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Points of notice, for making a decision on vaccination.


The foundation for consumer protection in Switzerland does not recommend the general recommendations of the BAG (Federal Health Office) in Switzerland. In its publication " Inoculate - bases for a personal vaccine" parents are advised the following:





  • You should inform yourself in detail before each vaccination, there’s hardly ever a rush to a vaccination.
  • An absolute security in regards to a vaccination does not exist. A disease can lead to serious complications and damages, which are however possible even with the vaccination and does not exclude it.
  • The official vaccination schedule is set at a maximum version. It is not an obligation, but rather a recommendation.
  • Benefits and risks of vaccination and the disease should be carefully weighed out.
  • Young children should not be vaccinated in early stages of life, because their nervous and immune systems are not yet fully developed.
  • Except for Hib and whooping cough in Switzerland, there is currently no urgency for vaccination in an early infancy stage.
  • The immunization can diminish with time and should therefore be reviewed (especially rubella females going into puberty)
  • During pregnancy and pre-existing diseases / conditions, extreme caution is needed when vaccinations are administered.
  • Vaccines without the adjuvant Thiomersal should be administered.
  • In multiple vaccines, care should be taken that will only vaccinated against these diseases, which are also desired, and which were not already healed through means of natural way.
  • Stand to the responsibility of your personal decision of vaccine - including to third parties.
  • Each injection should be recorded within the personal vaccination records.
  • With massive 2 days or longer-lasting side effects of a vaccination, the vaccine administering Physician should be consulted.
  • It should be encouraged that the complications are reported to one of the five University Institutes for Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology.


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