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All 3 of my children are unvaccinated

All 3 of my children are unvaccinated.  My daughter is almost 6, my oldest son is 4, and I have a newborn that is 6 weeks old.  My oldest 2 play in dirt all day, they don't "sanitize" their hands, and they are 2 of the most healthiest kids that I know!  They have never been sick for more than 12 hours.  And the times that they HAVE been sick I can count on my hand (between all 3 kids even).  I think there has been about 4 times today. Probably 2 per each kid. (none for the newborn).  It amazes me (yet it doesn't really because it just makes SENSE!)...

As far as not vaccinating goes it just made sense to not vaccinate!  My kids receive all their immunities from my breastmilk and as far as being healthy goes, it shows in the amount that they are sick!  I am very grateful that I do not immunize as it is not needed!!! Thanks for allowing me to share this.

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