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My daughters have never received vaccinations...

My daughters have never received vaccinations due to my philosophical beliefs and the fact that I have an immune disorder (HSP). We don't know if the girls have the disorder until they get sick from it, so we decided not to take any risks with the vaccines. They are vegetarian and does not drink cow's milk. We are still breastfeeding.

My oldest daughter has autism. She was born in CT in an unassisted home birth. On the bell curve, she's at -3.0 in speech, and has the occupational abilities of a 22 month old. She is almost 30 months old. She is brilliant, though, and her cognitive abilities are extremely high, at least for logical reasoning and symbol recognition. She possesses deductive reasoning skills and that is how she interacts with her environment. She can't tell us what she is thinking or wants to say, though. She loves other children and wants to interact with them, but the way she does comes off as threatening and scary. Other parents think she is being a bully. Other children hit or push her because they don't know how to handle her behavior. My daughter is in the middle of her evaluations, so we don't know much else about her scoring.

I am almost positive that her condition is genetic. I behaved the same way when I was a child but was misdiagnosed as ADHD. I also did not have vaccinations due to personal philosophy and religious beliefs that my mother had. I function the same way that my daughter does.

My other daughter, who was born in ME in an unassisted home birth (41w), is advanced for her age, despite a traumatic pregnancy (placental abruption at 34w, posterior arrest, 7 week labor). She has hit all of her milestones either early or right on time and shows no cognitive, physical or verbal delays.

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