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Before our first child was born, we made the firm decision to keep our children vaccine-free

Before our first child was born, we made the firm decision to keep our children vaccine-free.  Let it be known that it was met with opposition and hatred by an uneducated medical community and public.  When our first son was born, he had had some trauma to his head from the birth process.  When we refused the Vitamin K, we were told that he would suffer brain injury because he would not be able to stop the bleeding.  We respectfully declined and when push came to shove, they admitted that he would be fine.  Later on, the pediatrician threatened that if our child did not get vaccinated at the hospital, he would run the risk of dying from the measles or whooping cough.

Needless to say, our resolve for each subsequent child to remain vaccine-free strengthened.  Today we have three beautiful, bright, mentally-aware children that have never had a medication or toxic vaccine in their bodies ever.  They've never suffered from allergies, asthma, and have never had an illness last longer than a few hours.  We know that the symptoms of illness (fever, cough, diarrhea, etc.) are actually the CURE to overcome illness.  When they do start to express the symptoms, we honor and facilitate the healing, rather than try to cover up the symptoms.

Our children today get adjusted weekly, eat organically, and take vitamins.  They are the fullest expression of health....just the way God intended.

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