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I am not anti-vaccine.  I just do not believe that the huge amounts...

I am not anti-vaccine.  I just do not believe that the huge amounts of vaccines are necessary. In the right place they can be and are an essential part of modern life. That said vaccines are not submitted to the same rigorous testing as drugs. The evidence clearly indicates that there are significant hazards associated with the use of vaccines. Some more so than others.

When my wife decided that she wanted a child we decided that we would take time to decide what we should do.  We are aware that children of parents of 'mixed context' may have immune challenges i.e. parents from one part of the world living in another.  Alexandra was born of a Russian mother and British father some 7 weeks premature, just 1.9kgs. 
There was no way we were going to allow her to face additional challenges other than recovering her normal body characteristics. She has been loved intensely, cherished and nagged and is nearing her 4th birthday.  She has had the normal run of viral infections contracted from other children. On one occasion, with tonsilitis she required antibiotics.  Strangely she eats little meat, perhaps some inherited trait from the times her mother lived in Russia.

There is no evidence of her having any rashes, allergies, etc. She is a most advanced and enquiring child for her age, a pleasurable and beautiful girl, now 1.03 metres in height (above average) and abt 20kgs (entirely normal weight range), who gets a warm reception from all who meet her.  Why would we want to do anything which would place her at risk? We had a consultation and decided to get her vaccinated with several single vaccinations when the time was right i.e. when she was free from infections and her immune system was clearly at an acceptable level.  Perhaps soon we will get her vaccinated against polio or tetanus or ...... perhaps not.

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