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My daughter which is now 19 months old is unvaccinated...

"My daughter which is now 19 months old is unvaccinated and is possibly the healthiest child I know. She is followed by a naturopath who says she is a vision of health and do keep in mind that we better her health in every way possible (or so we think) such as feeding her organic, giving her filtered water (drinking and bath water), though she does play in dirt as it will boost her system (I did so as a kid and I'm still alive). I unlike the vaccine industry (big pharma) don't believe that we are born to die unless we are vaccinated for every little thing out there (and let's not forget to mention take in the many many dangerous chemicals in them). She eats a mostly alkaline rainbow colored unprocessed raw diet comprised in most part of fruits and veggies though we do give her some supplements (liquid whole-food supp with no fillers, fish oil (small fish to avoid mercury as much as possible), probiotics and greens). I research everything for her and try to give her only the best.

I have researched vaccines for over 7 months for about 8 hours a day which led me through many stages: at first when my wife asked me to look into it, I pretty much told her they should be safe and effective. Secondly, I thought some of them were good, some were bad but all could be improved. Thirdly, I found many lies in plain view or somewhat hidden on actual biased pro-vaccine sites  such as health canada, WHO, etc. Lastly, I have come to realize that all of them are horrible (the basis of them does make sense but not everything that comes along with them even the statistics they flaunt; a quick look at the graphs of their implentations and the sharp decline beforehand of said illness demonstrates their lach of usefulness and the many dangers, side-effects, neurological resulted disorders, call them what you want which are understated or deliberately altered to sell/promote and encourage the use of) 

I am not here to convince anyone to do as I did or even go to the extremes I have, the bottom line is everyone has a choice, everyone should question, everyone should research. I unfortunately speak of personal experience when I say people who I know vaccinated their children in most part are close-minded, are in denial and do not research (I can't pretend to know why but have my assumptions such as guilt, refusal to admit or avoiding to find out what they did might have been the wrong thing to do!)

Again this is my own personal experience, you may have had a different one and that is perfectly ok. Do however realize that doctors push what they are told to, make money off of doing so, have incentives given to them such as trips or bonuses the more they sell or push anything "medical". They are not all evil but greed poisons many a man's soul, some of them think they are doing the right thing after years of programming. This isn't a conspiracy theory, I've spoken to many doctors, specialists, alternative practitioners in various different fields about this. Doctors are people, they are not perfect, I'm not perfect but my hunger for facts, the truth, the well-being of my family, this world and it's environment have led me to uncover many conflicts of interests, many unfortunate incidents, bad history repeating itself, and propaganda. Please inform yourself, knowledge is power. If at least there is a public outcry to demand unbiased fats, investigate, conduct studies of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, things can only get better in my opinion."

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