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-.-., 16 years old, female


HPV-vaccination: Gardasil

Reported by a therapist: Recently a young patient of mine (16 years of age) came to see me after having been administered the new HPV vaccination. She had a bad case of asthma which appeared the first night after the vaccination. I have been treating her since she was a child when she had hay fever, she improved after receiving Sil. until it had almost disappeared. Now, after the vaccination she suddenly has asthma which necessitates medication, usually at night, and the hay fever has reappeared.

After administering Sil. for one week the asthma has disappeared complete. She came to see me again yesterday because she had the second vaccination!!


G.K., 7. 7. 58, female


TBE vaccination: Encepur

I am a pharmacist and I had a TBE vaccination in June 2006 because I was planning to travel in Bavaria and Austria. On the fourth day after the vaccination I had a severe vaccination reaction with various symptoms that lasted for four weeks: severe burning headache, numbness and cribbling in my face, problems with my eyes (dry and burning), muscle pain, rigid neck, and cribbling in my head and in my joints, heavy eye lids, weakness and dizziness. There followed a period during which I only had problems with my eyes and occasional cribbling. A neurologist tested my reflexes and because they were okay he categorized my symptoms as “probably psychosomatic in nature”. I got in touch with the manufacturer of the vaccine who reported my vaccination reaction and sent me a letter which was basically inconclusive but which advised that I should not have a further vaccination!  I myself did not want to have another vaccination anyway. The adverse effects made me shy away. The following weeks I had problems only with my eyes and thought that the adverse effects had subsided. But with no due cause I suddenly had muscle pain in the upper part of my legs, and a feeling of pressure in my head, the way I experienced it the days following the vaccination. The following days it got really bad: severe headache, feeling of pressure in my eyes, eyelids swollen, paresthesia in my joints and drowsiness.  These discomforts have really made me afraid and given me a feeling of uncertainty regarding damage or disease. It was impossible to get an appointment with the neurologist on a short-term notice (three months!), so that I checked into the hospital as an emergency and had a spinal puncture -  - CT of my head!- blood work. Everything was fine. They could not find the reason for my discomforts. They were very nice and said that some people had severe reactions to TBE vaccinations and said I should see a good neurologist or internist. I consulted an eye doctor who checked my eyes but had no findings. After that I went to the doctor who had administered the vaccination and he said it was my psyche that was causing the problems. After weeks of continuing problems I went to see an internist who took me serious and said that it was probably an immunological reaction that would subside only very slowly. It would be impossible to say how long it would last. At least that calmed me down and I learned to live with my problems. But in the following months there were other aspects. There were additional symptoms: numb fingers and toes, my ears getting red and hot and cribbling, nerve pain in my face, cramped toes and calves, itchy skin, backaches, muscle twitches all over my body. Further neurological tests did not lead to diagnostic findings. So now I have turned to the internet and have gotten in touch with people who have also experienced TBE vaccination reactions – they all have more or less the same symptoms and it is impossible to give a diagnosis. There is only one person where there was a diagnosis of eye muscle paralysis and assigned the symptoms to an immunological reaction. Some of my discomforts have gotten better in the meantime but others continue to last.

Conclusion: The manufacturer acts like he is clueless, doctors do not know of the effects of the vaccination (at best they know about immunological reactions) and frequently they do not report these reactions and classify them as psychological symptoms. My professional guild (pharmacists) also does not know anything about these effects – we know that this vaccination can trigger severe adverse effects but they do not know that these can last for months or years.

I have worked as a pharmacist for many years and I have always backed the pharmaceutical industry. That is why I turned to the manufacturer of the vaccine and I was severely disappointed by him. Despite the adverse effects they did not even recommend that I refrain from having the next vaccinations. I can hardly imagine that these long-term adverse effects are not known to the manufacturer. I would like to thank the person who is responsible for this site for giving me the opportunity of getting in touch with other people who have been damaged by vaccinations.


S.P., 16.4.96, male



When he was 8 years old my son was vaccinated against ticks at school. 7 days later he had strange convulsions. A few weeks later he started collapsing. 4 weeks later we had the diagnosis: SSPE. Maybe it is a coincidence, but when he was a baby and had a 3-fold combination vaccination he came down with a severe case of neurodermatitis which he has had to today. He had the measles when he was a very little baby, before he had received the measles vaccination.

Today he is 11 years old and surprisingly he has recovered almost completely, thank God. When SSPE was at its worse he was in a wheelchair and suffering seizures every few seconds. Now he rides his bike and goes to school.


-.-., 26.02.2007, female


Infanrix IPV +Hib,

Three days after this vaccination our daughter came down with fever and screamed during the night, loud and shrill. We went to see a pediatrician who said that our child did not have an infection (3-day fever, etc.) But she obviously has a hard time swallowing without me being able to nurse her more. The situation has lasted about 2 weeks and slowly her condition is getting better. She was listless and crabby and cried a lot and for a long time for a total of four days, she had fever and an elevated temperature. We waited until she was 12 months old to have her vaccinated. Our doctor pressured us so that we decided on the 6-fold vaccination. Originally we wanted her to receive alternative vaccinations but we were talked out of it due to the fact that certain components were missing. When I mentioned the vaccination reaction to my daughter and he checked our daughter, he said that the reactions were normal and not unusual. He said that there were no reactions in his practice that would be worth mentioning. .


M.H., 14.02.1980, male



11 June 2007 1.partial vaccination 13.June 2007 First symptoms dizziness and headache. I did not think anything of it. Happens sometimes.  14.June 2007 Blood pressure rose, headache so that I decided to go and see my family doctor. He said I should stay home for a week from work. 15 June 2007 Lack of motivation, fatigue and exhaustion, then constant dizziness and headaches that feel like my head was constantly under pressure. 18 June 2007 I go see the doctor again. They do blood work but nothing conclusive. He says I should stay home another week and that it would pass.  20 June 2007 Nothing changes, except that I have goose bumps all over which I cannot explain. Back to the doctor who says that it is probably an infection. Blood work again, but nothing conclusive. 21 June 2007 Now I have pain around my heart, in addition to the symptoms I already have so that my doctor says I should see a cardiologist. They do an ultrasound an ECG. The cardiologist thinks that I am completely healthy and that the stress test was above average. During the next days my conditions deteriorates. I now have the chills and hot flashes and I feel terrible all over.  I can’t get out of bed. I can hardly walk 100 meters and it feels like I have muscle pain in my legs. The pain spreads all over my legs, down to my ankles. The pain does not go away. 25 June 2007 Back to the doctor. Blood test. No findings. My girl-friend is worried and does some research on her own. She thinks it could be Borreliosis. So the doctor does a Borreliosis test, even though the last tick bite I had was more than 5 years ago.  Up to that point I had not even considered that it could have been the vaccination. The test arrived and it was negative. 27. June 2007 Since this day I have inner trembling. I feel like an old man, all I can think of is going to bed, I cannot go out, I cannot work. I react to loud noises and bright light. And then I have vision impairments, like a fuzzy TV.  Black and white points all over, they are my constant companion. 28. June 2007 Doctor has an X-ray done of my thorax. No findings. I could be happy, they tell me. There are a few hours here and there where I feel better and each time I hope that it is final.  29 June 2007 Doctor says to stay home from work. Blood work. No findings. Girl-friend does some more research and lands here at this site. Shows it to my doctor who then says that it cannot have anything to do with the vaccination. 02 July 2007 Further deterioration of the symptoms. Doctor does not know what to do with me. Sends me to the hospital. The doctors there wanted to do a colonoscopy so I described my symptoms and then they did not do it. My doctor had written abdominal pain. Blood work, and for the first time they determined something unusual. I was asked if I had done a lot of sports recently because that kind of a value was usually found if there was a lot of physical exertion. I said no and asked whether it might have something to do with the pain in my legs. They told me that that was impossible. 03. July 2007 The doctors discussed whether it even made sense for me to stay in the hospital. They decided it did. They drove me to the university clinic where they did an ECG and MRT, no findings. The doctor in charge said it was depression when I said I was afraid it could have something to do with the vaccination. 05. July 2007 They wanted to send me to a psychologist, but the same day I looked at the package insert of the vaccination I had been administered and it said that sometimes there were adverse effects. So I did not go to the psychologists, but since they could not find anything at the hospital they sent me home again. 06. July 2007 Today I was released, so I went to the doctor’s office and asked what I should do next. They indicated that I was only imagining everything and should wait until the adverse effects would recede. I asked when that would be and they could not give me an answer. All I know is that I still have all of the symptoms and that I do not know what to do.


-.-., 22.05.1978, female


Havre 1440 (Hepatits A)

Because we were going to take a trip abroad my husband and I had a hepatitis A vaccination. First one was 30.05.06, second one 15.12.2006. My husband had really bad pain in his arm afterwards which disappeared again after 3-4 days. I on the other hand have felt numb on the right side of my body ever since 01.01.07. First I did not worry, but then on 04.01.07 I consulted our family doctor. I told him about the numbness and said that I thought it could be a reaction to the vaccination. He said no and sent me to a neurologist who had me have an MRT for my back. I should add that the numbness starts below the right side of my chest.  The doctor then told me that I have an inflammation on the 7th thoracic vertebra (possibly on the bone marrow, too), but nothing else was unusual. On 11.01.07 I went back to the family doctor and he read both reports to me and said that there was a suspicion of MS. So they sent me to the neurological clinic immediately. I was there for 3 days and they did all sorts of tests. No confirmation! I should add that I have not lost any energy. But still I was supposed to do a cortisone therapy (3 days 1000 ml, without success). It only involved additional diseases. And so now I am being treated by a naturopath who was the one who said I had a vaccination damage (liver, etc, do not work properly). I am taking globules, (IST complex Contra a I, acupuncture and Chinese herbs). Unfortunately I still have that feeling of numbness, but I am hopeful!


D.N., 30.01.1963, female


Hepatitis A vaccination: Havrix

Two weeks after coming down with a pretty bad case of hay fever (hazelnut and birch) as well as allergic cross reactions (nuts, fruit, apples, pears, celery) that continue to this day and in the interim asthma.

Period of time after vaccination: 2 weeks

Duration of vaccination reaction = 5 years


L.K.09.02.2002, male



Our son was vaccinated twice with Hexavac. The first time he was 3 months old and he had no problems and little effects. Later on he came down with a middle ear infection, I don’t know if there is a connection or not.


After the second vaccination he screamed at night. After two days of seizures we went to the hospital. The seizure had passed, but the child was completely exhausted. They told us at the Helios KKH Wuppertal that he probably had had a ball of phlegm in his throat when he woke up and that it made him afraid. They said that happened sometimes. We pointed out that he had been vaccinated; they smiled and denied there was a connection. He had more seizure and ECG was done but it was inconclusive.


We then decided to not have him vaccinated anymore; our second son is unvaccinated and healthy.  

The child was barely able to talk at two years of age (but made noises that sounded like he wanted to say something). When he did talk it was hard to understand. When he was three years old it was obvious when he was with children his age that he was not as far as they were in his development and motor function. After it had been ruled out that he was hard of hearing (Phoniatrie Uniklinik D\'dorf) they started treating him. When he was three and a half he started therapy with a logopedic specialist and later he attended a kindergarten that specialized in linguist healing and logopedia and ergotherapy. This institution moved, so that I cannot attend it anymore. My son is now in therapeutic treatment and sees a logopedic specialist twice a week. The kindergarten practices a lot with him, too.  Nonetheless strangers have a hard time understanding him. But it is good that he can convey his thoughts

My son has a check up at the therapeutic centre every six months. When they did a psychological profile they determined that he is not quite advanced as he should be at his age. They also say he has ADHS/ADS. But it is impossible to give a real diagnosis at the age of 5. Furthermore it is possible that (due to frustration?) he does things that remind people of ADS but which are not caused by it


C.Z., 29.03.1990, female


HPV vaccination: Gardasil

6 days ago I got a vaccination against HPV. The site of injection was very sensitive right after the vaccination and now I have a bruise and the place where the needle went in is hard (feels like a little knot).

Today my fingers were itchy all afternoon and then they swelled up to twice their size. Moreover they were red and I was unable to close my hands.

I haven’t seen a doctor about it yet but today was the first time it appeared.


E.d.C., 14.10.1975, female


MMR Triplovax

Two days after the vaccination I was pretty tired, felt weak and my joints felt heavy. 6 days after the vaccination the lymph nodes behind my ears were swollen which made it impossible for me to lie down or sleep. This lasted for 4 days.

Then, after the 11th day the pain in the lymph nodes subsided but there was an open and painful place on my gums which lasted for 3 days.

Then on the 13th day there was an eye infection which lasted for 3 days and on the 14th small red spots for approx. 2 days on my stomach, accompanied by fever and diarrhea all day long. On the 17th day after the vaccination my joints were all swollen, especially my fingers and bones hurt and I had pain in my feet and foot joints. I had to stay in bed; the pain did not get better even though I was getting rest. The next day it all seemed even worse and the shoulder became affected. Each shoulder hurt. On the 19th day after the vaccination my hands and shoulders continued to hurt, the feet not so much, but the hand and shoulder were still swollen. The swelling of the lymph nodes only hurt when I pressed it.
Throughout the whole next week the pain stayed, only Voltaren gel took away the pain for a short time. In the evening the swelling on my feet got worse, I felt the fingers during the day and it felt like they had fallen asleep. In the morning they were very swollen and it hurt to move them. After a while it got better.

After the next week (22 to 28th week) the shoulder pain got better, the joint pain did too, the swelling of the fingers and feet did not get better. The joint on my hand on the left side hurt, too. The next three days I also had a lot of abdominal pain on the left side.

The next week the swelling of my feet went away, but the fingers still hurt and were swollen, they actually felt numb every day. Until today (52nd day) I have very swollen feet and slightly swollen fingers during the day, in the evening the pain gets worse, at night the fingers hurt a lot and in the morning they are stiff. For the past 2 weeks I have been taking diclofenac in the morning and at night.


L.G., 25.07.06, male



My son received his second vaccination in February. One day later he came down with fever and a cough. I went to see the doctor who prescribed some coughing medicine. Unfortunately he has not gotten any better and so I went to the children’s clinic where I had been told that it was a slight infection. 2 days later my son had 40° fever and had large red spots on his stomach and on his neck.

Diagnosis: Pneumonia – 1 week at the hospital, antibiotics

Maybe I should mention that the site of injection was red and swollen for a long time after he had been vaccinated.


A.I.C., 29.06.2004, female



Unfortunately I had my first daughter (born on 29.6.2004) vaccinated because that is what (almost) everybody does. It always made my stomach lurch and now I now why. On 7.9.2004 she had her first vaccination Infanrix TM/DTPa-IPV+Hib. After 2 - 3 weeks she came down with a cold followed by bronchitis. After the second vaccination on 9.10.04 she got bronchitis again (I did not know there could be a connection). Until the 4th vaccination in December 2005 she had bronchitis all the time. After the last vaccination, during which PriorixTM MMR/ROR were administered she came down with neurodermatitis. She was now 1 1/2 years old and had to suffer. A kinesiologist detected that she is allergic against milk products, protein and even detergent. With the help of homeopathy the dermatitis has almost completely disappeared. Unfortunately she still has the intolerance against the food. When she was 2 and a half she got a middle ear infection. Presently we are trying to divert the vaccination with the help of homeopathic medication which triggers reactions. I have become an absolute opponent against vaccinations and my second daughter who is now 5 months old will never be vaccinated.


A.G., 21.04.2007, female



The second day after the vaccination I came down with joint pain and felt very weak. This condition has lasted one week after the vaccination, accompanied by herpes labiales.




Pneumovax23, Influvac2006/2007

Initially the kind of pain that I had during the preceding flu shorts, right around the site of injection, as if I had bumped it. After 6 hours the whole arm hurt. 9 hours later the left arm could only be lifted if I could withstand the pain and it was impossible for me to bend my arm.  When I did the whole arm was swollen right up to the fingers. Below the elbow there was a deep red swollen spot as big as the palm of my hand. The whole left arm hurt the next days whenever I touched it. 12 hours after the vaccinations I had the chills and then I started sweating profusely and it lasted all night. While fever and chills stopped the day after the vaccination I started to get hoarse which lasted for 2 days and then stopped. Because of the pain and the limitations I had moving I could not drive for 3 days and it was only possible for me to do household chores after the fourth day. Today is the 5th day after the vaccination, the swelling of the arm is getting better as is the elbow and the pain is starting to recede.


S.P., 24.10.1998, male



2 days after he was vaccinated we found our son in bed, lifeless and staring ahead. He had foam around his mouth. We took him to the clinic immediately where he was resuscitated. The first diagnosis was fever cramp. The next few days he had more cramps (without fever). All tests were without a result. After having been administered Phenobarbital the cramps stopped. Our son at this point (7 months) lost all motoric movements like turning his head, sitting, turning. After therapeutic treatment they slowly came back. What was evident was the lack of eye contact. He no longer had visual perception. A few weeks later he started reaching for things again. Our son has psychomotor developmental delays and difficulties at school. We had his disease registered as a vaccination reaction.


K.S., 27.06.1986, female


FSME Immun adult by Baxter Bioscience

In July 2006 I had myself vaccinated after the Abitur because I wanted to be outside a lot and was going to go on vacation with my boyfriend.

Instead I ended up in the hospital three weeks later with viral meningitis. I had to stop my training after only four months in December 2006. I am plagued by constant dizziness, head pressure, nausea, paralysis, an insecure gait, fatigue and confusion. I have a whole list of tests they did on me (MRT, liquor, blood, everything from A to Z). I even spent two weeks in the hospital after the meningitis and three weeks in a psychosomatic clinic. Everything without success! The doctors cannot find anything and they say it is my psyche. But I am 20 years old and I sure have better things to do than feeling desperate and helpless.

Everything that I could manage without help only nine months ago is really mega difficult for me now. I am at the end of my wits. I would like to be able to get in touch with Mrs. H.Z., born in 1951, because she seems to have had the same symptoms I did


A.K.,21.07.81,  female



Reddening and swelling at the site of injection, they swell up in the following 24 hours, then a bruise under the site, sensitivity to touch, burning, pain, chills, elevated (38.4 °C), sweating profusely and chills over 3-4 days, nausea, flu-like symptoms, headache, now 6 days later the site of injection is still swollen and red and my arm hurts when I move it.


M.T., 24.08.68, male



After Hepatitis A and B – vaccination I had numbness for three days in the left side of my body, which have lasted up until this day, 5 months later. I also suffer from fatigue. They suspect that I have MS.


E.-N.S., 01.04.2006, female



Vaccination on 19.03.07, on 26.03 no appetite and difficulty swallowing, on 27.03 in the evening slight rash on stomach, on  28.03 rash gets worse on my backside and the inside of right elbow, redness spreads. I call the doctor; he says it cannot stem from vaccination because incubation period not reached yet. On 29.04 I take her to see the pediatrician as the rash is getting stronger and I have the feeling that the child is itchy. She now does not sleep well and scoots along the floor on her stomach. Pediatrician: Maybe it is a reaction of the immune system which is caused by the vaccination. He does not say the word neurodermatitis. I ask what we can do and he prescribes a lotion: Prophylenglycol 3,0, Polidocanol 6,0, Basis creme a.d. 10 p.o., Aqua p... 22,.. Doesn’t really help. Skin is still very red and dry and cracked, pimply. The redness increases. And she has a cough. I take her to see the family doctor on 05.04. He says it is an allergic reaction to the compounds in the vaccine. But not a reaction to the viruses. He prescribes a different lotion, twice a day.


S.M., 14.6.06, female


5-fach vaccination

She had a high fever for one week, screamed non-stop, was apathetic for two weeks, got neurodermatitis and since then has all sorts of allergies to soy, lactose, citrus, apple to which she reacts with diarrhea.


S.S, 27.01.1947, female


1 ml Tetagam N and 0.5 ml Tetanol pur

On 09.03.2007 squeezed the middle finger of my right hand and was brought to the Hegau-Bodensee-Klinikum Clinic in Singen by ambulance. They gave me a Tetanol shot before they x-rayed and sewed my finger. Then they gave me Tetagam because I had had the last vaccination more than 10 years ago. The next morning I had a red swollen arm, not only at the injection site. It was the weekend so I treated it with ice; I was to see my family doctor on Monday and he was going to change the bandage. On Monday it had not gotten better. My family doctor gave me Voltaren dispers. 8 days later it was still not better so we tried  Cetirizin tablets but with no effect. I continued to have bad pain, my fingers, too and right hand and shoulders and neck. So they gave me decortin 20 mg (10 tablets) for another week. After taking decortin the redness and the rash receded. When I had taken all the tablets the reaction returned the next day.

So I called the clinic where I had been. They gave me an appointment with the director of the clinic. On Monday, 2 April I went there but they could not explain what the symptoms were. They told me to have an allergy test done. I had never had allergies and I had the impression they were trying to distract me. Today, on 3.04.07 I am still suffering from the pain and do not know if the spots and the bumps will return. Before I was vaccinated I had healthy arm muscle and had never experienced problems like this.


B.S., 06.03.1960, female



A week ago I was vaccination against dt. The next day my arm hurt a lot and there was a burning and itchy sensation at the site of injection. The top of the arm got all hard and red and friends told me that was normal.  But one week later I still have the pain and the burning sensation and so I am going to see my doctor tomorrow. ,


A.S., 30.06.01, female


Infanrix  and Pentavac

Our daughter Arria was born on 30 June 2001 and she was totally healthy. Until she had her first 5-fold vaccination on 5 September 2001; she was never sick until then, either. On 30 October 2001 she had her second vaccination and that is when it all began. Our daughter was regularly sick after that every 4 weeks, high fever, vomiting and complicated fever cramps with paralysis of the left side. We had all sorts of tests done, first at the Kanton Hospital in Winterthur (EEG, MRI and various organ tests). They kept telling us that she didn’t have anything and that she was perfectly healthy but we just knew that something was wrong. We insisted that her tonsils be removed (even though the doctors kept telling us she didn’t have anything). And lo and behold, the tonsils were covered with viruses. After the tonsils had been removed she no longer had high fever and we thought the cramps were history, too. But in May 2006 the cramps started again, this time without a fever, and she was brought to the children’s hospital in Zurich, which is what we wanted. So they did another EEG and it was determined that she suffered from epilepsia. She had another MRI and then they saw that she had liquid on the right back part of her brain. They sent us home again with the diagnosis STURGE WEBER SYNDROME. Since then our daughter must take the medication OSPOLOT 50 mg twice a day so that she does not have cramps. So this is our question: Is it really STURGE WEBER SYNDROME or could it stem from the vaccination. We are convinced that it is a vaccination damage and not STURGE WEBER SYNDROME but brain edema. Could you please help us? We cannot believe that our daughter will have to take the medication for the rest of her life.


H.Z., 20.9.1951, female


TBE:Encepur adults

The first time I was vaccination was in July 2006 and it was because I was going to be going on an athletic vacation in Germany. I was vaccinated with Encepur. Right afterwards I had no symptoms. The second day of my vacation I had my first dizzy spell without any reason, plus trembling and an insecure gate. I did not even consider that it could have been the preceding vaccination. In mid September I was vaccinated the second time and as a result of increasing symptoms at this time I have not been able to teach. I think that there could be a connection to the TBE vaccination but the doctor says it does not.

I was tested for all sorts of things for months, everything without success. I was in several clinics (MRT, spinal fluid, blood, everything that is possible. They said it was my psyche! After 5 weeks at the psycho clinic I left again and my symptoms had gotten even worse. I now have cramps in my legs in addition to the dizziness, I can hardly walk and have a hard time standing.  My muscles hurt and I cannot take care of myself. But the doctors say that I am just fine and they keep telling me that it cannot have anything to do with the vaccination. My eyes are becoming more and more sensitive. My skin itches, I have the chills and I sweat. My concentration is diminishing. I am desperate and I do not know what to do. Is there help? Until July 06 I went to the fitness studio several times a week, or played tennis or golf – no problem. Now I am trying to divert the vaccination on a natural healing basis because the bioresonance test showed a very high TBE strain!


M.+L.T., 19.10.2003, 28.01.2001, female

Neurodermitis, 2 years with homeopathic treatment

TBE-Immun 0,25 ml Junior

This is what happened to my 3-year-old daughter who had always had healthy skin:

Eczema in the hollows of her knees, on her arms and on her stomach; strong itchiness, very dry skin.

The rash went away on its own; the dry and sensitive skin remained.

My daughter who now has neurodermatitis experienced a really bad episode on the part of her skin that had been symptom-free.

For months we had homeopathic treatment which was necessary to get rid of the disease and for her to be able to lead a child’s life.

None of the doctors in Austria thought it was necessary to report my descriptions of this vaccination reaction. The health authorities even questioned whether her skin reaction could have anything to do with the vaccination.


N.U., 23.05.05, male


Infanrix hexa

Initially my son was only vaccinated with the 5-fold vaccination. But then I was stupid enough to let myself get talked into continuing with the 6-fold combination vaccination and the double booster shot for the hepatitis B vaccination.  That evening I saw that his arm was swollen, the lump was about as big as a walnut. It lasted for 2 weeks. Then the swelling went down but what remained was a brownish discoloring at the site of injection as well as a pea-sized lump under his skin. The day he was vaccinated was uneventful. But the second day my son became crabby, fussy and aggressive.   He started making high squeaky sounds. Like a guinea pig, but louder. He stopped talking. He regressed. The squeaky sounds and the aggressive fits have remained until today. He is presently being treated homeopathically. And he has gotten somewhat better. I did not pursue the hepatitis B booster shots. I did not like the way he had reacted. I will continue to have the 5-fold vaccination; he reacted well to that, except for fever during the evening.


V.G., 1983, female



3 weeks after the vaccination there was swelling in the hollows of the knees, I could not walk for 2 weeks and since then the pain was returned repeated.


-.-., male


Prevenar, Infanrix

On 19.02.2007, Lena was 3 months old and weighed 5.980 grams, the vaccinations were administered at 12.30. She was an even-tempered, friendly and quiet baby. I still nurse her. They gave us STIKO’s vaccination brochure. The doctor had me sign the vaccination papers and told us that the injection site would maybe become red and that it was possible that she would be restless after the vaccination.

After the vaccination she slept a lot. She did not really wake up for the rest of the day, she was completely apathetic and tired, and her eyes would not open, even when she drank. No fever. This condition continued for two days. She cried a lot. She was very restless at night. She would only calm down when I carried her around.

On Sunday, 25.02.2007, she came down with a cough. She did not sleep well that night. She coughed on the hour, cried again and again and it was impossible to calm her down. On Monday she was completely apathetic, 39 fever, we gave Paracetamol 125 for the pain. She only drank when she slept. On Tuesday she was better and we are treating her homeopathically. Problems teething probably due to the vaccination. Her stool was green and did not smell nice, her bottom was sore and she had gas. She cried a lot. That night she cried even more. Could not calm her down.  Wednesday morning she was relatively good. We took her to the doctor again. He listened to her chest, everything okay. 11.00 her condition deteriorated. Stopped drinking, apathetic, completely changed, moaned a lot and seemed to have pain. At 21.00 we took her to the hospital to make sure she did not have meningitis. The temperature rose within a very short period of time to 40 degrees. Red pharynx, lots of phlegm and left ear red. Flatulence. Nothing else. They gave her paracetamol. She slept although she coughed a lot. Today Thursday she is much better. Very agile and reacts. She smiles back. We hope that this will not change and that we will get a grip on the cough.  We will divert the vaccinations homeopathically. No more vaccinations for everything, maybe a 3- fold one, but we are going to give it a lot of thought.


G.G., 30.05.2002, male



A few days after the vaccination (5 and a half months old) my son had cramps and his breathing stopped. He was reanimated. He continued to have cramps at the hospital. The next he was relatively wide awake, but the next day he was apathetic again. They determined that there was fluid in his head (sonography showed that it had a depth of 1.5-2 cm instead of 1-2 mm). The fontanel was tense. The cramps got worse and his heart stopped, they reanimated him again. Afterwards they put him into an artificial coma to spare his brain and organs. MRCT – small amount of subarachnoidal bleeding at the back of his head and subdural hematomas. As his brain had not been damaged they woke him up again and then determined that he had regressed (could not lift his head). On account of the subdural hematomas the pressure on his brain was so great that he was punctured in the fontanel every 2-3 days.  The spinal fluid was contaminated. It was not flowing out in the direction of the spine. After 15 punctures (each one without anesthesia) the system cleaned itself and we were sent home from the hospital after about 3 months. To this day they have not told us a cause for the cramps and for the fact that my child almost died, was traumatized, and epilepsia was floated as a possibility.

After years of physiotherapy, ergotherapy and osteopathic treatments, TCM and homeopathy …. A doctor asked me whether we ever considered it could be vaccination damage. A short time later my son was in holopathic treatment and it was discovered that he had a massive intolerance to vaccinations.

Today my son, who is 5 years old, is better, thank god, but he is not quite up to speed (toilet trained when he was 4 years old, fine motor skills relatively weak, intellectually great, thank god).

We have a good homeopath and a good osteopath. In future we will get information whether it is really necessary to have hi vaccinated, but NO WAY will it be a combination vaccination and we will have it supervised by a homeopath.


W.S., 10.02.2005




Two days after the first injection nausea, malaise, fever, eczema. After the second injection there were allergic reactions; eczema on back, head and legs and blisters on her back, like measles. My daughter is being treated with Fenistil drops. I don’t know how the body’s reaction is going to continue.


S.B., 02.05.1997, female


Meningitec conjugation vaccination against mengingococci of serogroup C

We did not go see the doctor after the vaccination. We now treat everything with standard homeopathy. According to the doctor it was not vaccination damage but rather STIPULATIONS!
As my daughter was completely healthy until two or three weeks ago and was also healthy for the 12 months before that we must assume that it was vaccination damage. After the vaccination my daughter was much more nervous and unable to concentrate during the first few weeks. She cried a lot and seemed almost like she was depressed. The following week she suddenly had a number of nose bleeds several times.

The following weekend she suddenly got bad headaches which lasted for 2-3 days. This is when we started homeopathic treatment. Afterwards she had nosebleeds and headaches and had a hard time concentrating. In between she would have stomach aches. Several days later she had stomach cramps which lasted for The following weekend she suddenly got bad headaches which lasted for 2-3 days. This is when we started homeopathic treatment. Afterwards she had nosebleeds and headaches and had a hard time concentrating. In between she would have stomach aches. Several days later she had stomach cramps which lasted for 4 hours and which were accompanied by vomiting. The pain was so bad that we had to take her to the hospital.  She has been feeling weak recently. All this happened during the three weeks after the vaccination!!! It sure would be a coincidence if it did not stem from the vaccination.

I would also like to mention that she had difficulties at school during that time, too.


A.S., 17.06.1982, male


Varilix und M-M-RVax

Centers of inflammation in the brain and therefore functional deficiencies and paresthesia  Presently:Encephalomyelitis disseminata


C.V., 13.01.90, female


MMR: rimparix-pluserix

Infection of the respiratory tract: March 91     mmr-vaccination 26.04.91
complications during the second post vaccination week. Caroline cries continuously, she twitches and has an empty look on her face  in high fever 6.05.91 called the family doctor who says it is a middle ear infection, she cannot sleep at night, twitches and nods her head: meningoencephalitis 8.07.91 Caroline is completely handicapped since 8.07.91, she has epileptic seizures. To this day it has not been recognized as vaccination damage.

Email 30.7.07: Finally recognized as vaccination damage by the social court. After a 12 year battle we are very happy about this.


G.G., 5.1.58, female


Encepur Fa. Baxter

1st TBE vaccination early Sept 06, 2nd TBE vaccination 13 October 06

1 day later pain in the right shoulder, then joint pain which became massive polyarthritis = inflammation of the joints and pleurisy. Today I am not completely free of it although rheumatologist, family doctor and pneumonologist say it has nothing to do with vaccinations. But I was really healthy before the vaccination. The disease came after the vaccination!


H.S., 16.11.2004, male


Boostrix Polio

Ca. 29 hours after the vaccination my son experienced a cramp-like shock. He was sitting on a chair and suddenly he collapsed and fell off his chair. When I picked him up he looked at me with huge eyes, his mouth was open and he did not react. He was also holding his hands like little paws and seemed rigid. This lasted for about 30 seconds. Then he slowly came to. He reacted, knew his name, but his speech was slurred. He seemed timid and afraid. After a good night’s sleep he was his old self again.


B.D., 15.7.1969, female



6 hours later swelling and feeling of pressure in my upper arm – not really bad. The next day migraine-like headache on the right side with double vision and dizziness.


S.H., 22.08.1972, female



Three months after my last vaccination by our company doctor I had a pretty bad MS episode. I experienced vision impairment and loss of equilibrium. Both lasted from mid June 2005 to October 2005. I could not work.


E.P.H.,05.06.04, male



After the second MMR approx. 14 days after the vaccination 3-day fever, in hospital for 5 days. After the third MMR approx. 14 days after the vaccination high fever, very apathetic, hospital.  
21 infections, cold, cough fever in 2005


P.D., 16.3.2005,male


Infanrix hexa

Site of injection red and swollen (half day after the vaccination). Restless for 2 days.

Eczema all over back and arms (rough skin), but not red and not itchy. The rash has still not disappeared after 7 days.


L.N.H., 02.03.2006, male


Infanrix hexa

Two days ago our little son was subjected to the 6-fold combination vaccination for a third time. At the time he weighed 8240 grams at 75.5 cm. For months we had been struggling with his weight and thought that a turn for the better had come when he gained 300 g in only 5 days. Then he was vaccinated and only a few hours later he had a fever (38.8°C), which could only be handled with suppositories. Since Tuesday evening he is not keeping any food down and even refuses to drink milk, which he loves. If fed with baby food he throws it up immediately. I called the pediatrician and they told me it was normal and that we should wait and see. Tomorrow we plan on going there again because he from Tuesday (16.01.07) to today (Thursday: 18.1.07) he has LOST 300g. He only weighs 7900 g now and is no longer himself since he was vaccinated. Before that he was fine, aside from a malformation of the kidney which he was born with. He had even recovered from a bacterial respiratory tract inflammation with the help of antibiotics.


S.D., 22.09.1976, female


Diphtheria, Hepatitis B Typhus

I got all three vaccinations at once, one in each arm and one in my leg. I don’t know which one is which.

Vaccination reaction: dyspnea, claustrophobia, dizziness. I could not eat.  My symptoms have not subsided. My doctors say that the vaccination is not the cause. I was vaccinated in May 1999 but I still have bad pain.
Unable to work. I must now apply for disability pension!


L.D., 25.7.2006, female


infanrix hexa

My daughter slept a lot after her vaccination. She only woke up to be nursed. She was vaccinated when she was 3 months old.

After five days everything was over – since then our nights have been sleepless – she has a bad stomach ache. She is now getting homeopathic treatment and is recovering very slowly.


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