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I just cannot trust the pharmaceutical corporations' agenda...

I just cannot trust the pharmaceutical corporations' agenda because clearly they are out solely for profit. I believe most of the employees and CEOs believe in their products, but when the products are tested thoroughly by unbiased research scientists who are not paid by the interest group, that research is the information that I heed. And I am a true believer in staying away from all additives, preservatives, GMOs, processed foods, that I am not concerned about the diseases they want to protect my child from. I chose not to vaccinate my daughter, now 19 1/2, and she had a mild case of chicken pox - no problem. I see kids who eat a lot of sugar, simple carbohydrates and processed foods have the worst cases. We have been to India and she has been to Ecuador and had no shots. She's fine. Her health is fabulous. Even when she gets sick or was sick as a kid, I just let the fever take it's course - water, tea, rest and more rest (I did not send my kid to school sick or even w/ a slight fever or if she still felt weak) and then light organic foods.
I am very, very grateful I did not vaccinate my child and wish that others were better educated and had the courage to stand up to the brainwashing system. It is scary that Big Pharm is pressuring the govt to take away the option of not immunizing for philosophical reasons. People need to know and have their rights!!!!

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