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Date Person, Date of birth Previous illnesses Vaccination Reaction to vaccine


J.G., 15.12.2003, male

Pulmonary hypoplasia


My son was born with hypoplastic lungs. We could take him home from the hospital only after a long time (we have oxygen, monitor, everything at home) since he still had low oxygen saturation to some extent.... but with time and a lot of care, the saturation level kept improving and he could eventually do without the oxygen nasal cannula and only then could our son Justin start living life, we could go out without oxygen bottles, only with monitor (just to be on the safe side... and to confirm that everything is ok and he will be and is fit; we fought for seven months and eagerly awaited the day when he would no longer need the equipment. He even endured a cold very well except slight cough which he still had and then there was the vaccination against pneumococcus, we were told that he needed it, since he was a premature baby... after approx 5-6 day (after the vaccination) my son got high fever, which initially could also be decreased using antipyretic medication. However, the fever increased again, and we went to the hospital, there my son was given slightly stronger antipyretic medication and we could go home; approximately 8 hours later, we were back in the hospital with the fire brigade, because the fever had again increased a lot. There, they tried to save him but in vain and our son died at the age of 7 months due to bacterial pneumonia which can be caused by a vaccination against pneumococcus if the child still has slight cold or cough. Unfortunately, till now, I did not have the strength to fight for my son Justin’s right, but if anyone could help me, I will be thankful from the bottom of my heart for any kind of help!!! The vaccine reaction lasted for 3 days from the first day of the fever till he passed away!!! Please help me, where can I seek help??


K.S., 14.09.2001, male


Infanrix Hexa

My son got the first 6-fold vaccination at the age of 4 months. The same night, he also got fever and the spot where he was injected turned red, according to the doctor, this was a \"normal\" reaction. Exactly one week after the vaccination, he became unresponsive and lost his appetite, when he suddenly vomited, I went to the doctor on-call, he immediately referred us to a clinic, there, it was ascertained that he was suffering from enlargement of the organs and the next day, we got the diagnosis: leukemia!! We were brought to a special children’s clinic, after many chemo therapies and planned stem cell transplantations, our son died at the age of 22 months!!! No doctor (and we met and consulted many doctors during this time) wanted to concede that there could be a connection between the vaccination and the disease outbreak. Instead, they were arguing that there could not be any connection and was purely coincidental!!! We now have a daughter, she is 6 months old and she will not be vaccinated so soon, although my pediatrician is pressurizing me to do so!


J., 4.11.2002, female



A week after the vaccination our daughter (3 years) complained of nausea, vomiting and headache. She was extremely frail and although we were on vacation, we searched for and consulted a doctor there several times, who confirmed that it was a vaccine reaction. Jule complained about pain in the throat and eyes, which culminated into the fact that she kept asking us to take her to the eye doctor, because she could hardly see anything well anymore. During the two-week vacation, she was hardly in a condition to even go out for a walk and we mostly had to take her in her little sister’s pram. The \"Eye problem\" did not go away. Although the eye doctor diagnosed that the ability to see had not developed corresponding to her age, he advised us to go for a check-up after three months, which is still pending. The weakness we observed lasted around 2-3 weeks.
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction = 2-3 weeks


S.T.B., 22.09.1966, male



First and second vaccination with Encepur – no reactions.
Up till the third vaccination, ambitious jogger with distances of 20-50 km / week.
Third vaccination by the doctor without info about the change of vaccination: TBE-IMMUNE!!!
Vaccinated in the afternoon.
In the morning, severe pain in the left shoulder.
Since (2003), erratic polyarthritis with inflammation of the tendons in the hand, feet, shoulders and severe swellings / reddening. Phases when I am completely normal change to phases with severe pain that last for months, and which are suppressed using pain killers.
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction= 3 years, permanent Permanent_damage = great restrictions in personal and professional life.


A.M., 18.11.1959, female


Hep. B Gen H-B Ch.-B521011

I was vaccinated in Dec. 96 and Dec. 97. Around Oct. 97 I had ostitis in the right elbow. Doctors in the rehabilitation clinic were helpless. After two years, the ostitis decreased. In 2001, I suffered from displacement of equilibrium and my right leg was paralyzed. Hands went numb. 2005, I got MS, primary-chronic course.


M.K., 1994, female



Exhaustion, fever (39.5), rash starting behind the ears, face, and torso. It is the 5th day (23.05.06) the child cannot attend school due to fever.


A.O., 05.11.92, male



My son was vaccinated due to an injury. The previous vaccination was 11 years ago. The spot where the vaccination was given swelled up immediately and was soon up to 3 cm in diameter. The spot was hot and red. My son could sleep only after taking pain killers. After two days of fever and nausea. He was also suffering from displacement of equilibrium and could not even go to the toilet by himself. The spot swelled up further till it was as big as the palm. Wet packs helped only for a short time and the spot began to itch very badly. Further packs with Retterspitz and Fenistil helped only so far. He was better after a week. What stayed back was a hardened spot of 2 cm where he had received the vaccination. I hope this also disappears soon. My son could not attend school for a week.
Two weeks later, I also got a Tetanus vaccination (booster) this time, with Tetanus-vaccine by Merieux. I had a severe reaction as well. Big swelling of almost 4 cm, hot and red. Woke up because of pain a few times every night, for 3 days. Could not do any work for 4 days. I also still have a hardened spot.
I am happy that both of us do not need any more vaccination for the next 10 years.
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction = 10 days


S.F., 24.02.1971, male



Thursday, first vaccination, Friday evening severe shivers, Saturday, high fever and joint pain, Sunday slight improvement.


A.D., 24.06.1967, female


Twinrix adult

Vaccination on 20.04.06. On 05.05.06 and 06.05.06, I got severe pain in the lower back area as well as slight throat pain and cold. Feeling of exhaustion. Due to the pain, I took Paracetamol rather frequently. The pain is still not completely alleviated, but this afternoon was the last time I took a pain killer. Therefore, I had not been to the doctor yet.

Got the first Twinrix vaccination on 17.11.04, the second on 17.12.04. On 19.12., at night, I got an unbearable pain in my back and my neck. I was feeling exhausted and weak and I could not even lift my kid (almost 1 year old). Then in the afternoon, I took Parcetamol and was feeling better, as the pain was soon bearable and then hardly there. Since this time I have had these flu-like symptoms rather often without getting the actual flue. I became aware of this direct connection only yesterday with the vaccination card and compared it with the day I bought the pain killer. It was now crystal clear to me!!

At my request after the vaccination, the doctor on-call gave me (since I told him about the pain) 3 globules, 5 times each, which would divert the vaccination, I have been taking these since the vaccination in sips three times a day, diluted in water for more than at least 3 weeks.

I would like to discuss the notification with my doctor in the next two weeks.
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction = some days
permanent_damage = recurring flu-like symptoms since the second vaccination


A.H., 28.06.2005, male


6-fold vaccination

Seizure in the evening after the vaccination with status epilepticus for more than 20 minutes; admitted in the Uni-clinic in Mainz, neuropediatric center;

After 3 months, another seizure with Status; medication Oxcarbamazepin; then Keppra, since the seizures persisted;

Now Epilepsy, which is not easy to treat, currently Valproat and Phenobarbital


M.B., 23.12.2005, male



Blistering on the neck that started around 3 days after the vaccination, later on the face and the elbows, which died and disappeared in a couple of weeks. With the 2nd vaccination, recurrence on the same day.


M.F., 19.06.1991, female


MMR (Priorix)

Two weeks after that, experienced dizziness, then after a few days prolonged labyrinthine vertigo, then a few days later, vision disorders. All following examinations only confirmed well-being - CT, Magnet resonance tomography, lumbar puncture, heart, eyes, ears, EEG ...

After 3 weeks, the dizziness reduced, the vision disorders stayed back. Irrespective of the activity, school, studying, watching TV, walking (no sport activity), even with such small activities, the symptoms worsened so much that she had to \" stop \" them.
She could focus her eyes only with great difficulty, but with every blink it was back to square one. In addition, she had a feeling that made her think she was in a dream, i.e. not at all realistic and often asked, whether it was real or a dream.

This condition lasted for 3 months and was so intensive, she simply could not go to school, took \"part\" in max 3 hours of class, if at all – however, without performance assessment, without class work.

Only a homeopathic treatment helped improve the condition of her eyes, and she could pass the school and participate in sports again – with enormous will power and energy. We have just started with the treatment for the dream-condition and do not have anything positive to say yet.

I hope that it continues to improve, even if that means taking three steps forwards and two backwards, but I still assume it will be months before - h o p e f u l l y - everything is back to normal.


C.P., 15.12.1967, female


Hep A+B (Twinrix)

I was vaccinated against Hepatitis A + B (Twinrix) in March 1999. This vaccination was recommended to me by my doctor because of a vacation I had planned to Jamaica.
Six months later, I was diagnosed with an increased Bilirubin level, which has remained 3-times higher than normal till date over the years. All other blood values are normal. I have an acquaintance, whose wife and father was also vaccinated against Hepatitis A+B and they also suffer from high Bilirubin level. All other values are normal in their case as well.


M.H., 07.08.04, male



Some hours after the vaccination, initially cranky, did not want to walk by himself; always cries out (\"oww\"); cries even when picked up in the arms; when kept down, he starts bending the back and cries constantly; absolutely hates his position being changed; he likes light touches on the hands or face, but not on the body and legs; cannot hold himself voluntarily if put down and cries a lot. No fever, no swelling or reddening at the spot of vaccination. The condition improved after approx 2 hours so much that he was standing by himself again, although he does it without any help, slight stiffness while running. The next day, inconspicuous, slight swelling at the vaccinated spot on the thigh.


C.S., 24.05.87, female



My daughter experienced an epileptic attack 2 months before her 15th birthday. After a week in the hospital and intake of 300 mg valproic acid every day, the next 6 months were normal, without any worries. But in July she got two attacks in a day. She was admitted in the Uni-children’s clinic Ulm, the dosage was increased to 1,800 mg valproic acid. In August, another attack where we even needed the fire brigade, in August, ambulant treatment in Uni Bonn. In Sept 02, admitted in Bonn. Diagnosis cryptogenic epilepsy. They were two horrible years! Coincidentally, we came to Switzerland to Chief Physician Dr. Rau / Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle and after extensive examinations it was diagnosed: the epilepsy was caused by the vaccination (measles, mumps, German measles). In the meanwhile, my daughter is now healthy, after a long-term homeopathic treatment which is still going on and a diet without cow milk. A vaccine reaction can occur even after years, and cannot be diagnosed as such. I will be glad to share information with those interested.


T.B., 27.08.2002, male

Small Atrial septal defect


Some days after the vaccination, our son got obstructive bronchitis, which lasted for several weeks and was cured with inhalation. Then, one would also get an impression that the development of our son was practically delayed. He started speaking properly rather late, i.e. with 3 years of age.

Since he is in the kindergarten, he gets one respiratory illness after the other, which could also be treated only with antibiotics owing to the severity.


A.B., 19.11.1994, male



My son got a tetanus vaccination at the age of 6 months, till then he was healthy. 1 - 2 days after the vaccination, he reacted with massive cerebral fever and seizures. The doctor who administered the vaccination ignored the description of the symptoms (it cannot be, it must not be), it was hard for me to get an explanation. I at least tried to procure an \“Allergy test\” over the counter or from vaccine companies. It was all down the drain. In the acute phase I was first happy to normalize the situation for my son. Initially, the attacks occurred every 10 - 15 minutes. He turned dark red, had a febrile seizure and stopped breathing. I did not get a single certificate then to be free from work. A doctor I knew was kind enough to give a certificate. As per regular medicine, all that remained was the stay under observation in the hospital and a sedative. I declined that, since I was again pregnant at that time, I had 5 small children to care of and was rather critical of the way suggested by traditional medicine. We got the thing sorted within 3 weeks. The frequency and the severity of the attacks increased steadily. My son was developing normally according to me, perhaps a little hyperactive. I did not get my other 3 kids vaccinated and I know that in case of an injury, my kid will get a routine vaccination in any ambulance without much ado.


U.G., 23.10.1946, female

NNH-and ear problems
allergic Asthma

Influvac (AFLUA 168 AC)

Unbearable pain in the left arm, then in the entire upper body wherever there are bones including the head. Even eating was a painful ordeal. Spots on the upper body, there was a Sweet syndrome and then in the uni-clinic Mainz (skin clinic), I was diagnosed with a life-threatening Churg-Strauss-Vasculitis. To add to that, the right leg and the left arm was paralyzed. The multiplex Neuritis has till date not been completely cured, although I have been taking high doses of cortisone. Besides, I see small red threads in front of my right eye (I realize that only while reading). My concentration has taken a backseat; I am now also far more susceptible to infections and also go through depressive phases, because Churg Strauss could well lead to death with each attack and requires very aggressive medication.

The course of illness has been described to the best of our knowledge by the uni-clinic and me. I would however not describe it in depth here.

Till now I was almost exclusively only in clinics, cannot work since about 5 months and will go again to a special clinic in Bad Bramstedt.

Some studies describe that in 1/3 of the patients, Churg Strauss Vasculitis has occurred after vaccinations or desensitizations.

Duration of the vaccine reaction: 5 months so far, an end does not seem to be in the near future
permanent damage: Churg Strauss Vasculitis, must undergo cortisone or chemotherapy


C.G., 01.02.67, female


Tetanol 0.5 ml

Shortly after the vaccination, I had a tingling feeling for the first time all over my body. I was examined several times by the doctor on-call and in our uni-clinic. Then they claimed that the complaints were of psychosomatic nature. At that time, I did not know anything about vaccine damages. In the following years, my health deteriorated. I experienced shooting pains very frequently, cramps in the entire body, mostly on the face and in the back; I walked like a robot and the signs of paralysis kept recurring. The susceptibility to infections increased further. Since then, I could not sleep through a single night – not one. I felt myself growing weaker. When I had another severe paralysis attack, I was told that I could have MS. My health kept changing for the worse. 2004 I started to inform myself about Homeopathy (especially Miasma theory of disease), which then became my hobby. In February 2005, I started treating myself!
Initially, not with regards to vaccine damages. The well-chosen medium worked only for a short time to only return to the bad condition. After that, I treated myself to divert from the vaccine damage and get over the blockade. Then, my medicine worked very well and for a long time. The weakness was gone in a jiffy; I hardly had to get out of bed at night, the remaining feeling of numbness is almost less by 50 %, so are the cramps. My sleep has improved enormously and so, after 20 years, I am experiencing life for the first time again.

After my smallpox vaccination in 1968 as well, my mother tells that I had crying attacks and middle ear inflammation three times. In the following 10 years, I was vaccinated very often, since the health department simply came to our school and vaccinated the kids. In that period alone I got 7 vaccines (Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria, whooping cough). And of these, I got five vaccinations within three and a half months.


A.R., 15.01.1967, female


Hep. A+B

1/2 hour after the vaccination, I could not move anymore. Signs of paralysis in the upper arm and thighs. This lasted for around 4-5 hours, which I spent in the bed. Around 48 hours later, I got a stinging pain in my right leg and I could not move forward without experiencing pain. Monday evening I went to the doctor. I was given strong pain killers and asked to take bed rest. The pain moved in the direction of my back and leg. Went in for a blood test. Although I will take the following vaccinations, I will still discuss the same with my doctor and employer (since prescribed by him).


S.P., 25.06.1959, female


tetanus / tetanol 0.5 ml

I was vaccinated on 11.1.06 for the second time against tetanus. The third vaccination will be on 11.6.06. The arm was extremely swollen and painful for around 6 days. Now, 4 weeks later (15.2.06) I experience itching every now and then and the arm hurts at irregular time intervals. Sore muscles / like cramps. I also have the feeling that the upper arm is somewhat warmer.


J.G.R.,24.05.03, male



Received the first 6-fold vaccination at the age of 6 months (20.11.03). The same day, reacted with crying and fever. Could not be calmed. 2-3 days after the vaccination, he had a severe middle ear inflammation.
On 19.01.04, he was given the second 6-fold vaccination, again reacted with extreme crying and high fever. Again, within the next 2, 3 days after the vaccination, he got a bad middle ear inflammation. Furthermore, during the next months, he got a persistent, obstructive cough, which would not get cured and the middle ear inflammation kept recurring.

Therefore, we decided against further vaccinations. The pediatrician insisted on a Tuberculin-Test (GT10) owing to the stubborn cough, which had a negative result. However, my son reacted with high mucus formation in the respiratory system; coughed very badly and threw up the formed mucus several times a day. The doctor said that the reaction of my son was to the TB-Test.


L.P., 05.10.05, male


Infanrix hexa

After the vaccination, my son slept for 4 hours (usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day) and then woke up crying dreadfully. He would not be calmed by anything. When I opened his diaper to change it, I saw that his thigh was very swollen up, up to his knee, red (as if scalded) and was very hot. My husband immediately called up our pediatrician. The assistant told my husband that she did not believe that these symptoms can be traced back to the vaccination, but if we thought we ought to come, we certainly could. Since my son simply refused to stop crying (it was almost more of screeching), we immediately took him there. When the assistant saw our incessantly crying child (he stopped crying only for a few seconds in between and was very apathetic then), even she felt very uneasy seeing the whole thing and she sent us right through to the doctor. The doctor said that he had indeed had an allergic reaction to the vaccination, and that he had not seen anything of this sort (gist of what he said). He gave our son a paracetamol dose and a Rivanol-solution on the thigh and told us that he should stop crying within the next hour otherwise we should go to the children’s hospital. Around 20 minutes later, he stopped crying. And the same evening, the reddening also disappeared, but the thigh was still very painful. The next morning, the swelling was also gone and the thigh was only slightly painful.


C.-E.F., 26.05.2003, female


Infanrix HEXA 21H0098

My daughter slept exceptionally lot for 4 days after the vaccination, ate almost nothing and had unbelievable thirst. She drank more than 2 liters per day, sometimes even more. 2 days later, she neither ate nor drank anything and was crying like crazy. She had fever up to 39 degrees. I forced her to drink, but after every little bit that she drank, she threw up or had diarrhea wherein she passed liquid. I took her to the children’s hospital. The pediatrician diagnosed that she had an illness "related to measles", however, did not comment on whether it could be a vaccine reaction. She had an open rash in the pharynx, palate, and tongue, which according to the doctors description sounded as if one had !razor blades! in the mouth.


E.W., 21.07.2004, male


MMR Triplovax

The 1st reaction was evident in my 15-month old son after a few days in the form of a short-lived testicular swelling, after some days, conjunctivitis with fever (39.9°), which was however under control after a dose of Paracetamol.
The worst however is the skin reaction (rash from the shoulders till the hips) which persists even after 5 weeks


L.K., 28.10.97, male


Hib DTPa Oral-vivelon

It has been a very long time since and I can still remember that my son had very high fever and he was not keeping well at all. He had severe cough, which developed into bronchitis. He got three different antibiotic medicines, but none helped. My statement that it is a reaction to the vaccine went unheard. He needed weeks, till he was somewhat better and till he could eat and drink and he was barely 3 months old. Earlier, he was as fit as a fiddle. Today, he is severely ill. He is suffering from a serious chronic immune deficiency and has heart trouble. For the longest time, I did not want to believe that vaccine damages existed, because I was always told that it is an illness that he is born with. But, he was absolutely healthy for the first three months of his life. His illness is incurable and that because of a vaccine?????
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction = 3-4 weeks
permanent_damage = yes, severe chronic neutropenia


T.H., 12.08.04, male



1st and 2nd 6-fold vaccination was fine.
2 hours after the 3rd vaccination, shivers, high fever, which lasted for 3 days and which could not be brought under control even with antipyretic drugs.
Otherwise, no cold, cough, rash or the like. Could have been a vaccine reaction, but not necessarily. Vaccine is after all from the market.



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