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In September 1991, when our son was born, we were faced with the decision

"In September 1991, when our son was born, we were faced with the decision to vaccinate him or not. I knew that there were problems with vaccinating children, but there wasn’t much information available about why.

One of the books I read was Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn. By the time I was finished reading Dr. Mendelsohn’s book, I knew that I would be playing Russian roulette with my son’s life if I were to give him vaccinations. Our doctor was not pleased but didn’t hassle us.

Our son did catch whooping cough when he was a toddler. When we took him to the hospital, the nurse said that even if he had been vaccinated, it would not have protected him from that particular strain of the disease. As a young teen, he caught chicken pox, but was over that in a week.

Because our son was homeschooled, he was not exposed to a lot of viruses from other children. Now, he is in college, where his class mates often have colds or flus. This winter (2011-2012), he had the flu for just a couple of days and a few minor colds. He is a healthy, very physically active young man."

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