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A.G., 21.04.2007, female



The second day after the vaccination I came down with joint pain and felt very weak. This condition has lasted one week after the vaccination, accompanied by herpes labiales.


K.S., 27.06.1986, female


FSME Immun adult by Baxter Bioscience

In July 2006 I had myself vaccinated after the Abitur because I wanted to be outside a lot and was going to go on vacation with my boyfriend.

Instead I ended up in the hospital three weeks later with viral meningitis. I had to stop my training after only four months in December 2006. I am plagued by constant dizziness, head pressure, nausea, paralysis, an insecure gait, fatigue and confusion. I have a whole list of tests they did on me (MRT, liquor, blood, everything from A to Z). I even spent two weeks in the hospital after the meningitis and three weeks in a psychosomatic clinic. Everything without success! The doctors cannot find anything and they say it is my psyche. But I am 20 years old and I sure have better things to do than feeling desperate and helpless.

Everything that I could manage without help only nine months ago is really mega difficult for me now. I am at the end of my wits. I would like to be able to get in touch with Mrs. H.Z., born in 1951, because she seems to have had the same symptoms I did


H.Z., 20.9.1951, female


TBE:Encepur adults

The first time I was vaccination was in July 2006 and it was because I was going to be going on an athletic vacation in Germany. I was vaccinated with Encepur. Right afterwards I had no symptoms. The second day of my vacation I had my first dizzy spell without any reason, plus trembling and an insecure gate. I did not even consider that it could have been the preceding vaccination. In mid September I was vaccinated the second time and as a result of increasing symptoms at this time I have not been able to teach. I think that there could be a connection to the TBE vaccination but the doctor says it does not.

I was tested for all sorts of things for months, everything without success. I was in several clinics (MRT, spinal fluid, blood, everything that is possible. They said it was my psyche! After 5 weeks at the psycho clinic I left again and my symptoms had gotten even worse. I now have cramps in my legs in addition to the dizziness, I can hardly walk and have a hard time standing. My muscles hurt and I cannot take care of myself. But the doctors say that I am just fine and they keep telling me that it cannot have anything to do with the vaccination. My eyes are becoming more and more sensitive. My skin itches, I have the chills and I sweat. My concentration is diminishing. I am desperate and I do not know what to do. Is there help? Until July 06 I went to the fitness studio several times a week, or played tennis or golf – no problem. Now I am trying to divert the vaccination on a natural healing basis because the bioresonance test showed a very high TBE strain!


M.+L.T., 19.10.2003, 28.01.2001, female

Neurodermitis, 2 years with homeopathic treatment

TBE-Immun 0,25 ml Junior

This is what happened to my 3-year-old daughter who had always had healthy skin:

Eczema in the hollows of her knees, on her arms and on her stomach; strong itchiness, very dry skin.

The rash went away on its own; the dry and sensitive skin remained.

My daughter who now has neurodermatitis experienced a really bad episode on the part of her skin that had been symptom-free.

For months we had homeopathic treatment which was necessary to get rid of the disease and for her to be able to lead a child’s life.

None of the doctors in Austria thought it was necessary to report my descriptions of this vaccination reaction. The health authorities even questioned whether her skin reaction could have anything to do with the vaccination.


G.G., 5.1.58, female


Encepur Fa. Baxter

1st TBE vaccination early Sept 06, 2nd TBE vaccination 13 October 06

1 day later pain in the right shoulder, then joint pain which became massive polyarthritis = inflammation of the joints and pleurisy. Today I am not completely free of it although rheumatologist, family doctor and pneumonologist say it has nothing to do with vaccinations. But I was really healthy before the vaccination. The disease came after the vaccination!


M.K., 06.03.1965, male


TBE , influenza

On 5.10.2006 17:45 I was administered a booster shot for ticks and also a flu vaccination, because the doctor’s assistant recommended I have it.

I asked whether there could be complications due to the mixture of the vaccines and they said no.

I was also not informed about possible consequences of the vaccinations, not orally and not in writing.

The next morning my arm felt like it was going to explode. In the course of the day I noticed that it felt numb and tingly and my hand felt like it was frozen or like it had fallen asleep.

It is sometimes difficult to lift my arm over my hand, I have no energy and at the same time I tend to lose my balance.

After 4-5 days I also experienced pain in the back of my neck and in my back.

One week later I talked to the doctor. The doctor did not know which arm I had the vaccination in and he is not going to report vaccine damage because the sites of injections have not become infected.

He said that the cribbling in my arm had to do with a slipped disk and within seconds said I should see an orthopedic specialist without even checking my arm.

(I thought you were supposed to have a bad backache so bad that you cannot even walk).

Of course the orthopedic doctor could not help me either.

The symptoms have not gone away and I do not know who I have to turn to to have vaccine damage recognized.

Of course my performance at work has suffered considerably.


E.H., 27.09.1979, female


TBE Baxter

I had the vaccination 4.5 months ago. 2 hours later the headache started, after further 12 hours of a stiff neck I could not lie down for 36 hours without someone helping e. Two days later I was hardly able to walk to the bathroom on my own. I could not tolerate light, noise or being touched. I took pain medication to get through the next few weeks. All blood work was positive. My condition got better, I have energy again, I can run around and on the good days I can work, but I am still far from my old healthy self. I still have terrible headaches and neck aches and I can only move my head slowly and I am still very sensitive to touch. In the morning it takes about an hour for my head to calm down again. I feel like I am on a roller-coaster ride. On bad days I have to stay in bed and take pain medication all day long to keep going.


H.F., 04.01.1978, female


Encepur adults

diarrhea, headache, chills, hot flashes, palpitations, stomach cramps lasted 5 days and I still feel very sick


U.M., 05.07.1968, female


FSME Immun

1st vaccination was about 6 weeks ago, tolerated well (only slight pain in upper arm at site of injection), 2nd vaccination Wednesday evening. Thursday morning pain, but just like we expected (1st vaccination). After a few hours pain became unbearable, went down to the elbow, cannot lift arm over head, etc.

Since then (3 days ago) bad pain, which can only be tolerated if she lies down and holds her hand in a certain position (no weight on her shoulder joint).


D.C., 22.9.51, male



Severe pain in the right upper arm (site of vaccination) for 4 days: One day after the vaccination problems with equilibrium accompanied by sweating. For the past 14 days dizziness.


M.P., 6.6.65, female



Because I will be undergoing treatment at a health resort with my children in August I had a vaccination against TBE, like I did in 1999. But this time I had a severe reaction to the vaccination. The same afternoon I felt slightly sick to my stomach and I had a headache. I thought it had to do with the hot weather. But that night it got worse and the nausea was so bad that I kept throwing up. I kept heaving even though my stomach was empty. I also had a really bad headache, an extreme sensitivity to light and stiffness of my neck and intolerable muscle and joint pain. I called the ambulance and the doctor gave me an infusion which only lasted short-term. My family doctor, whom I consulted the next day, said he thought it was meningitis and thought it had to do with the vaccination 3 days prior. In the meantime I was doing so badly that in addition to the problems I already described I had acute circulatory problems and problems with my vision and consciousness. They took me to a clinic that had a neurological ward where they tested my spinal fluid which did not confirm that it was meningitis but instead I suffered meningeal irritation. 10 days later I can still feel it. After 4 days I was no longer as sensitive to light. But I am still suffering from bad migraine-like headaches so that I am forced to continue to take medication. I am also having a hard time concentrating on reading, TV or music. Every attempt of mine to concentrate on something leads to severe, cramp-like headaches. I still feel like everything in my head as in a vacuum. Without my glasses I am unable to recognize anything. After being treated at the hospital for 5 days (including the relapse the 2nd day) with analgesics and infusions I am following my doctor’s suggestion to stay in bed avoid stress and loud noises, as well as sunlight and heat. I am hoping that this is not going to become a permanent condition.


M.S., 1967, male


FSME, Encepur, Chiron-Behring

3 days after my family doctor attested that my health is excellent after my annual exam I had him vaccinate me against TBE because I am in Switzerland a lot. The first two days after the vaccination I had a bad headache, the fourth day the palpitations started (I had never had heart problems before) which made me check into the emergency ward of the local hospital three days later. Since then I have had one infection after the other, accompanied by shaking, palpitations, headaches and joint pain. My respiratory system has not had any peace and quiet in a month. The second infection stops and the next one starts. Trouble swallowing, red tonsils, cough and sore throat are my constant reminders. I sweat profusely, and then my joints hurt for a few seconds. For the last two days I have had a sinus infection and fever. To me it seems like Encepur has weakened my immune system and perhaps even attacked my nervous system. Maybe Broncho Vaxom will be able to improve it somewhat


S.T.B., 22.09.1966, male



First and second vaccination with Encepur – no reactions.
Up till the third vaccination, ambitious jogger with distances of 20-50 km / week.
Third vaccination by the doctor without info about the change of vaccination: TBE-IMMUNE!!!
Vaccinated in the afternoon.
In the morning, severe pain in the left shoulder.
Since (2003), erratic polyarthritis with inflammation of the tendons in the hand, feet, shoulders and severe swellings / reddening. Phases when I am completely normal change to phases with severe pain that last for months, and which are suppressed using pain killers.
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction= 3 years, permanent Permanent_damage = great restrictions in personal and professional life.


S.F., 24.02.1971, male



Thursday, first vaccination, Friday evening severe shivers, Saturday, high fever and joint pain, Sunday slight improvement


L.P., 3.4.1996; Female



In a few days, my daughter lost all bodily functions ca. 7 weeks after the second vaccination. Initially a fit child, and now, no more running, seeing, speaking, etc. Diagnosis: Miller-Fisher-Syndrome (GBS) with Bickerstaff’s Encephalitis. She consciously understood all this and is now gradually fighting her way back to life. It has been a good two years since, and very very slow progress can be seen.


W.B., 28.02.67, male



I took a TBE vaccine in 1988. The first ever in my life.
A few minutes after the vaccination I had high fever, pain in the liver and my face turned YELLOW!!!! And added to that, I began shivering. The whole thing went on for days. Meanwhile, I lost half of my hair. It was really bad! The whole thing happened within a few days. I was very healthy until then and had no problems at all. I did not recuperate from the vaccination for long. The whole thing lasted for very long, and it was not pleasant at all. It might sound crazy, but I just want to point out that I have also got hyperthyroidism because of the vaccination. The aforesaid diagnosis was done after I lost a lot of weight, and the thyroid glands (left and right) hurt since the vaccination. This ailment was cured.
Given the circumstances, I could not or rather was not allowed to say anything, as to where all of this started, my then job needed me to deal with doctors a lot. Unfortunately, I can’t say much to it.


F.P., 22.09.2000, male


Encepur N (TBEV)

Seven days after the vaccination, Fabio developed high fever with cough. And seven days thereafter came the first attack. Thereafter, followed a long stay at the hospital (6 weeks) with all possible examinations. (MRI\'s, cerebral-fluid puncture, EEG\'s and blood samples). At the end, diagnosis of a viral meningoencephalitis.

Permanent damage = Epilepsy with focally and partially complicated attacks.


J.W., male, 20.01.95



Diagnosis of the Uni-Skin Clinic Göttingen:

1. Exanthema of unclear origin (Type III-Reaction), suspected Serum sickness with Z.N. Encepur-Kdr-TBE-Vaccine.
2. allergic rhinoconjunctivitis



S.W., male, 28.12.1971



Vaccine reaction = earlier I was very active in sports (4-5 days/week). At the age of 28, (3 ½ years back) I got the TBE-vaccination (Chiron-Behring \"Encepur\"). Since then, sports are a far cry. The following problems occurred: pain in the back, pain in the neck and head (Meningism), muscle and joint problems immediately after a little effort. Although the complaints have reduced in the course of time (thanks to alternative healing methods), they are present till date.

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