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My son is 10 years old and completely unvaccinated...

My son is 10 years old and completely unvaccinated. He had an ear infection at about 12 months old. Within a few days he had a cough that lasted 3 months, until we brought him to a Naturopath who prescribed herbs which cured the cough. At two, on purpose he caught Chickenpox from his vaccinated cousin which left him mildly uncomfortable for a day. At five he woke up on day and couldn't walk or stand on his legs. He did not have any other symptoms, no fever, rash etc. and was in excellent spirits. He was diagnosed with 'toxic synovitis' which the doctor said was not uncommon and to come back if he couldn't walk in four days. Luckily we had an appointment with an 'energy' practitioner the next day who cleared his system of 'rubella'. Shortly afterwards the pain in his hips disappeared and he has had no trouble since. I do believe he 'caught' rubella from another child who had been recently vaccinated.

He is a strong, robust child who has a very healthy diet. He's gifted, conscientious and a kind person. He may have had the flu twice, a cold twice, if that. We chose not to vaccinate and it is a decision I will never regret. Being a homeopath myself, and having done a lot of research  about vaccines, I felt quite confident. I only with the public knew what they were getting into by vaccinating.

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