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Well my daughter (4yrs old) is 100% vaccine free, she is the 3rd generation of our family

Well my daughter (4yrs old) is 100% vaccine free, she is the 3rd generation of our family who is 100% vaccine free.
My grandfather had a horrible reaction to a vaccine back in the 40's and decided he would never vaccinate his own children (5 of them).
So my father was unvaccinated and we (3 of us) we also unvaccinated. My father questioned everything when we were kids and decided he wasn't going to vaccinate us as it couldn't be good for a young baby to have all those chemicals injected right into their bloodstream.
I was the lucky one as I have since had the Internet for all my research . I knew I wasn't going to vax my child but I wanted to do my own research so no one could say I didn't know what I was talking about. I spent a lot of time on the subject and money. I spoke to private docs for their opinions , bought books only wrote by doctors and scientist. I didn't want jet someone eleses opinion I wanted the truth.
I always get complemented on how healthy, bright and intelligent my child is. She's four now and has yet to visit a doc. If I think she's unwell I take her to a homeopath (we have been twice) . She has a good diet and lots of fresh air and exercise.
My unvax father hasn't been to the docs for over 30 years, me for 17 years and my daughter never.

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