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Ebony is calm, very alert 4 months old baby...

"Ebony is calm, very alert 4 months old baby, she is developing normally so far I can't say she is extremely ahead from her peers as it's too soon to tell, only time will show. But as a first time mum (at 38) I didn't experienced any sleepless nights due to too much crying, no baby colics etc. Ebony sleeps calmly and wakes up only for her feed. I do not push any routines in her life, we feed on demand. So far breastfeeding exclusively. She is very alert, smiles a lot, tries to experience with first sounds, now she uses her lips to create "ba ba". First nasty cold she had from her fully vaccinated half sister was question of 48h. No meds. Whilst the 9 years old was unwell for more than a week. saying that she was espoused to her sisters nasty cold at the age of 4 days and never got it. No vitamin K was given when she was born either. We can share only this bit as 4 months is not long enough to make proper conclusions.We became vegetarians 2 years ago and using only coconut oil for her skin. No shampoo or soap either. Her skin is so beautiful, never had nappy rash until we run out of the natural nappies we normally buy and used pampers for 24h instead. We treated it with coconut oil natural wet wipes with tea tree oil and it went."

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