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We have four children, two of which have not been vaccinated at all...

We have four children, two of which have not been vaccinated at all, and the older two underwent vaccines during the first two years of life. After a couple of bad reactions with my second infant, we began reading more and more about vaccines and realized something is not right with this approach. There just seemed to be too many hazardous chemicals and un-necessary things going into my very new little one. We are so careful of infants in all other ways, making sure we hold them right, feed them the right thing, etc., except when it comes to the vaccine schedule! WOW! Our two youngest, now 4 and almost 2 have traveled the world without a single vaccine. We lived in Nepal and India for the past 6 years with no problems. They are some of the healthiest children I know, I think because I nursed them all for over a year, gave lots of fermented foods, lots of fruits and veggies, not very much sugar. Their immune systems are very strong. My first son has had many issues growing up, and he has been the most vaccinated. Issues include  ADHD type symptoms, nervousness, ear infections (of course we had him drinking a lot of pasteurized milk before we knew that we shouldn't), and a couple of severe headaches that have lasted an entire day. Other than my first son, none of my children have used antibiotics, and non have ever contracted any kind of disease. We are a happy vaccine free family, putting their trust in God's wisdom of eating and taking care of our bodies with REAL foods and REAL sunshine!

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