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I am a mother of an eight year old daughter, who has never been vaccinated...

I am a mother of an eight year old daughter, who has never been vaccinated.  After being the victim of vaccination damage myself, I could not bring myself to allow her to be injected with those toxins, and I feel it has been the best decision I could have made for her.  She is a VERY healthy child, who can go a year to two years without catching even a cold.  She is hardly ever sick. No allergies, no colds, no ear infections; as a matter of fact, she has never had an ear infection in her eight years. She went through two years of public school without being vaccinated.  No issues, just had to sign a waiver. I wish more people were open to the facts on vaccinated and unvaccinated children.  They definitely are healthier human beings when they are not given those toxins.  We have five people in our extended family, along with myself who have had terrible reactions and permanent brain damage from the vaccinations, and now suffer either epileptic seizures or autism. I will never take the chance of this happening to my daughter.  She will be vaccine free all her life, or until she decides as an adult to take vaccinations, which I hope she never does.

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