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Health Diary of an Un-Vaccinated Child

Before I became pregnant with our daughter I had little opinion on vaccination.  As soon as I discovered I was pregnant (just 2 weeks from conception) I became a research maniac.  It’s funny how when you become responsible for creating and growing another life, your outlook changes to that of ‘nurturer & protector’.

After giving birth to our daughter naturally breech without any drugs or intervention, and first laying eyes on her, there was absolutely no way that I would poison her tiny precious body with vaccinations.  My partner took a little more convincing, but after reading websites like IAS and talking with friends and family that had also chosen not to vaccinate, he too was certain that not vaccinating was the right choice.  We instead chose to breastfeed her on demand (I am still breastfeeding her once a day and she is nearly 3) and co-sleep.  I know, what a ‘hippy’, but this would prove to be and continues to be the absolute best thing for her immune system and her overall health and wellbeing.  Below is the list of illness’s and ailments that she has suffered from, well hardly suffered as it is uncanny how quickly she bounces back.  NB: In 1998 The Ministry of Health stated that the “average” number of childhood illnesses expected in the first year of life requiring a visit to the doctor was 12.  In 2012 that number has been doubled to 24 “average” number of childhood illnesses expected in the first year of life requiring a visit to the doctor.  Interesting that the vaccine schedule has increased from 18 vaccinations (1998 – 6 weeks to 5 months) to 21 vaccinations (2012 – 6 weeks to 5 months).  Possible link perhaps?

Ok so here is a brief health diary of our daughter in her first year of life:

•    5 months:
Treatment-Breastfeeding on Demand, lots of skin on skin contact Duration -24 hours Doctor’s Visit-NO
•    7 months:
Complaint-Clear Runny Nose
Treatment-Breastfeeding on Demand, lots of skin on skin contact
Duration-4 days
Doctor’s Visit-NO
•    9 months:
Complaint-Rash on Torso
Treatment-Breastfeeding on Demand, Tui Bee Balm applied topically to sooth
Duration-48 hours
Doctor’s Visit-NO
•    11 months:
Treatment- Breastfeeding on Demand, lots of skin on skin contact
Duration-48 hours   
Doctor’s Visit-YES, not knowing any better was a bit freaked out by the high temp (have since thrown out our thermometer they are just panic sticks), doctors said just to carrying on as I was with breastfeeding.  Doctors tried to give her Pamol, she vomited it up.  Went home next day, she was back to normal.

And that’s all.  Certainly not anywhere near 12 illness’s.  Whether we were just lucky, who knows.  But what I know as a mother is that there are countless benefits to breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing, good nutrition and of course “snuggling”.  Babies and children are not the master manipulators we have been lead to believe by so called experts.  We have never let our child ‘Cry-it-Out’ and she is no way spoilt or bratty because of it.  In fact she is incredibly sensitive, caring and loving to all whom she comes into contact with.

To all the Mums and Dads out there, be confident in your ability to care for your children.  Trust your instincts, ask questions, research, talk to likeminded parents and most of all let your children know that you love them every day, not only by your words but your actions.
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