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My daughter is 18 months old.  She has never received a single vaccine...

My daughter is 18 months old.  She has never received a single vaccine.  We have a history of autoimmune disease on both sides of the family.  After doing much research I do not feel vaccination is the best option for my child.  I go to a homeopathic pediatrician in Tampa, Dr. Berger, who respects my decision.  His practice specializes in treating children who have autism and other behavioral disorders.  He also treats children who have been hurt in some way by vaccinations and I can see this firsthand while in the waiting room of his office chatting with parents.  In some cases he is able to reverse the side effects through specialized treatment.

My daughter is gorgeous and absolutely healthy as can be.  I do everything I know through diet and lifestyle to keep her healthy.  She gets 30 minutes of sun almost everyday (as long as its warm enough).  I breast-fed her for 11 months.  I limit the amount of sugar in her diet.  We juice vegetables and she loves the taste.  She gets lots of protein, omega-3's, and probiotics.  If she catches a cold we have a first-signs-of-illness protocol recommended by her Dr. (Vit. A, Zinc, Vit. C and Echinacea) rather than immediately running to the clinic for antibiotics.  We use colloidal silver instead which is just as effective.

I realize the threat of getting sick is still a reality.  However, I would much rather treat the illness than witness her living with the side effects of poisoning from a vaccine manufacturer that is more interested in fattening his/her pockets than they are the well-being of my kid whom they will never ever meet.

I refuse to live with regret for a decision I know in my heart is NOT right for my family.  They can bully someone else.  I will not succumb to their pressure.  I do not feel guilty for my decision.  I feel like I am way more educated than most traditional doctors who only read the drug manufacturers tell them to read.  I have more at stake than they do.  Therefore I do my research, I continually educate myself on these subjects and I continually reevaluate my decision based on new information.  I've weighed my options and know I am making the right choice.  I am meeting more and more parents who feel the same way I do.  People are waking up!

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