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D.K., 23.08.1953, male

Rupture of the spleen, hypertonia


In April 2007 my spleen was removed because of an abscess that had burst. While I was at the hospital I was immunized with pneumovax.  My doctor was to immunize me against the haemophylus influenza virus. According to the information provided by sever pharmacists this vaccine was no longer on the market. So when I was operated again in this hospital in November 2007 because of a massive scar rupture I pointed out to the doctor there that the immunization against the haemophylus influenza virus was still outstanding. Unfortunately I had not brought my vaccination card to the hospital. And so I was vaccinated against Pneumovax a second time within eight months during my hospital stay (from 20.11. to 04.12.2007). Two to three days after the vaccination a very strong urge to itch started, including sheals all over my body. The day I was sent home the doctor recommended that I take calcium. They prescribed Cetrizin 10 mg against the itchiness, but it was very unpleasant. My skin continues to react against slight pressure, I get wheals. Can someone help me?


S.N., 28.05.1989, female



As a result of chronic asthma my doctor recommended this shot and administered it together with the standard influenza vaccine. (Both in the same arm – about 10 minutes apart).
2 hours after they were administered the left upper arm started to hurt when I moved it and when it was touched. The sites of injections got really hot and swollen. Approx. 6 hours after the vaccines were administered I am virtually unable to lift the arm and bend it so that I had to be helped to get ready for bed. I was unable to sleep that night. I was tired but it was impossible to lie down because the whole upper part of my arm hurt. I got a fever, 39.7° C, followed by chills and sweating. My whole body was restless; I could not keep my feet still.

The next morning I was still unable to move my arm and I could not drive. (I had to be brought to work, but they sent me home again). I still had a fever, between 38.5° C and 39.0°C.
The next night was no different. Today (6.11.08) I can move my arm again and I can work at the computer. (I am unable to drive). Towards noon they sent me home again where I took a nap and slept for longer than 3 hours. The pain is started to recede.

Luckily the booster shot is only 5-6 years. The pain in my arm is more than unpleasant and can only be tolerated by taking pain killers.

I feel really sorry for children and older people who suffer from this kind of pain and the side effects.


D.L., 05.09.1981, male


Pneumovax 23

The first day I experienced red spots on the upper arm, fever and slight pain in my arm. The rash went away and then came back, regularly, several times a day and spreads out. My whole body is now covered with red little spots, which are itchy; they only go away if I take Xusall tablets 2-3 times a day. In the beginning I thought it would go away but the way it seems now it is getting worse every day.


M.E.J., 07.03.2008, female



Our daughter Mia got her second 6-fold vaccination on 19.08.08. She felt okay that day and was fine. Then on Wednesday 3.09.08 I was having coffee with my girlfriend and my daughter was sitting on my lap when she suddenly started to shake for approx. 5 seconds. I thought it was just a simple shiver or something like that. Then it started again and I called my husband and together we went to the pediatrician, she did it at his office again, but the doctor did not see it. We were sent to the children’s clinic. They took blood. A doctor saw her trembling/shaking, but since Mia’s hand was in her mouth they said it was exertion. Every time she did it I had to call someone and so a number of nurses saw it, too. The next day she was given an EEG while asleep but it was inconclusive. She now shakes when she is awake and without having her hand in her mouth.  It is completely irregular and Mia otherwise seems completely normal. The blood work was fine, too. There were really wild theories such as that she it is because she is teething or she enjoys shaking. But she doesn’t laugh when she does it and anyway I think these theories are crazy. They did an EKG too and the numbers were fine, too. When she is having one of her shaking episodes her whole body shakes, then she stops and stretches her legs. At any rate they sent us home two days later and said that it was a tick or a quirk which she got in the habit of. We our not going to accept this verdict and are going to see a neurologist with her. I would like to know if the trembling (which makes us so afraid) is a result of the vaccination????







B.M., 13.02.45, male



The vaccination was supposed to be especially suitable for people who are older than 60 when they have to stay in bed, like when they come down with pneumonia, like I did in 1994.

Right after the vaccination on 7.7.07 I suffered from joint pain and pain around my heart, so that I called the doctor on call a few hours later because I was afraid I was having a heart attack. But instead I was admitted to the hospital where they determined that my heart was fine except for my very high blood pressure, which I get when I am under stress. They did not comment on the high fever, lack of appetite, etc, but instead said that it was an effect of the vaccination. However – and this is what is interesting – I know three other people who also had this vaccination (in various intervals, I had my second one) and who had the following symptoms: joint pain, pain around the heart (1 day), vomiting (1 day), chills (3rd .. 4thday), fever (4…5 days) and lack of appetite which lasts longer (3 weeks). The strange thing is that you feel like you have come down with a cold but that is not confirmed by sneezing or coughing. I would be interested in hearing whether other people have experienced the same thing. Maybe those people try to just ignore the symptoms. Maybe they don’t have internet. But I would be interested in getting help and I am going to discuss it with my doctor the next time I see him in May.


K.-H.S, Jan.01,32, male



Right after a pneumovac vaccination I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I went to see a doctor and a few days later the family doctor (who had been on vacation).  The doctor did not take note of the vaccination, rather he simply diagnosed depression. He prescribed medications (anti-depressants and hypnotic drugs) which caused severe secondary reactions.

I went to twelve doctors in all and they all said I had vaccination damages. To this date I have received no help and my sleeping problems have gotten worse so that I get about three hours of sleep a night despite the fact that I take sleeping medication (Zoplicon) and the sleep I do get comes in spurts. In some of the clinics I was I pointed out that I had been vaccinated and was then treated like a hypochondriac and stimulant.







V.L., 01.07.1964, male



Bad swelling of the lymph nodes in my left arm, left arm swollen. Time after vaccination = 48 hours
Duration of vaccine reaction = approx. 10 days


K.-H.S., 01.01.32, male


Pneumovax 23

Immediately following the vaccination he had a hard time falling asleep and sleeping through the night. All of the doctors my family doctor sent me to ignored this. There is an article on it in Forum of the Schutzverbandes für Impfgeschädigte - Forum 5 - dated 17. ll. 06. 

Now an expert from Heidelberg has determined that he has a post-vaccinal encephalopathy as a result of the vaccination. It is despicable the way that doctors and experts treated and devalued me as a person. He has not gotten better but instead has had severe follow-up conditions as a result of the medications (medication for depression and hypnotic compounds). They ignored warnings. The vaccine damage is being assessed by the Landgericht Fulda and the Social Court.




Pneumovax23, Influvac2006/2007

Initially the kind of pain that I had during the preceding flu shorts, right around the site of injection, as if I had bumped it. After 6 hours the whole arm hurt. 9 hours later the left arm could only be lifted if I could withstand the pain and it was impossible for me to bend my arm.  When I did the whole arm was swollen right up to the fingers. Below the elbow there was a deep red swollen spot as big as the palm of my hand. The whole left arm hurt the next days whenever I touched it. 12 hours after the vaccinations I had the chills and then I started sweating profusely and it lasted all night. While fever and chills stopped the day after the vaccination I started to get hoarse which lasted for 2 days and then stopped. Because of the pain and the limitations I had moving I could not drive for 3 days and it was only possible for me to do household chores after the fourth day. Today is the 5th day after the vaccination, the swelling of the arm is getting better as is the elbow and the pain is starting to recede.


A.K.,21.07.81,  female



Reddening and swelling at the site of injection, they swell up in the following 24 hours, then a bruise under the site, sensitivity to touch, burning, pain, chills, elevated (38.4 °C), sweating profusely and chills over 3-4 days, nausea, flu-like symptoms, headache, now 6 days later the site of injection is still swollen and red and my arm hurts when I move it.


W.S., 10.02.2005




Two days after the first injection nausea, malaise, fever, eczema. After the second injection there were allergic reactions; eczema on back, head and legs and blisters on her back, like measles. My daughter is being treated with Fenistil drops. I don’t know how the body’s reaction is going to continue.

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