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My son is now 28 months old. I chose not to vaccinate after researching

My son is now 28 months old. I chose not to vaccinate after researching statistics, vaccine ingredients, and experiencing my friends child's seizures directly following his first round of vaccinations. She is a nurse and has since decided not to vaccinate. I wont claim its been a well received choice by friends, family, and opinionated strangers (especially with our current whooping cough "epidemic" in Washington but i feel secure about my decision. My sons health is great. I also wont claim any superpowers for him but I do see he has a strong immune system and bounces back quickly from any little sniffle he acquires. One of the vaccinated children at his school has just been diagnosed with whooping cough in the last month and we have yet to see any symptoms in him though they had been in constant contact. We have also taken him out of country without his vaccinations with modest precautions. The human body is a miraculous and beautifully running thing and yet we treat it like a broken machine unable to heal itself and adapt to diverse exposures. I feel He can make different decisions about his body when he's older if he so desires.

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