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01.05.1991-Screaming attacks, fever, uncertain gait, and vomiting
06.05.1991-imflammation of the middle ear, and fever
Bronchitis, reddening of the throat, and fever again
06.07.1991- admitted in children’s hospital in Ravensburg,
Diagnosis: Meningoencephalitis
physical and mental disability with 100% degree of disability
Since 1995, nerve-racking legal processes at the maintenance council and now the Social Court.


E.S., 04.09.1956 male



I am a police officer in a place near Vienna.
Every year, we get influenza vaccination that is paid for by the government.
This could well be considered to have paid off in the truest sense of the word, since I do not remember any influenza epidemics in our area.

In any case, I got myself vaccinated, probably because of the abundant advertising, in 1999 and in 2000.
That was the 30th or 31st October.

After 5 days, there was a particular spot in by back to the right of the spinal column, where there was pain in one of the lower ribs, which only worsened during the night.
Around 5o’ clock in the morning, I could not bear the pain any longer and searched for an on-call doctor, actually a lady doctor, of the area.
After this thing spread around the kidney area, this fact was taken into consideration, but could be excluded.
Since I suffer from Psoriasis Arthritis, this diagnosis was taken into consideration; therefore, I was given a Rheuma injection, red fluid, and then pain injections, so-called bee-stings.

After 2 hours, the pain was gone and I was relieved.

The next day, a Sunday, I got ready for the night shift, and went for a walk with my wife, when I experienced a dragging pain in my right hand.
Since I am not very algesic, I did not give the whole thing great importance.
Then I went for my night shift and the pain continued to worsen, and there is acute pain at one spot in the same costal arch, however in the front.
On-duty, I went for a long round, with the hope that the pain will subside with the movement. But the case was exactly the opposite.
Then I went in the airport ambulance, where the above mentioned procedure was carried out again like during the first visit to the doctor. After 2 hours, the pain was gone. Other symptoms of the existing dangerous disease were not present in me.

On Monday, I called in sick, hoping that I will be cured. I went to a hot spring. This was because, thanks to the hot spring, my Psoriasis, at the end joints of the toes and fingers appearing in the form of swellings and nail deformations, had almost stopped a year ago after I visited the spring everyday for several weeks. I, sort of, discovered this measure myself, because otherwise, I would have had been poisoned with Metothrexat.

A few hours after the bath, the dragging pain was back which had now spread to my entire body and almost drove me insane.

In the evening, again went to the doctor, the same procedure and the pain was gone.

On Wednesday afternoon, I think, 7.12.2000, I again had severe body ache, followed yet again by the same procedure, but this time, the pain did not subside.
Around 22.00 hours, went to the doctor again, took a rheuma injection again, again bee-stings, the pain simply did not decrease, continuous movement was the only thing that kept me from going crazy.

Around 03.00 hours I could not endure the pain any longer and my wife and I went to a, so to say small provincial hospital, without any referral, as is customary in our area.

The on-duty doctor was clearly annoyed with my arrival, and it was actually me who had to calm him down instead of it being the other way round, with the argument, that in my field of work as well, I am not exactly amused when, at 3o’ clock in the morning I have to take care of an accident case.
After the admittance procedure he gave me a bottle of pain killer. After the first infusion, I had be administered a second one; around 06.00 hours early morning I slept until breakfast and was again free of pain in the evening and of good cheer, and I could leave the hospital ward.
But at night, I experienced such severe back pain in the lower vertebral area that I could barely walk. I still think it was due to the Psoriasis, since it often occurred in the spinal column area.
However, one fact was unique that after some “Sleep” that I managed to get due to fatigue, I thought as if my feet were going to fall off, that’s how the story continued face.
On the day after that, the pain was not as bad, but I noticed that something was not right when my left-hand grip. As the day proceeded and I was in the snack-bar of the hospital, I had difficulty standing up and then when I almost stumbled over a single step, I knew, what the doctors did not, it was a case of nerve damage.
As I informed the intern doctor about this, and the diagnosis turned out to be MS, he was certainly surprised; he carried out some neurological tests with the hammer, which confirmed my suspicion.
Since it was Saturday, he informed that admittance to the hospital in the Neurology department would not make sense, since nobody is there today anyway. Insane.
In any case, during the nights from Saturday to Monday I continued to have back pain, the grip became worse; the dragging pain however had almost subsided. Since I experienced severe pain again in the area of the costal arch, the doctor diagnosed gall problem and gave me an infusion for the same.

In any case, on Monday, due to provocation and intervention, I was admitted in the Wiener AKH (Vienna General Hospital). There, obviously, the matter was handled in a professional manner. First of all, I had the worst back pain again.
On the second day, I was punctured and liquor was extracted from the vertebral column and I was immediately diagnosed with Polyradiculitis, a form of the Guillain Barre Syndrome. First of all, I was administered Immunoglobulin for 3 or 4 days. Since the pain in the vertebral column was successfully treated using medicines in the past, I did not question any changes. The pain was already gone, only the movement was restricted. My walking was like that of someone suffering from advanced MS, holding and activities such as eating with the left hand were possible only with great difficulty.

I had to undergo ergo therapy and physiotherapy. There, I first realized how advanced the stage of my illness is; I could not even step on a 15 cm high stair without falling.

It was the same story with the physiotherapy: with the left hand, I could not even put a stick in a hole. In any case, I took the matter a 150% seriously; after every therapy, I was drenched in sweat. I addition to that, I practiced on the Home trainer or climbed the stairs of the hospitals up and down several times. I continued doing the exercises of the therapy more or less day and night, at least mentally.
The whole thing was making good progress.
Suddenly, I started experiencing pain at night, it can be called night pain as it is in neurology, during the day, even as I lied down, I had no pain.
The pain could not be cured by anything or anyone, not even an overdose of Tramal.
It was possible the pain occurred due to the administration of Neurontin; this is also described in the packet insert.

After 3 weeks, I was discharged from the General Hospital, the night pain continued. The self-treatment included a warm bath for the hands and feet and rotating the hands for about 10 minutes. Then, there was relief for 1 to 2 hours; 5 times in a night the same procedure.

Mid-January 2001, the pains stopped.
With a will of iron and daily training, I could reduce the long-term consequences. What remained was: numb soles of the feet, wherein the numbness occurred like shifting swellings, in summers, walking was very painful, it was very unpleasant over uneven surfaces. Today, after 3 years, I have almost no complaints regarding this.
I often felt as if my left hand was covered in a thick net of rubber, I could almost not feel paper or smooth objects.
With respect to the right hand, these complaints were applicable only on the outside of the little finger.
In summer, during long heat spells, the nerves in my entire body often twitch, although I endure the thing, I am also scared.
I had mentioned the influenza vaccine to every doctor I visited, whereupon no comments were ever made, there was also no written comments n this regard.
Once however, the professor made a mistake. He asked me, if he could come with his students. The students then came and I told them my entire story.
There, Prof. Lang made a mistake, in which, he added to my narration:

“He was also vaccinated against influenza.”


Y.F., 04.11.1998


6-x vaccination

My second-born, now 5 year-old daughter, was born healthy. After the third DTP, Hib, HepB, polio multiple-vaccine we noticed that she always keeps her hands in fists. Besides, she luxated it quite peculiarly. Her legs were always in a crampy crossing and I had to use a lot of force to undo this crampy position while changing her diapers. My then pediatrician paid little heed to it saying: \"6 times of physiotherapy and then the problem will be solved.\" (to begin with: she needed 1 1/2 years of physiotherapy with related ergo therapy, which is still going on.) According to me, he paid just as little heed to the following events: "our (7-month old) daughter cries at night without a reason, cannot be claimed, with almost autistic traits, she defends herself against my physical proximity, when I try to calm her down. No one can get her to stop crying. She wakes up several times at night (up to 10 times). During the day, she sleeps for sort durations (10-15 minutes), and at irregular time intervals. Sometimes, she just cries the entire day without any reason. Her eyes have an indifferent, vacant expression. Sometimes, she rolls her eyes to the bottom. She does not react even when a dog barks next to her. She always chokes while drinking from the bottle; her head is too stretched and has problems swallowing. Even at night as well, she sleeps so stretched out that we get scared that she might damage her vertebral column.\"For that, the pediatrician gave us a referral to the eye-doctor and the ENT-doctor. (The results were normal, as expected.) Her entire being had changed. She was no longer the satisfied, calm baby (she already had a good sleeping and waking up cycle when she was two-months old) neither the bright and curious girl, that everyone envied about me. Even today, she is very dissatisfied, partly aggressive, with too many mood swings, which are difficult to put up with for my 8-year old daughter and me. She learnt to crawl when she was 1, at 1 1/2 years, she could sit and crawl. At 3 years of age, she could finally walk. She still cannot speak. She still has to wear diapers, sleeps in a crib and has the mental ability of probably a 2-year old. We have got all possible examinations done: chromosome analysis, metabolic disorder, EEG, Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Everything, with no find. No one knows the cause for her developmental-, behavioral-, and speech problems. Apart from me, that is. I know that Yolanda is a victim of a scary vaccine reaction given by our pediatrician. But no one wants to hear about that, least of all the doctors. (I thank the parents, who published the entry dated 15.08.03 of their child H.S. born on 23.07.01 male. You motivated me to write about Yolanda, especially because I also see some similarities.)


C.G., 17.11.1997


triviraten Berna
Infantrix DTPa Hib

Approximately one month after his MMR-vaccine, Colin got a (at the same time, the doctor also administered the Infantrix DTPa Hib on the other leg) a measles infection. His entire body was itching miserably and the measles lasted for almost six weeks. The doctors that we visited opined that it is some allergic reaction to a particular food, but co-incidence had it, that, two weeks after, Colin’s twin brother began to suffer from the same symptoms as well. No sooner were the measles cured, (the blood finally showed that there was measles infection) than he had mumps. Colin thus had Encephalitis. Inflammation of the brain stem. Colin could no longer be recognized. His eyes were swollen. He lost his sense of equilibrium and that finally caused him to go deaf. Colin now wears a BAHA hearing aid. A bone-anchored hearing aid. So, we can still consider ourselves lucky that our son survived. In this age, the brain in a “normal case” is supposed to be very delicate to survive something like this and as a result, children usually die.
A month ago from now, we were informed in the Uni Clinic Bern INSEL that there were several “cases” like this. We have it on video. The doctor in-charge did not realize that my husband had switched on the camera for Colin.




Typhus: Tab-oral; Tetanus: Tetanol

On 4.7.1975, I was vaccinated in the Federal Armed Forces against tetanus; the Typhus-vaccination was given on 11.7.1975. In the following time, I suffered from fits if dizziness and equilibrium problems. Circulation problems as suggested by the then doctors were not confirmed. Then in the beginning of October 1975, I was transferred to Hannover-Langenhagen. My vaccinations were never even a topic when talking about my problems! In Hannover as well, the circulation theory was believed to be the reason. In the following weeks – unfortunately, I cannot say the exact dates – I had sensory problems in the form of deafness and cramps in the stomach and waist area, which was incorrectly diagnosed as shingles by the then troop-doctor. As paralysis symptoms started to occur in the right hand in the following weeks, I was shifted by the troop-doctor to the Federal Armed Forces Hospital, Hamburg. There, after a few weeks observation, in January 1971, a lumbar puncture was carried out. After that, I was not informed about anything by the doctors and was administered Cortisone, without knowing why. I later got to know by chance. I got the \"happy\" news that I can end my military service and go home. However, I should visit a neurologist there, which I did. In the documents lying on the table, I stumbled upon my own diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis!


V.W., 22.11.2001, male



Before the vaccination, our son had no complaints whatsoever. A few days after the vaccination, our son had severe reactions to the vaccine (fever, skin rash) which also lasted for much longer than \"normal\". In the following time, he was frequently fatigued and had considerably less energy. After a few months, after the situation drastically worsened, Diabetes mellitus Type 1 was diagnosed.


M.K., 30.08.2001, female

My daughters (twins) were born on 30th August 2001, 7 weeks premature. On 01.03.2002, at the age of 7-months my daughters were vaccinated with Hexavac.

Hexavac, Prevenar

Unfortunately, at that time I handled the situation being completely uninformed. Although I did ask the pediatrician who gave the vaccinations about any possible risks or complications, reddening at the spot where the vaccine was given and restlessness with a possibility of fever were the only possible complications mentioned. I again asked about the side-effects of the Pertussis-vaccination as well, since no 15-years-old son’s pediatrician had told me in 1987 to use this vaccination that had several side-effects. This pediatrician was also criticized with respect to his use of Fluorine. Unfortunately, 15 years later, I was convinced by my new pediatrician, my daughters’ pediatrician (I had to change my doctor because we moved) that it is the exact opposite. Both daughters cried all night that night and could not be calmed. The spot where the injection was given had swollen and the leg was very warm. After 4 weeks, one of my daughters was suddenly unconscious for a couple of minutes. Examinations in the hospital ( EEG; ECG; ultrasound, blood tests) did not yield any conspicuous results and the doctors estimated it to be an unclear syncope*. A possible connection with the vaccination was suggested by me, but the doctors were convinced otherwise. On 22.05.2002 (after the health condition remained without any further symptoms), the second vaccination with Hexavac and the first vaccination with Prevenar against Pneumococcus was given. That night was again a nightmare for us and the kids that seemed like it did not want to end. Fever and incessant crying did not even let us breathe. On the next morning, my daughter was cramped very peculiarly (the one who had fallen unconscious before). She sat on my lap and suddenly fell forward. I wanted to straighten her up and noticed that she was extremely limp and could not be erect. Her head was very cramped to the right and for a moment she did not react, as usual. Again, the check-ups and tests in the hospital did not yield any conspicuous results. 5 Days later, my daughter suddenly rolled her eyes and did not respond for a few minutes. Again, there were tests in the hospital. In addition to the already mentioned examinations, an MRI and a sleep- EEG were also carried out with no peculiar results. This time the diagnosis was \"Amorphous Infant Grand mal*\". A connection to the vaccination was naturally, again, denied. That was our last hospital visit, because I after felt more than just being taken for a ride and the fact that my daughter was getting no help there, I did not go to the hospital after the following, thankfully short cramp attacks. Since then, my daughter has these attacks every now and then. In April 2003, we visited an alternative practitioner and started the Constitution therapy* and since the 10.04.2003, she has not had these attacks anymore. We obviously hope that it remains so. Our pediatrician and the doctors in the hospital naturally, did not forward any information as per § 6 IfSG. This notification was now given by our alternative practitioner. Through the forum for Association against Vaccine Protection,, I came in contact with some parents, whose kids also had cramp attacks after the 6-x vaccination. I would again, like to add that my daughters had started sleeping through a week before the vaccine. That unfortunately has never been the case again. The kids are awake almost every hour one after the other, they cry and must be calmed by me before they sleep again. Meret (the daughter with the cramp attacks) had completely changed her way of being after the vaccination. Earlier, she was rather balanced and quiet. After the vaccination, she was initially apathetic and indifferent and then only whiney and unsatisfied. Since the homeopathic treatment, she has at least got back most of her balanced behavior. But overall, I can only say that nothing has been the same again since the day of the vaccination. I must mention that because I have heard such stories from many parents, who however, do not want to trace the connection to the vaccination.


C.M.,06.11.1962, female

I had a weak immune system because of cancer. Therefore, I was advised to get the influenza vaccination.

Influenza vaccine

After the vaccination, for years, approximately 6 - 8 times a year middle-ear inflammation, accompanied by severe bronchitis. Remark – till that point of time, I had never got a middle-ear inflammation, not even as a child. Only an alternative practitioner could help me. Before that, I always got anti-biotic drugs, but the effect was 0. So, after that, I only took pain killers and left out anti-biotic drugs. When I related this to my vaccination, I was told that that cannot be. After that however, some doctors did indeed consider vaccination damage. Now, I have middle-ear inflammation \"only\" one a year without bronchitis


Z.S., 15.08.2002, female



3 weeks ago, our daughter got the MMRVax vaccination (triple vaccination against Mumps, measles and rubella. After approximately 1 week, she had very swollen palpebras, which were red. An eye doctor diagnosed it to be an allergy to “milk protein” by simply just looking at the kid. We also went to a skin doctor. He excluded the said allergy. The eyes continued to get worse. So we went to another eye-doctor who thought, that her skin type was the culprit!?????????? Then she got a rash behind her ears, then all over her face and a huge spot as big as the fist on the ribcage. We went to the Emergency room. Allergic reaction, we were supposed to keep away all fragrances (crèmes and washing powder, etc.). In the meanwhile, the entire upper body is covered with red spots. She hardly eats anything. She sleeps badly. And she scratches herself a lot. Even when we pointed out that the vaccination was given barely three weeks doctor considered it a possible cause. Our kid was going from bad to worse by the day! And we were asking ourselves what to do!!!!

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