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5 children (3 vaccinated, 2 not vaccinated)

I fully vaccinated my first two children for their first five years. After my second child's 15 month vaccinations she got really sick with a 103-16 temp. for three days and was completely lethargic during that time. It scared me enough to start thinking more about these vaccinations. By the time my third child came I still vaccinated but I spaced them out so she wouldn't get so many at once. By the time she was two I had another baby and we decided not to do any vaccinations at all with the new baby and stop them with her older sister. Now that my fourth child is four I can honestly say that what people said was true....nonvaccinated children are just more healthy! She's only been to the dr twice in her four years, once for an ear infection and once for a broken leg. She is my healthiest child and when she does get sick it's only for a short time and she's never had tylonol or any antibiotics. When she got the ear infection we gave her all natural ear drops. My third child who only had her shots through the first year is my second healthiest. My daughter who had the adverse reaction to the shots has the most health problems! She has asthma, allergies and eczema. My first child was sick alot too as a when he was little with colds, stomach viruses, etc. Our fifth blessing is only 2 months old but he will not be vaccinated either!

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