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N.W., 1993



On January 21 was daughter (14) was vaccinated against HPV.

The next morning she was very weak and dizzy, had a headache, was sick to her stomach and had a stomach, blurry vision and was dizzy. The symptoms are so bad that my daughter could not go to school for three weeks. We went to the doctor’s several times. He said that he thought she infected herself with a virus at the same time. In February they did blood work: the diagnosis was Borreliosis (reinfection). In January! She has never been bitten by a tick!! I now  have changed doctors. Since 27 March my daughter is being treated naturopathically ( Medication: Thuja C12, Staphisagria D12, Derivatio H ) Dizziness, nausea, headaches and balance problems persist but are not quite as bad. I am considering suing because of the vaccination. My insurance has confirmed that they will take on the costs. If someone has information or a report, please send it to me.  My name is Sigrid and this is where I can be reached via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Approx. 4 hours later bleeding at the retina in my left eye while my vision impairment continued to get worse (0-10 %).
Time period: 4 hours

Permanent damage: My vision has deteriorated for 4 years, mainstream medicine says the therapy has been completed



J.G., 05.10.1992, female



On June 21, 2007, my daughter got her first vaccination, on August 16, 2007 the second one and on December 20, 2007 the third HPV vaccination (Gardasil). After the first two vaccinations she had pain in her arm and kept getting dizzy, being sick to her stomach and having headaches, etc, which we unfortunately did not link to the vaccination. Especially because we had not been informed about side effects at all. Since the third vaccination my daughter Julia has been doing really poorly.  In the meantime the symptoms include trembling, circulatory problems, malaise and nausea, etc. Furthermore she feels like she is not able to really breathe through her nose (in the course of a treatment of influenza in February this was diagnosed as being a house dust mite allergy by the ear doctor who was treating her).  Since that time my daughter has been in treatment permanently: she has lost hair, she has bad acne on her forehead including contact allergies (which is presently being tested).  Outdoor activities such as horse back riding are presently very limited because my daughter feels like she is going to faint when she exerts herself. With the help of a laboratory exam my daughter is being tested what is wrong with her (maybe it is her thyroid, even though I pointed out that she had been vaccinated). Unfortunately I just started collecting information on the internet just recently and I am very concerned having read about very similar reports, including the description of a death of a child in Austria. Since that time I have been suffering from insomnia from fear that my daughter could experience something similar, particularly due to the fact that there is no information when she will start doing better and which treatment could help. I sometimes wonder whether she will not wake up one morning. I would recommend all parents to get as much information as possible. If I had had the information I have now I certainly would not have decided in favor of a vaccination. Now I am hoping that there will be courageous doctors who act on behalf of their patients and do not forget their Hippocratic oath

on behalf of the pharmaceutical lobby!



K.B., 26.09.2002, male



Kilian was vaccinated on the morning of April 27, 2004. That evening he developed a high fever, his right arm was very swollen and red. Kilian was in great pain. We brought our son to the hospital where he was administered antibiotics intravenously for three days. That was our last vaccination!


J.Z., 02.03.1992, female



Our daughter received the third installment of her vaccination in December. She got dizzy in the doctor’s office. 2 hours later she fainted. The following days it happened repeatedly. She could not go to school for 5 weeks. Since January she is back at school but she has had to be picked up several times since them. When she wakes up after having fainted she has a hard time speaking at first. According to the doctor it is not possible for side effects to last this long so that he sent us to see a psychotherapist. She has now been doing that for several weeks now and is learning how to deal with the situation, but she continues to have fainting spells. She is very nervous and tense and has lost her self confidence. Before she was vaccinated she was very healthy, was very athletic and had never fainted!!!!!


E.H., 18.10.1957, female



After what has become a virtually \"obligatory\" vaccination my daughter came down with intestinal and psychological problems. We had the 2nd vaccination and the problems got worse. At times she couldn’t even attend school. Approx. 4 weeks after the 2nd vaccination she developed massive heart problems which made going to school impossible. She was so weak that she generally had to stay in bed all day long.  The heart problems were solved after a catheter exam; the recommendation was for her to have a pacemaker. Instead we tried to strengthen her immune system with vitamins.

Headaches, diarrhea and nervousness have remained. It took a long time for us to realize that her problems were in connection with the vaccination. Our family doctor and gynecologist think we are hypochondriacs, but whenever we saw them we pointed out that it could have been the vaccination. After having consulted a naturopathic specialist our daughter has started improving significantly. I hope that my daughter will be as healthy as before the vaccination. And of course we stopped the sequence of vaccinations.


J.H., 11.07.1990, female



My daughter was vaccinated in early January 2008. Except for the pain at the injection site nothing could be seen. Approx 2-3 weeks later the first dizzy spells started, accompanied by nausea and headaches. Today, approx 3 months later, she is still suffering from dizziness, which occurs sporadically but not every day. Or she is sick to her stomach without really being sick. She has not had her period since then. She is not pregnant, is healthy organically, has no thyroid problems. Both my daughter and I asked her gynaecologist if the fact that she was no longer having her period had anything to do with the vaccination and the doctor said no. When I said I did not want my daughter to have the second vaccination I was asked why. My worries and the information I had gotten from the internet were not taken seriously.

If I had researched vaccinations earlier, I would not have let her have the first vaccination!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A.B., 603.2006, female


Tetanol pur

Behavior after the third vaccination against Tetanus vaccine  „Tetanol Pur“ girls, two years old, the first and second vaccination were administered around her first birthday 13.03.  The day of the vaccination she was restless and confused during the afternoon, didn’t react and wanted to be held and carried around.

17.03. awake at 5:30 a.m., first everything was normal. Didn’t want to be put in the babyseat of the bicyle. Cried all the way to the nursery. 18.03. am normal, developed fever at the nursery 37.2, tired, no lunch, nap, runny nose but not a real cold.

Picked up in her buggy, seemed apathetic, at home a nap lying on her stomach during which she did not say anything but did not sleep either. Short activity, then very quiet again, no lunch, quiet nap

In the evening fever 39 degr., a cramp in her hands, crying, calls her mother who is able to calm her down.    
22.03 fever 37.7, wet feet
24.03 cries at 6:00 am, calms down after being carried around, sleeps for three hours, in the evening, 37.5 fever

Impression until 29. 03 Anouk was much quieter after she was vaccinated, looked thoughtful, is not responsive frequently, cries easily, talks very little, sometimes direct contact is not possible; she had been a happy girl who had tried to copy everything that was said to her, was curious in her endeavor to learn about the world and kept talking to us, too.

Now, two weeks later, her vitality is beginning to return again.


P.N., 01.01.1964, male


Encepur FSME

After FSME vaccination with Encepur f. adults there was numbness in my right leg after approx. 6 days.

After 6 more days (on day 12) I could not walk on account of pain in my leg. The main nerve (which is responsible for lifting the leg- Femoralis) did not work at all. I can no longer walk. The ascending feeling of numbness stops at my belly button.
The doctor says that I am not stable psychologically and that I am simulating my problems walking. That is absurd and ignorant.

Permanent damage: Paralysis of the right leg


U.K-L., 15.04.1954, female


FSME Ticovac Nr. 370100AB 0,5 ml Baxter

I was vaccinated on the after noon of 12.07.2000. During the night I developed a high fever, 39.9C,   developed a chill so bad my teeth were clattering. Extreme pain in my muscles and joints of the lower extremities, back pain, pain when touched and the feeling that my lower extremities were dying off (coldness). In addition I had a headache, dizziness, circulatory collapse.  During the night I developed a high fever 39.9. The fever didn’t go down until the early morning hours. The pain in my muscles and joints improved but they remained for weeks.

Until 31.7. I felt pressure in my head. I informed the doctor by phone on 13.07. the doctor who had administered the vaccination. He did not seem very impressed and stated arrogantly that he had been awakened during the night because of side effects several times.

Even though I had asked about the side effects the vaccine was described as being easy to tolerate, even though warnings had already been issued by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut.
Even my pharmacist was informed of the toxicity and side effects of Ticovac at the time.

I did not consult the doctor again and got in touch with Baxter directly and reported the vaccination incident (Proc.-No. 00V-20-2741 dated 09.08.2000) reported to Baxter on 24.07.2000 by telephone.
I did not hear back from Baxter except for confirmation of my vaccination report.

I felt bad for weeks but did not think that the problems had anything to do with the vaccination.  I have become disabled on account of a number of illness.
permanent damage = according to the suspition of a number of doctors auto-immune reaction accompanied by rheumatism, muscle pain, joint pain, dizziness, neuropathy, reactivation of infection diseases, swelling of the lymph nodes, etc.


-.-, männlich



Our son Leon was delivered by caesarian section on 1.8.2001, 6 weeks later he was administered the first 6-fold vaccination hexavac.
He screamed his head off afterwards. I called the pediatrician but she said that it was not unusual and that I should give him a suppository.

From then on Leon no longer slept at night and screamed uninterruptedly.

His left hand has a cramp and his head jerks over in a forward motion.

When he was 5 months old it was determined that he was semi-hemiplegic. We had to wait and see how we would develop. He didn’t start to walk until much later and generally his motor skills are not as advanced as they should be. When he turned 4 he started having epileptic fits, he is getting medication and we are unable to stabilize him.  He still wets his pants, does not sleep well, is very domineering and makes family life for us and his brother, who is one year older, extremely hard. We sued the federal social bureau on account of vaccine damage, have reached the second level of jurisdiction, and do not believe that we really stand a chance of winning.

who can help us? Please contact
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


C.Z., 11.11.1990, female



Our daughter was vaccinated with Gardasil on 15.06.07 and on 10.08.07. While she tolerated the first vaccination well (almost no side effects), she had massive problems right after the second vaccination, including headache and joint pains at an intolerable level, nausea, dizziness, respiratory problems, paralysis (particularly in her arms), trembling of the hands, pain in her face muscles, etc. She spent time in the hospital and there were no psychological, viral or other clinical findings.  In the meantime the pain has expanded in intensity and scope (regarding body regions affected). The respiratory problems have become so bad that they are experienced as life threatening by my daughter.


S.S., 09.08.1993, female



Constant nausea, sometimes stomach pains and a 10 lb weight loss between the first and second vaccinations, another 5 lbs after the second vaccination (she weighs 40.5 kg and is 1.60 m). She did not get the third vaccination. Exhaustion, listlessness, fatigue: stress and the feeling of being overextended, mood swings and feeling of inner coldness, loss of appetite, a complete reversal of food preferences: preference of carbohydrates, particularly pasta, pancakes, bread, sometimes chocolate, revulsion against meet, vegetables and everything salty, less appetite for fruit.

The symptoms all started gradually and we did not realize they had anything to do with the vaccination.


All lab work (some from the day after the second vaccination, more approx. 6 weeks after the 2nd vaccination) were inconclusive;


All symptoms started to improve gradually appr. 10 weeks after the 2nd vaccination and are almost gone. She is gaining weight.


Our daughter never had problems with a vaccination before.


C.S., 22.08.2005, male


Infanrix hexa

The first time Christopher was vaccinated was when he was 4 months old, it was a 6-fold vaccination. 8 hours after the vaccination was administered he had singular convulsions without fever over a time period of 3-4 hours. First every minute, then every 10 minutes.

After the second 6-fold vaccination when he was 5 months old our son experienced a generalized convulsion fit which lasted 5-10 minutes which was not accompanied by a fever

Since then over the last 2 years Christoph has had 60 more epileptic fits (with and without fever). Other developmental delays are also evident, as well as slight ataxia. It cannot be predicted how long the epilepsia will last..

The trial regarding recognition of vaccine damage is on going.


D.H., 30.11.1969, female


FSME Immun

First vaccination on 11.03.08. The day after the vaccination listlessness, joint pains, headaches, slight fever. By evening the chills, severe headache, 39.5°C. This morning a feeling of defeat, headache, no fever. Hope it stops soon.


G.B., 19.12.49, female



The same evening, lasts 2-3 days: very severe pain, including complete inability to move the arm. Followed by pain in muscles of the arms and legs, back and nape of the neck, very frequently herpes attacks.

Muscle and joint pain

Nerve pain in the right arm

Extreme listlessness, meteorosensitivity, painkillers required to get out and move; used to be my favorite thing in life and nowadays I can hardly make myself do it., Borreliosis test negative, test for rheumatism negative, too.

After reading these reports I feel better and will look for a good doctor who will take me seriously in my assumption that my really bad physical condition is attributable to vaccine intolerance and who will hopefully be able to treat me.


L.S., 14.04.1994, female



1st and 2nd vaccinated tolerated well and on 11.03.08 my daughter was administered the 3rd vaccination. Now she is in bed with a headache, dizziness, fever, nausea and fatigue. The doctor prescribed penicillin and I hope that is the right thing to do and that my daughter will not suffer severe side effects.


I.G., 14.09.1991, female



In August 2007 my daughter was vaccinated with Gardasil the first time. Of course we did not connect the resulting side effects such as nausea, stomach ache and severe headaches with the vaccination.  We proceeded to chase from one doctor to the next to find out what had triggered it and to have a cause diagnosed.

She was treated for a light gastritis, but without success. She had the 2nd vaccination in November 2007. Immediately the disorders started again, this time more severely. Naturally we realized immediately that the vaccination had been the cause of the problems.

Various consultations with medical specialists, homeopaths, naturopaths and even a hospitalization remained with a result.

My daughter’s blood work and her organs were all okay. None of the specialists listed above was able to find a medication that would at least alleviate the symptoms. All medication prescribed hitherto was useless.


L.B., 10.01.1992, female



I am 16 years old was vaccinated once on 27.September 07 and once in October 07. The vaccination hurt a lot, for days after I got the shot the muscles of my right left arm were swollen and hurt! But it stopped again and then everything was okay.

It was the last day before my Christmas vacation, 20 December 2007, when the first symptoms started again during class from one second to the next: sudden strong shivers, dizziness, paleness, and balance problems. I felt like I was about to faint!!! During recess: nausea, lack of appetite and feeling of weakness. (According to my teacher I looked like the reincarnation of death) My math teacher sent me to the nurse’s where I had to lie down for an hour. It did not get better so I was sent home! Four days later I had my period and the symptoms were gone.                                               
Everything was fine until 27.01.08!

On 28.01.08 I went ice-skating with my class. Since 7.00 am I have felt sick to my stomach. I had to Stopp ice-skating because I felt so sick. I couldn’t eat at our grill party afterwards. The nausea persisted until the next day and at school I had hiccoughs and stomach cramps. I felt sick until the evening.   
During the night I woke up suddenly and in the following 3 seconds I had very severe and watery diarrhea. At about 5 am I got my period. The diarrhea continued. At any rate it was all pretty strange.  I wonder i fit is connected to the vaccine??? I will be having my third vaccine in June!


D.H., 28.02.1972, female



My husband, my two children and I had FSME vaccinations on 08.05.2007. Why? The media played a big role. We also have a dog with whom we take longs walks in the forest and this year we vacationed in an area which was said to be at risk for ticks.

After the first vaccination everything was fine.  On 17.07.2007 we all had our second vaccination. My husband and my children were fine. I was too, but after a week I came down with a cold and a sore throat and respiratory problems.  I was treated by my doctor for difficulties breathing and I thought it was just a really bad cold.

In the course of the next weeks I did not feel much better and developed a tickly feeling in my face accompanied by numbness in my nose and cheeks and lips and front teeth, which was accompanied by dizziness, pressure in my head, headache. My whole face actually felt like it was compressed and the respiratory problems weren’t getting any better, either. I was really listless and had no appetite, while at the same time I had bad heart burn even though I wasn’t even eating. I didn’t even suspect that it could have been from the vaccination.

I went to the dentist’s as I assumed that it could have something to do with the teeth, an infection or something like that – but everything was fine. So I went to the ear nose and throat specialist, everything fine. But for the first time I mentioned the vaccination. The doctor said the side effects could have stemmed from the vaccine and he prescribed Nasonex and Vitamin B. Due to the respiratory problems the lung specialist gave me a prescription for asthma spray. Four weeks later the symptoms were somewhat better. I thought it was finally over but now everything got worse. The pressure in my head, I got herpes several times and gastritis and when I told my family doctor she reported the vaccination as a vaccine damage and said that I had developed a weakened immune system as a result of the vaccination, so I added zinc to the Vitamin B tablets. As a precautionary measure she sent me to the neurologist’s, and I had an MRT done. Everything fine. The vaccination was about 6 months ago and one doctor suggested that I could have histamine intolerance so that I have stopped eating various food items. I continue to take Vitamin B tablets, homeopathic remedies for the histamine intolerance and tablets to improve my intestinal flora to strengthen my immune system and I must say that I feel better every day. I am beginning to hope that the tingling, the pressure, the pain and the dizziness could finally be over and I am feeling like my former strength is returning. I went bike riding, which I haven’t done for 6 months due to the dizziness. I don’t know if the histamine intolerance was caused by the vaccination, but my gut reaction is yes. Due to the side effects the rest of my family has not had any more vaccinations and we now prefer to use Autan.


C.M., 21.01.1977, female



On 07.04.2005 my husband and I and our children were vaccinated against FSME. We wanted to vacation in Bavaria. We did it on the advice of the pediatrician I cannot say at what point the first reaction occurred for me since it is such a long time ago. At any rate the second and the third vaccinations were not administered as I was having such dizzy spells and heart palpitations. The pediatrician was not able to with certainty that it was due to the vaccination. At any rate she recommended that I not have the next vaccinations. Since then I suffer from constant drowsiness, dizziness, joint pains (especially at the nape of my neck), paresthesia, tingling, feelings of numbness. The past three years I have consulted all kinds of doctors. No findings. In the meantime I have become convinced that it is all due to the vaccination. Sometimes it is so bad that I have lost all courage to live. Then there are faces where I tell myself that life goes on. For the sake of my family. The worst part is that doctors keep telling me the same thing. They say that it is probably psychosomatic. I underwent therapy, too. The therapist concluded the sessions because she was of the opinion that everything is fine. My psyche probably does play a role sometimes. It really is bad when you do not trust yourself. There is no one I can turn to even though I keep running to the doctors all the time. I am so stressed out that I have been loosing hair. When I found this site I realized that it cannot be a coincidence that there are so many cases. Don’t give up! I won’t either. Maybe the vaccine will diminish some day and then things will look up again. I am going to consult a naturopath. Maybe he will be able to give me hope.


C.W., 31.10.1992, male



After the 5th day I got a rash in my face around nose/eyes/chin accompanied by great pain/itchiness (skin doctor did not see a connection and prescribed cortisone cream which did not alleviate the discomort) 6th day like fifth day (doctor things it is vaccine damage/reaction … in other words, an allergic reaction…. Prescribed anti allergic medicine.....


V.G., 29.08.1949, female


5.9.2005 Diphtheria-ADS.vaccination Behring

As already described above, I was administered a vaccination and developed a cough approx. 2 weeks later, without having a cold. I have not been able to get rid of this cough since that time and it was always treated like bronchitis.

Moreover, on 3.5.2004 I was vaccinated with Pneumovax 23 No. Ch.B.:HS68679, approx. 5 weeks before this vaccination  I was diagnosed as having chronic sinus infection.

3 weeks ago they did a bronchoscopy, and this is what was determined:
Hemophilia influenza  - numerous individual physiological flora, and

++ Granulocytes
+    Epithelium cells
+    gram-positive chain cocci
+    Cilia epithelia
I constantly feel like I have an infection with the accompanying symptoms. I would be interested in knowing if this has anything to do with the vaccination. Every doctor I ask says no, but I am beginning to believe it does. I am sick of going to the doctor and trying out new medication all the time. I have just finished a 12 day course of antibiotics  Cefurox Basics\" and am taking \"Singulair\".


M.G., 03.01.1991, female



My daughter’s reactions are just now beginning to fit together the pieces of a puzzle.

September 2007: except for pain at the site of injection and in her arm for several days, no conspicuities. She then started complaining of nausea, listlessness, fatigue,  which was attributed to the fact that she had changed schools and was preparing for her baccalaureate (stress). Second vaccination in late November 2007, she had pains in her arm and at the site of injection, which increased in December 2007.  She started having colds, 5 times in all. Moreover nausea, circulatory problems, dizziness. The doctor says that it has nothing to do with the vaccination. In early January it was discovered that she has very low levels of iron, in the first laboratory control it was 1 (norm 20 and higher). Since that time she has been taking iron pills and her iron levels are increasing slowly (4) and 200. She has been nauseous repeatedly so that I had to pick her up from school, etc. However, she has not thrown up. The doctor says she is not stable which is normal when the iron levels are low I will not let her have the third vaccination.  
time period Eingabefeld: pot. 2-3 weeks


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