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My Children were not vaccinated...

My Children were not vaccinated. Well, my older daughter was partially vaxed at 2, 3, 4 months with dt and polio no pertussis. At the time I was working as a Homeopath in the Uk and was treating many children with chronic immune conditions, ear problems , exzema and asthma etc that I noted all seemed to come up after vaccines one way or the other. I decided to not vax anymore and am so glad I did. I was also trained as a bilogist and have amassed over 20 years of research to back up my decision . Much is available now due to the internet but back then I relied on medical papers and things like the 'Informed Parent" a monthly parent newsletter and WDDTY a British alternative publication.

Our familly moved countries a bit and it was made apparent to me the different rules in each country with no apparent rationale other than do what we say.  I fought the docs all the way and was many times in tears coming out of physicals with my kids as I was made to feel,  well you know .

Anyway, I stuck to my ground and am glad to say they have all been treated homeopathically or with natural means whenever they were sick. They have never had an antibiotic or an allopathic medical intervention in their lives,  except my sone who broke his leg and had to be operated on. The Nurse who took his medical details could not believe that a 14 year old was as free from doctors meddling as he was. She had never seen it before-- we now live in the US.

They have no allergies, immune problems etc. Sure they get the odd cold but a couple of days rest good food they are as right as rain. They are all physically very active in swimming, crew and other sports.

I believe the power of nature is far superior to any current medical fads .

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