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S.M.F., 30.01.1986, male


My son got a Pandemrix shot in November last year, he worked as an ambulance driver. A few days later he said that his neck was hurting, but we thought he had just twisted his back. Then he got a bad headache and we gave him Ibuprofen which did not help much, either. The doctor prescribed the same thing. In December he also started getting fever and they said he had come down with the flu. The neck pain got worse and worse. New Year’s Eve he came over to visit and was sweating profusely. He was not doing well at all. On January 1 he went to se a doctor and again they said it was the flu. On January 4 we received a call from his girlfriend ( he had had high fever for days at that point) and so I drove over and she told me that he was having a hard time recognizing people. So I called the hospital and when the ambulance arrived I asked i fit could be meningitis and I insisted that they take him to the hospital, where they did a CT. They didn’t find anything, the pain persisted. On February 8 my son came to see me after his night shift. He was pale and he threw up. I took him to see a doctor who said that it was probably a bad case of migraine and that he should see an orthpedic specialist, which he did; he collapsed in the waiting room. Then they took him to the hospital again and did another CT, then they took him to the Asklepios Clinic in ambulance, although he was not accompanied by a doctor. He was not given an infusion, even though he had fallen into a coma and was having episodes. When he arrived there they punctured his spine and said that he had a case of meningitis, although they could not say which virus it was. When we were allowed to see him he had terrible cramps and when we asked the doctor if it could have anything to do with the Pandemrix vaccination the doctor looked at us with a shocked look on his face and emphatically said NO. He was given antibiotics and was put into an artificial coma. That night the healthy part of his brain also swelled up to twice the size and he could no longer be saved. That afternoon they said he was brain dead. They sent him to Göttingen for the autopsy. When I called two weeks later because I had not heard from them, they said that only doctors would be able to discuss it and when I ask other doctors they tell me to be patient. I hope that it will be possible to help other people and that in the future they will react differently.


C.G., 12.10.1984, female


In September and November of 2007 I received the first two Gardasil vaccinations. I did not notice any changes except for being more tired during the day. I didn’t think that the fatigue had anything to do with the vaccination because I had just completed my degree at the university and had started my first job.

On 11 March 2008 I had the third vaccination, and the effects were serious: 2 days after the vaccination I suddenly came down with a really bad case of diarrhea and felt sick to my stomach. Then I felt okay for a few days. 12 days later I had stomach cramps and stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, respiratory problems. My family doctor suspected that I had food poisoning but did not think it was necessary to have the blood or the stool checked. Since this day my pains have persisted, including chronic nausea, intestinal problems, stomach aches, food intolerance (prior to this I was able to eat anything I wanted to and had no problems), fatigue that is paralyzing, joint pain and a bad migraine. Since that time I am unable to cope with every day life and I had to abandon my job as a speech therapist. Since, until recently, I assumed that food poisoning triggered the problems and since all of the problems were inconclusive (gastroscopy, stool, ultrasound, blood work, spinal puncture, and neurological tests) I have tried to fight the symptoms by using medication (MCP, Omep, Iberogast ….), but without success. I am desperate and I hope to be able to be healthy again some day.


B.P., 12.07.70, female


I already described the reactions right after the vaccination, tickly feeling and sudden pain along my nerves. I could not place the symptoms.

I had the symptoms for a couple of weeks (mainly along the shins, lower arms and the whole side of my body, frequently on just one side After having the flu in January there was burning pain which, coupled with the cribbling feeling, are relentless. I saw a neurologist and he said that he thought it was polyneuropathies, NLG slow, EMG unusual. Somehow he seemed to have problems using his equipment or he was unable to interpret the result correctly. The blood test remained negative. Standard, Bor. And B12. When I said that I thought it could have to do with the vaccination he checked it on google. My conclusion: He did not take me seriously and said that I had an anxiety disorder. I will be seeing a second neurologist in five weeks. And my fears were confirmed: the neurologist did not take me seriously when I said I thought it had to do with the vaccination. Of course it could be a coincidence that the problems started at the same time. But now I will have to wait for other appointments.


B.L., 17.10.71, female

0.5 ml Td-pur

General information:
Booster shot, NEVER had problems in the past when I was vaccinated. When I had this vaccination I was perfectly healthy.
Immediately following the injection I had bad pain in my upper arms which increased in intensity three days later. When I lift my arms it hurts a lot. I cannot move well. I also feel tired, fatigued, crabby and inattentive. I don’t know if I am going to have another vaccination in ten years time …

I was not informed of possible adverse effects.
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H.B., 08.12.1964, male


After I had a tetanus combination vaccination I developed pain in my backside. The pain went into my leg, I had diarrhea for about a week, headache, the chills. After yellow fever vaccination I had flu-like symptoms for three days, was tired, had pain in my joints and in my neck, a headache, the chills, a sore throat, was not hungry and could not work for three days.


C.L., 11.09.1981, male

Rotateq and combination vaccination (6)

Today our son who is 2 months old was vaccinated for the first time. He screamed after the vaccination like I have never heard him scream before. To calm him down I held him over my shoulder. He stopped crying immediately. Like a switch was turned. So I put him on the diaper table and put his clothes on. 2 or 3 minutes went by; suddenly I notice how pale he was. All color had passed from his little face. His eyes stared ahead and I’m afraid. So I called the doctor from the treatment room and when he saw my son he sped to the hospital with us. My son was given oxygen and they had adrenalin handy but luckily they did not have to use it. The color returned and an hour later we were sent home. When we got home we could not calm him down and he kept screaming. I am going to have his next vaccination done at the hospital to be on the safe side. But I am already afraid of it and I am going to collect as much information as possible beforehand.


L.W., 10.02.1991, female

FSME Immun adults

approx. 2 months after the vaccination I felt numb and cribbling in my left leg. So I went to see the orthopaedic specialist because I have back problems and did not want it to be a slipped disk: no findings except for a slight protruding but which did not fit the symptoms, and 2 weeks later the symptoms started receding slowly again. One year later the same thing happened, only in my leg and in my arm, and it got worse, so I went back to the orthopaedic specialist who did an MRT scan of my back again, said it was infected, so I went to the neurologist, and had all kinds of neurological tests, punctured spinal fluid, etc. Then MS suspected. So they gave me cortisone for 5 days and all adverse reactions were there, the same as before the spinal fluid puncture so that I spent almost 4 weeks in bed. They gave me Copaxone and after that therapy had started to kick in and I felt really good until early January, only a slight cribbling in my leg remained. In January it started again, cribbling and numbness throughout the left side of my body and a hard time coordinating, I feel insecure when I walk, I don’t have complete control of my right foot. The measurements the neurologist did showed that my condition had deteriorated, but they did not give me cortisone yet. After an MRT in February there was a new inflammation source and now the finding is absolutely sure, so I get cortisone for three days. The cribbling in the left side of my body is still around and I feel like hell. I still go to school and will have my final exams soon.


V.L., 22.10.1977, female


My daughter received the prescribed vaccination dose in 2008 (3x every 4-6 weeks) with the Rotateq vaccine against rotaviruses. We noticed hardly anything after the first vaccination, maybe restlessness. After she had her second vaccine she developed bad stomach cramps and diarrhea. After she had her third vaccination she had bad stomach cramps for 2-3 days, including colic and stomach cramps. We could only calm her down by carrying her around. We had our son vaccinated in 2009 but I have not noticed any adverse effects yet.


K.G., 29.7.1977, female

Pandemrix (swine flu)

Right after the vaccination I had terrible headaches (approx. 2 hours later), then I had two weeks of pain in my right arm, early January I suddenly felt like I was going to lose my mind. I was afraid and had panic attacks, accompanied by weird cribbling in my arms and legs. I feel like I am undergoing burn-out, have no resilience and am exhausted all the time. My naturopath thinks it is burnouout syndrome and thinks I has to do with the vaccination. After 7 weeks of torture I still do not feel better. I’m afraid I am going to die. I am never again going to go along with the vaccination hysteria.




L.W., 10.02.1991

FSME-IMMUN Adults/ Baxter

Approx. 2 months after the vaccination a feeling of numbness and cribbling in my left leg, so I went to see an orthopedic specialist because I have back problems anyway. He thinks it could be a slipped disk, so MRT: inconclusive except for a slight protrusion which however does not fit the symptoms and which goes away on its own two weeks later. The symptoms disappear.

One year later the same thing happens in my other leg and in my arm. So they do an MRT and there is an inflammation so they send me to the neurologist, all neurological tests: spinal fluid, borrelien test, and they suspect it could be MS. 5 day cortisone therapy and all adverse effects, including the spinal tap exam so that I spent almost four weeks in bed

After the basic therapy with Copaxone had gradually started to kick in I started feeling better in January. Only slight cribbling sensation in my leg remained. And in January it started again, cribbling and numbness in the whole left half of my body, also coordination problems and problems when I walk. I don’t have complete control of my right foot. The tests the neurologist did showed that it had gotten worse, but they did not give me cortisone yet. After an MRT in February there was another inflammatory lesion (now an certain diagnosis!), so I got cortisone for three days. The cribbling in the left side of my body persists and is turning my life in general and at school (I am about to graduate) into hell.


V.L., 22.10.1977, female


My daughter was vaccinated against rotaviruses with the prescribed dosage in 2007 (3 times, 4-6 weeks apart). We noticed hardly anything after the first vaccination; perhaps she was a bit restless. After the second vaccination she had bad stomach cramps and diarrhea. After the third vaccination she had stomach cramps and colic for 2-3 days. She would only calm down if we carried her around. I have not noticed any adverse effects in our son yet, 2009.


M.W., 14.01.2010, male

Priorix (GSK)

Immediately following the vaccination the child said that she had pain at the site of injection (left leg) and since this day she has been limping. 11 days after the vaccination. It looks stiff when she walks and it looks like she does not feel secure.

On the 8th day after the MMR vaccination the fever, which was to be expected, started, initially 39.3 degrees. And similarly a respiratory tract infection accompanied by coughing and a cold. 10 days after the vaccination she has a bad ear ache.

Doctor’s diagnosis on the 11th day: middle ear infection, bronchitis!

The fever is still quite high, 39.9 degrees. Today she started getting antibiotics and medicine to get the fever down.

Even though middle ear infection is one of the occasional adverse effects of Priorix listed in the package insert the pediatrician does not see a connection.


T.A., 02.01.2006, male

meningococci neisVac-c baxter

Until my son was 3 years old his developed normally and was a happy and loving child, always a smile on his lips. After the vaccination he came down with a high fever, could not stop crying, and hardly slept. After 3 months there were cramp-like convulsions and an erection that lasted for 5 hours. His behavior became very strange, he seemed very introverted, did not seem to notice anyone, stopped eating and drinking and had to be fed. Before that he always slept all through the night. Now he started waking up in the middle of the night, got up in bed, made strange noises. His condition got worse and worse, he seemed apathetic and made the strange noises and hardly slept at all. I had all sorts of tests done. A customer of mine (I am a hairdresser) recommended that I take him to an osteopath who pointed out that it could be vaccination damage. I took my son Tim to see his wife who is a homeopath and she tested him for mengingococci, prescribed globules and 2 days later he started acting normal again, 4 weeks later my child was normal again. He plays with other children, goes into the kitchen and gets himself something to eat, laughs and talks. I am never going to have him vaccinated again and I thank God that my customer sent me to the homeopath; otherwise I would now probably have a mentally handicapped child. I would recommend that all parents have a homeopathic drainage done!!!!!!


M.O.S., 25.11.2008, male

Infanrix Prevenar

When my son was 3 months old he was confronted with his first 5fold vaccination plus pneumococci. That evening he became very pale and started sweating profusely. His circulation collapsed and we called an ambulance and he was brought to the hospital. They could not find anyting wrong with him. He was administered Paracetamol suppositories and we were sent home. One week later he was admitted to the hospital with influenza. He stayed there for 3 days because his fever was so high. He tolerated the second and third vaccination quite well.  On 04.02.2009 he was given his fourth 5 fold combination vaccination plus pneumococci. That evening he threw up twice and came down with a high (39.9°C). After we gave him a suppository it went back down again. He had bad stomach cramps and diarrhea. He would also not let us touch him, which after 5 days had still not improved.  The injection site was bruised. He is moody and overwrought and is unable to sleep at night. At night he wakes up screaming and holds on to me.


M., 20.07.2008, female

Priorix (MMR-vaccination)

Generally it is said that there is a potential vaccination reaction after 7-8 days. This is how it was with my daughter: Day of the vaccination: 21.01.2010 Day 1-9: Our daughter seems anxious and wants to be held all the time which is very much unlike her. She also has an elevated temperature. Day 10-15: Increasingly loss of appetite and continues to be anxious, serious and quiet even though she normally is so full of joy, energy and temperament. Friday 05.02.2010: That afternoon we went to see the pediatrician because our little sweetheart had stopped drinking. He calmed us down and said that it was a rough patch we would have to get through.  The leukocyte value was 6200 which indicates that it was a vaccination reaction or a viral infection. The urine was okay. Saturday 06.02.2010: Melissa is more and more listless, tired, stops eating. Theo diarrhea. She does not sleep well. We do not know what to do. I start looking for information about potential vaccination damage on the internet. On the one hand it helps us and on the other hand we are even more nervous now. Sunday., 07.02.2010: Still no improvement. Should we bring her to the children’s hospital? We decide against it. Monday, 08.02.2010: Melissa starts eating again but she still does not have a lot of energy. Her gait is not steady and she careens when she walks. Still I have the feeling that she is getting better. We will report how things continue.

Jan. 29, 09

I.Z., May 5, 1994, female



After her first vaccination my daughter was at home for 3 days (she has been living with me since April 2008 due to the fact that she could not stand living with her mother any longer). She had headaches, stomach aches and dizziness. The doctor thought that this was not a reaction to having been vaccinated but more psychological in nature, since she did not seem to have overcome her parents divorce. The same symptoms also occurred after the other two vaccinations, only that the symptoms had become stronger and occurred otherwise, too. Several tests were performed (blood work, stool, thyroid, etc.) but they didn’t find anything. I then switched doctors, but the symptoms persisted with the next pediatrician (severe headaches, nausea, sometimes very low blood pressure, stomach aches usually in the hours of the morning and a predisposition to injury of every kind: sprained ankle, tripping and a sensitivity of the skin (in the meantime being touched caused pain), but the reason could not be found (again a number of tests). The school started applying pressure as a large number of sick days had accumulated (the home room teacher could not believe that a person felt really bad in the morning and much better in the afternoon).

In the summer of 2008 it was determined in the hospital that my daughter had lactose intolerance, which explained the stomach aches and dizziness but not the headaches. When I indicated that the symptoms may have been triggered by HPV the staff’s reaction was of disbelief and pronounced unlikely.

Other diseases included deformations of the nails and operations in the hospital on both large toes as well as myopia, due to which my daughter must now wear glasses. We have switched doctors yet again and now see the third doctor (she had even had an appointment with a gynecologist because she had developed pain in her lower abdomen, but nothing was found). All of the tests were repeated whereby this doctor is of the opinion that  the thyroid gland is causing the problems due to the fact that the TPO-AK value is 300 times higher than it should be. This had been the case during two other examinations with the endocrinologist. This doctor (specialist for thyroid problems) thinks that this value in itself does not important and that the other values and examinations of the thyroid are okay and so the thyroid gland cannot be the problem. Even when I said that almost all of the current symptoms could be defined as hypo-thyroidism (including memory lapses, fatigue, joint pains, constricted throat, feeling of pressure on her neck, feeling of strangulation, frequent clearing of the throat and coughing, hoarse voice, depressed state of mind,  lack of motivation, weak muscle function, hardening of the muscles, dry flaky skin and itchiness, dry mucous membranes, dry hair and brittle nails, loss of hair, fast and great weight gain, nausea, digestive problems) did not convince the endocrinologist and her diagnosis was that the thyroid was normal. Despite this diagnosis my daughter started taking a thyroid hormone (L-Thyroxin Henning 50) 4 days ago and yesterday she was symptom-free for the first time in months.  In time we will know if it is a panacea.

My conclusion: My daughter would not have had to suffer through all this if she had not had the HPV vaccination and I would advise everyone to stay away from this vaccination.

Jan. 26, 10

M.L., Aug. 23, 1983, female


In April and May 2008 I received the first partial vaccination; after that the condition of my skin deteriorated slightly, but initially I did not think anything of it. I thought it was an episode of the neurodermatitis   - my last episode was 10 years ago. After my last vaccination in January of 2008 the cycle continued and two months later my whole body was covered with a rash which has not healed to this day. Endless pain, moist open wounds, purulent wounds, my body covered with purulent little blisters. I have been battling this for one and a half years now. Today I know why!!!!! The Twinrix vaccination was the trigger. Right now I am involved in diverting the POISON and I am going to succeed in leading a normal and healthy life again without the skin problems.


E.P., April 04, male

Tetanol (pure)

The second night after the vaccination with Tetanol my 5-year-old son had a pseudo Croup attack for the first time in his life. It was life-threatening and necessitated me calling the ambulance. Since that time there is a manifestation of Croup which started after the vaccination.

Jan. 18, 10

S.K., June 8, 90, female

Gardasil (HPV)Cervical cancer

After the first vaccination (May 2008) my daughter started having problems with her circulation, dizziness and could not hear on one ear. We had already left the doctor’s office, I gave her water and she sat down briefly. We informed the gynecologist but they said that things like this happen and that it would stop again soon.

When we went to have the second vaccination we informed them of the reaction that she had had after the first vaccination and voiced doubt whether the process should be continued. The recommendation was to take Thuja globules … for three days after the vaccination. The dizziness started again after the second vaccination. After that there were infections which kept returning in shorter intervals. The diagnosis was mononucleosis, but the blood work was negative. When my daughter had recuperated again, the third vaccination was supposed to be Gardasil in December 2008. The situation became really dramatic when she was administered this third vaccination:

In the mean time my daughter had reached graduation class and had to prepare for her Abitur (baccalaureate). She had difficulties learning, couldn’t concentrate, was tired, had headaches, pains in her arms and legs. High levels of ANA were determined in the blood work. Moreover an autoimmune disease was diagnosed on the thyroid.

My daughter had always been a fantastic student and had an easy time learning things. But studying for the exams became a real nightmare on account of these problems. Due to the fatigue and listlessness and pain she accumulated a lot of sick days at school. Every doctor we consulted did not really take a stand towards Gardasil. Despite these problems my daughter had a top notch grade average in her baccalaureate and has started to study Economics at the university; her problems remain the same. Couldn’t someone finally take a stand against Gardasil and suggest something against the side effects? Before she was vaccinated with Gardasil, my daughter was always healthy and fit.

Jan. 10, 10

A.K., August 9, 1994, female

Cervical cancer

I am still not sure whether my daughter’s problems stem from this vaccination. But fact is that the problems started when she got the vaccination and no doctor is able to render a diagnosis which would cast away my doubts. After the third vaccination the joint pain in the left knee started; in the mean time both knees and both elbows are affected. No exam (blood work, X-rays, MRT scans)  has been able to determine anything. That is why it is my assumption that the vaccination is at the root of the cause.

Jan. 8, 10

J.K., Sept. 29, 2008, female


On account of the advice of my homeopathic practitioner and my midwife I did not have my daughter vaccinated until she was one year old. The first two vaccinations were fine which is why I did not worry about the third vaccination and had her vaccinated between Christmas and New Year, when my homeopathic practitioner was on vacation. He may have been able to help faster had he been arounde. The same evening she developed a high fever, 39.5 C. The next day I was at the pediatrician’s and he said that it could have been a prior infection that she already had and that her ears looked a little red. The following weekend her breathing became labored and Sunday night we had to take her to the hospital with acute spasmodic laryngitis. My pediatrician vehemently denies that it could have something to do with the vaccination. Right afterwards I went and had a bioresonance therapy done which determined that she had intolerance against the formaldehyde, which is in the vaccine. One day after she had been treated by the bioresonance the belabored breathing was gone and one week later she has come down with a cold, but that is probably just a coincidence.

I was actually always against vaccinations but I gave in because so many people talked me into it. I am now contemplating not having the MMR done and only having her get a booster shot in a year so that it was worth it. At any rate I will also her have treated homeopathically at the same time.

Jan. 6, 10

K.T., March 2, 1971, female


We have a baby that is a few weeks old and two children of school age (6, 15) at home. In order to give the baby “cocoon protection” my husband and I and the oldest child had vaccinations. As I am a vaccination consultant, I was hesitant to have the middle child vaccinated. My husband had slight influenza-like symptoms after the vaccination which disappeared slightly thereafter. My son did not have any side-effects at all.

After two days severe pain started in my left arm (the arm that had been vaccinated), presumably along the nerve tract. I had a lot of pain in my elbow, the hand and the finger joint. However, after I took one paracetamol tablet, the pain disappeared.

About seven weeks have passed since the vaccination. Repeatedly I had the symptoms I described above. Once I felt like I had a tennis elbow and it is what arthritis probably feels like. Presently I have continuous sharp pain which seem to spread around the left shoulder (as if a nerve was pinched and which is spreading to the left elbow and wrist. The soft tissue in my upper arm and the left breast hurt now, too. Paracetamol brings momentary relief, but it is not a long-term solution. I have not consulted a doctor yet.

Jan. 5, 10

S.M., Oct. 3, 80, female


Hi there, my husband, my four-year-old daughter and I received a swine flue vaccination on November 5. My doctor told me that the vaccination was for everyone and we believed him.  At the time there weren’t any forums yet where you could get information and there weren’t any tv reports either of people who had died from the vaccinations. My daughter suffers from Neurodermitis, I have circulatory disorders. How imprudent one’s actions are sometimes!!! Our doctor, Dr. D. in D. did not even ask if we had any prior diseases. Well, and now we have had our vaccinations.  The same day my husband was vaccinated against the normal influenza so that he would be protected better. My daughter and I had gotten the influenza vaccination a couple weeks earlier. The same day my husband felt terrible. In the night he could not sleep, was shivering and had a slight fever, in other words, the mild variation. My daughter had a low temperature, 35 degrees C. and couldn’t sleep. I had no side-effects. Naturally we all had pain around the injection site. With me the pain did not start until two weeks later. The side effects of shivering- nausea-back pain-trembling and numbness on feet and arms-labored breathing-swollen stomach and constipation. I was given medication for each of the symptoms. They took blood. According to my doctor everything is fine. My daughter’s side effects were different: nightmares-listlessness-cramps.

Jan. 2, 10

K.R., Aug. 12,1968, female


I received FSME vaccinations upon request as I have had ticks several times!

A few days after the vaccination I got a rash on my lower legs and had difficulties bending my knees.

The doctor who had administered the first vaccination did without the second vaccination.

For six months I had these difficulties tree times for several days so that I went to the dermatology clinic at the university hospital in Erlangen, Germany. Despite blood work and examinations with various devices it was impossible to detect the cause.

Three months later I had reactions which lasted for several days again so that I tried to clarify what the problem was at “Medicine 3”.

They stuck me in all kinds of machines again, the ones where you are covered up to the neck. But 10 days later they were still unable to find what was at the root of my problems even though my legs, my intestines and other organs were examined, too.

14 days later I had a lot of stress at work. When I was almost finished with my work I was about to make a couple of photocopies. That is the last thing I can remember

45-50 minutes later I regained consciousness. I was sitting on a gurney and I somehow felt like I had died.

I then realized that it was not the case. But it took some time until I finally was conscious of this reality.

They brought me to the clinic in Fuerth and then to the “Kopfklinik“ in Erlangen. They stuck me in an MRT for about 30 minutes and told me that my head had to be operated immediately. The part that separates the two halves of the brain was “clogged” so that there was too much water on the left side of the brain. I had to be operated on immediately.

Normally a hydrocephalus is healed with a second operation during which a shunt is implanted.

Unfortunately everything I had was not typical for a hydrocephalus.

I had bacteria in the cerebrospinal fluid, a thrombosis, a lack of skin formation after my operation and water retention so that I had even more operations.

Unfortunately my problem is that no professor or doctor will confirm that my problems are due to the FSME vaccination I received.

It was confirmed several times during conversations, but unfortunately not in writing!!

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