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Cholera is a severe disease whose main characteristic is diarrhea. It has spread world wide. Cholera occurs mostly in South Asia and Africa. In 1991 it appeared in South America for the first time. When cholera occurs in Europe it has been brought in from the countries mentioned above.

Cholera vaccination

The vaccines that are available today show little effect and cannot be recommended (Infektionskrankheiten: Bundesamt für Gesundheit, 2000, S. 41) Even the WHO does not recommend cholera vaccinations. Thus vaccinations are superfluous

The duration of protection is 6 months maximum for vaccinations.

The package insert of the cholera vaccine produced by Behring lists the following side effects: gastrointestinal problems and or rashes have been observed occasionally. Occasionally there have been muscle and joint problems. In some cases there have been afflictions of the central or peripheral nerve system, including rising paralysis including respiratory paralysis (e.g. Guillain-Barré-Syndrome). Occasionally there have been circulatory reactions and allergic reactions, rarely have there been cases of shock.

There have also been reports of renal colic being triggered, the deterioration of chronic diseases such as liver, heart and renal failures and potentially the activation of inflammation sites (Martin Hirte: Impfen-pro&contra, 2001, S. 291-292)


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