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We have four daughters-one who recieved some early childhood vacs...

We have four daughters-one who recieved some early childhood vacs and three who have not recieved any vacs. Our oldest daughter was given a few vacs that we felt would be beneficial as she was in day school. She didn't have any additional vacs after being 7monthes old when she missed scheduled vacs due to having the chicken poxs. When she was over them we were off schedule and the dr wanted to give her seven injections at one time! I refused and we haven't gone back to vacs since. All four of our children have been very healthy! In fact, they are very seldom ill, aside from a common cold or upset stomach.... We only have two allergies: one is bee stings(I was allergic when I was young)and penicillian(which I am also allergic too)..... I nursed all of our girls for the first year and a half-which I believe gave them antibodies that have been beneficial ever since. We just decided that the less we put in their bodies(and ours) that wasn't natural would be unhealthy. At ages 16, 14, 12 and 9 we have been very blessed with health in our children and I would only want to change the decision to give any vacs to our oldest at all. They are true proof these aren't necessary for healthy children!

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