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Our beautiful daughter has never had any of the common illnesses of her friends

Our beautiful daughter has never had any of the common illnesses of her friends, both older and younger. She has NEVER had to take any medication (which we are not opposed to if acute requirement and no immediate safer approach is viable), never had ear infection, eczema, yeast infection, throat infection or severe cold where we had to seek acute care. All of her friends we know of around the same age have had at least one (and most two) of those issues and all are vaccinated, HOWEVER, I don't believe that vaccination is the sole reason for such illnesses. I do, however, believe there is an obvious link which should NOT be ignored. Our child crawled and walked at the typical age, however, she started to speak multiple combined words at age one and progressed rapidly from that point onward. She knew all of her shapes, alphabet and numbers 1-10 by one and a half and could name and recognize them all. Well before she was 2 she spoke in full sentences and today at 2 1/2 years old she relates to 5 year old children more so than children her age in many ways.

Once again though, I DO NOT BELIEVE, these differences are entirely vaccine related. There are many, many factors including genetics of parents, healthy pregnancy, diet of child (intake of quality foods/nutrients and omega fatty acids), and the parent child relationship which contribute largely to these factors. I also believe that the evidence of this survey showing the difference in health of vaccinated and non-vaccinated children is related to the amount of knowledge of the parents regarding a healthy lifestyle. Through direct personal experience I find parents who choose not to vaccinate are also more educated regarding healthy lifestyles as indeed they have also self evaluated and studied vaccination from both sides (Allopath/traditional medicine vs ancient and modern holistic/natural medicine) intensely, often for years. I am NOT saying any category of people are entirely one way or the other because that is NOT true. It is my personal experience and that discussed with others, however, that this is "generally" true amongst a much larger majority of the vaccinated family's vs non-vaccinated. I find a decent portion of people explore both sides but don't spend much time looking into the risk evidence side as the vaccine industry side has so much more money and resources that they almost entirely dilute the risk evidence and are very effective at convincing them of their interests and violently opposing anything contrary. Since they have the majority the pressure to think anything different is so powerful that it literally prevents many people from researching any further. The government health agencies are also 100% supportive of the “mainstream” allopathic approach and completely discount anything otherwise. Nobody likes to feel like an outcast and many parents will subside to all of that pressure regardless of how they feel simply because they are belittled otherwise.

In a closing statement I want to say that I believe 100% that the majority of people (vaccinated or not and including all medical/health practitioners) want the absolute best option for themselves, their families and those who they care for. It CANNOT be ignored, however, that most all businesses first and most important objectives require profit FIRST (as someone in business school you absolutely learn this obvious point). That fact of life, however, must be evaluated personally to determine the extent of the profit vs honest care relationship. It must, however, be evaluated from the top down; not by judging just the individual practitioner but the industry and its largest players and interests. That is true for all industries and practices and a lot of making such determinations falls with your natural instincts vs any pressure you feel, you truly have to trust how you feel and how what you are told, see and hear makes you feel while remaining open minded.

The most important thing is trust and if someone, an industry, company, organization or group has been caught lying, skewing the facts or being knowingly dishonest in any way you must question their motives and evaluate how that breach of trust influences your decisions. So trust, trust yourself and your instincts and feelings first and foremost. Don’t take everything for face value and most importantly don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for your decisions. Trust yourself, never stop learning and always keep an open mind, not being afraid to change your decisions if trust, the evidence and your instincts point you in different direction.

Reach out to people around you and do not isolate yourself to only specific groups, remain accepting and genuinely compassionate.

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