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I believe it’s absolutely possible for a child to have an ASD and to NOT be vaccinated...

I believe it’s absolutely possible for a child to have an ASD and to NOT be vaccinated, because I have two such children “on the spectrum”, who’ve NEVER had a vaccine in their entire lives. All four of my kids were born at home, so we did not have anyone suggest that the babies required “newborn vaccinations”, nor did we have a risk that someone would inject our babies with something w/o our knowledge – the babies were in our arms from the moment of birth, never out of our sight as newborns, and any midwife we employed agreed w/our vaccination stance. Our babies’ pediatricians have been  people, as well, who did not believe that every child must absolutely be vaccinated. I am also one of those parents who reads and reads and never stops learning. However, in my 12+ years of reading the vaccination issue, I have never yet come across any research that makes me think I should start vaccinating my children and change my mind on the issue. Usually, if I waver in my opinion, I read something new that reassures me that my original, conservative thinking (to not vaccinate any of my children, to allow their inborn immune systems to handle “germ assaults”) is still the best route.

I believe that autism is genetic. I believe that sensitivities in people’s immune systems and central nervous systems are things that they are born with. I believe that vaccines, when given to the wrong people – i.e., this group of people born with sensitivities – have very bad effects on these people. But children’s individual sensitivities are never, ever tested before these shots are given to them. Also, when I’ve met other children with Aspergers, the body shape of numerous of these kids is incredibly similar. There is something going on, metabolically, I believe, that makes them similar. It’s not simply “video games”.

I do not believe that autism is caused by environmental pollution – that problem was probably worse when current 30-, 40-, and 50-somethings were children (the age group of people who are parents to autistic kids today); wouldn’t we have seen autism even more commonly if environmental pollutants were the root cause, because again, I would suggest that our parents (those born in the 30s/40s/50s) grew up in even more-polluted environments than WE did. I believe it’s an inborn thing, for most cases.

I also believe that there’s such a thing as “Lyme-induced autism”, which is autism and symptoms thereof brought about by Lyme disease. Our second Aspie began to display his symptoms of ASD problems a few years after the “typical” autism diagnosis age but not that long after he got a tick bite after we went orienteering in the woods one August. He didn’t have meltdowns at age 2 or 3; his meltdowns came later, around/after age 4. This is an area I continue to research.

ASDs do appear in the un-vaccinated. However, your health survey for vaccinated/unvaccinated must surely be showing you how healthy the unvaccinated are in general. My kids have ZERO of the chronic conditions that you surveyed for. Something to be thankful for, for sure, despite the ASD issues.

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