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My parents were curious folks, in their youth...

My parents were curious folks, in their youth.  But, once they had discovered how to maintain good health each new Medical discovery or advancement didn't seem that ground-breaking, curious, or phenomenal.  Health always seemed to return to a strong foundation of self-care.

Midwifery, Chiropractic, and holistic medicine became special to my parents.  Each pursued careers in these fields.

As I grew, they used herbs, tinctures, 'weeds' from the yard and mountain side, chiropractic care, acupressure, healthier diet choices, exercise, fresh air, and Rest to maintain good health or to recover good health.

Not vaccinating my own children was a simple decision, because despite what we had heard all of our lives, I had had absolutely no life-threatening illness overtake me, under any circumstance.  My siblings and I would be ill at times, just like everyone else, but we would recover from illness promptly.  Our blood, bones, and bodies were very healthy.  Not only was each medical care provider we had aware of it, we could literally feel that our bodies were healthy, too.

Nothing we practice is Perfectly practiced.  It is hard to access the healthiest food, water, and medicine all of the time.  But, we do allow for natural illnesses to take their course.  I am confident that each illness my parents, my self, and my children encounter, will become a lifelong immunity that we are grateful for.  We aren't afraid.

Now, Biological Engineering is a whole other matter--Some of this does worry me.

God Bless the health of each person in need that reads this-for generations to come.
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