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Our son is 6 1/2 years old.  Before he was born we researched vaccinations...

Our son is 6 1/2 years old.  Before he was born we researched vaccinations and came to a decision that were would not vaccinate our child for many reasons.  I have suffered from severe asthma, allergies and eczema my whole life.  Knowing the hereditary traits of my health I knew that my child would probably have the same health issues.  So we didn't want to tax his system even more.  The research always quoted scenarios from the 1800's and I didn't find that relevant to today's advancements in hygiene and medicine.  I thought the degree of rareness of extreme symptoms did not justify the possible side effects from any vaccine.

When we had our son we had a plan of what we wanted like no Vitamin K, no antibiotics, keep him connected to the placenta as long as possible etc...Well we all know that it doesn't go the way you plan.  A emergency c-section happened and that changed the whole plan.  The doctors told us that he needed to be put on antibiotics for a high white blood cell count. Vitamin K happened and the eye drops.  But all was well. At the end another doctor came in and said that all new babies have a high white blood cell counts and we furious at the out right lie that had been told by the first doctor.

Things have been in our control since then.  When I told our family doctor that we would not be vaccinating our son he laugh at me mildly and said "Good luck getting him into to school".  Scare tactic that was completely not true.  There was no problem with putting him into school nor has there been any problems with him being unvaccinated.  The only problem was when he was younger, every time he got sick I would go on the computer and research again worrying that he had contracted something bad.

So I would like to say...(Knock on Wood)...That our son is very healthy and strong.  He gets sick but gets over quickly.  Now that he has gone through Kindergarten and most of grade one he has developed his immune system and seems healthier than ever.  He rolls around in the dirt and even eats snow and plays at playgrounds with lots of germs!  He has had eczema mildly since he was young but nothing like his mom(thankfully).  He was a calm baby who sleep and wasn't very cranky.  I've seen many vaccinated babies become very cranky, colicky and uncomfortable after there first injection.  Just my observation.  My sister is a nurse actually a labor and delivery nurse and she couldn't understand why we had made this decision.  Even with her education of the body she was tainted with western medicine's mindset.  She had never even researched vaccines.  Her daughter was one of those babies that became very cranky and unsettlable after her vaccination.  It may not have been directly after.  A few weeks or a month but something had changed.

So we won't travel to certain countries that are more prone to some diseases.  It has been worth it.  I don't regret our decision. I just don't talk about it openling unless I am in the right crowd.  It's a hot topic.

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