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I have two children unvaccinated children who are on the autism spectrum...

I have two unvaccinated children who are on the autism spectrum and have never vaccinated any of my children.  I say to those who argue that an unvaccinated child cannot have autism spectrum disorder that YES, they can.  You have to consider two things: that ASD is a combination of genetics AND environment, and that even if the child is unvaccinated, their parents may not have been.

I personally found it interesting that the vaccinations I received for a trip to Africa were "active" (i.e. not needing to be renewed) for 5 years after I received them, and that the two children I gave birth to in those 5 years are on the spectrum, while my two who were born after that are not on the spectrum.  I also find it interesting that my daughter, born first, is higher functioning (Aspergers) than my son (who was non verbal until past the age of 4 and still at age 8 has a severe speech issue in spite of years of intense intervention) because most people who say that shows it had nothing to do with those vaccines, however  I know that genetics AND environment play a large role and my diet during my pregnancy with my son included a large amount of tuna fish (this was before the warnings came down to only eat one serving per week during pregnancy.)  One of the reasons I scoff at those who say that there is no connection between autism and vaccines is because of my children.  The studies presumably show that the control group (unvaccinated) had the same number of ASD cases as the test group (vaccinated.)  This is a disconnect, however, because autism is a spectrum disorder and has varying degrees of affectedness.  It is not the same as saying "blue eyes or brown eyes."   "Yes or No."  It would be more like saying "plays the piano," because some people who play the piano are concert pianists and some just bang out chopsticks.  Unless you have a time machine and can go back in time to change whether someone was vaccinated or not and then directly compare that person to themselves in another dimension, you will never know the how much of the disorder was caused by genetics and how much by environment (including diet, pollution, and toxins like vaccines.)

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