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I have two daughters, both unvaccinated...

I have two daughters, both unvaccinated. The older one, Kyra was born on Oct3, 2008..She has never had to take leave from play school/ school due to health reasons..When i was starting her in playschool at 2.9 yrs, people told me how she was going to start falling sick frequently due to association with other small kids but thankfully,she sailed through her time at playschool..She has travelled with me to sea and sailed with her father for months together without any concerns away from any doctors..She has been on homeopathy since birth..unfortunately, she was given a vitamin k shot without our knowledge soon after she was born...kyra has had atopic dermititis since she was 2 months old..while most of it is resolved with homeopathy, some bit of it is still remaining on her arms..other than the skin problem, which remains on the surface, she hasn't had any health concerns..barring a few cold and cough episodes that would have lasted not more than 2 days..or just some reaction to something bad she has eaten which resolves within an hour or so with homeopathy.

my younger daughter, Inaya is almost 6 months old and hasn't taken any vaccinations either..she has stayed in perfect health and hasn't had any time where i have needed any doctor support..

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