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I gave birth to my first daughter in 1978 when the whooping cough vaccine...

I gave birth to my first daughter in 1978 when the whooping cough vaccine was talked about as causing brain damage ,she had a heart condition,I thought that was bad enough without her suffering brain damage so never got that but did get her the others,1979 my second daughter cathy was born as Christine had no bad reaction to the vaccines I let cathy have them (not whooping cough)

She was fine with all of the vaccines until the measles,Cathy was very active crawling and rolling everywhere full of mischief laughed constantly,enjoyed sweets eating them on her own she called me mam babbled on all day people who met her would comment on her pleasant happy nature but 26 hours after the measles vaccine all of this stopped people round about kept asking if she had seen a doctor she was crying and screaming I did see a doctor 3 times but that did not help so when I had my other 3 children I wanted nothing to do with there advice about vaccine, Cathy went on to get the measles a year later the doctor came to my home 3 times without me asking just to keep an eye on her when I asked how she got the measles after being vaccinated against them she said she was unlucky.

My 3rd daughter never had any vaccines she caught measles had an ear infection and chest infection all at the same time she got over that with no problems, my son was born 1987 he never had the vaccines and this was the same for daughter number 4, when the two youngest went to secondary school the school nurse rang me about the TB vaccine as

I had signed a paper to say my son and daughter were not having any vaccines she gave me lots of vaccine advice I argued with her and asked her to give me a letter with her taking responsability if they were brain damaged like cathy she said she couldn't do that I said you must not believe in what you do she had brainwashed my son and daughter they wanted the vaccine I signed the form but wrote on it was against my wishes I told my children if they had problems they would end up in care as I had enough with cathy and that was bad because I knew I meant it,I am 62 and have MS cathy is 32 but I still look after her and will as long as I can my husband and myself are divorced now but he realy did nothing to help with the children I know he cares about cathy in his way. Cathy still has her cheeky smile and wicked sense of humour we all love her my children will always be there for her no matter what my family have done realy well so I wonder what cathy would of achieved Christine and John almost finished a degree in computer game design and production carlene just finished teacher training for primary and special needs joanne is a therapist the measles did nothing to her just glad she didnt get the vaccine.

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