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My son Alfie was born in 1999 and we didn't vaccinate him...

My son Alfie was born in 1999 and we didn't vaccinate him as my brother and nephew had both had bad reactions to the pertussis vaccine.  My brother went into shock and almost died and my nephew suffered seizures. He was diagnosed with West Syndrome and when he was 3 with autism.   From what we have read it is common for children with West Syndrome to develop autism.

We decided to delay vaccines until our son was 3/4 years old but in the meantime I did as much reading and research as I could and kept putting it off.  He is now 13 and I have no intention of vaccinating him.  I have two other unvaccinated children aged 6 and almost 5 years old.

I have no doubt in my mind that vaccines cause Autism but I also believe it  can be triggered by other things as well.  I would say my son was not born with autism.  He seemed to develop fine, but then his development slowed down and he never really developed speech.    He has never regressed, he has no gut problems and he is very healthy.   I wonder if I had vaccinated him if he would have these additional problems as many children with autism seem to have.   have no real idea of what caused my son's autism, I think about it a lot of course!  Because there are two children with the condition my sister in law consulted with a gene specialist.  He looked at family history and my nephew's medical issues.  After speaking with everyone he said in his opinion my nephews autism stemmed from the West Syndrome which was caused by the Dtap vaccine and there was no genetic issue.  He said in his expert opinion it was pure fluke they both had autism.  I suppose we will never know.

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