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New Vaccines

There are several vaccines, which are being developed right now( the table below is dated 2006)

Product name Producer Vaccination against
Stage of development
Clamydia trachomatis vaccine Emergent Bio Solutions Clamydia trachomatis preclinical
Cholera Guard Avant immunotherapeutics Cholera Phase 2b
CAIV-T Medimmune Influenza Phase 3
Influenza Merck Influenza Phase 1
Flu-Intradermal Sanofi Pasteur Influenza Phase 2b
FluNsure GlaxoSmithKline Influenza Phase 2,  children
Haemophilus Influenza vaccine Emergent Bio Solutions Otitis media
Phase 1
HIV Vaccine
Merck HIV Phase 2
HPV Vaccine Merck HPV Phase 2
Group A strep Vaccine Wyeth Streptococci preclinical
GBS Vaccine Emergent Bio Solutions GBS Phase 1
Meningitis B Vaccine GlaxoSmithKline Meningitis B Phase 2
Meningitis B Vaccine Wyeth Meningitis B Phase 1
Neisseria meningititis A/ C vaccine GlaxoSmithKline Meningitis A and C Phase 2-3
Numax Medimmune Infection of the lower respiratory tract
Phase 3
Pentacel Sanofi Pasteur Hib, DTaP, Polio registererd
RSV-Impfung Wyeth RSV-Virus preclinical
Salmonellen Vaccine Avant Immunotherapeutics Salmonella typhii Phase 1
Simplirix GlaxoSmithKline Herpes genitalis Phase 3
26-valent Streptococci vaccine GlaxoSmithKline Streptococci  group A
Phase 1/2
Streptokokkus pneumoniae Medimmune Pneumococcal diseases
Phase 1
Streptorix GlaxoSmithKline Streptococcus pneumoniae

Phase 3

Vaccines in development 2010

Producer Product name
Vaccination against
Stage of development
Bavarian Nordic Imvamune Smallpox Phase 3
Bharat Biotech 116E Rotavirus Phase 3
Crucell Flavimum Yellow fever Phase 3
Heplisav Hepatitis B
Phase 3
GlaxoSmithKline Next-gen flu vaccine Inactivated influenza for the elderly Phase 3

Hib-MenCYTT Neisseria meningitis groups C &Y disease & Haemophilus influenzae type b Phase 3

Nimentrix Neisseria meningitis groups A, C, W & Y disease prophylaxis Phase 3
Merck V503 Cervical cancer, 9 valent Phase 3
Novartis Menveo Infants Meningitis Phase 3

Menveo Adolescent Meningitis Phase 3
Sanofi Pasteur Pediacel EU DTP, polio, Hib Phase 3

Menactra Meningitis infant/toddler 9 - 12 months Phase 3

Adacel DTP ages 4 - 6 Phase 3

Hexaxim DTP, Hepatitis B, polio, Hib Phase 3

IMOJEV Japanese encephalitis Phase 3
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