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P.K., 02.07.80, female


Gardasil NE24240/Influvac 2009-10 SO9

All three Gardasil vaccinations I had were okay. When I got this year’s influenza vaccination Influvac, which was administered into my buttocks, the injection site was swollen and it hurt when I touched it. The next morning I had a slight temperature, severe joint pain, fatigue and it all lasted two days. So I had experienced a slight flu. Next year I am not going to get the vaccination because it means that you have to suffer through the flu despite the vaccination.


J.N., 6.8.1994, female



After the first vaccination in Dec. 2007: I kept fainting for 4 weeks. After approx. 3 months I lost a lot of hair. I had respiratory infections all the time, and infections of the inside of my moth and my eyes. After the 2nd vaccination in August 2008 I experienced flu-like symptoms (fatigue, joint pain, headaches vomiting). Since January 2009 dizziness repeatedly, last several weeks, even at night – sometimes swelling of the face and the legs (painful) -  Frequently joint pain – sensitivity in fingers and toes – muscle pain  - vision impairments  - tinnitus and other impairments of perception and severely impaired short-term memory and visual memory


M.S., 02.04.63, female


Begrivac 0.5ml 2009/2010

Vaccination 17:00 reaction 2:00 am: chills, fever, sweating, 7:00 cold sweat, slight dizziness, slight headache, palpitations, pain in my back, towards 10 am: pain in my back gets worse, fever goes up somewhat; 11:00  : back to bed after taking to paracetamol 500s, slept until 7 pm, drank some tea, took more paracetmol, still had slight fever and pain in my back, next day I felt like new again ;-) continued to have elevated temperature and some pain in my back but otherwise I was fine. Next day was fine, too.


H.R., 01.04.1983, male


TBE (Encepur) , Diphtheria/Tetanus (Revaxis)

Hi there! I am 26 (m), and have had the following problems for the past several months: constant dizziness and the feeling that I am going to fall down, numbness, attention deficit and memory problems, pain in my upper arms and wrists, fast pulse. The problems are getting worse. I spent 6 weeks at a psychiatric clinic because they could not find anything at the hospital and blamed my psyche for everything! Bu I know that it is not my psyche, because nothing in my life is any different than it was before and I am not imagining these things. I can’t sleep without taking a sleeping pill, either. I am desperate and I am afraid that these problems are not going to go away and that I will have to live with them for the rest of my life. That is why I would like to ask you a favor: Can somebody tell me the name of a good homeopath or specialist who can help me?? I would be very grateful. If possible, somebody in Austria!!


B.J., 17.11.1966, female


TBE vaccination

1. While I was being vaccinated I had a really strange feeling, which I told the doctor’s assistant who was administering the vaccination. She said that she thought it was because I had not relaxed the arm she was vaccinating me into. I was able to deny this as I am not afraid of shots at all. 2. Hellish pain throughout my whole arm. Even a bad pull towards my heart. This pain was so bad that I called the doctor on call at night. But they said that they thought it was normal. But due to the fact that this was the third vaccination I am fully aware of the fact that it was not normal at all. 3. The next day I dragged myself to work. I continued to have hellish pain and I was sick to my stomach from all the pain, I was barely able to move my arm.  4. Extreme dizziness so that I felt like my head was going to slam against the table. 5. The third or fourth day after the vaccination I had a feeling of paralysis in my feet, did not have any feeling and no strength and then there was the dizziness, too.  The paralysis was together with cramps in the area of my toes. I continue to feel these symptoms, 2 months after the vaccination. A neurologist did not find anything, but in his report mentioned that it could have to do with vaccine damage. My brother who is a doctor is pretty certain that this is the kind of nerve damage that can happen after TBE vaccination. 6. Even a short time after the vaccination I had the feeling in my chest that something was there. My doctor listened to my chest with a stethoscope but did not notice anything. Now it has become so bad that fear keeps pushing me to see a doctor. I have a dry cough because I have the feeling of not being able to breathe. I wonder what it is? 7. Since Friday I have been taking the medication \"Neuro-ratiopharm\" which is for nerve diseases. It was recommended by the pharmacist. Vitamin B 1 and 6 combination. My paralysis has gotten better since I have started taking it. I was no longer able to drive. 8. All in all I also had no strength in my legs and arms, I could not do my housework. I hope I have not forgotten anything. If someone would like to desccribe a successful treatment by a homeopath I would be grateful. Because since the vaccination I have felt like my life has been taken from me.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PS. I assume that my doctor did not report the suspicion because to date I have not received any paperwork from the state of Baden Württemberg. This is what is done if the doctor reports the case, which he is obliged to do. Tomorrow I have an appointment with him and I am going to address it.


L.E.W., 19.05.2009, male


Infanrix hexa, Prevenar, Rotarix

My son was born 5 weeks early and when he was vaccinated he was 19 weeks old. (6-fold vaccination + pneumococci + rotaviruses). After the vaccination ( 2 pm) he feel asleep during our ride home and slept for the rest of the day. Before the vaccination my son almost never cried. Even when he was hungry he only smacked his lips and put his hands i his mouth. That night he woke up screaming and cried for the rest of the night and did not sleep and had a fever of 38. He had an elevated temperature for three days and cried a lot during the day and did not sleep well at night. We thought all of this could still be considered a normal vaccine reaction.  A few days later I noticed that he was twitching his head (approx 3 days later). As if cold water was being dumped on his back. It was only for 1-2 seconds and afterwards he was wide awake and normal. When we were at the pediatrician’s they did an ECG which was normal. The doctor said that the twitching was normal for babies and that it was called shuddering attacks and said it had nothing to do with the vaccination. That was 5 weeks ago and we counted the number of the shuddering attacks per day and they keep increasing. In the beginning it was once a day and now it is five times a day. At the same time I noticed that since the vaccination my son has become quieter and more serious. Before the vaccination he laughed all day long and made sounds like he was talking with himself. Afterwards he did not laugh at all for four weeks and did not talk to us, either, and did not talk with himself, either. Now he is returning to normal slowly, but he is still not as happy as he was before. The pediatrician was insistent that he have the second 6-fold combination vaccination. He says the child is healthy and that there is no reason to delay it. Of course I am unable to prove that the reactions I described stem from the vaccination but as a mother I know my child very well and I know that the vaccination triggered it and that I cannot subject my son to a second vaccination. I have decided to go see a homeopath and to have the vaccination rechanneled and if the shuddering gets better we will consider his having individual vaccination but only when he is older.


M.R., 24.07.2009, female


1. Infanrix hexa, 1. Prevenar, 2. RotaTeq

We have not talked to the doctor about it yet! The day of the vaccination and the next day except for being fussy no reactions, no fever (we gave her a mexalon suppository after the vaccination and the next morning), since Saturday (one and a half days after the vaccination) she has been screaming incessantly. It sounds desperate and hysterical, sometimes lasts for 5 hours until she falls asleep, she is so exhausted. Before the vaccinations she never screamed, only complained once in a while, when she had some pain somewhere. Now she wakes up 6 times every night. Today we got thuja 12 and schüssler salts at the pharmacy which are supposed to be good for detoxification.


A.K., 16.08.2006, male


Priorix tetra

After one week (Sa) my son got the fever that the pediatrician predicted he would get. And suddenly his legs were so weak he could no longer stand, nystagism, dizziness. These problems appeared out of the blue. The first time I called the doctor on call. He did not really look at my son and said that it was an epileptic seizure which it was not (I am an experienced nurse). He was not interested in the fact that my son had been vaccinated the week before. He was a catastrophe as a doctor (I never want to have him again). The day after the next I went went to see the pediatrician with my son and while we were driving he had an attack like the one I described above, he was panicked and afraid and beside himself. I stopped immediately. Called the doctor on call again. (And I complained about the colleague who had come on Saturday). We were brought to a children’s clinic immediately. They did an MRT and CT and thank God everything was okay. My suspicion was that it could be a vaccine reaction, which was negated by several pediatricians who were not interested in that at all. The attacks kept coming irregularly. I went to see a homeopathic practitioner and described what had happened. Immediately she confirmed it was  a vaccine reaction and prescribed various homeopathic remedies. 1 week later it got worse, which is typical. That was hard on both of us and on our whole family. But then it was over. Our homeopath recommended that we report the vaccine damage. I did and tried everything. The pediatricians were unwilling to fill out the form for the health authorities. I insisted and kept calling the director of the clinic every week. 4 weeks later I was able to hand in the form to the health authorities. I filled out a second one because the one the director had given me was incomplete.   I handed both forms in. Now my son is registered with the Paul Ehrlich Institute. But I don’t believe that the doctor reported it to the commission itself. I will do that myself too. I am happy that my son is better and that he is so healthy and alert. But I have a bad conscience that I was not more critical and that I had him vaccinated, even though I had not received complete information. I AM DETERMINED THAT MY SON AND I WILL NOT HAVE ANY MORE VACCINATIONS FOR ANYTHING!!!


B.R., 11.11.92, female


HPV Gardasil

3 days after the vaccination there were spots in her face which hurt. There was also pain in her jaw. First it looked like herpes, which the doctor confirmed. The spots became blisters and spread on the trigeminus nerve towards her eye and ear so that the doctor of my daughter sent her to the hospital to have infusion therapy with aciclovir. 4 days later she was able to leave the hospital. I did not have her continue the HPV vaccination. I think that seeing a gynaecologist regularly will be more secure since there are more kinds of viruses than those against which the vaccination is administered.


L.J., 01.04.1994, female


HPV Gardasil

Dizziness, nausea, bruises on her legs and shortness of breath, impaired vision, impaired perception. Lump in her throat, anxiety attacks. Day and night turned around. Thinks that she is going to die. Can’t even take the streetcar any more. She got worse and worse until 3 months later she could not even leave the house. Sinus infection. Heard noises. Thought someone was in her room. Her personality changed-


K.G., 19.06.1975, male

Sometimes intestinal issues

FSME-IMMUN adult Baxter

I was not afraid that there were going to be any side effects, otherwise I would not have gone to the doctor, but while I sit here writing this the back of my head is droning as if somebody had hit it with a hammer. Well, it is not easy to describe the feeling, but let me start at the beginning: The first 2-3 days I had different problems than I have now. My left arm felt numb and stiff (arm where I had gotten shot). Then I had really severe pain in my intestines and I had pain in my right leg where I was operated on when I was young. I could hardly walk! 3 days later it was all over, but a few days later I started having strange headaches. I rarely had headaches before and so I was convinced where they came from: the shot. This is how I would describe it: cribbling, burning, pressure, etc. As if my head were stuck on a vice. This pain is concentrated on the left side of my head in the back. My eyes hurt, too. The left hear is humming. The back of my neck is stiff, etc. First the symptoms came only sporadically, but then it became more and more frequent. Now I suffer from them every day. It is not getting better. Quite the contrary. It is the worst when I am sick and weak. I think that this satanic shot damages everybody, but not everybody notices right away. Only those who get ill will realize something occurred and will wonder what it was. So here is my tipp: Hands off this satanic stuff!! 4 weeks later I was to have my second shot. I described the doctor a few of the symptoms and he said that it would be irresponsible to give me another shot. He was unable to do more. So I left it at one of three … .


M.Z., 22.06.1957, female



I got a booster polio shot from my family doctor. That evening I was very tired. The next morning I had a bad case of diarrhey. And during the course of the day the diarrhea was joine by the chills and a fever of  38.3°. I felt very sick and my arm was swollen to twice ist size at the site of injection and the swelling itself was as big as a plate. I used ice pads and painkillers to combat the fever and my arm which was throbbing with pain. Today, 5 days after the vaccination, I feel better. My arm, however, is still red and it is very itchy. Fenistil and ice pads make it feel better. I called my doctor the day after the vaccination and asked him whether this reaction was normal. He said that I had maybe already had the flu. I don’t believe it! I felt great and otherwise I would not have had the vaccination anyway!


N.W., 30.03.1984, female



The evening after the fist vaccination I had the following symptoms: nausea, fever, muscle pain, joint pain mainly in my legs, and a headache. The second day the pain got so bad in the eveing in my knees that I could no longer walk and was lying on the couch, miserable and crying. For two days I had awful pain when I walked and moved. The fever , the nausea and the pain disappeared completely on the 4th day. I never went to the doctor to report the adverse effects because I got the vaccination on a Friday and by Monday everything was okay again except for the pain in my joints. I did not have any other vaccinations after experiencing these problems. Today, 6 years later, I still have problems with my legs. It is absolutely no problem to walk for long stretches (sometimes up to 36 km), but as soon as there is any kind of additional exertion, such as carrying something heavy, walking fast or running, my joints get really heaving and feel very hot. I cannot prove that this is a vaccine damage but I am sure that it is because before the vaccination I never had any problems with my joints.


K.A., 04.03.1991, female


HPV with Gardasil

My daughter Kristina had epileptic-like attacks 4 weeks after her last vaccination with Gardasil, also panic attacks (when there are lots of people and in closed rooms, anxiet).


D.B., 13.09.1078, female


Anti-D-Immunglobulin Rhophylac

First cold-symptoms, then neurodermatitis, dizziness, headache. Lasted 2,5 months.


I.B., 07.05.1969, female



The first day after the vaccination after having breakfast (oatmeal), I got a really bad stomach ache which got worse in the course of the day. Towards evening I went to see our family doctor. I was all bent over, could not stretch out my legs and it felt like my stomach was going to tear apart. In the morning I collapsed and was brought to the family doctor, who prescribed novaminsulfon after listening to my chest. He also took a blood specimen. In the evening I had heart palpitations, my chest was pounding and I was sweating. I was afraid and felt left alone after the vaccination. I am afraid of further damages!!!! I won’t be able to ask about the results until tomorrow because it is a holiday. I wonder what I can do to avoid permanent damage. I still have pain in my stomach and in my intestines. How much longer???????





Beginning of the year I had my third HPV vaccination. The first two vaccinations were no problem at all but after the third vaccination I felt really sick in the evening. The days before the vaccination I had felt fantastic. But in the evening I got the chills and unbelievable joint pain, it felt like a really bad case of the flu. I also had slightly elevated temperature. The next day I called my gynecologist who was very worried and who gave me an appointment that afternoon. After having checked me she said that she could not find anything but that if it got worse I was to call her immediately. In the course of the next day I felt better and two days later everything was back to normal again.  It was like a really bad case of the flu but since the problems went away as suddenly as they had appeared after the vaccination I think that they problaby were an adverse reaction to the vaccination.


F.B., 23.07.2009


6-fold, pneomococci

After the vaccination of my nine month old son he slept for 4 hours (longer than usual) and woke up screaming. We observed this kind of waking up frequently. He also came down with a fever, was crabby and screamed whenever we wanted to put him back in bed. He would only calm down if I nursed him. 3 days later he started violently throwing up his meals after 30 minutes and at night we even experienced his stopping to breathe and turning blue after having screeched loudly. After slapping his back he threw up and started to breathe again.


B.D.K., 12.1.1972


Tetanus, Polio and others

On 09.09.09 I was administered my third Tetanus/Polio/xy in my upper arm. The third day after the vaccination I got really bad pain in my shoulders which stretched over my arm all the way to my wrists. The pain felt like muscle pain and sprained. Nothing changed for a week. I used Voltaren gel and cooled it. The second week I got a pain in my arm that felt like a cramp. It started like cribbling from the shoulder to my finger tips and then the arm got all stiff. The cramp lasted for approx. 15 secondsl. Supposed it is a typical adverse reaction which is taking longer to stop with me. According to my doctor it will stop in 2 weeks. As soon as I lift my arm to get drift it hurs as described. Today I went to the pharmacist and he advised I take Ibuprofen. I only want the pain to stop. I am quite restricted in my everyday life and I am afraid of losing customers.


D.G., 24.03.1972, female


Td pur

Friday morning at 9.00h I was vaccinated against Tetanus because in the course of my U35-Check my vaccination pass had been checked. The last tetanus vaccination was more than 10 years ago. I was really healthy and that day I felt good, too. But the evening of the vaccination everything changed. I felt weak and the arm hurt so bad I could hardly move it. I thought it was a normal vaccine reaction. The next morning I had a fever of  39°C. I used  Paracetamol to lower it to 37.5°C but today is Monday and the fever went back up to 38.5°C again. When I called the doctor they said that these kinds of things happen and that I should write the adverse effects down in my vaccination pass … for the next time. I don’t know if there is going to be a next time. I’ve had it. Compared to yesterday it has gotten worse and now I am worried that I am going to have it for longer. At least the pain got a little better today.


A.W., 10.05.2008, female



My daughter had the vaccination in the morning. About one hour afterwards she was tired. Ever since she was born my daughter has been absolutely healthy. I nursed her until she was 9 months old, and I still nurse her at 15 months as a supplement. About 2 weeks after the vaccination my daughter had dry red spots on her back. We thought it would go away again. In the course of the next week these spots spread all over her upper body and her arms. I left away detergent and food but it did not get better. The pediatrician said it was neurodermatitis! But where did she get neurodermatitis if she is such a healthy child. The doctor said she got it from being nursed. He said it could not have been a vaccine reaction. We accepted it because we did not know any better. Since then she has continued to have episodes of neurodermatitis all over her body.


B.G., 17.08.1968, male


REPEVAX combination vaccination against Polio/Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis

The shot was administered in the left upper arm. Within the next 36 hours the site of injection was very swollen and hot, the diameter was approx. 12 cm, slightly painful, not itchy.  Swelling went down again with the next 2 weeks, but 9 weeks later still a weird feeling in my upper arm, like having b een punched. The evening of the vaccination I got a bad headache and nausea, and the next days flu-like symptoms and nausea, three days later the symptoms disappeared so that I had another vaccination so that if I had the symptoms on the weekend I could work again come Monday.

The doctor did not inform me of reactions, and I did not have to sign anything prior to the vaccination. When I asked the doctor about the vaccine reaction he said it was a frequent reaction to tetanus, probably an intolerance against aluminium hydroxide. If it is so frequent then why didn’t he tell me about it before hand?

My last combination vaccination against Polio/Diph/Tetanus was 2000 and into my backside without any complications. I have vaccinations against the flu every year, too, and there have never been any complications


S.L., 02.06.1983, female



One day after my Tetanus-Diphtheria/pertussis vaccination I felt sick to my stomach when I got up. Then it got black before my eyes. Slowly I laid down again on the floor. My grandmother and my aunt saw me doing this and came over right away which I was no longer aware of. I was unconscious for the next 15 seconds. Everything was turning and I kept hearing voices. My aunt said that I had had cramps while I was lying there. I sort of pulled myself up slowly and moved hands and feet, which were in a cramp, upwards (movements were slow). My fingers and feet were twisted. According to my grandmother I was as stiff as a board. Then I moved over on my right side (still very stiff) and finally I seemed to relax (still not conscious). My grandmother and aunt started massing my reflex zones and said my name. Then I woke up and everything looked grayish (like a tv). I saw my aunt and heard her call my name. So I woke up and realized that my tongue hurt. While I turned to my side I must have bit my tongue during the seizure because my tongue was bleeding slightly.  Then I felt week, threw up and had diarrhea.

And now the neurologist is stagmatizing me and saying that I am an epileptic. That is really stupid of him. Because I read on the internet that it is not untypical for people to have cramps after vaccinations. Especially combination vaccinations. The doctors are really unfair. Now I am never going to get a vaccination again. NEVER AGAIN. The doctor wants to measure my brain waives and have a CT done. That’s nuts. And then he even asked me, which was really rude, whether I had taken drugs. Whereas I am really healthy, only take homeopathic medications and am a non-smoker.


L.K., 04.12.1991, weiblich



Vaccination on 18.08.09 in to left upper arm of my daughter. Afterwards fatigue, nausea, stiff neck. The following days she felt sick. On 22.08.09 swelling of the left eye-lid and beginning of enormous swelling and hardening (we applied Silicea). On 24.-26.08.09 visit at the doctor who administered the vaccination. Freed from sports and prescription of antibiotics. Medications not taken because swelling seemed to be going down.  As of 30.08.09 swelling bad against and corn in the same eye. Visit at the eye-doctor’s 03.09.09 who says it has nothing to do with the vaccination and sends us to the eye clinic. The same day surgical splitting of the abscess on the left eye lid, antibiotic treatment and oxytetracylin eye salve, remains in clinic 07.09.09.

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