fold combination there was a small dry spot on his right arm. Doctor said that it was not bad and that it would go away again. But the rash continued to spread and now it has spread over both arms, tops and bottom, the back and the chin. neurodermatitis. At night it itches and my child cannot sleep. Bad bronchitis. Diarrhea constantly. Treatment by the doctor: Inhaling for the bronchitis and cream for the neurodermatitis. That is it!!! Now, after a year of torture and wrong treatment the naturopath has diagnosed an allergy to wheat caused by the vaccination, and intestinal fungus as a consequence. We changed nutrition completely; the neurodermatitis is almost all gone (yippee) even without cream! We are continuing the homeopathic treatment until we see an improvement. My daughter who is 7 weeks old will certainly never ever have a vaccination!


D.V., 13.07.1986, female



After the third vaccination (March 2008) my daughter developed the following symptoms over a time period of approx. 11 months:

After meals frequently very painful stomach and intestinal cramps, diarrhea, itchiness all over, rash – dermatologist, cause cannot be determined, cortisone, forgetfulness, hard time finding the right words, massive problems concentrating, cannot do the simplest things at school, has a bad mood all the time, aggressive, cannot take stress, has joint pain and headaches and numbness in her left arm, cannot sleep at night and her legs hurt, frequently dizzy and she faints, feels weal, insomnia, her blood pressure is fine, sore throats, lymph nodes swollen, ear aches and cannot hear well, went to ENT specialist, they cannot tell what the cause is, frequent apnea, pneumologist examines her, allergic asthma – cortisone, she continues to have bad stomach cramps, in the hospital several time, they cannot really say what the cause is and suspect that it was an infection.
Because all of the doctors’ visits did not really clarify what the cause was my daughter went to see a naturopath and that is where they started a holistic therapy (detoxification, strengthening the immune system, acupuncture). The asthma symptoms disappeared gradually and all of the other symptoms, too. The vaccine reaction was later reported to the manufacturer but their representatives said that there was no connection between the vaccination and the problems and suggested that my daughter see a psychiatrist because the symptoms she described sounded like they were a depression. My daughter did not follow that recommendation but continued to strengthen her immune system and for the past few months she has been symptom-free!


N.W., 22.04.09, female



I received my first HPV vaccination 25.06.07 and afterwards everything was fine. After the second vaccination on 17.09.07 I had pain in my upper arm and 2 weeks later I was nauseous and had a stomach ache and flatulence and diarrhea. I was at the doctor’s almost every second day because I was not doing well and I had to be picked up from school all the time. They did ultra sound tests, blood tests, checked my stomach and my intestines. They did allergy tests for fructose, lactose, glutamate and gluten. Furthermore they tried all kinds of diets, but nothing helped the nausea. I tried all kinds of medications that were supposed to take it away, too, but they all did not help. I changed the pill I was taking but the nausea continued. I was in tenth grade in 07/08, but I could not finish that school year, I had to leave school that October. I had to repeat the grade, so I after October I went back to the ninth grade. By March 2008 it was still not better. My mother was worried but nobody knew what to do. Then my doctor sent me to see a psychiatrist. They said the stomach ache was all imaginary and that it was from the stress at school. And so nobody thought it was the vaccination and they gave me the last one on 06.03.08. I never thought all the nausea was from the vaccination but I saw a program on TV about it and realized that it could be due to the vaccination. Today I am sure that that is the cause. My little sister who is the age to be vaccinated will not get the vaccination.


-.-., 16.6.1993, female



After today’s first HPV vaccination my daughter fainted at the doctor’s office, only a few minutes after the injection. She hit her head. Result: They had to bring her to the hospital in an ambulance. And so now she is being observed there. And when I read your website here I was truly shocked!! I hope that the fainting spell is the only adverse effect. And I am already convinced that she is not going to have a second vaccination!


B.K., 02.12.1959, female



On 19.11.2008 I had my gynecologist give me a vaccination against the flu. He did not tell me about side effects. Unfortunately. But I must say that I have a wonderful gynecologist and that I am certain he does not want me to have damages that I am now going to describe: 2-3 days after the vaccination I had terrible headaches with an indefinite feeling of numbness in my forehead, nose and right side of my face. My eyes were suddenly very sensitive to light and I saw everything double. At night I could relax and could not sleep and was constantly walking around the house. Palpitations. Fast pulse, loud noises in my ears. Numbness in my right ear and chest constriction and pressure when touched. On 25.11.2008 it was at its worst, I went blind on my right eye and could only see a black hole. That was at 9:00 am. I called an eye doctor immediately and went there. After a short examination of my eyes he said you have to go to the Homburg hospital, this is an emergency; it could be MS or a brain tumor. So all alone I left his practice and ran around the streets crying. At 12.30 I had checked into the hospital and was already an emergency, I stayed there from 26.11.08 to 02.12.2008. Diagnosis: Infarction of the eye with papillary edema. There were other hospitals and eye clinics, and on

12.12.2008 - 23.12.2008 because of the same symptoms, but this time with paralysis in my left leg, hand and head. Hard time walking and talking, my handwriting changed and my thinking went haywire. My neck was stiff. Diagnosis: Suspected AION – atypical inflammatory optical neuropathy. Other hospitals followed, neurological ward, 06.01.2009 to 09.01.2009. Diagnosis remained: Optical neuropathy with blind right eye, all my life, symptoms of deafness and headaches as well as numbness of right side of my face. I am never going to have a flu vaccination again!!!


P.W., 09.05.1971, female



In February 2007 I had an influenza vaccination. I am 37 years old and work with young people and so I thought that a vaccination would be a good idea. After about a week I got really bad pain in my left arm, where I had been vaccinated, and the next day it got worse; I got fever and a cold. The doctor said it was simply a cold but I felt like I was going to keel over.

The third day the pain got so bad and my legs so week that the doctor on call sent me to the hospital immediately. But there nobody could tell what I had and when I woke up the next morning I no longer had any feelings in my leg, so they did a CT and there was no result and so nobody knew where the paralysis in my legs was from. They took me a different hospital in an ambulance and there they did a spinal puncture but there was no result. When my kidneys gave out I was brought to the university hospital in Ulm. There I was in the intensive ward for a few days and it was not at all sure whether I would ever leave it again. When my values had stabilized I was sent to the infection ward because they seemed to think that I had gotten an infection somewhere with some strange virus. But I hadn’t been away for years and so it was not very probable. They couldn’t find anything either. It was not until I told them that I had been vaccinated against the flu hat the doctors pricked their ears, yet they insisted it could not be the problem. But because they could not find anything the stuck with this assumption. I was in the infection ward for three weeks and had fever all the time, terrible pain in my left arm and extreme swellings, but nobody took it seriously and so I could not sleep, the pain was so bad, despite the fact that they were giving me really strong pain killers. A therapist came to work with me for 2 weeks, every day, but when I got up the first time, I collapsed. My biggest worry was that I would never be able to walk again. After three weeks they let me go home again, even though I could not walk yet and was totally week, even the lymphocyte values were still really high. I wanted to get rehabilitation but was not granted rehabilitation. So I was at home in my 3rd floor walk up and totally on my own. Somebody had to come and get me so I could see a therapist every day. I did not even have enough strength to open a bottle of water.

I was disciplined and went to work out every day and they helped me with a program that made me strong again. 7 weeks later I was able to go back to work for hours at a time. It was really tough but I am so happy to be able to take part in life again. Since then I can walk again but I still have coordination problems and still hit walls sometimes. For almost 2 years I had fever episodes and the blood work ...
I changed from one doctor to the next and half a year ago I met up with a doctor who does ear acupuncture. After 5 treatments the fever was better and my blood work, too. I have to pay for the treatment myself. That doctor told me that my kidneys are not good. But my exhaustion has been so bad for 2 years that I cannot do very much. So when I get home from work I lie down (I teach adolescents). Also I have a cold all the time which makes me go to bed, too, which is really stressful. I teach adolescents. Before the vaccination I was a party queen of sorts, and now there is not much left of that. So I have a new family doctor who told me to take vaccine nosodes as a contrast and he is diverting the rest of the vaccination. So I am going to do that and hope that two years of suffering will finally come to an end. But I must tell you that I am really happy that I can walk again and that that makes me happy every day. At the hospital I decided I was going to do a lot of fitness and sports when I got out and that is what I do. When I have a good day I go out and party (only happens every few months) because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow!


A.S., 24.06.90, female



After the 2nd vaccination I had a hard spot around the site of injection and bad pain. After a while I had problems with my right eye and was unable to see things, I went to the eye doctor who told me to go to the hospital. At the hospital they gave me an MRI and said there was inflammation in my brain which was pressing on my eye. They did a lumbar puncture. Then I was at the hospital for 6 days and was treated with cortisone, which I took orally at home. Now the doctors have diagnosed MS of which I am not convinced yet. The third vaccination was in June but I am never going to have one again. And I would not recommend anyone else to have it, either!


A.I., 24.04.1990, female



Since it has been quite some time that I have had a vaccination I decided to read this website. I have been having stomach aches after my vaccination, followed by diarrhea, nausea and dizziness. It never really got better, either. I never thought it could be the result of Gardasil. Now I am going to go see my daughter again.


S.B., 14.8.96, female



We both had our daughters vaccinated for the first time. The younger one fainted for 5 seconds approx. 3 minutes after the vaccination. She then had cramp-like seizures for 5 seconds, laughing and without emotion, and after an hour she had a hard time breathing. She was hospitalized. The symptoms disappeared at the hospital. She has had headaches and dizziness since then. Her right arm is getting weaker and weaker and she says it is hard for her to climb stairs. She also had pain in the area of the spleen. We are going to have a neurological exam done at a specialist’s and I hope that an MRI. Otherwise we simply pray that she will be healthy again soon.


L.J., 01.04.1994, female



My daughter’s changed, at school, too. First she had headaches and stomachaches and nausea, it was just all too much for her. Getting to school was too much for her, too. After Christmas it got worse. Her attitude changed at school. She was restless and could not concentrate. In January the respiratory problems started. Due to the fact that my daughter reacts to pollen we had suspected something. It got worse. I had to pick her up from school. Her pulse was racing. Palpitations, she could not breathe. The emergency doctor said that her high blood pressure had to be treated. So we went to the family doctor. The pills did not help either. Then the second doctor on call had to come and he said it was all in our imagination and that she was just fine and that she should see a therapist. She could not go to school. She could not ride the street car, had panic attacks. She has been home for a month now. At the ENT specialist it was determined that she had a sinus infection. In the mean time we had driven to the Virchow Weding at 2 am but they just sent us home again. Said it was all in our head. We got a slip of paper that said acute. We did not get an appointment until Easter. She is still at home without being written off sick because I as a mother am sick to death of justifying myself and why I keep taking my daughter to the doctor’s. In the evening and at night it is the worst. Presently she cannot walk in closed rooms. She only feels safe at home. I manage to get her to leave the house and after 10 minutes we have to go back because she is in a panic. In the meantime I had asked my doctor to send Linda to the hospital but he only laughed and said that was not that simple. And I do not want her to go see the pediatrician who gave her the vaccination. I sent the pediatrician an email and told him about your website and asked him if he had gotten feedback, because Linda was not doing well.




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