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My daughter has turned 3 in march. She is a  totally vaccine-free kid

My daughter has turned 3 in march. She is a totally vaccine-free kid. What I'm observing, as she grows up, she was from the very beginning very active, very reactive and 'delicate'- I mean, it was hard to calm her down or to put her to sleep. But on the other hand, she has picked all the abilities (like walking, speaking etc.) very early. Now you can speak with her about almost everything and from time to time she amazes us with sentences like: 'When you speed up, you slow the time down'.

She was born after complicated labor (finished after 12h with cc), very small (2,8kg) and only 6 points Apgar. But she did not get newborns jaundice and after 24h observation, when I got her, she was one of the most healthy kids in hospital. To me, that's important- we're from Poland and here newborns are given 2 shots during first day: BCG and hepatitis. I strongly believe, that there is a link between strong, prolonged jaundice of newborns (very, very common among polish babies) and that hepatitis shot.

She was brestfed until she was 1,5yr (until 0,5yr- only brestfed). And since she was 1,5 she went to 'daycare'/ creche or however it's called :) She stays there until now.

I find her very healthy- she has minor allergy problems, the same I have: we both don't tolerate milk and cats. But she has never been given antibiotics in her whole life. No lung infections, no bronchitis, no ear infections... Like a year ago, she got chicken pox. Since we saw first spots until she went back to creche- it took 6 days. No fever, not so many spots, very mild. Few weeks ago she 'gave' to me and my husb propably some rota infection. We were like undeads for whole week. And she had almost no signs, just one evening small fever and minor intestine problem. Next day- healthy kid! And we were struggling SOOO HARD! During 'running nose season' she gets common cold from time to time (2-3 times/ year), but it's always just 2-3 days and she's healthy again.

So, in conclusion, I'm very happy we made this decision. I'm sure 'from inside', that it was absolutely right.

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